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The Sticky Seat

I actually laugh at how reluctant Eagan looks in that panel. More so than I intended. Oh, and get ready for a bit of a tangent since I planned a few comics on what movie they're actually watching. =D

58 thoughts on “The Sticky Seat

  1. Sweet! Your characters aren’t all dim as a rock in regards to Quinn’s overly obvious reactions to Eagan.

    Looking back at Ellie and how she acts which is clearly different than how her mother and younger sister acts…. did she drink a lot of bleach as a child or something?

  2. Is it bad that I actually like Quinn more than Ellie?? I mean if they were real, I wouldn’t mind being in Eagans position. Def. would not be as reluctant as he is right now. . . Maybe it’s because she doesn’t have a flashlight…

        1. Quinn’s constant bitchy-ness would drive me nuts…she seems like the kind of person who can never relax…Ellie is stupid, and i couldnt really see myself hanging out with her…but she at least makes me laugh…so far i dont find anything funny about Quinn. Quinn is just super mean…i mean it seems like she is dating that hippie guy just so she can have someone around to scream at….to me it seems like Quinn needs someone to feel superior to at all times…but thats just me…what do i know…

        2. my favorite character so far is the cat hahahahahahahaha….and Ellie…and Eagan…cause he reminds me ALOT of one of my friends…he has the exact same personality and mannerism….now if he starts chain smoking and starts talking about Russian history….whoa…anyway…hey Chris…been reading for a few weeks now….I LIKE IT!!! :-)

        3. I prefer the company of a perpetual bad mood to that of people with low intelligence. Maybe that’s biased, but hey, I like to talk about books.

        4. Simple Machines Forums (aka SMF) are reasonably easy to set up and I have some experience admin-ing them if you need help getting it off the ground.

          And I’d go with Ellie, she reminds me a lot of my wife. With a few more years of maturity Ellie will be a lot more tolerable while Quinn will be the same person with deeper etched angry face lines unless she seriously loosens up.

        5. We’re slowly working on the site (and by “we,” I mean Jessica.) I have absolutely no web-knowledge. All I know how to do is draw silly cartoons. =D

      1. “Just Passing, I would also choose Quinn over Ellie.”

        Vote in the Democrats for a couple of more terms, and it will be perfectly acceptable to date BOTH AT ONCE.

        Problem: Solved (wiping hands in satisfaction)

  3. Ah Richard, trying to get James down to something approaching reality. I’ll give James credit though, he’s having none of that, his reality is obviously much better. His reality is one where Richard will happily sit on the floor of a movie theater…

    I once looked at the floor of a movie theater, trying to figure out why it was sticky. Never again. I still have images reminesent of the river of slime from Ghostbusters 2 burned into my brain.

    And since Quinn isn’t visibly angry in this comic I guess no drinking? I was going to substitute when Eagan looks disinterested but that’s probably too easy.

      1. I have been mistaken for a responsible adult to the degree wherein I now manage a ridiculous amount of other people, so yea job and all that…

        But I enjoy my webcomics and webcomic drinking games responsibly!

  4. I’ve noticed the red in James’s face the last few strips. Is that ’cause he’s nervous or just perpetually rosy-cheeked? If it’s the former, how antsy is he going to get when he’s sitting by Quinn? Please draw in huge sweaty arm pit stains. Please, I beg of you.

    1. It represents rosacea, and being the anime fan that he is, done in that fashion. There’s alot of comics and styles of coloring out there that just airbrush the character’s noses and cheeks a dark red (which is perfectly fine) but I’ve noticed this being overused alot for my taste. Most look like their faces have third degree burns.
      And it’s awkward flop sweat you want?? lol

      1. Yeah, sweaty, nervously smiling, and mousily looking askance at Quinn. Maybe some nervous tittering and voice cracks if you can work them in somehow.

        1. Yes, I’m absolutely beside myself with anticipation. If Chris makes this happen, I’ll quit the internet ’cause it’ll never get better.

        2. I have another storyline, about 3 stories from now, where that may be considered… it would be even more relevant then if I so chose to make him the sweaty nervous wreck you’re contimplating. =P

        3. I can see it now… Team Richard or Team James? It’s like a horrible vampire themed teenie-bopper packaged series.

          Wait til there’s a forum… the debate will rage on for eternity.

    1. Richard is the ‘deadpan snarker’ of James’ group. It’s not that he’s uncaring. He’s just there to observe.

      .. and let you know he’s doing it. =)

  5. Reminds me of going to movies in groups when I was younger… seating was VERY important and caused much anxiety lol… good job :)

  6. I want to know the names of the movies on the board. I can make out the “White Guy Black Guy” movie. I have been waiting forever for this to come to fruition. Can’t wait to see it.

        1. Naturally. And I’d still probably watch that over Vampire Bullsh%t. White Guy Black Guy is the clear winner though, I mean those two have such awesome screen chemistry.

      1. Book: The Movie, they probably tried to cram too much into an hour and a half and thus ruined. Reading Book: The Book is obviously better.

  7. Ahh the lines.. Just as a note.. not all James’ are oblivious.. Just saying.. I mean really as a group we can be but not all the times. Well except to certain things.. You know what.. this corner over here looks good. I’m going to go sit in it and wait for more comics. Can I just get some popcorn.. and maybe a soda..

  8. Now James is somebody we all know. Guy or Gal; we all know somebody who just doesn’t get it.


  9. Evil (Really evil) movie line prank: convince the little kiddies that (*insert nightmare inducer here) Insidious 2 is Frozen’s sequel.

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