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The Less You Know

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    1. Oh poop – the ratches. Her job’s gone because of a health inspector deciding the only way to decontaminate is FIRE KILL IT WITH FIRE.

      1. I hope so. I was feeling kind of bad about her leaving KK in the lurch. KK will still be in a lurch, but it won’t be alone.

      2. I think, in many ways, it would be more terrifying if KK has managed to temporarily stop the ratches… because they’ve opened up diplomatic communications.

        1. I doubt that. I think that they are going to demand that the fatass who is always holding up the drive thru at closing is going to be sacrificed on the grill of fats and fries. But he’ll only get away after getting the waffle patterns singed into his buttocks.

          Then the place will be shut down. But since Ellie is management, or at least trainee, won’t she be one of the few people retained during the transition to eradicate the ratches, burn the place down for the insurance money, or have to entertain Dale Gribble while they wait for Billy the Exterminator to show up. Hijinks ensue when Dale whips out his piano and starts to play the theme from “Deliverance.”

    1. She completes the highschool girls trio. Like James, Eagan and Richard are the college nerd/dork trio. Every member of the cast fits into some form of clique with other cast members. I like groupings of three for these. I think I mentioned something about it before. I was probably delirious.

      1. Im not sure about that– The high School trio was always the smart one, the pretty one, and the one with the “good personallity:.. Purple hair doesnt seem to match the normal good personality description— ie Joey “the” Fatone–

      2. Any chance that the purple haired chick the same child we met in ‘Drive Thru Paradox?'” The hair and eye color are slightly different, but I don’t know if that’s because of how you do the lighting. Because that would be awesome.

        1. …or does she know about the title only because Ellie insisted that she was the Lazy One to Ashliii?

        2. I would buy that.

          Interior scene, Ellie is seen on the sidewalk with Pumpkin as the bus approaches. Ashliii and purple haired girl are sitting in their seat as Ashliii wonders out loud why is the Lazy one here? And what’s that?

      1. i posted on the last comic my prediction. Ellies gonna get a job as a waitress to cover at first, and then relize she can make a lot of tips thanks to her “big eyes”

        1. I think there’s going to be a point where that makes Ellie uncomfortable if it’s enough that she recognizes it. She seems somewhat aware but still somewhat oblivious of the benefits her genetic lottery ticket grant her (much like many real life women I’ve met with similar genetic benefits), and there were some hints that her romantic experience was minimal to nonexistent in her make-up talks with Quinn which introduced the sisters, so there’s a possibility that anything really blatant will make her even more uncomfortable than her personality alone would suggest.

          Also, the vote picture looked like some kind of activity fair to me, but it could be a job fair sort of deal (though I thought it looked like a midriff-bearing top, and I wouldn’t think Ellie would wear that to a serious job fair), or possibly she ends up doing temp work and that was a “go hand out fliers to advertise business X” job (as she had paper in her hand). So I don’t think she’ll wind up as a waitress and have generous tips solve her financial problems, or at least not right away.

  1. Kudos to you, purple-haired girl, for being able to make that reference. I don’t think you were alive yet when they made that movie, so kudos to you.

    Also, does Blind Guy take the bus too? Maybe he’ll get on at the next stop and he and Ellie can sit together and tell secrets and giggle. You know, after she gets past the whole holy-shit-you’re-my-kid-sister’s-teacher issue.

    1. My guess is that Ellie sees him (say, she stays on the bus as Pumpkin gets off), but he doesn’t see her, leading to humorous misunderstandings.

      Of course, Rusche did say that Pumpkin is the one that initiates the awkward, which would make this not work, but I’m hoping that was misdirection.

      1. Or – maybe since he seems to show up at the end of the day at Ellie’s work, the bus maybe drops him off nearby (hence Ellie riding the bus because it goes by work) and so he probably gets on the bus to school from the same stop. When Ellie is gets off the bus, he’ll be waiting at the bus stop.

        Of course, if she just doesn’t say anything, she might be able to sneak by him unnoticed.

        1. *idea*

          Although if the health inspector closes her work due to the ratch (or cockamouse, if you prefer) infestation, you may be right about Ellie staying on the bus.

        2. Rusche said we’d know the truth about Blind Guy from an in comic scene before Ellie knew. Ellie might see him and not guess (after all, she recently graduated so she might not expect the old English teacher to retire, after all she said he let her get away with copying online papers), or she might rush off the bus due to KK’s call and not notice him.

          Also, I hope a yak, live or stuffed, preferably stuffed for safety’s sake, makes an appearance soon (I liked that list).

    2. 1) I’m going to guess that the purple haired girl is a fan of Sandler from “Grown Ups 2” and “Grown Ups” and has netflixed every movie he was in to the point where she’s got them memorized better than her multiplication and periodic tables.

      1. 1)?

        Whatever the reason, I’m glad that she knows the reference; seems like these days it’s rare for people to know pop culture outside of their generation. One of my 30-year-old friends was once married to an 18-year-old for some reason (had she looked anything like Ellie, we might have understood), and somehow one of our discussions with her led us to discover that she had no earthly idea who Porky Pig was. Needless to say, it was hard to find topics that we could all talk about.

        But worse than that, older people will just assume I won’t get pop culture references from before my time, and act all privileged to know something I don’t. Which gets annoying. One time at work someone said “Shazam!” and before I could shout out a quick “Pyle!” one of my elderly co-workers said that I wouldn’t get that reference. Yeah, thanks for pointing out that I’m just an unknowing wipper-snapper who grew up in the stupid ages.

        But at least I know how to fix my computer.

        1. Okay, so I had a mental air biscuit.

          Now I get the “PYLE” reference. I even heard it in my head. “Golly”

          I was picking on a guy who I’m friends with, but I was friends with his brother first. I walked up on him (1st friend) talking to one of the store clerks in the alcohol section of the grocery store (sounds like a bad country song) and I started in on a rant how his brother wasn’t in the meat department and I was waiting around for ten minutes. Insert a myriad of jokes about deli meat and the male mind in the gutter and such. Well, I got him to get his brother into the store, and I ranted on him for not being at his job so I could get my sliced meat. I can make these two laugh quite easily. Anyway, longer story cut down. We saw some guy walking around in an Iron Man hoodie. The clerk said that it could be one of the undercover security guys. They have to spend 24 hours a week in the store.

          So, I made the joke (attention, please reference the filmography of W.C. Fields re: The Bank Dick) that the brother was no longer the store’s dick. He laughed and then he went, “hey.” He was irritated that I called him a male member, when I was referring to that and saying that he wasn’t the store’s guard. I.e. “the dick.” W.C. Fields was the bank dick, the house detective or such. I got the friend to hand over his smart phone and I pulled up the movie reference to W.C. Fields.

          I mean, I’m not going to get kicked out of a place because I blatantly and singularly referenced one thing in my joke. It’s also to point out the blatant lack of knowledge on the part of the audience as well.

      1. Still fan-spec, officially, I think. Although as fanspec it is unique in the fact that after it was suggested by a reader, Rusche trashed his office.

  2. Well let’s see. Chris did say that the story option that won the vote would cause Ellie to have a career change. So I’m agreeing with Anonymous that the health dept. has shut the place down to to mutant rodent/cockroach infestation. So KK, Ellie, Barrel, Ashliii, and the rest are all out of work. So what will it be for Ellie this time? waitress in a “Hooters” type of establishment. The tips there should be good she has a INimbus to support.

    1. I don’t see Ellie being comfortable working at Hooters (see a comment above for reasoning). Maybe someplace else that she might get higher tips for physical assets in an easier-to-assume-is-for-other-reasons-type way (like a non-breast themed restaurant waitress), but I doubt anything blatant.

  3. Hmmm, methinks I spy Blind Guy sitting further up on the bus, ready to give Ellie a lesson as she gets off the bus, perhaps about saving the money spent on the phone, only time will tell though.

    1. I had the same thought, thinking that maybe Ellie was so engrossed in her conversation that she didn’t notice. But I think Freddy’s right.

    2. Nah, just an overgrown minime who got an early growth spurt. No sunglasses on this guy.

      However, I’m going to guess that KK is calling about work or Blind Guy.

  4. The iNimbus poops a rainbow when it backs up data…

    I want one….

    And yeah, incoming call from KK cannot be a good thing.

  5. I love Ellie referring to Pumpkin as her ‘mini-me’.

    With the incoming call from KK, I’m guessing it’s going to be some bad news. Considering how the place looked when Ellie was talking to Tommy, I’m thinking either the health inspectors dropped by at the worst time, or perhaps someone got a little liberal with the fight against the mutants and the Jacks took some serious damage or something like that. Either way, I’m expecting that the restaurant will be closed up for a little while, and Ellie is going to be out of the job for at least a little while, and right when she’s got new bills to pay.

    And I think to pay those bills, she’s gonna be a booth babe at a con, perhaps hired by Pumpkin or someone Pumpkin knows.

    1. The ratches were able to chew into the gas lines feeding the grills and the fryers. After ingesting three times their weight in gas, they became little fur covered ratches-balloons that assploded when exposed to sunlight.

      The Department of Defense, through the guise of the local health department has taken over this O’Jacks location, along with the factory that makes the coleslaw.

  6. A very unlikely option is Ellie getting a job at the high school. I know that this would be almost impossible in California, were I live, and I am not sure it is possible in Florida, but if she gets a recommendation from either Blind Guy or Quinn’s dad it might be possible. Other options are the mall, were the movie theater is, or the comic book shop which we have not seen yet.

  7. so…. at what point are we going to learn why there is two letter or symbols under the eyes of everyone child in this family?

    was the mother or father so bad with remembering names that he needed to brand each kid?

    1. The current theory isn’t story-related, but rather art related. As explored in the comments earlier, if you put them all together in order, you get the word ‘gunshot’ which is the word ‘Shotgun’ shuffled.

      But, I like where your head is at. A story related reason would be pretty cool.

        1. Ooops. Was I supposed to say something cryptic instead?

          Um… er… how about:

          “If solution to the riddle you seek, arrange the sisters by the cheek, and soon find the answer of which you speak.”

      1. Story-related reason would explain Ginger’s brood being marked too.

        “Honey, the under-eye brands worked so well for Mom, I really think we should consider them. No, you apply them when they’re too young to remember the pain later, so don’t worry about that.”

  8. Now that everyone is speccing that the Burger joint will close down, forcing Ellie to find a new job, I’m beginning to wonder if that might be a red herring that Rusche has set up for us. Sure, the simplest explanation is often the most likely, but he sometimes mixes it up on us.

    Any other theories?

  9. Heh, finally we that Ashlii has a actually girly side(desire for cute gadgets.)
    and that Ellie is’t above giong with the bus.
    And if she can catch up with her ” mini-me” in the meantime, all the better :)
    Also like how that cloud get more like Ellie.
    Will it soon have a cloud bust and blond hair as well??

  10. Awww… seriously? Out of comic pages already?

    I know there are a lot more webcomics around these days than there used to be a decade ago, but there is so much less per each of them. Feels like I read the start of a whole new story every other day, then have no choice but to move on to another. Like an infinite combo of hope-spots, building up expectations only to ground-pound them… and I don’t even get an excited commentator throwing around 80s lingo to describe the combo.

    What I mean to say is : Cool comic. Wish there was more of it.

    This is the only comment I’ve bothered making since I try not to comment as much these days (as my number of comments on a webcomic increases, the probability of my being banned for some random reason tends towards 100% … like the time I got banned from Shortpacked for saying Thundercats was better than Transformers). Rest assured though that I’ve read the rest, and even got quite a few of the references, obscure and otherwise.

    1. I’m surprised you were only banned. Are you sure that the fanatic Transformer death squads aren’t after you?

  11. That little cloud would be so much more adorable if it mimicked Ellie’s facial expressions as she made them right next to it.

  12. that’s what I get for taking forever to comment and whatnot. TheLastOutlaw steals my new avatar idea. ;} lol

    Ah well. I didn’t know people were just allowed to get on the bus willy nilly. that seems kinda weird, but its all cool.

    1. I wouldn’t think it would be normal practice but the fact she’s Pumpkins older sister probably gets her some slack.

  13. 75 comments and nobody has commented on “15 minute shifts”? I was hoping for some clue that it might be something different than what my dirty mind keeps coming up with.

    1. I think it was mentioned when Ashliii was introduced in the restaurant. Something about her being underage and only able to work 15 minutes at a time.

      1. Comic is “There’s Always A Younger Teenager” 16 Nov 2012. KK’s statement is “She’s 15, so she can only work six minute shifts at a time.” The 6 vs 15 is either saying she’s now slightly older and can work 15 min shifts or was a continuity oops (I think most states allow sixteen year olds to work 8 hour shifts, so continuity oops or joke that now she’s 15.25 years old so can work longer is my guess).

        1. Hmmm… I took the six minute shift as a commentary on ability rather than legal requirement, as in that was the maximum length Ashliii could tear her attention away from the phone for (The 15 vs 6 was Ashliii overestimating her attention span). But your interpretation makes more logical sense.

        2. Thanks for the pointers! Going back and re-reading those old comics really drives home how Rusche was setting up the story even when it wasn’t noticeable.

  14. Ooh. Things are heating up. The threat of the ratches grows ever larger, and can Ellie hope to stop the tween terrors from stealing her iNimbus? And WHERE is Blind Guy in all of this?

    1. Can you steal an iNumbus? Or would your hands just pass through it? The theft protection aspect might be worth the price.

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