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The Honorary One

Poor Quinn. At least she's gaining Facebook friends. I meant to cover some closing thoughts this last post before we started transitioning over to the next story, but Rosemary only has four daughters. She had Ginger, Tarra, and Anise, then Pumpkin. But before she had Pumpkin, she had Ginger, Tarra, and Anise all over again. Junction Transfer  

Unfortunately her internal cloning machine got borken.

I say this from a writing standpoint for anyone who may not of caught on thus far. The eldest daughters are the potential each of the younger siblings have if they applied themselves (Pumpkin as a bonus.)  Juniper is a less responsible Ginger, Ellie is a lackadaisical Tarra, and Cinnamon is a more hazardous form of 'fringe sister.' The sisters are all fragments of Ellie when broken down further, going back to when I first came up with them. Like when Raven splits into all those other colors in Teen Titans. Their initial shells were simply little parallel universe Ellies. Ginger > Mom Ellie Tarra > Super Ellie Anise > Goth Ellie Juniper > Permiscuous Ellie Cinnamon > Evil Ellie Pumpkin > Kid Ellie One of the commentors had guessed each sister represented a sin as well, which is correct.. but not of any major significance to the overall story, and not all of them have been explicitly covered thus far. Ginger > Wrath Tarra > Envy Anise > Gluttony Juniper > Lust Ellie > Sloth Cinnamon > Greed Pumpkin > Pride It's more of an undertoning 'you figure it out later when you read wikipedia' type thing. I enjoyed being able to flesh each of them out more as the last story progressed. I'll have some more bits and bobs as we go into the next plot/arc (I think it may take about 4 comics to transition between the two.) But the next arc was the original starting point for this webcomic when I first came up with it, and there have been a few occassions.. that I thought I'd never see the day. :P

Also.. another fanart. This time, Ginger. Like last time, sexified. I'm slowly getting all of them it seems. Surprisingly no Ellie yet. I'm shocked, frankly. Ginger by pervyangel

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    1. I don’t know. It’s something of a devil you know vs horde of devils that might not be as bad as the devil you know. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I don’t think Quinn knew that Thanksgiving dinner was going to result in being adopted, or she would have fought harder to stay with her Turkey lunchable.

    1. Well, future sister-in-law and everything! And she’s had a positive effect on Ellie.

      Also, Ginger is a mom, not a teeny-bopper. I think the Sexified Illustration may be inaccurate. :))

      1. well, perhaps this is Ginger in college… of the 3 thus far, this one’s my favorite – well done, pervyangel

  1. There are times when i am not sure if you are being serious or just messing with us.

    not a complaint, just an observation…

      1. the write up, the comic is easy for me to understand, usually.

        it’s the write ups that throw me for a loop from time to time.

    1. Is it the amount of thought that went into the nuances in the comic? ‘Cause I’m a bit boggled by that myself. Not complaining either, of course. Since it tends to line up in hindsight, I think he’s serious. Though I’ve put less thought into my children than he’s put into his comic, it seems. A bit daunting, that.

      All things considered, I’m kind of surprised about Ginger, Tarra and Pumpkin and the sins parallel. So far, they’d lined themselves up to be virtues (Dheu-summoning and Juniper-dressing-down notwithstanding), not sins. Though I’d be more inclined at this point to line Tarra up as Pride, not Envy (even her downfall and time travel point to someone who has too much pride, and has come back to restore her rightful place). But I don’t see Pumpkin as Envy or Pride, so it might be something I’m missing (or that hasn’t manifested itself yet).

      And I’m definitely sympathizing with Quinn. I could use some more sleep too.

      1. You kidding? I had Tarra pegged for Pride and Pumpkin for Envy. Who better than a cosplayer to envy someone’s hair or figure or choice in weapons? Ginger made a perfect wrath, just watching her tear into Juniper made that point clear. Ellie and Juniper had sloth and lust built into their names. Watching Cinnamon try looting twice in one Black Friday made a fine greed, and well, we’ve all known Anise was gluttony since she got her cake on way back after Ellie got fired.

      2. Well, Rusche does have the benefit of being able to dictate everything that happens in the comic. That allows for a lot of planning being possible and not frequently blown up by the unexpected. While not a parent myself, I understand children don’t work that way.

  2. It would appear poor Quinn is suffering one massive hangover right about now.

    Either that or an extreme case of PTSD.

    I suppose those aren’t mutually exclusive.

      1. PTSD, from experience, has bouts of extreme sleep. If this is the next day, or even later that day, then it’s expected, in order to give the adrenaline time to work itself out of the body. The aftereffects of PTSD, if not caught can extrapolate itself into various other mental illnesses. Depression, Clinical Depression, General Depression and Major Depression. Perhaps even Anxiety, Panic, or Obsessive Compulsive disorders.

    1. I would figure that Quinn probably went to bed here around 9 am or so, given that they left the Toys ‘r’ Us around sunrise in November, so she’s been asleep a little over two hours or so and is probably not in a mood to deal with a load of text messages.

      1. I read more of an, “Is that something important enough that I need to wake up?” in panel 2 and the last panel being more of a grouchy/grumbly/not-dealing-with-them-now sort of thing.

        1. Whoops! It’s amazing how conflated things can get in my head a few months out from reading them. Thanks for the correction!

      1. Don’t think so. They bought the Batwoman statuette for Pumpkin, and that was when Quinn took the opportunity to twist the knife on Ellie, pointing out that, in the Batman universe, Batwoman favored the ladies herself. Pumpkin is now following up on the knife twist, pointing out that Quinn already pointed out her own knowledge of the Batman family / universe.

  3. I’m guessing Cinn and Juni are the two who didn’t add her as a friend? She should do what I do and just silence her phone before going to sleep.

    1. I would assume she already has Ellie, five more would make six meaning it’s probably a toss up between Cinnamon and Juniper for who didn’t try to friend her.

      In the meta verse Cinnamon and Juniper both have Google + pages, perhaps one of them doesn’t even use facebook?

      1. I’m guessing Juniper not friending just from the “So.. Uh.. … yeahhhhh..” and then the Ginger confrontation. I don’t see Juniper as wanting to allow any rejection. Also, Cinn is WAY to evil to refrain from using Facebook, and I’m sure she likes to try to post things to show up where people will notice them to twist various knives.

        Although, while the 4 others are probably sisters, Ginger could’ve told William to add her, Rosemary might use Facebook and have added her, or even Blind Guy might’ve gotten sufficient conversation from Ian to be an excuse to add her in his stalking Ellie attempts.

  4. Awe! Thats so awesome, Quinn has been recognized as one of the family :) Something else I realized after looking this over a few times, it says Anise and four others have sent her friend requests. We can assume that three of those are Terra, Ginger and Pumpkin, but who is the fourth?

    I’m kinda on the fence about it because part of me says Ellie is the obvious choice, but at the same time part of me wants to think that Ellie and her are close enough by this point that she’s already got her ‘friended’.

    I do wonder what Quinn’s thoughts on this will be though. She isnt exactly on good terms with her family after all, and after the night she’s been through she might not want anything to do with the Beckingham girls lol

    As for the information you revealed, that is so cool how the sisters are based on Raven’s emotionclones from Nevermore! She’s always been my favorite Titan ^ ^

    Though I am…torn by the implications of this. On the one hand I’ve shipped Raven/BB for a good decade and a half. On the other hand I’ve shipped Ellie/Quinn since the Alex arc ;P

    Cant wait to see the next arc and where it takes us!

    1. My guess, as stated above in another comment, is Ellie friended her after paying her first share of the rent and Cinn is the most likely final one either from her desire to be able to twist a knife or send something at Quinn to screw with Ellie or she still believes Ellie is gay and that with the way being twins works she’d better observe and start to figure it out sooner rather than later (she IS dumb enough to get the title “The Dumb One” as opposed to “The Evil One”, even with the ratchantulas).

      As for Quinn’s attitude about Buckingham acceptance, I think she plans to be grumpy and surly a bit, but secretly appreciate and value it. It seemed to me that the dynamic with her and Ellie showed that she recognized what her father was trying to get at with the roommate requirement (maybe on her own, maybe KK got through to her) and realized that it’s potentially valuable. From there she noticed that Ellie’s willing to forgive and forget more than she’s probably used to in life and is helping in that direction. So, Quinn has the ability to be herself and push Ellie without having to worry about fully pushing her away.

      Also this might mean that next time Quinn gets to hit Cinn instead of having to allow one of the sisters the pleasure.

  5. Daww. That’s cute. I love the whole sibling dynamic and the idea of the outsider brought in. Kinda wished I had more siblings.

    And I love that you explain some of your creative processes/ideas.

  6. I believe we may now safely break out the phrase “totes adorbs,” yes.

    She’s even been invited to Christmas dinner.

  7. I’m slow due to lack of coffee this morning but I just noticed that Chris used the work borken in an official post. I am absurdly pleased by this.

      1. I wouldn’t say that it’s impossible it’s a typo, but if it was a typo, it’d be a typo that I’d assume he’d leave as final even if catching it immediately after typing it.

        There was a discussion in the comments a while ago and it’s been used fairly often since.

  8. Interesting color choices that Quinn, who is usually identified with lavender/purple is dressed in brown, and has brown bedding

    Also, is it strange that I kind of wish the girls’ icons matched their 4th-wall counterparts here in the comments section?

    1. I really liked the avatar choices.

      Tarra looks like she chose her driver’s license photo. Ginger picked a black and white of her appearing to be making a surly response to someone. Pumpkin picked one of her lurking, which makes me wonder if she changed it just to screw with Quinn or if lurking is common for her and not just Thanksgiving pre-dinner teasing the fan sexuality speculation.

    1. I noticed that as well, but if you look closer you’ll see that Ellie sent her a text message while the others seem to have sent her FaceBook messages. Sharp eye though ;)

      1. Start of story Facebook obsession makes Ellie not having an avatar for Facebook unlikely, and I’m assuming that’s where the others’ avatars are intended to come from. So I’m with Kenju about it being a text message indicator.

        1. What do you mean sees the rest of my… MOM, THE INTERNET IS FULL OF PREVERTS!!

        2. If you found the one of your Aunt Tarra you’ll see her head is a weird proportion, so it’s not a stretch to consider it photoshop. For the one of your mom, look at her eyes. That’s OBVIOUSLY someone else who just drew T’s on her cheeks.

          As for the one of your Aunt Juniper…well if nothing else consider it a lesson about maybe agreeing to weird things or not remembering everything that might’ve happened when consuming too much alcohol.

        3. I like that no one caught my misspelling. Or if you did, you let it go. Is this what all internet discussions are like? And thank you all for…wait, is Aunt Ellie’s friend parta the family now?

  9. Wait a minute, something I just thought of and went back to check on, the whole bit about the roast, does Quinn even know HOW to cook?

    Throughought this entire series the only things we ever see her or Ellie eating are premade instant meals, take out, or left overs.

    I know that its kind of expected for someone in their 20’s to know at least some basics when it comes to cooking, but if Quinn doesnt own a crockpot already then its likely she’s never used one before. I only thought about this fact after recalling my first (last and only) attempt at making chicken BBQ with a crockpot.

    They are *not* simple and easy to use, like anything else in the kitchen it does take a fair amount of pratice to master.

    That or I’m just curse when it comes to cooking. I freely admit I can start fires just making a bowl of cereal lol

    1. The crockpot is the key.

      Turnabout comic (20 Jan 2014), second to last panel. That’s where the roast was mentioned.

    1. Dehu ate her, and as a long time gamer I can pretty much assure you that when a summons performs that kind of technique the enemy is deader than dead.

      That doesnt mean however that she might not return, err…be created? Come back because the events that created her happen…

      I hate trying to figure out temporal paradoxes -.-

      1. But, what if Dheu didn’t eat her “technically.” What if he is an dimensional being whose stomach/bowels is a temporal shift that would merely send her to an AU or back to her time? Or what if she disengaged the watch device while being swallowed. Where is Jak and Daxter when you need them.

        1. It could go any way I suppose, but given that Dheu was summoned via coffen by drawing the outline of a coffen on the ground (with chalk of all things, another nod towards death) and the fact that Dheu *strongly* invokes the overall feel of a Dullahan, I think she’s gone for good.

        2. Or gone for food? As food? There is a really lame pun hidden in this one, I just know it!

        3. I spent a *lot* of time trying to figure out what Dheu was inspired by, and out of everything, the Dullahan came closest by virtue of this bit:

          The head’s eyes are small, black, and constantly dart about like flies, while the mouth is constantly in a hideous grin that touches both sides of the head. The flesh of the head is said to have the color and consistency of moldy cheese.

        4. Well that is a good amount of research you did. Thanks for that! Though judging by What Rusche just said, she isn’t dead, by some miracle. Though I still hold your Dullahan Theory.

        5. Again no matter what its going to be complicated because Sister X exists as a temporal paradox. Her death in the present time means there is always going to be the possibility of her existing again in the future.

          Her timeline for example, she never went back in time, if she had then she would remember that she defeated Sister X by summoning Dheu, and would have done something to insure Terra couldnt summon Dheu to kill her.

          At the same time because she DID go back in time she has created the possibility that she wont exist by virtue of altering the timeline. Terra fought Sister X to protect her sisters and has a new level of connection between them, which might prevent her from existing.

          This creates a paradox as she only exists because she herself never fought Sister X when she was still Terra. At the same time she cant exist because Terra fought Sister X.

          The only way this paradox can exist thus means there are more than a single timeline, there are parallel timelines where events from one do not occur in the other.

          Because of this Sister X could still exist as a result of an alternate timeline.

          Seems confusing and convoluted I know, but I’m a third generation Trekker so I actually do understand it. Being part of the Department of Temporal Investigations in STO only makes it even easier ;P

        6. Also, he could always go along the lines of the philosophical view where once one leaves their timeline they begin to effectively exist outside of time itself. Their very existence becomes a paradox that is neither present or future, but simply is. This would mean that Tarra X’s actions could still see forth any number of outcomes. Just another theory to think about.

  10. At least Sexified Ginger looks a little more proportionate in certain areas.

    Poor Quinn, she has practically been adopted now! hahahaha

    1. He drew her at less of an angle and a fairly symmetrical stance, so lack of weird spatial distortions as plagued Tarra would be expected.

      The thing that’s weird to me about this one is Ginger’s expression. Ginger’s behavior (and circumstantially William’s demeanor) seem to pretty clearly indicate that she’s a very dominant person. I’ve seen dominant women choose to play coy and there’s still a lot more strength in their trying to look innocent or submissive or whatever they have in mind than this rendition of Ginger shows.

  11. Lol poor Quinn XD. Don’t throw your phone away! Making friends is part of your agreement with your dad for keeping the apartment!!!!

    1. Was likewise astonished at this revelation; had Tarra all sorts of pegged for pride, and Pumpkin for envy. Though there was an earlier note suggesting that the envy here was targeted more toward Ginger, though not over William.

      1. I thought that was Rusche saying something along the lines of “a woman scorned” and someone guessed she was jealous of Ginger for getting William and Rusche replied, “Close, but it’s not William.” So I was thinking it was envy over some other woman’s man as opposed to something different regarding Juniper.

        Partially from desire for arbitrary speculation and partially because Rusche likes leaving breadcrumbs, my bet is the guy is the guy in a hat from the winning first vote that ends up on the cast page and he dates Ellie. That also has interesting character development potential for watching how Tarra deals with being jealous of Ellie’s man, especially if he’s her first boyfriend (possibly first date ever). So I consider “Ellie’s man” a strong bet and “guy in a hat” the weak arbitrary part of it.

    2. @Richie: I’m reminded of a joke from The Critic…

      Reporter: Mr. Phillips, you are fabulously wealthy, you’re a world class athlete, you were great in bed last night! How does that feel?

      Duke: I have no one to envy… I envy you, for having me to envy.

  12. Mrrggl fglbwah need sleep.

    But at least I have a better title than “Not Mine” now, even if I’m not sure it’s a good thing.


    1. Ellie’s probably at one of her seasonal jobs, Tarra probably doesn’t need more than 17 minutes of sleep every 4 days (though she might’ve splurged and slept 38 minutes to heal that eye), Ginger’s a mom to four boys and thus requires the ability to operate at a point most would be zombies, and Pumpkin is at the perfect age for being able to stay up 36-52 hours before she starts to get too woozy.

  13. …wait, and four others? Unless their mother’s on Facebook, I somehow find it suspicious that Juniper decided to friend her. Maybe Ellie never did friend her before because of the relationship they had back then.

    I love the fact that Ellie acted all indignant about being domestic with Quinn in public but is now planning her meals around whether Quinn’s cooking something. Granted, she took Quinn’s food before, but that was pre-fight.

    Also, for some reason I’m disappointed in Pumpkin’s avatar. I expected it to be her in a full body shot costume or something, or with a more excited expression. I’m used to the half-lidded eyes being an indication of annoyance or frustration.

    1. Don’t forget Cinn. Facebook stalking is helpful for gleaning information to attempt to twist the knife later.

      You don’t like lurking Pumpkin face?

  14. Also, if we’re getting sexified artwork of all the Buckingham sisters, I fully expect Pumpkin to be her standing with all of the other sisters covering her up with blankets and glaring meaningfully at the screen. Or just a picture of Chris Hansen. Pre-being fired.

    1. You will just have to wait and see but I do plan on having the whole Sisterhood done. The theme is Holidays and each one will go with one. Can you guess which sister will go with each Holiday?

        1. Close but not at all. Still, it is close to the next holiday and the sister who will show off what her mother passed on to her.

        2. Well, when you put it that way, it opens up new options. Anise could pull off Halloween with all the gothy, and the Queen of the Ratchtantulas Cinnamon could too. Too many options….

        3. Everyone loves Quinn and Ellie! They’re my second favorite “roommates” in a webcomic.

        4. Don’t worry. Lavander and Quinn are my favorite. Still Chris are you favorite roomies happen to be a male and female couple who have an OCD upstairs neighbor and a horney computer as a pet?

        5. Liking Martin & Faye over Ellie & Quinn would seem odd for someone who likes this comic enough to comment regularly.

          However I have to say I did like the recent joke with the boot over there.

        6. She legally changed her name, and I feel that should be respected by non family. No that’s my third favorite. Sorry Chris Rusche. My first favorite roommates are a lethargic dream addict and a compulsively naked hippie chick with a pet cat and pet twins.

        7. Semi. A little surprised Ginger got so much love when Junipers was just ignored. Also I was planning on getting the all done but closer to holiday they were representing. Still,Pervy Angel usually does Halloween and 4th of July specials too so may have a repeat or too. Also, Pumpkin?

      1. Any chance Sister X will be included in this? She’s a possible future of Terra but she is still her own character. Likewise Quinn is now accepted as part of the family lol

        1. I think it would be an interesting challange mate lol. See if you can make a chick with an eye patch sex ;)

        2. I don’t think he has done a gal with an eyepatch before. Hair over the eye on the other hand….

      2. Tarra & Juniper appear labelled with their holiday, but by color scheme and calendar proximity is Ginger Easter? If next is soon my guess would be next up is Anise for Memorial Day (she lost an eye and almost died recently). That’d leave Halloween for Pumpkin (cosplay), 4th of July for Cinn (with every firework populated…), and Labor Day for Ellie (with all her jobs).

        1. Your correct about Ginger being for Easter. Was originally planning on Mother Day for her but changed my mind. Not going to spoil the rest but the Holidays I am assigning the sisters have a certain décor to them. And one prediction is correct.

  15. You know, if each is a refraction of Ellie if a key portion of her is changed, and each represents a sin (does each represent a virtue as well?), and Quinn is the honorary one, does that mean that she is the mirror of Ellie without her family, and that she exemplifies the sometimes counted as eighth deadly sin of ‘fear’?

    Because, quite surprisingly, that does fit.

    1. If you go by the Greek mythos however its possible that Quinn represents Hope, being the one part of the family (of sin) but not OF the family.

      This would make Rosemarry Pandora, her current husband Epimetheus and her first husband possibly Prometheus (since the first three daughters turned out good) lol

    2. The 8th deadly sin was actually Despair (it was later incorporated into Sloth), but that still seems to fit Quinn, doesn’t it…

      1. Given that she has been adopted by the Beckingham sisters, yes, without a doubt Dispair does fit her well lol

  16. How would we equate the sisters to the 4 cardinal, and 3 theological virtues, I wonder? And would the separation be significant, given Rusche’s revelation that 3 of the sisters are actually re-births of the previous 3? Personally, I’m too uncaffeinated to make the connections. Here’s the list if y’all would like to take a shot.

    Cardinal Virtues:

    Theological Virtues:

  17. Am I the only one that looked at panel 2 and thought “Damn.”
    Quinn is, ahem, rather lovely. Yes, that’s what I was going to say: “Rather lovely”. I’ll just see my way out…

  18. I’m always interested in the nuts and bolts of the creative process that goes on in the mind of the creator of something I enjoy, so I really appreciate the bits you’ve shared with us. It’s neat to see how the characters were formed and evolved into what we know now!

    And for what it is worth, I’ve dearly loved the Sisters Seven story arc (in spite of the sad ending – I didn’t come along in time to vote, but knowing what we know now, I’d have voted for the Ginger mini-arc; the Tarra one had much sadness). Getting to know the sisters, and the mix of the mundane and insane in this arc, was just filled with awesome.

  19. I totally get Tarra being envy and Pumpkin being pride. The difference is subtle. Tarra seems perpetually driven to achieve more. For validation through accomplishments, maybe? Pumpkin seems more like a juggernaut of self-esteem. Do not get in her path.

    Interestingly enough, that means when they were Pumpagon, they were the combination of pride and envy.

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