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The Magnificent 7 Pt-2

All right, everyone... son had some specialist appointments this week that ate up several days (among other errands.) No worries, he's doing well. Just consuming. Next comic features a sister that tends to be over the top, so her panels are pretty labor intensive. With most of my work time getting sucked out of this week I'm going to have to push this off until Tuesday. I got 3 or 4 panels done, but obviously, not 100% done at this point. I was pushing to get it up late, but I don't think that's going to be possible. I'm super proud of these last several comics, and the same for the current one. You'll like it. See ya Tuesday. :) Small preview

165 thoughts on “The Magnificent 7 Pt-2

      1. I think you’ve missed the point… What better way to hide the pole than to attach the switch to a box of cereal that’s never going to be touched?

        1. Hidden camera voice over: “We’ve replaced Bob’s regular breakfast cereal with aquarium gravel. Let’s see if he notices.”

        2. Dog gone, this hear cereal is loads better than what mah dear ol’ MA used to make me Fer breakfas vitals back home in Seapord, Maine. Mmm hmm. I shure do miss mah momma. And this here tastes like it’s gots loads o vidamins an mineralds.

        3. “Victuals”, which is pronounced “Vittles”.

          Dammit, if you’re going to make fun of hillbillies, get it *RIGHT!!* ….also, grape nuts are really good for you, but horrible for your teeth.

        4. They are good, you just have to (1) let them sit and soak in the milk for a few minutes before eating and (2) dispense about 25% less into the bowl than you would any other cereal; being small and compact it takes less volume to make up a meal.

        5. Nah, just microwave them with the preferred white liquid for about a minute. They soften up real good then and become like Müesli, a decidedly un-hillbilly breakfast.

    1. Plot Twist: Rustled Jimmies are only part of a balanced breakfast for Harambe. And he’s dead now. Are you HAPPY, you monsters?? ARE YOU???

  1. Considering she is Ellie’s sister I’m not surprised that Ginger has a bat pole, is dressed like Kim Possible, and can break the law of gravity. Also, I really hope she took that kid out of the bath; pretty sure she did though and a word of advice to her husband. When your wife can reverse on a pole in a different position the last thing you need to be conserned with is a lie, she is a keeper! Oh and plot twist: since no one else has called it, I claim first! With the committees approval of course.

    1. He stays home while she goes off on adventures.

      He stays with the kids while Ginger goes Black Friday Marauding.

      He must get to crack a lot of skulls down at Kensington Motors.

      1. He did bag himself a Buckingham woman, so I can see that. one thing that can br said about being with a Buckingham is that your life won’t be dull.

        1. Then believe in the me that has faith in the faith that you lack will faithfully someday soon faithfully come back to you and renew your faith! I believe in you.

        2. Listen, Mr. Blue. Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in me! Believe in the Kamina who believes in you!

        3. Something that has to do with Gurren Lagann. This is turning out to be a sweet day, its not everyday that I confuse mr. blue!

    2. I didn’t see the telltale glow, but I’m pretty sure the hole is an advanced version of an Aperture Science Portal. Ginger could slide through the floor and out the ceiling all day if she wanted to, before switching the exit point to the desired location; in this case, the portal above the Minivan of Doom.

    3. My two cents, even though I’m not even one of the regulars, let alone on The Committee: the sheer comedic punch in the actual first comic is helped by its succinct brevity. Small but perfectly formed. I vote that it stands as first, as is.

  2. Oh this is going to get good.

    As an aside, may I recommend the soundtrack for this Seven Sister sequence be “Push it to the Limit” by Paul Engemann

    1. Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need a Hero”! When that came up in Saints Row III I was alternately frantic with excitement and doubled over with laughter.

      1. NO!!

        “Primo Victoria” is being reserved for when the sisters arrive at the event and come through the door i unison.

  3. Is anyone else horrendously distracted by the implication that she may have left Amper unattended in the tub? Maybe the dialog that he just needs pajamas alludes to the fact that she at least pulled him out before dashing away but man, super hung up on this. It’s a huge parenting no-no.

    1. Child death by drowning due to parental neglect doesn’t seem like a direction this comic would take. Everything I’ve seen about Ginger so far implies NOT a horrible mother.

      1. Yeah, you’ll note that she changed her clothes into the Kim Possible outfit, so surely she took the kid out of the bath too. Remember, she’s the responsible one. We’re just supposed to make the connection, not require a panel devoted to drying a naked kid.

        1. Objectivity? Immaterial. We know from the last time they all got together that she’s always right and probably the only one who can kick butt on all of the sisters.
          Good catch all the same!

    2. Nah. She’s got the wherewithal to adopt Tag and take care of him, she’s got the wherewithal to take Amper out of the tub and at least set him on the floor wrapped/swaddled in a towel.

        1. An ampersand is actually “&”

          “@” doesn’t have any real official name, typically called the “at sign” or “at symbol” or sometimes the “commercial at”.

        2. As per your suggestion, I submit the following (most importantly the last sentence).


          “The at sign, @, normally read aloud as “at”, also commonly called the at symbol or commercial at, was originally an accounting and commercial invoice abbreviation meaning “at a rate of” (e.g. 7 widgets @ £2 = £14). In contemporary use, the at sign is most commonly used in email addresses and social media platform handles. It was not included on the keyboard of the earliest commercially successful typewriters, but was on at least one 1889 model[1] and the very successful Underwood models from the “Underwood No. 5″ in 1900 onward. It is now universally included on computer keyboards. The fact that there is no single word in English for the symbol has prompted some writers to use the French arobase[2] or Spanish and Portuguese arroba, or to coin new words such as asperand,[3] ampersat[4] and strudel,[5] but none of these has achieved wide usage.”

          The talk page for that article actually has a whole lot of amusing debate regarding the subject, with some contributors getting quite worked up! *ha*

        3. Didn’t someone ask about that already? Just go and play punk rock girlfriend with Rev. Lovejoy to keep him from playing with his trains.

        4. Glad to learn that obscure detail, BUT text in comic said “Amper” not “Asper”. So the author glitched.

        5. Why can’t she be talking about a kid other than the one she was interacting with on-screen?

        6. aww I thought I had it all straight and perfectly defined in my head but now I’m confused again :'( those darn alternate names

          thanks for the extra definitions though. I love random trivial info

        7. Replied one level too deep … meant to indicate the author didn’t glich, just used the diminutive of an alternative form.

  4. The real trick is that Ginger managed to do a 180° straight out of the garage and build up enough speed to knock a municipal trashcan that far. :D

    1. Looks like a Dodge Traverse Experimental Series. It’s powered by a Mr. Fusion and can go from zero to 115 in 1.21 seconds.But when it hits 88 miles per hour, that’s when you really start to see some $#1t.

    2. Could just be a side-opening garage, where you back out parallel to the road, then pull forward to go down the drive.

        1. Not exactly. Bootleggers turn is initiated while going forward. J-turn is from reverse.

        2. Also J-turn may explain why she would hit the garbage can. Since she wouldn’t have a lot of room to build up speed before turning there would be some lateral movement to deal with.

  5. “Honey, how long have we had the remotely-triggered hidden pole room? And while I’m on the topic, who’s this fat kid who keeps calling here asking about your website?”

    1. It will either be a bar, ditch, back alley, graveyard, toxic waste dump, or something involving a toilet!

        1. Oh my God, that would be awesome! Rusche, for the love of God and by Grabthar’s hammer make it so!!!!

        2. Nah if I was Tolkien about Juni there’d be a good measure of alcohol and fornication involved. Cinnamon is just doing creepy cinnamon stuff.

        3. Dunno, that souds like something George R.R. Martin would. But I’ve nevet read the Silmarillion so what do I know?

      1. Plot twist: Cinnamon has managed to breed one ratanchula large enough to fly and for her to ride. Her entry cry will be, “FLY, MY PRETTY! FLY!”

        1. I could see that and the Wicked Witch of the West’s theme would play in the background!

    2. Juniper’s the easy one to remember, in my experience – I’ve encountered juniper flavor more prominently and more often in booze than any other form.

  6. I’m experiencing solar discontinuity. Have hours passed since Ellie pressed that button? Or was that queue from ‘LoveCon’ set entirely inside a building?

    Also, I don’t think you’re getting the security deposit back for that lease.

    1. I think the seven sisters are just supposed to keep the men occupied until more other ladies get there.

      1. Well, okay then. As their mother I want them to live upright and moral lives.

        Wait, keep them occupied how …? I may no longer approve.

  7. That “I lied” got one hell of a laugh out of me.

    That said, if the reaction to the communicator call is “onwards…to BATTLE!” then the guys at the meet-up are about to receive all kinds of unexpected female attention (and some of them will probably be into it too)

      1. I’m pretty sure when you’re with a guy for a decade, move to Arizona to be with him, and have three kids together a preponderance of the evidence says you’re married.

        1. Yeah, whiny ass Sjws who cry about cultural appropriation, misogyny, proper pronouns, racism while being racists themselves, straight-heterosexuals-cis-white males, and safe spaces.

      1. I’m going to guess that you live in a place that’s not exactly court mandated, but has a court appointed fiscal supervisor for your basic living expenses. I can’t think of the proper terminology. But who knows why your mother accepted Juniper’s suggestion of “ditch”?

        Although, I’ll just speculate that the constant pawn shop pawnnings might explain a bit of the ability to keep yourself in booze and cigarettes.

    1. Dude, they’re in Florida. It’s a safe bet that garage is ventilated year-round. Even if it’s not, for all we know the tube is.

  8. Hey, Chris. Tuesday is July 4th.
    Take the day off, hug your kids, burn a burger or brat or two and enjoy the holiday like any other American.

    Post the next update on Wednesday and enjoy yourself!!

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