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The Justificationing

Sorry for missing Friday. I finally got done setting up the next Patreon. It's over 8 tiers, and features a lot of characters. It's still coming along, but it's a ton of work, and consuming loads of time. But it's where much of my time is going. I'm not slacking on you. :P

56 thoughts on “The Justificationing

  1. Got to love the way she is moving McFat in that moving bin,it certainly goes faster than having him rolling out on his own. :)

  2. OUCH that was a low one Quinn, though…I cant exactly argue against it, its one of the things thats been floating around in my head since this arc started.

    Also, FIRST!

    1. Though i suppose a more accurate label for Ellie would be a geshi, as its her time and company that are being ‘rented’ not her body.

      1. Might a well just call her an escort, geisha carries a status implication that the job definitely doesn’t have.

  3. Oh crap, that little cupcake thing is back! We know McFatfat got the big one, but why did he leave the little evil cupcake in devoured?

    On a more serious note, I could see James being so sweet/dorky that Ellie ends up having a genuinely good time and actually does take a liking to our resident super-geek. Or it could be an unimaginable disaster. Either way it’ll be fun to watch.

  4. Okay, I know Quinn and Ellie still have some bad apples to cut through but I still don’t see why Quinn has to let them continue to fester. Unless…unless…ooooh…. 0.0

    1. Me thinking you thinking she’s a bit jealous lol

      I like to imagine there is a part of Quinn deep down that doesnt like the idea of loosing her new best friend to some guy ^^

      1. I’m not seeing that. Remember in their talking after finding Danny in the apartment. I think Quinn’s in the “older and wiser” role here. I think she genuinely finds it morally questionable and believes it will (or should) eventually start to bother Ellie to do this.

        1. Quinn didn’t get the hard sell and “you are the woman who sets the standard” that Eliie did. Her reaction is probably not that far off from how Ellie would have reacted if she hadn’t listened to the rationalizations and protestations of “we just want to help our customers achieve” from Tired Guy and his crew.

  5. So Quinn suggests Ellie is being a prostitute, and Ellie’s reaction is ‘Not like a real date’. So I guess we know how Ellie’s dates generally end, then?

    1. Pretty sure Ellie has never had a ‘real’ date. This only counts if you consider Danny’s attempts at dating her a montage-fueled attempt for ‘dat ass’ and not actual dates.


      There needs to be a parallel drawn between Danny’s dates and Ellie’s dates.

      1. Yeah, it was hinted that Ellie has done little-to-no dating. It’s not even clear whether or not part of her anger at Alex included an internal, “That does NOT count as my first kiss!”


    Can’t remember if we’ve seen the stairs before, but lets hope they do better than Ross, Rachel, and Chandler; even if they aren’t the best characters.

  7. Y’know Quinn, if you like being able to reliably get that rent check every month maybe you should be less dismissive of Ellie’s job choices.

    1. I can’t tell if that’s an approval of Ellie’s job choice or not. I have friends I love dearly, and if I found out they were leading men on for money just to pay me, I’d let them know it’s not worth it.

      1. I seriously doubt that Quinn “loves Ellie dearly”; frankly even “friends” might be pushing it. They might be making an effort, but for the moment I’d say that their relationship is mainly one of convenience, and both of them are depending on Ellie having a job to be able to eat.

        As for approving of Ellie’s job or not…
        At one time I would have said “no” without hesitation. But having experienced prolonged unemployment myself (thankfully and hopefully well in the past), I’d say that my youthful senses of pride and self-righteousness have been tempered a bit. It’s certainly not a good job, and definitely not the kind of thing you want (or can) make an entire career out of, but for now I’d say that given Ellie’s circumstances there are very few things that aren’t outright illegal that I would consider worse than no job at all.

        1. Yeah, I remember doing what I had to to make ends meet in the early days, too. Fast food, shelf stocking, janitorial, some factory work. Never went the secret escort route though. Of course, I’m not a hot girl, so the option was never available to me.

        2. There are lots of perfectly legal ways to take advantage of people and leave them much worse off than they were before, so really that bar should be a little higher.

          As for if this job fits that category, we’ll have to wait and see how it goes, but it would be unsurprising if it did.

  8. Gonna move a couch? Gotta yell “Pivot!” It’s da law.

    If you don’t, somewhere in the world a Friends fan dies a little.

      1. Still, isn’t it kind of … sad … how that entire series that ran for years can get boiled down to that one moment?

        I don’t even watch television much less Friends and I know that scene.

  9. More Top Web Comic votes would be good. We were in the 70’s last month and we’re in the 80’s so far this month.

  10. As there are prostitutes that do no engage in physical intimacy but are solely focused on “the Girlfriend Experience” of faking emotional intimacy, let’s be real clear on what has happened here:

    Ellie is a whore.

      1. I’f we’re going to get hyperbolic, let’s stick with lingo Tired Guy would use, like “slattern” or “trollop”.

    1. Nope she isn’t. A whore is defined as a prostitute and a prostitute gets paid for sex.

      I’ll readily admit she’s walking one hell of a fine line, but she’s not a whore.

      1. For Ellie who knows what’s going on, yeah, she’s an escort. To the guys she’s duping for money (once they find out, that is,) Quinn pegged it. Emotional prostitute.

  11. Seems like Quinn is using her power of snark for good. A harsh but fair summation of the situation Ellie has put herself in.

  12. Just wondering, “Captain Colostomy”/Tired guy’s MacGuffin wouldn’t be the plastic cupcake in Ellie’s box by any chance?

  13. Ellie’s more of a user than an escort. She gets a free meal, and tired guy pays her. If we look back at the time Danny tried dating her: he fed her, then she asked Pumpkin to take his money. She knows this game.

    1. I will point out that Pumpkin clarified if she meant Monopoly money or not, and while we don’t hear Ellie’s reply, the paper in Pumpkin’s hand after is definitely more colorful than standard US dollars in the real world (not sure if that’s been 100% definitively shown in Shuffle-verse or not, but assuming same until shown otherwise).

      (reference comic The Favorite One, current post date 10 Sept 2014)

  14. …Is it just me, or do Ellie’s boobs keep getting visibly bigger as the comic progresses? They are almost the size of her head by now.

    Is Rusche pulling a Wally Wood/Power Girl on her? (If so, I approve.)

    1. I’m not sure if they’ve gotten bigger, but she definitely put them out there on display, which is a bit of an odd move for someone that put on those clothes for a job interview and supposedly regrets her flaunt-it-all past.

      At this point, I can’t tell if Ellie just isn’t capable yet of knowing what’s appropriate, or if her new “I want to be seen for more than my body” philosophy is just all talk.

        1. Definitely head sizes change at times in Rusche’s art style. I also suspect that she’s intended to look a bit bustier when deliberately flaunting. Either from attempting to make them appear bigger now (i.e. push-up bra, if they make them in her size) or de-emphasising a bit in general.

          @SnackNStack – See comic Pre-Employment Work Phone?? (current post date 13 April 2010) and then There is no Plan B (current post date 13 Nov 2013). Cleavage display is part of Ellie’s interviewing tactic. There is the question of reconciling that with some of her statements, though. Is it a sign of lack of confidence and belief she won’t get the job otherwise? Is it a sign that she doesn’t mean it and enjoys the attention? Is it tied in her mind as part of a “best foot forward” reflex that she doesn’t examine and compare to other things in life? Does she enjoy flaunting and want people to see past her body even when she’s proudly displaying it?

          My guess is some degree of confidence issue, some degree of obliviousness/not recognizing possible differences, and some degree of noticing people think she’s flaunting at times that she doesn’t mean to be, so wanting to test people a bit in the last manner. Time will tell.

  15. I doubt it would happen, but it would be hilarious if Ellie unexpectedly found herself attracted to one of the pity date losers. Because the heart wants what the heart wants.

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