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The “Palace”

I have to give credit to Banena for the Princess Jasmine joke. The very first comic she made I promptly begged to steal the idea from. She was cool with it.  Her original seen here: Jasmine-by-Banena   I had to assure her I wasn't attempting to one-up her. I just made me laugh so much I had to parody it, and this point in the story was perfect for it. We can obviously see who Ellie prefers to watch a movie and 'just talk' with. :P More fanart on Wednesday.

54 thoughts on “The “Palace”

  1. Ahhhhahahaha
    Well, thanks for the tribute :) I definitely laughed out loud.

    Where did Danny go? Sulking over the monopoly game I bet. Did he already lose??? Haha

    1. Of course he lost, dude probably spent all his money trying to impress a girl then had to sell off everything he had so he could afford to stay one night in a pricey hotel with nothing to show for it.

      What’s Monopoly?

  2. First? No first comment, and of all webcomics I read, this is by far my favorite! Keep up the good work! It is awesome! I just am so exited on the days these go out, and I look desperately for the new ones! I think that Shotgun Shuffle > Cyanide and Happyness!

  3. Bwhahahahahaha *falls out of chair laughing* Nice one dude, and I love the subtle jab at the shippers you gave with this one ;)

  4. Well, Pumpkin, fighting patriarchy generally doesn’t pay well, especially given that no one’s exactly sure where to send the bills.

  5. Lmao that was great XD. Props to you and Banana both for bringing us this. Also, my two cents, regardless of who was at fault, Danny should have maintained a professional relationship with Ellie since she is essentially his employee for the weekend. The lroper thing would have veen to wait until the con ended and then ask her out. That way there would be no having to put up with awkward work shifts if it goes south. Mind you, it wouldn’t have made for a good story if he knew how to handle his relationships right from go. Lol

    1. “Do I need to sing again? Is that what this is gonna take? Hey CARPET! Get in here! Need another moonlit ride to close this deal!”

  6. Coulda been worse. Danny might have had to fall asleep to the sounds of an Olsen Twins movie bleeding in from the next room.

    Banena – That comic is hilarious. THE EYES. XD

    1. That’s a scary image, Gravatarless.


      *cut to Danny visibly weeping in the fetal position*

      “The horror…the horror…why didn’t I save…some Montage…for NOW?”

    1. This strip is less about trying to be ‘funny,’ and more just an observation. Jasmine doesn’t want to be controlled, confined, and generally treated like an object or possession. That’s what makes her such a great character with memorable lines and scenes. But then Disney took her wardrobe design and went more stripper than “style of the time.” Granted, the later scene was mostly Jafar perving on her, but her red wardrobe can also be included in the “what were they thinking” column.

      That could be Jafar objectifying her, yeahhhh… that makes sense… but it’s still a parallel of what she normally wears, and what she normally wears, is what Disney dressed her in. So there’s a bit of a mixed message in Jasmine’s presentation… overall.

      1. I got it.

        And because I forgot to mention it earlier, great job on the art. The first panel in particular looks like it could be a screen grab from the film.

      2. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for a woman to want to look attractive and to also want to be treated like a person. Treating the two as contradictory has tones of blaming the victim.
        Although I won’t argue that Disney probably chose her outfits more along the lines of the character designers thinking “What would I like to look at” than “What would Jasmine choose to wear?”

  7. So this must be in the special edition? If this is how they get updated we need to pick up these Disney movies more often.


      1. Oh, please, Nelson…stop acting like you’re surprised by the little pervert. You programmed him, after all.

        1. Oh no, the guy who was here before me and escaped using the shuttle hidden in the crate of hamdingers programmed these two. Do you have any idea how many crates of hamdingers I’ve tried to get up here to get another escape shuttle?

        2. Oh…yes…the janitor we sent up first….

          Wait, why am I making a distinction between the janitor and the temp who replaced him? All I do is send up the movies! Get back in the theater, you collective heads of knuckle!

        3. Wait, what’s the janitor doing up there with the other one? Frank! Get in here! I think something’s gone wrong in the timestream inversion department again!

        4. Frank? Oh, he’s the low-level flunky I got to replace you after the…giant spider…incident…

          …LAR?? But…but…you were eaten by a giant spider! I raised that spider from birth myself with a taste for human flesh and…uh…what I mean is, it was a terrible accident. Yes. Terrible accident.

          Now I KNOW something’s gone wrong in temporal mechanics. That’s the last time I hire anything with an address of “Borg Collective.” FRANK! GET IN HERE! BRING THE…OTGUN-SHAY!

  8. What makes this funnier to me is that on Monday, my wife wanted to watch Aladdin. I spent the entire movie laughing to myself, especially when the scene depicted happened.

    Good stuff, and good times.

    1. That had to be fun.

      “Honey, why are you giggling?”

      “Oh, I was just thinking about this thing I read where Jasmine says that and the next scene she’s on a stripper pole and…uh oh…”

      “So you’re thinking about Princess Jasmine on a stripper pole.”

      “Honey, it’s not what you think! It was in this webcomic, and—!”

      1. In College- one of my Cheerleader friends dressed as Jasmine at our Halloween party — to this day that image will always be burned in my mind- adding the stripper pole for me isn’t even required…

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