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The Seducery

I had to cut this short due to some major computer issues yesterday and this morning. It's all fixed now, so no worries. This had three more tiers on it, but you'll see them Tuesday. So we're set up good for next week since that's 75% done. I'm wrapping two comic elements between this one and the next comic. James' personal 'lovequest' and an old running gag next week. Ellie left James hanging out there with her DateBait job, like she did many others, but now she's making it right, even if by happenstance. I'm still working on two Patreons that are semi-long, and forced to be by their nature. But I will post them as soon as they're done. There's a bit of a skirmish transpiring, and fight scenes are not something with which I am very adroit.  But here's a preview.

108 thoughts on “The Seducery

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        Then there’s the typing method of counting words, where every five characters is considered a word. By that metric, the 45 characters in the post also result in a total of nine words.

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        And with that, Flargon’s post has officially been Pluto’d.

    1. The firsting committee recognizes this comment as first due to a technicality. The technicality is that the firsting needs to be that the subject of the statement is not about the statement itself. Since this statement is in the negative about the statement itself, it falls upon the committee to drum up so many words to sidwswipe the name of a transformers robot in order to celebrate the fact that James has copious amounts of balloons, a new balloon dealer and is able to quote “Sienfeld” copiously at being seduced.

      Corndogs on being first.

  1. Very well then, I will rectify the matter by exclaiming that firstly, Rusche really needs to publish Shotgun Shuffle in book format. Set up a Kickstarter and blow it up! I’m sure the many devotees you have secured would be seriously seduced by the opportunity to see Ellie’s adventures in print and pony up the bucks to make it happen.
    Secondly, this story line rocks!

    1. This notion has been advanced before. It is an extremely difficult notion to conclude, however, and therefore has been back-burnered indefinitely.

      Let’s not go screwing around with the flow of comic, shall we? I’ll crack both knuckles and neck while asking if it drives the point home harder.

      1. Yep, I’m pretty sure Rusche knows that he’d have a lot of support if he Kickstarted a print version.

        I think it’s the task of getting this to print that’s the sticking point. When you look at the various comic sizes and imagine trying to get them all to fit on pieces of paper that are all the same size, that’s a large task. Add in his frequently stated dissatisfaction with his older art (and the fact that he’d have to look at it quite a lot or redo it) and that’s another disincentive. While he could potentially hire out the pagination work, considering how much he strains at times with pages that crash his computer or feeling bad about late posts because he wants one that’s 10 rows tall, it might be difficult for him to feel ok hiring it out too.

        So our bookshelves will all have to remain content with that empty space for the time being.

    2. Having worked with someone who put together their comic in a book, it takes a lot of time (months) to get it in a decent format with a printer after glossing over samples and seeing a final draft. There were three of us, and the artist went into hiatus for nearly half a year to get their comic printed.

      It’s tough enough creating a comic alone, let alone getting it printed.

      1. Thus, the Kickstarter. Either he makes enough money to just work on his comic and get a book version, or he doesn’t and the project gets shelved, for the time being. Other web artists have been blown away by how much they bring in for printing a book and basically “quit their day job.” It’s worth taking a flyer on it. After all, you don’t have to prep anything for Kickstarter, other than the campaign itself. We’re the ones who have to spread the word of mouth.

        1. If I recall correctly, Rusche “quit his day job” when Patreon came around, so I’m not sure there’s an abundant well of time sitting around that hasn’t already been tapped.

        2. That’d make parent the most popular job in the nation by a wide margin, so I think that’s just considered assumed for those with children and left out of the reckoning.

        3. It really depends on what kind of patience and time you have to devote to the project.

          Also, Kickstarter has as many success stories from making the goal as it does dismal endings for making the goal. People have to be super organized and ready for a Kickstarter, or they can end up failing miserably. Kickstarter backers can be incredibly unforgiving. Especially if something they love is not up to their personal standards (ask some of the board game producers who get Kickstarted – most go through a period where some people ask for their money back and it sort of hijacks your self-esteem and confidence – and then some site completely obliterates their brand).

          I understand not wanting to do it until you have a team and some spare time. And maybe some of your own funding that you’re willing to use.

    1. I know that look. That is the look of a man wildly unfamiliar with being seduced. It may even be that he’s not actually being seduced at all.

        1. Yeah, but those have to be durable enough to be reused year after year. I’m just using them as proof of concept that you can make intricately designed inflatables. So scaling them down shouldn’t pose too many issues from an engineering standpoint.

  2. I have to agree. The arch has been very entertaining and the balloon romance just perfect and unique to this web comic.

  3. I’m happy to see things going well for James, and the Catwoman balloon is pretty sweet IMO.

    and..(because I’m just getting past a fight scene in my own little comic myself) I think you nailed the action sequence in your Patreon arc pretty well. Kinda wish I had the monetary means to see what’s going on it.

    1. Don’t worry, they all come to the main site eventually.

      Rusche wants all his fans to be able to see all the art and only has them Patreon exclusive for a while to offer some value to those who are supporting him there. He was pretty clear about that back when he started with Patreon (only after a lot of us bugged him to do so, as I recall).

      1. I for one am glad that you guys bugged him.

        I mean, yes, it’s a sneak peek for peak entertainment. But as we have now seen, The Pumpkin Chronicles are on the main site. I felt kind of guilty that I couldn’t support him in some way. I felt like I was opening comic books at the store just to read them.

        1. Cheer up, yer blueship; a comments section don’t stay active on its ownsome. That’s supporting the site too.

        2. Indeed.

          Also Rusche specifically stated that he fully understands that not everyone has spare cash to help support as he’s been in that situation himself too, he values all his readers, and he wants to share the entirety of the story with absolutely everyone who’s interested.

          He didn’t state it, but if I extrapolate from my own tendencies, I’d feel bad accepting money from people if I weren’t offering something in return, and as someone who’s been a Patreon since the beginning, I can understand and accept that, but I greatly appreciate that he moves them to the main site later for all to see. I support Rusche because I want the story to continue and I want everyone to get the fullness of the story.

          So don’t feel bad. We each do our own part, and I don’t always have time to keep the comment section lively (I’ve even missed reading the comments for several comics, though not the comics themselves, obviously).

        3. And Chris has got to be a patreon pioneer in doing just that. Well, I suppose that there have been some precursor precedents from popular media. Mostly from the pay channels. “Dead Like Me”, “The Walking Dead” to name a few. How many others are out there using Patreon exclusively for the sneak peaks alone? I’d say that Chris is re)atively alone in that stance.

        4. Depends how generous you are defining your comparison metrics. Early access to scheduled site comics is reasonably common. I’ve seen some random one page things that either went on shirts or were for other contests that didn’t show up on the main site (but might in his DeviantArt or Facebook or other places I don’t watch), so I’m not sure that it’s quite 100% of all content, but it is 100% of story-related content (and as of the last time I logged into Patreon he hadn’t done any adult content for Patreons only or anything of that nature). I know I’ve seen several artists say they would consider Patreon but they can’t think of any good side content to offer.

          Off the top of my head, and I’m not certain as I’m not a Patreon for that comic (or at least not yet, I’ve been considering it next time I remember to log in and go through my Patreon backlog), the comic The Far Side of Utopia mainly has early comics, the types of pics that are used as vote incentives, and the occasional side story that comes to the main site later as filler when the artist’s on vacation or something. So that seems close.

          I’d suspect there are others out there too. That’s not to detract from Rusche’s stance, which I appreciate and agree with, but there are others out there of similar mindset.

  4. I’m wondering, is this going to be a cosplay wedding? Balloons, bridal bad girls and grooms good guys for not only the wedding party but guests as well?

        1. You forget which comic you’re on, madam! You’re on Shotgun Shuffle, where it doesn’t stop getting better! Well, at least, until it ends, but the less thought about that the better.

        2. I think we’re maybe 1/6 of the way through the comic at the moment. So there’s quite a while before the end.

        3. Instead of flowers, the bride has to throw all of those balloons at the reception. However, hidden amongst them is a harlequin rose. The girl who gets that rose is the one who gets to dress as Harlequin for her wedding.

        4. Oh, I suppose on the balloons, we could try to find a way to weld latex so that the shape can be formed to match the balloons. I don’t think that they will be cheap at all. At least not until we are able to partner with DC in order to license the characters and crowdfund the necessary funds to set up a manufacturing base in order to bring down the costs of production through the workforce getting more and more experience in creating said balloons.

  5. “Ellie left James hanging out there with her DateBait job, like she did many others, but now she’s making it right, even if by happenstance.”

    This is a very good point. It was originally a means to get Ellie a functioning job and maybe branch her into a new career–party planning–but a lot of good has come of it, though unintentional. For those who believe in karma–or even just “as ye sow so shall ye reap”–it’s worth wondering if accidental sowing qualifies.

    1. Hm… on one hand, the panel might have been better without it. On the other hand, we wouldn’t get to read “sweet fancy Moses!” Then again, it’s hard to read the guy’s reaction from the art

        1. Nervous is easy to read. Considering it as an attempt at seduction as opposed to just general conversation from a girl could’ve been up for debate without the thought balloon.

        2. Sure, what person would want to hang around someone who’s brain is frozen in trying to figure out what’s what. I mean, what’s thirty or forty five minutes watching someone freak out?

  6. Good day ladies and gentlemen, I am Count Imperious. I have come forward by my own free will to tell you about this site’s chat room. Yes, indeed there is such a place where you can converse with fantastic individuals such as Dandi Andi, Mr. Blue, Shineyorkboy, and myself. I know some folk in this corner of the realm have attempted to talk to us, but have found us to be ethereal and elusive. We are usually present in the late evenings (North American) and discuss everything from the intellectual intensities of life to the happy happenstances of the day. If we are not present feel free to catch any would-be-wanderers and have a conversation containing civil correspondences of captivating content!

  7. To bad he’s being played. :p They’re there to help Ellie, get some assassin seduction practice and free drinks and then move on.

    Poor guy never had a chance :p

    1. I suppose it’s possible that since this is fiction that James is being played.

      However, since these are two characters named and I think drawn after two good friends of Rusche’s who are married to each other, I’m inclined to lean towards this being genuine.

      1. Perhaps this is Chris’s roundabout way of warning his friend that Jessica is playing him in some kind of really deep, long term con job.

        1. Hmmm…It would seem like non-ideal strategy to try to warn someone about your webmaster via a post on your webpage.

    1. It’s like I said back in the beginning of this plot: assassin girls need love too. Why, I’ll bet even Loose Cannon got hooked up, and is currently having sex in the fountain in front of the hotel as we speak. Possibly with the fountain. I’m not sure.

        1. They all float down here, Mister Blue. They aaaaalll flooooaaat.

          …you got a tasty-lookin’ right arm, you know that?

        2. I just watched the new version of that movie. The idea of a gigantic spider thinking it needs to turn into anything other than a gigantic spider to cause fear is absurd.

        3. It’s been a long time since I’ve read it, but I’m remembering the explanation as something along the lines of shape changing, eternally living, mind reading spider from outer space.

        4. I remember that the deadlights, as they were called, were actually the closest approximation of It. The clown and the spider and the assorted other randos were just the shapes it took on.

        5. To be fair, a giant spider does need to turn into something smaller to fit through some of those sewer tunnels.

        6. Your point caused me to imagine giant spider It getting stuck in a tunnel because he’s just toooooo tubby. Then I felt a little bad for him. You made me feel sorry for a child eating horror beyond our understanding. Now YOU are the monster.

  8. ‘Sweet fancy Moses’ isn’t the most common turn of phrase, so now I’m wondering if James knows Anise. Maybe they went to school together?

      1. Being in the same grade is one thing, I don’t think that it necessarily means that they went to school together. That makes me think of the group of boys from “A Christmas Story” or that James, Richard and Ian are hanging out now.

        1. In the comic ‘Name Dropping’ currently dated 8/30/13 it’s shown that they’re on the same page of the yearbook. We also know Ian and Ellie went to school together which is probably where he and James met. Presumably Ellie and James never met in high school since neither seemed to recognize the other during their “date”.

    1. I seem to recall Rusche mentioning that Anise’s use of that phrase along with taking her clothing removal going to the bathroom stall are both references to George Costanza.

    1. Given that Thursday starts a new round, that’s when the voting really needs to hit.

      Voting’s great anytime, but the first couple days of the month is when the BIG swings happen.

    1. I haven’t checked the recent few, but by what I recall and the pics in the previews, I’m not sure how good the clipping point would be at the moment.

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