The Magnificent 7

Here's some makeup work. Next comic Tuesday. I know this since the line work is already done. :)

90 thoughts on “The Magnificent 7

        1. That many desperate guys in one place and you think we’ll need vouchers to drink for free? You don’t get out much do you, sis? Look out liver, we’re on our way to the promised land!


      …seven tier comic goodness…

      …want to be enraged…

      …enraged not found…

      …you win this round, Rusche. Why cain’t ah quit yew?

        1. Someone PLEASE explain to me how you two wastes of carbon managed to keep a show longer than we did.

    1. I thought I was just hallucinating. But no…no, that’s Christian Weston Chandler in comic homage. Pre-hormone therapy too, apparently.

      1. Interestingly enough, he managed to dig up that specific shirt, the “Classic” striped shirt CC was known for, and was trying to sell it.

        I was surprised to hear that it survived the house fire.

    1. no cause it’s mased on the comunicators used by the teen titans in the good and shitty CN series respectivly

    2. I thought it was one of those “your table is ready” indicators from Fatboy Slim’s Cafe 90s. She got the S Club 7 one.

        1. There’s a toy store that’s currently a smoking crater that will be happy to tell you!

  1. Damn, Ellie’s got a pretty good game plan all things considered. She’s probably going to have to put out some fires, but it’s gonna be one hell of a party.

  2. Chris,

    Is there a beacon on top of City Hall that lights up the night sky, a signal which strikes fear into the legs of lecherous lounge lizards and Quagmire?

    1. no, but that disco ball in times square will suddenly begin pulsing with neaon lights and all of the relevant tracks from both Guardians of the Galaxy movies

  3. I think we all knew this was coming…Sistermaggedon ’17.

    Since Ellie’s already there, Ginger isn’t single (as far as we know, who knows if something happened behind the scenes?) and Pumpkin isn’t of age, that’s 4 eligible, dangerous ladies coming to shake things up…and maybe a ratchantulla (or whatever we called those abominations). I’m quite looking forward to the upcoming shenanigans.

  4. Not sure what’s going on in Patreon strips, but if Quinn is still single…and if Ellie can be VERY convincing…of course, Quinn’s scorn may wither many desperate (and disparate) nerds with a heat vision-like glare.

  5. Also, the idea of Juni & Cinn let loose upon the poor unsuspecting nerds makes one tremble in antici…pation! And Tarra may very well go Super Saiyan after a few butt/slash boob gropes.

    1. Unless one of these…”suitors” is at least as capable in hand to hand AND ranged combat as Tarra, she’ll barely notice the attempts at any gropeage (I say attempt, as she won’t let anything connect, while putting forth minimal/negative effort in keeping her assets unsullied)

      This’ll be like the backwards headed robber all over again, though I doubt any of these guys brought a shotgun to the mixer.

  6. “This is getting expensive.” Yeah, and HOW MUCH have you saved on refunds you no longer have to pass out? How many of those guys out there will actually resubscribe if this evening goes off well?

    I swear, Cobra Commander understood business better than this schmuck.

  7. Can’t decide if my favorite detail is Wilf’s Comic Sans & Clipart Professional Suite box or KK just sleeping through the whole thing.

  8. Oh dear, who do you call. Also that website says free drinks vouchers for each friend. That isn’t what she said.

    1. Will KK get to say “Overflow charge” on the bill?
      Will Durkin actually call Summer?
      Will Wilf actually use the turkey?
      Will I ever shut up?

      The answers to these and many more questions will be found in the next installment of


      1. Like you haven’t done that. What’s worse is thinking about the woman who sits backwards on the toilet so that she can catch up on her written correspondence.

  9. Breaking the forth wall? Check.

    Gettin’ shit done? Check.

    Calling in the family? Check.

    It’s gonna be like Black Friday, only with more booze.

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