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The Magnificent 7 Pt-6

Hey, they can't all be winners. Also, I apologize for not replying to some of the comments. The  past several comics have been so labor intensive I haven't had much time for responses. I'll try to get caught up. Next comic Tuesday.

114 thoughts on “The Magnificent 7 Pt-6

        1. So Juniper’s ditch is actually a dumpster behind the Bumble Beats?

          That…that’s intensely sad. Slightly funny. But very, very sad.

        2. ..or conversely, is that just where she happened to pass out after her latest escapade?

        3. Added fun: that’s the same outfit she was wearing back on Black Friday when she broke into the appliance store, AND the same outfit she was wearing at AA when Ellie and Danny were on their whirlwind non-con tour.

          Is this the only outfit she has at this point?

        4. Juni, please, change your clothes. Most of us are still pulling for you to turn this around, and you can’t do that wearing the same dress / jacket combination every time you show up.

        5. The dress from Black Friday had a black stripe down the right side that this one lacks. And it may just be because of the lighting but I’m pretty sure this one is a different color than the one she was wearing when she ran into Quinn at the bar.

        6. The really bad sign if this were Juniper’s normal digs is that it appears to be within the blast radius of Tarra’s residence. Picking some place like that as a permanent-ish spot would be outright suicidal for Juniper.

        7. Is it too late to hope for a bar, ditch, graveyard, junkyard, toxic waste dump, and a Reddish Lobster?

    1. Well, maybe she was going to bum a night at Tarras but say the light and quickly dived into said dumpster for her own protection.

      1. Sorry, that can’t work. It’s like those civil defense turtles in the duck and cover films. See the light, you’re already dead. Besides, that would mess up the continuity. Juniper is being shown as having been there at the start of the strip.

        1. There was a Japanese man by the name of Tsutomu Yamaguchi who survived both nukes dropped on Japan. He did so by ducking and covering (and being extremely lucky). You can’t teach luck, though, so “Duck and Cover” became the defacto standard for surviving nuclear attacks. For the only confirmed survivor of both bombs, it is what historically worked.

        2. Also, Tsutomu Yamaguchi saw the light of the explosion both times before ducking and covering.

  1. Can’t blame her. Was prolly the best sleep she had all week. Poor girl.

    Still though, Anise running reminded me of ‘Shaun of the Dead’ for some reason and I don’t know why.

      1. Reminds me of the lady that was running in high heels in Jurassic World and the most amazing thing is that she never fell!

        1. Well, seeing as how it’s possible to run in heels and in fact at least one actress actually has it on her resume as being capable of doing. The fact that she was running in heels I fail to see as amazing.

          The amazing thing for JW was that she had been on that island that long and still thought wearing heels was a good idea.

        2. What if those high heels had been made by Nike? I still think it was amazing for the simple fact that she was running in them on an island and think about how durable they were considering the different terrain she was on.

        3. Track spikes are not meant for the heel to ever touch the ground while sprinting, so if the heel isn’t terribly high and the traction on the ball of the foot isn’t crap, I can see running in heels as feasible with some practice.

          That doesn’t say anything about keeping the heel part from snapping off in weird terrain, though. That seems like a completely different skill set (or in a movie, several identical sets of heels to replace the ones that snap off).

        4. We know the heels are not Nike on account that they are still functional and have not yet assploded.

  2. Outstanding pacing of action–in a toon! The Dempster-Dumpster sequence is too funny to be legal. Artwork elevates graphic fiction to a new level. Bravo!

    1. I didn’t think it could get much better than a regular update schedule twice a week. Yet somehow, it IS.

      1. There’s a chunk of the wall missing!

        …an entire window is gone!

        ….part of the ROOF is obliterated!

        No, even accounting for Tarra’s sheer Tarraness, she’s still gonna lose at least half that deposit.

        1. Considering that its Tarra we’re talking about and the type of life she leads it might just be included in her contract. The fees might be a bitch though!

      1. I’m going to say….. maybe.

        What with his secrets and money, he can afford to keep everything in house. But I think that Wayne Enterprises might hold lease to own options through she’ll corporations in order to grow into evil’s marketshare.

  3. Well hey at least Juni didn’t pop out of a ditch and has a roof over her head. Things are coming up Millhouse!

  4. I’m waiting for when the sisters assemble, only to find Elle hit the panic button because she’s so short of buns for her sausage fest.

    Guesses on who gets to cut her hair?

    1. Eh, they MIGHT understand, if she talks fast enough to explain that she’s only doing it to save the only semi-legit steady job she’s had since the fast food joint got condemned. Or not. We’ll see. And she might just be willing to pay the barber’s bill on this one.

      1. I’m going to guess that Pumpkin might have some idea about her job but not the specifics. So the sisterhood may also have some idea as well.

  5. Regardless of her outfit & habitation, doesn’t Juniper deserve props for responding to the Sister Signal … allowing for the fact that she seems unlikely to arrive very soon ….

    1. True enough. I figure it’s kind of a general agreement between them that the Seven Sister Communicator is like a big override for everyone else. You fail to show up for a Seven Sister alert, you’re kind of out of the circle. Juni likely can’t afford to be out of that loop, so even she shows up. That’s why Ellie said it’s supposed to be used for emergencies, because it’s supposed to be a big deal to pull that. Or so I figure.

    2. Definitely. Plus, I’m touched by the sheer effort Anise is putting into her response. Ginger and Tarra are taking the gung-ho military approach, but these two…are just so sweet. I await Cinnamon’s response, I won’t speculate as I figure Chris has something great cooking for her.
      I expect Pumpkin to be dressed appropriately. Do the parents have an alert device as well, so they don’t give the “oh no you DON’T young lady” to Pumpkin?

  6. Btw, what does Ellie want/expect The Sisters to do? I can imagine that turning those 6 loose on that party would scare a lot of those guys into wetting their pants….

    1. Few things I can see.

      1. These are the “desperate singles” Ellie knows. Granted, Ginger’s out because she’s married, ditto Pumpkin for being underage. But that leaves Tarra, Anise, Juniper and Cinnamon, even Ellie herself, with cover enough to evade all those poor schmucks who already know Kyrie Eleison.

      2. Ellie needs fodder for a critical-mass social push. That means she needs her sisters to start it, but also all those desperate singles her sisters know. Sometimes a referral is all you need.

      3. It wouldn’t be amiss to have some creeper control here. Most guys will fan out the second Pumpkin notes she’s fifteen. Those who don’t, that’s what security’s for.

        1. Wouldn’t banishing mean that you could no longer pay your cyber dating service bills?

    2. Can you imagine how many:
      Disney nerds faint from nerdasm?
      LARPers faint from nerdgasm?
      How many sci-fi nerds get triggered from gender bending a Marvel Character?
      How many comic book nerds faint from nerdgasm?
      Home many comic book nerds get triggered for mash-up’ing a Marvel and DC character?
      How many sisters will spurn Alex?

  7. “Honey, what was that earth-shattering kaboom I just heard?” “Oh, that AMAZING woman from across the street with the – uh, heh, I mean, the ditzy blonde? from across the street, just blew open the side of the building and flew away.” “What? Let me see, you’ve had too much Reunite again. AAACK, there’s a woman coming out of the dumpster!! Call the cops!!” “Her? No, she lives there sometimes, she’s okay. I give her the leftover pizza sometimes.” “You WHAT!!!”

  8. I’m wondering if this set up would work.
    On Monday we see panel three.
    On Tuesday, we would see panels one and two.
    On Wednesday, panel three and four.
    On Thursday, panels five, six and seven.
    On Friday, the final four.

    Could that work?

  9. Just to let everyone know, I’m copy/pasting from the last post.

    July 13, 2017, 8:09 PM
    I found this on Mare Internum, and I’m a selfish bastard. I nominated Chris at the http://www.RINGOAWARDS.COM for their 2017 round. I remember doing something with NPR and their stuff. I’ll have to remember to look at that stuff again. Nomination ballot voting is open to the public (fans and pros) from June 27, 2017 until midnight on July 18, 2017. We encourage everyone to participate. Creators and new works published during 2016 are eligible.”

    1. Agreed, but alas Not Mine was not issued a device, nor does her head avatar display. So, Ellie will just have to call her on the old school iCloud, and I suspect she will.

      1. Then after this she should be issued one and they could call it “The Seven Sisters, Plus One Communicator.” Or they could call it “The Seven Sisters and Quinn Communicator.”

  10. No, Juniper, don’t be disappointed or surly. This is your time to shine. You could easily be the BIGGEST help of any of your sisters here! When’s that opportunity going to come up again?

  11. Holy crap. I just found out about this webcomic two days ago, and power bombed my way through the entire archive. I absolutely love this series, and now I am just sad I will have to wait on updates. Seeing the gaps between some of the updates, I know I am a lucky fan to have found this while it is on a set schedule though. :D Thank you for a new amazing series to keep up with, and I already love the community just from reading the comments.

    That said, my comment on this actual page is that I laughed way harder than I should have seeing Juni stumbling out of that dumpster. Hilarious, sad, and yet heartwarming that she is still going to respond to her sister’s call even when that drunk/hungover.

  12. Taking a break from my music festival weekend to gush over the amazing colors and artwork again. Maybe I’ll have time for a more substantial comment later.

    And poor Juniper. Despite the fact that her meta-self has been dropping hints that it was more or less true I was holding out hope that she wasn’t really living in such conditions.

    1. Just think, Chris will be the one person that nerds can turn to in order to get the full experience of a non drug tripping experience while at a music festival.

  13. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t Tarra’s attendance at this shindig (mega-mech or not) violate David’s agreement with Tired Guy? Ruh-ro.

    1. None? Unless of course you county body pillow versions of them that will undoubtedly be created by the survivors of this event.

  14. Juniper may be the last to get there, but she is the one most gifted for helping out at this event. Juniper as heroine? That would be a new one.




        1. Some days it’s just too hard to pass up an opportunity to use the phrase “sore afraid.”

          In retrospect I should’ve left it at that, but the fact that Tues, Wed, Thurs could be counted as three whole days and nights to get to Friday was just too wonderful of a coincidence for declamatory-archaic-speak inclusion to vacate my head easily.

        1. The concept of declamatory-archaic coupled with a side of the “Beforetimes” trope..

        2. Yep. No specific reference intended.

          Though it would’ve easily been a good place for a Holy Hand Grenade instructions reference. “Hover not thy finger over the key of Ef Four, save it be but an instant on the path to the pressing of Ef Five” and so on.

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