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The Magnificent 7 Pt-3

Next comic is 75% colored. Will be up Friday. Small preview. Yes, it's ridiculous. Have a great 4th of July everyone.

79 thoughts on “The Magnificent 7 Pt-3

    1. Either that or she’s into some really strange foreplay.

      I’m not exactly sure if it shouldn’t surprise me.

        1. Sorry, but I must now say, that by the arcane, archaic and chaotic arts so invested in cheese pizza, that this is the post where I say that I claim first for my other post because the false #1 sister flubbed, floundered and even fumbled.

      1. or the Powerpuff phone… or the te-leaf-one…. or the Mickey Mouse phone……

        Now I’m just jealous.

      1. As a phone collector myself, I recognize quite a few of those phones, and even have a few of the ones some of them are based off of…

  1. And I was about to say you didn’t have the banana phone, but lo and behold! Don’t see the old school can tied to a string or a Star Trek communicator, but I’m pretty sure that’s the Red phone from the the 1966 Batman tv show! Anywho, great page and I wish Rusche and all the other readers a safe and happy Fourth of July!!!!

        1. He would totally wreak the show and have fastest recored time, if his suit is equipped with a jet pack.

        2. He would have to navigate the course just like anyone else. He can’t go around, etc, etc. Although, he could use the suit to walk across the first obstacle instead of leaping to them like everyone else. The hard part might be for him to do the limbo under the scaffolding holding up the rest of the challenges. And he’d have to have two VW bugs attached to his feet for the curved climbing wall.

        3. Didn’t Tarragon break his back? If so, the limbo part should be easy even in the mech suit. As for the wall I figure he’d use those cars that look baby booties for a giant toddler instead of VW bugs.

  2. “Let’s see how easily you reject M-” reject me? reject my offer to take you to the movies? reject Maypo? reject Marjoram, the twin you absorbed before birth?
    Inquiring minds want to know…

    1. Probably just “me”. Poor, poor bastard. He really DOES have a bad way of asking a lady on a date.

      …though given Tarra is who she is, you’d think that this approach might WORK. After all, who’s a challenge to Tarra any more?

      1. Hey even badass ladies like being romanced properly. Life can’t be all violence and super science all the time. Sometimes it’s nice to get chocolate and be taken out to a fancy restaurant.

    1. That’s still in the future, and will be Juniper’s fault as I recall from the author post talking about it.

      1. No, at the end of Black Friday she has a black eye from her fight with Sister X and I was worried part of X’s changes to the past would be to cause the eye loss early herself.

        1. I didn’t worry about that kind of change. I figured X would’ve calibrated her attacks to not do any permanent damage. I do wonder if her warning averts cancer or not. I figure the rest are probably still on (unless Anise was scared out of cutting her hair while she’s sedated, but I’m guessing that Anise would just be more determined at that point).

  3. And, once again we devolve into Danger Girl fan fiction. Not that I’m complaining, cause Danger Girl is awesome.

      1. Well that was a misclick on the replying. That’s what I get for trying to communicate within 15 minutes or getting up in the morning.

      2. Hover text appears to be a new feature(note: I only went back a few days to check)… either that or Tarra enables the hover text, and we just have to check the comics that feature her. (Not that I’m trying to make more work for our artist or anything…)

  4. I see no Sports Illustrated Commemorative Football Phone in that collection.

    Doggo says “Borkin’ Heck!”

    1. The Dragon Phone is for when the Kaiba Corporation needs wet work done.

      “Kaiba Corporation: Screw the Rules, We Have Money…since 1986.”

  5. I can think of no better way to celebrate our nation’s independence than with the introduction of Super Mech Ninja Head-in-a-Jar.

    Happy 4th of July to everyone (which is just happy arbitrary Tuesday to those outside the US, but it’s still 04 July for them too)!

  6. Ooh, on the next page will we be seeing a more detailed look at Terra-forming (that which she used against X, and was told that causes cancer)?

    I enjoy the collection of phones, and have to assume each serves a very distinct purpose, like different numbers to indicate how severe the crisis she’s about to put right is.

    I didn’t fully realize that was a stargate until reading the hover text…why does Tarra have a stargate (not how, why, we all know how)

  7. Whoa. This is beautiful! Glad I checked via the desktop screen today, holy cow…. This may require an Archive DIve!! :D

    (So much for using my poor little phone.)

    1. Mayor McCheese. McDonaldland deals with way more catastrophes than the 80’s commercials ever let on.

      Nobody was prepared when the McNuggets became sentient..

      1. “Sir…it…it’s the containment lab. The Grimace…escaped…last night. Five Fry Guys are dead.”

        1. “We sent out everyone we had to bring Grimace back, and somehow He must’ve known we were short staffed, because…Ronald finally made his move and escaped too. We still don’t know if his trademark of stuffing his victims’ mouths with cheeseburgers is a threat against your family, or a twisted kind of endorsement.”

        2. Did… Did we just write a summer blockbuster? I think we just wrote a summer blockbuster…

        3. Dark And Edgy Reboot of classic children’s fare, with the potential for serious corporate sponsorship?

          It DOES have “popcorn movie” all over it, doesn’t it?

          Anyone know anyone at McDonald’s above the rank of store manager?

  8. Cool, the red phone is not a presidential hotline, but the Batphone from Stately Wayne Manor. Tarra can get calls from Commissioner Gordon…

  9. So… Tarra lives in a mansion with a secret hideout command center? I’m ASSuming it’s a mansion based on the staircase alone.

    1. *snirk*

      I was under the impression she had an apartment since when she told Ellie she was home she was at an elevator, but maybe her house is just that big.

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