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The Wall Walker

Okay, I didn't really give away 7 sets of Shotgun Shuffle stuff. I gave away like twenty. Here's the drawing winners, including Alicia, who won trivia. Look in your mail. It's all already in transit.

  Winner From
SISTER7 Canvas Rich D Niskayuna
JUST COS Canvas Kyle M Mayfield
4 Set Mugs Ian F Olympia
2 Set Mugs Matt B Shoreline
1 Mug Chris P Portland
1 Mug Shawn S Booneville
Trivia Alicia T Staten Island
  Josh B Alpharetta
  Greg Z Boulder
  John R Hanford
  JD Beavercreek
  Jenn H Sherrill
  Kevin K Omaha
  Coy K Hillsboro
  Kristy R Pittsfield
  Zach L Corona
  Ian R Murphysboro
  Tim G Bolingbrook
  Branden H Powhatan
  Tim R Thornton

This is the 4th or 5th time I've sent out items from Patreon unannounced. Make sure you have a first and last name (or hide it in your email address you have listed) because I love sending out stuff unannounced and unsolicited. :P Speaking of mailing.. 20160610_141055 The four mug set already arrived. Three bit the dust. If you have any shipping issues, please let me know. I have no issues remedying what USPS jacks up. Don't ever sweat it. These were all reordered. Also, super importantly, I've thought about it for nearly six months, and I've gotta be real with myself on how much of this comic I can be anal over, and still post on time. Basically, my next post will be Tuesday, and I'm going to change the site update schedule to Tuesday/Friday. It's takes it down to two posts per week here, and two on Patreon. It gives me some breathing room in the middle of the week to allow for errands, and other misc life events. I'm not going to bore you with all the thought processes involved, but I don't want to sacrifice quality, and I'd like to give myself some time to make the strip longer if it requires, without causing myself to get behind all week. If I'm not satisfied with a comic being one tier, and I expand it to two tiers for say, Monday's post, it destroys the rest of the week. Then I'm just miserable trying to catch up. So, we'll see how this goes. I'm going to work on both Patreon and the site comics at the same time, two at a time. So ideally, Tuesday's site post, will have Patreon's right behind it. Same for Friday. Also, next Patreon is being finished up currently. Thanks all -Chris

44 thoughts on “The Wall Walker

  1. I’m not sure what to say here, but I want to claim first so I’m just gonna ramble a bit. Ramble ramble ramble.



  2. So, “Numba 46” is going to, what, phase through the walls? And, Tired Guy is looking more robust each time we see him.

  3. Totally OK with you going down to 2 posts a week. I can’t speak for anyone (but I will), but I think we all prefer the quality you produce over quantity.

    See you Tuesday.

    And as always, Keep up the Awesome!

        1. Yeah, that was an interesting change in personality. However, I don’t think that the movie Jetgirl was as matured a character as the Jetgirl character from the pages.

        1. It’s entirely possible the gear does nothing to find anything. She might just like it. Or use it to avoid leaving physical evidence of her being somewhere.

  4. Thank goodness! I know you knock yourself out over these comics. You take your art very seriously and we love that about you. If you push too hard to meet a 5 day a week schedule, you are going to stress yourself out and won’t be able to maintain any updates at all.

    I’m glad you’re going to take some time to take care of yourself.

  5. XD

    I have a few quick thoughts and then one long one.

    First, the ripped up carpet was a nice touch.

    Second, Tired Guy looks great in suits. The Larry King suspenders look also works well for him.

    Third, I wonder if Merrick is still under the effects of montage.

    Fourth, I don’t think it’s been brought up before so I’m going to predict that the Fountain of Youth is going to show up at some point just because it usually shows up in stories with supernatural elements set in Florida.

    Now for the long one…

    Upon seeing Rebecca’s luggage tag my first thought was ‘Oh, she’s from Italy.’ However, after checking Wikipedia I realized the Mexican flag also has those colors in that pattern and its green is closer in shade to her tag than the Italian flag’s. Her complexion could be indicative of either nationality so without conclusive proof one way or the other I shall await the revelation of this riveting mystery.

    1. If his montage is still going, based upon the direction of his eyes, I that Rebecca’s butt is now part of the montage he’s seeing.

      1. Actually, that wasn’t working for me and I had to update my phone’s TWC bookmark to http://topwebcomics.com/vote/14850 to get it to work. It looks like TWC updated their site (that or maybe just the mobile site and left the non-mobile as-is, I haven’t checked non-mobile yet). I was planning to send Jessica a note through the tech support link in a moment.

        1. Well. You are correct in that the direct link is gone. I may have been on my laptop for that reply. I just checked the old link that I posted, it goes to the top 100. From there its a hunt to find Chris.

          So, yeah, they updated without regard to their web comic authors.

  6. I got my prints! So awesome! And the pencil drawn piece is amazing. Plus enough pins for one a day? Greatest drawing prize ever. I have Ellie on my shirt! Lol

  7. I’ve long thought attempting to do five comics/week at your level of detail was too much work and too unrealistic/stressful. Especially considering the frequency of joining comics.

    So I think the Tues/Fri is a good step, but I really think you should set in mind a goal of having N panels or M rows drawn per week and and use that as your public goal. Then with each comic also post how many panels or rows the next comic will be and let things flow from there.

    I still remember some of your computer crashing comics from the days of Danny (I think some of your longer Patreon posts were around then too, like Quinn & Pumpkin’s long conversation).

  8. Hi
    Thank you for sharing your comic with us. After being a bit sceptic at first I binge read the archives and I really loved it. The character development is good, the dialogues are well written, the art is awesome and I love your sense of humour. Keep up the good work, I will follow from now on.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  9. Ellie and Quinn moved from this apartment, so there’s no impending disaster coming from Ellie going home early, right?

    I still think the cat ate it. Whatever kind of paperclip it is. :)

    Glad that you’re moving to 2 days a week. There’s only so much any person can fit into a week. I hope the new schedule works out for you!

    1. I’d agree that it seems likely that McFatFat ate it. That or it doesn’t matter as much as we think and they’re going to find it soon.

      If McFatFat ate it, I wonder if it passed and ended up in the dump or is still in his system.

      1. In ‘We prefer the blond…’ Wilf says it has to be in the apartment since his transceiver still beeped after all the girls’ stuff was removed.

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