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The Magnificent 7 Pt-5

109 thoughts on “The Magnificent 7 Pt-5

        1. That’s what’s for hunger. We’ve seen how she eats. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see a cabinet with Lucky Charms to go with the milk in the lounge fridge.

        2. For laughs with a lot of cringe as well, google “misspelled tattoos” and prepare to be amazed by the depths of human ignorance. It’s as painful as it is funny and “no regerts” barely scratches the surface.

  1. That was anti-climactic… it also made me think, isn’t Cinn the dumb one? I mean the door is RIGHT there. ? Gorgeous colors though.

    1. There’s dumb, and there’s acting without thought. Aaaaand, somehow, I get the impression that, just maybe, she didn’t have a plan.

      1. Well Cinn is her flawed copy. But Anise probably buys panels of prop glass in bulk so she can jump though her window whenever she feels like being dramatic without worrying about getting cut up.

        1. You do have a point. But, if she did, you would think she would get better at the landing…

        2. I don’t know, with witnesses right there to wonder what the hell’s going on, that’s a pretty damned good landing.

          I decided several years ago that if you do something that doesn’t harm anyone (with the possible exception of yourself) that gives other people a good story, you’ve done a good thing for the universe.

      1. Which is evident in the fact she permanently tattoos reminders to herself on her hands and then wears gloves so she can’t easily see them to be reminded.

        1. I could see her owning different pairs of gloves with holes in different places to expose one reminder or another.

          Granted, most of those probably weren’t initially planned out that way…

        2. She not the dumb one but lived up to her name as the weird one. See that the Ginger and Tarragon have superhero moves and escapes she hot to have one too. She just forgot she has a ground level store front.

        1. If your female loved one is having a JarJar period, consult a gynecologist immediately.

          “Meesa crampy and bombad bloated! How wude!”

        2. i still think Jar Jar was an almost direct ripoff of Bugs Bunny. they just made Jar Jar a rastafarian so it wasn’t overly obvious

  2. You know, given the amount of broken glass, maybe a group text would have worked better. I mean, that stuff ain’t cheap.

    1. I’m sure they have a bulk rate. Somewhere Mike’s probably shaking his head, having psychically felt another broken plate glass window.

  3. Anise honey, you are not Tarragon.? Also, you might get sued for the derp face. You should have gone with troll face!

  4. Rusche, that is some awesome art work, as well as artwork. Something tells me you were born (40?) years too late. You should have been involved in the original Batman (RIP Adam West, we WILL miss you). Couldn’t you see it now? Biff, Bamf, Bop, Kerpow! (much woosh!!!)

    1. I know a guy that back in High School back in like 97 got drunk on golden grain an that song came on an he proceeded to jump off the cab of his jacked up truck singing that song. Needless to say he crashed landed much like Anise did.

  5. The Akiru Toriyama speed lines just don’t last as long as they used to, huh Anise? You’re getting older, dear. That’s one of the first things to go.

    1. Nope; we’ve seen it before as Sister X choked the life from Anise back during the Black Friday arc. As for how it was lost, it was during Thanksgiving, which is why the sisterhood is only allowed sporks at the table.

  6. I give Anise:
    10 for form
    10 for style (even though the door was right there)
    -5 for the landing..

    Bonus +3 for the tattoo
    All in all:
    A decent entrance for the girl in this arc

  7. You know, I accidentally began reading the comment section for another web comic and had to come back here to thank everyone for NOT being horrific caricatures of the worst internet user stereotypes imaginable. Seriously. Everyone here is awesome. I love you like you’re like my extended internet family.

    So to sum up… “our shenanigans are cheeky and fun! And their shenanigans are cruel and tragic. Which… makes them not really shenanigans at all. Evil shenanigans!”

      1. That’s almost like objecting to the existence of apple pie! Just without any caloric content being referenced.

  8. Wow. Well if Anise failed this hard I wonder what Cinnamon and Juniper will be like. Too soon to tell for Pumpkin…

      1. I didn’t say that they were hers. I just said the flavors that I knew about. Haven’t you ever heard of ’49 anxieties’ ice cream productions out of Taahassle, Georgina?

  9. I wonder if Anise developed the tendency for this sort of dramatic response as something that’s part of her innate character, or if it was more of a, “but I’m following Tarra, I’ve gotta do SOMETHING to add some pizazz!”

  10. So…the Super-7 beepers are nice and all, but just how much help do the siblings really expect to get from one another?

    1. Along those lines, is a failing dating site’s meetup really something they should even be called to? Unless the intent is to leave it as a smoldering crater…

  11. Longtime reader, infrequent commenter here! I have to say, if I didn’t start reading from the beginning, it would be hard to tell this is the same comic from back then. Holy crap is the artwork top notch. The colors! The shading! Such wow!

      1. mR Blue! You have used a copyright phrase without paying for the right. Your under arrest. DEAD OR ALIVE YOUR COMING WITH ME!

  12. So, what happened to the topless girl that was getting the tattoo!? She nowhere in sight and there is not wat she is fast enough to get her shirt on and leave.

    1. We don’t know how long Anise has been lying on the ground. Those people seem awful calm for there to have been shards of glass flying through the air mere seconds ago.

    2. Perspective. Note that you don’t see that table in the broken window shot, and she’s clearly on the same horizontal axis as the table. You’re not seeing enough of the broken window to get an eyeful of Topless Rando With Mona Lenny Tattoo.

    3. Anise has her own little fantasy world if she can smash through the window and ‘fly.’ This fantasy world also includes her customers.

      That girl was never really there.

  13. As a side note, anyone notice what’s going on with the Top Webcomics figures lately?

    They’re on a clear upward trend.

    This is what happens when updates get regular again! Keep it up, Rusche; we’ll do our best to keep the numbers up!

  14. Can’t wait till they all get there. Wonder if Alex’s beard will score points with Anise. Doubt it will, but weirder things have happened in this story before.

  15. I found this on Mare Internum, and I’m a selfish bastard. I nominated Chris at the RINGOAWARDS.COM for their 2017 round. I remember doing something with NPR and their stuff. I’ll have to remember to look at that stuff again.

    1. Maybe this will link to it. http://ringoawards.com/

      “Nomination voting is now open for the inaugural 2017 Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards. Nomination ballot voting is open to the public (fans and pros) from June 27, 2017 until midnight on July 18, 2017. We encourage everyone to participate. Creators and new works published during 2016 are eligible.”

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