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The Second Roommate

There will be quite a few flashbacks for those that're into that kinda thing. This chapter is within 20 or less strips of being finished. But then, it's usually overblown. I'm pretty much answering any and all questions I've set up thus far (minus Tiredguy or Blind Guy.) But then again, I've already told you who Blind Guy is in the comic. Only no one's caught it yet.  And if you do, keep it to yourselves. ;P

32 thoughts on “The Second Roommate

    1. I’ve been officially acknowledged in a webcomic of rapidly growing popularity! I’m honored!

      ….and this will probably be my greatest claim to fame I can ever hope to achieve. I can only pray that your little webcomic here becomes an enormous hit. Then I can REALLY brag! :) “Yeah, you know that one webcomic, Shotgun Shuffle? *Coy, cool motion of nigh indifference* Yeah… he used one of my lines once.”

  1. Oh boy… now we’re getting to the crux of ~why~ Quinn is constantly trying to hold on to roommates… mother issues!

    I expected it to be problems with her father… but I was close enough.

  2. That was the room mate “she liked” more than Ellie? That hobo cookoff must have been a hella bonding experience.

    1. Probably because she didn’t bother her and gave the impression to her parents that she had a roommate.

  3. Wait a minute, didnt Quinn say that she was a friend?


    Also the Tired Guy said she ran through roomates all the time, but this would mean Ellie is just the third, not 10th or anything like that.

    Still, love the way KK is tearing into Quinn, looks like all that time working for Jack-O Burgers has served her well. She’s nice most of the time but when called for she is without a doubt higher on the food chain than Quinn lol

    Cant wait to see the next strip dude, keep up the good work!

    1. No, Ellie would be at least fourth, if I’m reading right. Quinn’s comment of having already lost her roommate implies that KK was at least her second.

      1. She’s actually referring to KK as the first.
        Like, hey my dad’s coming next week. Boom, suddenly down a roommate. I can see the confusion in limited space I had to write that out, tho. =P

      2. I’m of the thought that Quinn’s freudian slip on having Janice as a friend was only to the point that she was able to get out of her mother’s area of obliteration.

        I tend to feel that I have more knowledge of the mother than I do Quinn, and we haven’t even seen her yet.

  4. Yes but Quinn has been a notorious liar thus far. And Tired Guy alluded to a prior roommate living there before the “dark haired one.” So he’s saying KK came before the druggie.

  5. So no one else is going to talk about how Quinn has put on oven mitts to handle Mcfatfat? Because I think that’s kinda funny.

    1. So I know it’s to protect herself from whatever “infects” the kitty (pure awesomeness BTW), but aren’t her oven mitts then infected? Meaning all her oven-based food?

      Personally, I think it’s cause McFatFat is just too hot to handle. Quinn thinks Ellie gets the guys with her chest, but the truth is, it’s the cat…

      1. In re-reading… I’m WAY too tired.

        One needs more than 6 hours of sleep over three days of work.
        Think I’ll take a page from Eagan’s book and transform my laptop messenger bag into a pillow…

    2. The oven mits are to protect her hands if he tries to bite or scratch. It’s actually pretty common technique when handling pets which are not your own.

  6. Was she keeping McFatFat in the oven?

    Apparently Quinn just wants to live alone, and so she resents her roommates because they are a necessity. She should instead be grateful. Too late now it seems. Also, if the second roommate was really just a squatter – an actor, if you will, to meet her dad’s requirements – does that mean that Ellie is basically the real second roommate? If we forget for a moment that she wasn’t paying rent and was therefore just a squatter too?

    I have more questions, but they’re all about Blind Guy and Tired Guy.

    1. Oh, except one – and you did set up for this and it’s not about Blind Guy or Tired Guy so you have to answer it or I will hate you:

      DID Quinn end up helping with the hobo cookoff like she promised?

  7. Alright so Quinn has Mommy-Issues. Interesting. Also chili is always best for a hobo cookoff. You can throw anything in that stuff.

  8. I actually like Quinn’s improvised hairstyle. Makes her look less depressed. She even may find that it subconsciously lightens her mood.

  9. I think I like Quinn’s hairstyle both ways. Her look in the last panel reminds me of that one panel several strips back when she said “I’m always pissy.” That was the moment I really ended up liking her.

    Her hair looks good, when it’s long. It ALMOST has a femme fatale appearance to it, whereas her ponytail looks good too- kinda sporty, though her appearance in the first panel reminds me of someone that goes into a coffee shop and reads their poetry. Or perhaps Rusche is just really good at drawing her at this point, so she looks fantastic either way!

    I guess I don’t say it often enough, but I really love this series.

  10. Interesting, Quinn has not only daddy issues but also mother issues?
    Gives me the inpression that her parents are divorced and that she decided to stay with her dad after she was old eneugh.

    Also love the way she’s handling the cat, even though i have’t seen him diong anything that was even remotely dangerous…
    This comic keeps getting better and better :)

  11. The way the story is told-the mechanics of it I mean-is well handled, at least in this reader’s eyes.

    The problem is the litany of contempt for one character (Quinn), both authorial and among other characters, to the extent that they even get to be hypocrites. Example: KK comes along and disavows drama, yet strangely it takes her no time at all to be going into considerable depth about what a nasty, mean-spirited person Quinn is and outright states that as long as she is herself, she’ll be alone. Even the author labels her a ‘notorious liar’.

    I haven’t seen anything that goes to explaining Quinn’s motives that doesn’t center around selfishness, fear, and a sense of superiority to those around her. I would very much like it if anyone could link me to being wrong in a comic but to my memory there’s bupkiss. Quinn has been so far only a target for reader and character hostility. Is there *anything* anyone can point to that she’s been shown doing that is not at least a little noxious?

    If not I think at this point this particular reader will have to regard it as a bash story-or is there anything about Quinn anyone is supposed to like so far? Or any of the other characters?

    1. To clarify: I meant ‘is there anything any of the other characters are supposed to find likable or worthy of respect in Quinn’.

      1. Most likely not, that’s why they’re all moving away from her. Keep in mind I’m not done telling this storyarc. You got about 10 strips left. If you’re not happy by that point, I hate to lose you. But I certainly appreciate your input.

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