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The Sum of All Fears

I'm going to be busy with a lot of family obligations the rest of the week. I'm just going to focus on continuing to color my Patreon strips and will have the next main-site comic up on Tuesday! See you guys then and I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!

52 thoughts on “The Sum of All Fears

    1. When it comes to girls liking girls or realizing that they like each other, there is no limit to how oblivious we can get.
      Also if Pumpkin is still underage (too lazy to read back and remember her age) she should be completely off of Quinn’s radar. Queer or not, no one should be considering a minor romantically.

      1. The “useless lesbian” trope is a thing for a reason.
        And I hope part of it is Quinn just sees Pumpkin as a kid and therefore it doesn’t even enter her mind.

        1. Most tropes, like most stereotypes and most cliches, tend to exist for a reason.

          Strange, more likely sad, but true.

        2. And most of the time said stereotypes are based on absolute bullshit, without an ounce of truth in them other than the absolute hatred of said group of people by another.
          Don’t believe me? Try being an American of Polish descent in what is unquestionably THE most Germanic state in the Union–Wisconsin. I have had to put up with every kind of Polonophobic racial slur and bigotry imaginable. Only Blacks have had to put up with worse… Nothing like being told to your face–SEVERAL TIMES–that “Polaks are nothing but sandblasted ni**ers.” Maybe it’s because they can no longer (at this point, anyway) legally gas and cremate us “fucking idiot Polaks”? Don’t forget that for centuries, and even into today, we Slavic peoples are NOT considered “white” by many German/Germanic peoples, especially those Germanic descendants in the U.S. who had the thinking of Otto von Bismarck and other Germanic supremacists handed down to them from generation to generation; never having seen firsthand the Holocaust and its aftermath, nor the effects that kind of depraved thinking had upon civilization. (TRUST ME–reading about the Holocaust out of a history book is NOT the same as touring the Auschwitz death camp, or seeing firsthand the swamps and bogs of eastern Germany/western Poland with brackish-gray water EVEN TODAY, colored by the ashes of all the people dumped into them.) What’s far worse is having to put up with such utter shit from members of my own family, who have married into my family back in the 1970’s and STILL refuse to pronounce my surname correctly (I won’t reveal it, but I will assure you it isn’t difficult, as it would be pronounced almost the same way whether using German or Polish vowel/consonant pronunciation).
          Never mind all the thousands upon thousands of contributions my people have made to the world and this country. Generals Thaddeus Kosciuszko and Casimir Pulaski, who fought for us in the Revolutionary War, and the latter of whom died for our cause. Nicolaus Copernicus. Marie Skłodowska Curie. Frederic Chopin. The brave Poles who cracked the German (Nazi) Enigma code, enabling the Allies to finally defeat them. I could include more but for the sake of not going too far off track.
          NOTHING pisses me off more than someone saying any kind of stereotype or bigotry against ANY immutable characteristic has ANY basis in truth whatsoever.

        3. As a useless lesbian myself, I grant this except that, you know, Pumpkin was previously VERY clear where she stood with regard to Quinn.

      2. This particular arc has been celebrating her 16th birthday. (The party started a year and a half ago, so understandable.) Dunno about Florida, but that’s underage some places and not in others.

        1. Yeah, different states are all over the place. I think Colorado’s have like a full decade of let, and then there are some states that don’t have any at all.

        2. Quinn is a contemporary of Ellie, so she’s 19 or 20.Which makes any shenanigans legal, though perhaps not quite advisable. But fictional characters that only do advisable things rarely get much screen time.

        3. Which, no one cared about when it came to the previous suitor of Pumpkin, who was 22. :p

          However, the attitude of the character, the character in general, are likely to swayopinion.

          19 and 16 year old. Pffft. Close enough to me, I wouldn’t bat an eye.

          That said, I doubt anything is to happen between them, except for maybe (maybe even here) Pumpkin stealing a kiss, if that’s where the fan service decides to go.

        4. “Which, no one cared about when it came to the previous suitor of Pumpkin, who was 22. :p”

          Ah, but Pumpkin was only _15_ then, which made all the difference. Why yes, age of consent laws are somewhat arbitrary.

    1. It was foretold of old, that Elle would have false relationships atwine, afore she came to the one that was true in nature. And upon that time, the mantle of Character Primacy would pass unto another. And, she who was anointed for such, was also foretold to be Pumpkin. And yea verily, it has come to pass that these things have come to pass, as Quinn passes the holy quest object. And in doing this, it might seem that she also pledges her troth upon this warrior princess, this slayer of, er… Are you sure this is right? I mean, it’s kind of vulgar, and out of character for the narration… It’s a quote, so we gotta… oooKedokly! AHem… This Slayer of (sigh) bitches! This Pumpkin!

  1. It took some trolling through the archives to confirm me suspicions, but yeah, that barrette is (probably) the Mcguffin the 52 are after. The poor bastards. It was bad enough when Quinn had it, now the baby of a clan of psychos has it and I’m sure messing with Pumpkin will only bring them worlds of pain. Ellie is the least troublesome of the pack and she did that thing with the whisk to Danny. Just imagine the carnage.

  2. What do you wanna bet that the real reason Pumpkin’s turning red is that she’s seeing Rosemary – and Rosemary is PISSED.

  3. I’m thinking that while Pumpkin may have thought that she thought that Quinn may have been someone to be interested in, and that she didn’t explore anything gender specific, romantic, romantic pg-13, romantic NC-17 and so forth. I’m also of the thought that 1, someone other than family and fellow cosplayers are showing an interest in how Pumpkin could, how do I say this, be on the playing field of dating. And 2, she’s never expected anyone making actions that can be friendly, romantic, misconstrued as anything before. Thus the blushing upon blushing upon blushing upon blushing upon bloodshot upon bostitch.

  4. Could we please put the brakes on all this “OMG PUNKIN’S A LESBEAN SQUEEEEEE!!!!” reaction for a bit?
    Wasn’t it established back here ( http://shotgunshuffle.com/comic/for-those-who-wait/ ) that it’s possible Pumpkin is demi-sexual, which means she would be probably feel some attraction to someone who formed a close emotional bond with her? It would make sense in that Quinn is probably her closest friend; she is also, despite being only three years older than Pumpkin, much more world-wise; having seen and experienced things which is usually in the realm of people in their mid-30s or later, that kind of maturity and worldliness is naturally attractive to a teenager.
    Seems to me that, ipso facto, the definition of “demi-sexual” would produce the same reaction in Pumpkin whether Quinn was male OR female, given the existing relationship between them.

      1. And at this point we shouldn’t even be speculating as to why Pumpkin’s blushing. It could be apprehension as much as attraction. Quinn clearly crossed a boundary of Pumpkin’s in the last panel; let’s wait to see what is actually revealed in Pumpkin’s mind. Until Rusche himself confirms it (he is, after all, the “god” of this little universe), it’s prudent to withhold conclusions until more concrete evidence is presented.

        1. We discuss possible plots/relationships in the comments all the time. Not sure why it’s suddenly not okay for someone to be excited that a major character could experience same-gender attraction.

        2. KF didn’t say ‘don’t get excited that Pumpkin COULD be experiencing same-sex attraction ‘; he said “withhold conclusions” that she for sure and for definite IS.

        3. Maybe he wasn’t quite right to use the word “shouldn’t “; maybe he was saying, not that it’s not okay to be excited, but that since we don’t – yet – know for sure, speculating does no (one any) good.

        4. Thank you, Jethro. That’s exactly what I was saying, and all I meant to imply. As I’d said before, only Chris knows for sure. And all will be revealed in good time.

        5. Reading the words that you literally used isn’t “reading into” your comments, it’s just reading it.

      2. Ace/demi person here. We absolutely can/do have preferences and most use the split attraction model. Using myself as an example I’m asexual/biromantic. So no real preference from home. Of course if you wanted to get into the hell that is “ace discourse” combined with “lesbian discourse” I would probably not state that pumpkin is “a lesbian” unless you wanted to bring hell upon you. (Gotta love members of the lgbtq+ community starting infighting /s)
        In my opinion pumpkin seems like she’s both Demisexual and demiromantic. Where she doesn’t start developing romantic feelings until a strong relationship has been established. Of course that’s just my opinion so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  5. Guarantee, without maliciousness, Quinn is playing her card to ensure the clip stays safe by insinuating deeper meaning. I highly doubt she intends to pursue anything with Pumpkin.

    1. On that note, it has never been stated or even hinted at whether or not Quinn knows there’s a VERY dangerous program stored on a micro USB inside that modified tie clip. I’m 99% sure she’s completely oblivious to that fact, but there still is that 1%… which, if it’s later revealed that Quinn is aware of it, would be a VERY interesting turn of events, indeed…

      1. [replying to myself since we can’t edit our comments…] Which raises the question: I don’t know how much in-universe time has elapsed since the beginning, but noting that Quinn has evidently had this MacGuffin since her introduction; you’d think the good general would have noticed by now that said tie clip is missing…? And he would now be making a concerted effort to find it…?

  6. ….Ya know, it may be more that Quinn just ‘likes’ her friend, in a non sexual way. there are some people that are like that you know. (god damn it some people can just be friends ya know. its not always “queer for you” bullshit.)

  7. Well, place your bets now: Pumpkin will be the one to discover the micro USB hidden inside the tie clip, either by accident (dropping or throwing it against something, whereupon it breaks open) or by design (hearing something rattling inside and taking it apart to investigate).
    And that will be the event that will really get this thing moving.

  8. Gotta disagree. Minors are people too, and are allowed to have romantic feelings. I know it’s not what you meant, but both under the law and ethically, it’s cool for minors to consider other minors romantically. Is kinda part of what being a teenager is about.

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