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The Magnificent 7 Pt-4

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148 thoughts on “The Magnificent 7 Pt-4

      1. I’m so ashamed. I was so absorbed in the gestalt of Tarra meching up that I didn’t notice her boob window till you pointed it out…. must I turn in my Perpetal Adolescent Male Gaze t-shirt?

      1. And now, for something completely different. Yes dear readers, this was actually the first time that we’ve seen the inside of Tarragon’s apartment. More to follow, film at 11.

        1. She has a special deal with the landlord. Every time she wrecks the place, she rebuilds it *better*. Unfortunately, that means everybody else’s apartment mysteriously gets their 70’s wallpaper recreated from the rubble and hers doesn’t.

        2. Actually, that might not be her apartment. It might be a hammerspace workshop that she takes around with her. That’s not outside the bounds of what might be expected for Tarra.

        1. dozens who got te refrence, or dozens also mad at me for being that level of obscure nerdyness? .-.

      2. Technically, I don’t think it’s open “carry” if it’s just teleported in when needed and teleported out when no longer needed. Though I’m sure God is also capable of that (just one of the many benefits of omnipotence).

    1. As I was reading through the comic, the moment I saw the suit assembling, I found myself thinking, “I bet it’s going to have a boob window.” Somehow, it’s just not that surprising for Tarra.

    1. Can’t say on that. However it does bring up an interesting question. “Why does she feel the need to fully armor plate her hair while leaving a boob window (i.e. hole over easy stabbing access to her heart)?”

        1. Distraction or vanity might be part of her reasons. However I think it’s more that she isn’t actually relying on the armor as protection, and the metal on her hair is meant as a weapon.

        1. *sucks teeth* Yeah. See, I’m going to need to make sure that you get another copy of the memo, kay? And you’re going to need to come in on Sunday in order to read it, mmm’kay?

    1. I thought that was confirmed in her first or second appearance ever (just from getting a side/back view with them extending off her face). That said, I don’t think we ever got to see/know about them lighting up/generating energy/power armor/an Ion God Canon (which reminds me so much of iron mans super from the marvel vs cap on games)

      1. Sister X implied that they are radioactive, so i wouldn’t be too surprised that they glow, generate electricity, or float a hologram in front of her face.

        1. I thought it was only implied that Tarraforming was radioactive (causes cancer, as she put it) but the circles themselves never really got explained beyond being her birthmark (and that X had hers removed, probably forcibly & not of her volition). Plus, we don’t know that this mecha-suit is tarraforming (could be she took X’s advice re: cancer)

          Anyway, if she can summon powerful folks from different planes of existence, she can have tiny magic generators in proximity to her cheeks.

        2. X mentioned Tarraforming causing cancer and no longer had the marks. It wasn’t clear if that was related or not (or if X knew it was related or not, maybe getting rid of the marks is what Cinn did and maybe they did cause cancer but X thought it was something else, that would potentially fit with Cinn being both evil and horribly inept).

          But yes, we saw Tarra’s cheek marks hovering at least as early as strip 200. Though the picture of her in high school Rosemary had posted and the flashbacks had them as normal O-shaped marks.

        3. Sister X said that the old form of “tarra-forming” caused cancer. Her own method was, if you’ll notice, tighter, and presumably a refined form that alleviated the cancer concern.

    1. I don’t know. I would have thought he was dead after the last time he showed up. The next time we see him he’ll just be a brain and an eye. And the time after that he’ll have cloned himself a new body but it’ll start to decay and the pages will be pulled from syndication due to disturbing imagery.

    2. Well don’t Icon Cannons usually act as a sort of targeted EMP? So unless his suit is keeping his head-in-a-jar alive I’d say he survives to fight another day to evolve into something even MORE ridiculous.

      1. I could see him having a black eye and a tattered mask with the jar holding his head perfectly intact.

        1. That’s only done to very young children, who wouldn’t live a full life otherwise..
          …and the occasional xeno-archeologist’s daughter, who contracts some unusual debilitating alien disease.

  1. Okay, so I know Tarra was already pretty much the best already, but now she’s pretty much every badass video game lady combined. She’s got the special hair of Bayonetta, the armor of Samus Aran, the weapons of Fem!Shep, the street clothes of Laura Croft, and she’s basically a gender bent Solid Snake. And she’s kind of a nerd so that’s a plus.

    Also, is that hover text a Rush Limbaugh reference?

    1. It’s only LaUra Croft on those boot-leg action figures from countries of ambiguous origin. Accept no substitutes for the *real* LARA Croft!

      1. I’ve never actually played a Tom Raider game. Though I’ve also never played a Metroid game and yet I double checked the spelling on Samus’ last name.

        Also, how does a country have an ambiguous origin? Don’t countries typically have rather definitive points where they come into existence?

        1. Origin points for countries are, at a minimum, up for debate.

          For example for the US, some might argue that our origin was any of the following: when the idea first took hold of one of the founding fathers, when the first meeting took place that led to separation from Britain, when the Declaration of Independence was signed, when the war for independence was won, or when the Constitution was finally ratified by all thirteen original states.

          If you take a country like China, that traces its origin back to antiquity, then you’ve really got even more room for debate there.

        2. I would argue that America’s first stirrings started before 1492 with Columus’ desire for the quick passage to India. However, I think that the basic cementing would have started with the launch of the Pilgrims.

        3. They may predate, however:
          – ‘However, Spain never exercised real control over La Florida much beyond several settlements and forts which were predominantly located in present-day Florida., – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_Florida accessed 7/9/2017 21:03 CST;
          https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Netherland#Legacy suggests that New Netherland has a lasting impact as the largest metropolitian area of the Eastern U.S. coast grew out of the area that New Netherland occupied. However, didn’t the British take over from them at some point seeing as how New Amsterdam was actually renamed New York City. But then, the Dutch Republic would also have some influence on our fledgling nation’s philosophies. But then again, weren’t the Pilgrim’s moving from England to the Netherlands to escape excessive secular controls?

        4. Well, La Florida wasn’t all that well managed by the Spanish, and the U.S. took control. New Netherland, well, didn’t the British take over from the Dutch at some point? Yet the Pilgrims went from Britain to the Netherlands and then over to here. And Jamestown was not continuously occupied.

          These are my arguments. But then, couldn’t some Carribiean and Latin American Culture more than the Spanish could have?

        5. Re origin of countries: historians have asked, eg, WHEN is France, and that has multiple dimensions and the answer is complex, because the time scale and degree of national identity/cohesion is in shades of gray, not black/white. Eg, as late as The Civil War lots of Americans identified w their state over the Federation of States: R E Lee, eg, called Virginia his “country”, not the USA.

  2. Is it just me or does anybody else really want the backstory on why Water Cooler Head Mecha-Ninja is so obsessed with Tarra?

    1. Isn’t this the terrorist that had his head rotated backward by her plait? She had the audacity to just keep talking on the phone while she did it, too. That sort of thing does a person’s head in, so to speak.
      Also, loving that scorpion sting encasing said plait.

      1. That’s Matthew, the Backwards Burglar. Happened when he tried to rob a bank Tarra was waiting in line at. He briefly joined the League of Revengencers when Sister X showed up back in Black Friday.

    2. I too would like to hear such a thing. There’s a LOT of such stories floating around loose like that.

      I used to despair for ever hearing all these ends, but now that Rusche has his update schedule back up and running–don’t think it’s gone unnoticed!–we may actually catch these points.

    3. I could see Ninja’s backstory as either two hundred pages, or three panels. Either would fit.

      It is a potential idea for a Patreon arc (at whatever length it happens to be). That is the place that Rusche puts the stories that might otherwise not have been told and just referenced, after all.

  3. Clearly WCHM Ninja is still bronze rank in spite of the hours he’s logged in Shufflewatch. Otherwise, he’d have known to finish this before Tarra built up her ult charge…

  4. …considering what help Ellie’s calling her in for, I suddenly feel bad for literally every guy in that hotel.

    1. I actually started worrying about the consequences Ellie would face for “crying wolf” this way once Ginger broke her sunroof.

      I could actually see Tarra as appreciating an excuse to cut this rejection short, so she might not be so pissed off (until she notices D52, then that might be a different story).

  5. Does Ellie’s emergency meet the criteria for calling out The Seven Sisters? And what will they do to the guys at The Event?

    1. Yeah that’s the difference between Tarra, Ellie, and Pumpkin. Tarra flaunts, Ellie is fairly normal, and Pumpkin doesn’t want to show off at all. That’s how it is now at least.

      1. I remember in a few panels with her doing heroics, she was us8ng her hair as a weapon or more accurately using it like a whip. i think that is why it has the armor, not for protection but tp do damage. also, the cleavage showing reminds me of powergirl from DC comics. maybe some minor inspiration from that?

    2. infact looking backn she swatted rockets away with her hair. I believe the metal on her hair is to make it more weaponized than protect it. just speculation though.

    1. Armor isn’t always about armor in these situations. Sometimes armor is also about “Looking awesome!”

      What I find interesting is the mention by a few of the boob window, but no mention of her face being left exposed. :p

  6. Does it actually SAY “God Ion” on the prongs surrounding that cannon’s muzzle? With the muzzle itself serving as an intersectory O?

    Wow, Rusche.

      1. Damn, I was hoping for either a birthmark reference or a T.G.I.F. motif. But after a fourth second look, I must concur with the reuse of the canon’s business end as the ‘O’ in the intersection of both words.

  7. I just noticed the detail of the condensation inside the WCHM Ninja’s helmet bubble. Nice work.

  8. Question to the first committee, has a first ever been awarded to a meta character for fulfilling the firsting with a meeting of the ten word minimum requirement?

    1. No, no. ‘Ominous hum’ is the onomatopoeic sound of a plasma cannon charging up.

      Ion God Cannons produce more of a ‘bowel-loosening keening’ sound as they’re preparing to help you meet your maker.

        1. Damn, the Chinese really will go to any lengths with manufacturing hazardous baby products, won’t they. I figured the lead in all the baby toys was laziness or convenience, but antimatter sippy cups is way more effort than just including lead or arsenic or a more normal hazardous material.

        2. Personally, after the Chicken Jerry dog treats, I’m surprised that the Chinese would even let Anti-Matter to leave their borders. Especially after the Tianjin Dongjiang Port Rui Hai International Logistics disaster.

      1. Yeah, I’m imagining the sound of the Ghostbusters’ proton packs, louder, continuing up the scale and then settling at a whine juuuust within hearing range, with a bass undertone.

  9. first off real coment:

    now the dum comment:
    i’ve been sitting here for way too long, looking at her head to breast ration in that close up on the top left and looking down at my own breasts…. shit.
    -3- looking at big boobs is fun, having them is evil, and having comically big ones are hell. seeing that you have close to the same proportions as a webcomic character like terra (when majority of drawn characters these days are almost expected to be hot and well “equipped, like these sisters for example) makes me want to cry xD
    thats not fair! i want to be normal! (at least im not physically fit!….yay?…. .-.)

    real comment again: i swear i keep thinking the ninja is mr freeze in the middle pannel.

    1. Big boobs can cause back problems and other irritations, so that’s fair; but if I hear you complaining about the ability to summon a mech suit then I’m calling shenanigans.

  10. Ok, I now need the see the Sisters version of any of the following, Bubblegum Crisis: the Spicening; GitS: the 3rd Run ; Appleseed: Angel with a Shotgun or Cutey Honey Shuffle.

  11. Wow. So many details. This is just amazing. Any chance at artwork, like a portrait/cover art or something, of Tarra in the combat suit? I have no idea where this story is going, but I’m glad I’m along for the ride. :)

  12. Ninja, and now we see why you’re never going to get a date with Tarra. Women like it when you pay attention to them. Believing you could ever overpower Tarra was definitely a sign you aren’t really paying attention to her. Laughing at a “puny mech” is just emphasizing the point.

  13. She- She’s a pikachu!

    Also: Creator Rusche? What color would Mr. Fatty McFatFat’s eyes be if they ever opened? Are they different colors? Or maybe Rainbow? I am making a fanart and would be pleased to know. >^-^<

    Would they be anything like these guy's?:





    Or maybe… :

    Here's an albino eyed cat:

    And here's an example of how I could do rainbow:

    And here's some heterochromia options:










    Please let me know what you would like! Thank you! ~<3

  14. … Why you haven’t won all of the Patreon money yet, i will never understand. This fact should be a crime.

  15. Wow Rusche, I can’t believe you used the name! Does this mean we are going to see Water Cooler Head Mech-Ninja on the character page and besides the DuckTales reference was the Ion God Cannon a MvC reference?

    1. Reading that story, I was skeptical that would’ve been Cinn, until I saw this line:

      “Researchers estimate 200 non-native macaques live at the park and said many carry the deadly herpes B virus. ”

      Within the US, I feel like the really good local news stories like this one has a 50/50 chance of coming from Florida.

    2. I could kind of imagine Cinnamon taking some of the feed from the pet store where Ellie was working behind all of their backs and feeding those monkeys. But wouldn’t distance be a bit of a hamper on her efforts. I mean, where’s the reward vs. incentive for her in that? She couldn’t be there to watch the people ‘suffer’ on hand. I don’t think that she’d be doing something like that unless she was breeding them and injecting them with the rage virus.

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