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[Patreon] The War at Home

4 thoughts on “[Patreon] The War at Home

  1. I think Ruche is whiplashing us between the present with Pumpkin and a flashback with Ginger’s exile. Thus presenting us with the Alpha and the Omega of Rosemary’s babie-making.

    I suppose we who come from the future, in the time of the COVID post-apocalipse, but before the time of the Social Deconstruction Apocalypse, will therefore be subjected to a 3 way Alpha-Nu-Omega whiplash, with the third, slightly off-center whip being the ongoing saga of Elenore Lavender Buckingham, lost between the family nest and the distant shores of adulting.

    This is the worst kind of whiplash, as it is inevitably fatal. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to push forward.

    Fellow traveler, I hope you find this lost scribble from the vantage point of a better time!

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