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The Wedge

There was a time way way back in the first few years of this comic that Pumpkin was going to be a major wedge issue between these two, but I decided I have one much much better. But don't go classifying this as doomed or undoomed yet. You shall see. Also next Patreon is 5 tiers and I'm plugging away on it as we speak. Shooting for next week, and speaking of next week, I will have comics (4th-8th)... but I will be taking off the week of June 11th-15th. Working on remodeling the kid's rooms, and I want some time to prep future comics. I have a few really really challenging ones to set up that I need to pull off right, and they're gonna take time. As usual, my vacations are never really vacations because I always eventually land back at the computer. I'm not someone who can just sit and watch TV. So bare with me, like you always do. Hopefully if you can tell by the art in the last year, I'm pouring myself into these cause this all means a ton to me. And so do you guys. You deserve the best product I can make. Thanks :)

76 thoughts on “The Wedge

    1. My short-sleeved shirt collection assures me the right to bare arms.

      But I won’t bear the notion of bare bears. Have them put some pants on.

        1. I think a top hat and a monocle is plenty. No reason to go so far as to force t hem into ties.

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  2. Aaaaaaand there it is. Mr. Stevens just created the wrench that shall soon be thrown directly into the works. There is a 0% chance that WHEN the truth that is whatever the hell was between Tara and David (Probably she was his Stalker with a Crush) comes out that Ellie will just let this big ‘ol lie slide. She gave him the go ahead to get it off his chest now and boy-o blew it. As much as I like this pair, I’m actually looking forward to the fallout. It’s good drama after all.

    1. Recalling that Rusche said that Ellie would have two serious relationships throughout the comic, I’m suspecting that this is what will crush the blossoming relationship here, she’ll likely get involved with Caleb (since Vu’s on the 1st cast page and all), all the while Tarra will get more and more upset and jealous (speech balloon color change) as David keeps trying to win Ellie and avoid her. I wonder if David will be who Ellie ends up with or if that’ll be someone else.

      1. I’m betting on Rebecca’s biological clock beating out both (all 3?) sisters as she makes a play for David to father her babies.
        Seriously, not placing any bets, I will be patient. Mr Rusche sir, carry on, this last arc had so much great material, I’m looking forward to the next. If I am fortunate, I may even get to see Tired Guy’s low profile blown out of the water by the incandescent love affair featuring that dark-haired assassin, arising from the hook-up event.

      2. Why are we assuming that Ellie will try to break up a relationship when she herself has seen evidence of those actions in her sisters already, and her wife.

        1. I make no assumption about Ellie trying to break up Caleb & Vu. All signs point to Vu holding Ellie in some degree of animosity, but that doesn’t mean Ellie tried (or even did any thing) to cause things to go south with Caleb & Vu, just that Vu likely will blame Ellie (or have some other reason to hold a grudge).

        2. Where was it stated that Caleb and Vu are in anything other than a professional relationship?

  3. To be fair, the reason I read this comic without pants many times is because I don’t like pants.

    For the comic itself, I’m reminded how much you believe in not having flawless characters. How he can believe keeping quiet about this one won’t bite him is very optimistic on his part.

  4. David on that last panel: “Don’t mention Tarra..don’t mention Tarra..whatever you do please God don’t mention Tarra”

  5. Pretty sure a certain shadowy demon type person (that seems to have similar abilities to Mr. “Not a vampire”) already outed you, bro. 2 xmases ago.

    1. Ellie wasn’t in the room for that. As I recall they were busy first trying to get to a minimum safe distance away from Tarra and then all gathering around to watch Anise be strangled.

  6. Ellie’s gone Elcor!

    Eyerolling. I’m not that upset with you.

    Calm but threatening. If you know any more of my sisters, now’s the time.

    1. I will not be buying that for a dollar. You would have to multiply the usual amount raised to the second power raised to the avagraddo’s number of sweat molecules dissolved into that water drop raised to the avagraddo’s number of water molecules in same drop added to the number of atoms of dissolved gasses in said drop. (One dollar per each mentioned of molecular gas.)

    1. I don’t recall exactly where in the archives it is, but I seem to remember that David had to clean up Tarra’s messes. Anyone want to throw me a link?

  7. I think the only thing that will protect him from having this found out right away is that he probably will not be invited to Pumpkin’s b-day party, even if he would normally be Ellie’s plus-one, because who would want their current English teacher at their party?

  8. Oh wow, I hope he doesn’t offer her a pill so she’ll wake up from this dream. I don’t think she’s going to buy that she’s still at Recall with him sweating visibly like that…

      1. Nope. “Never let them see you sweat.”, was Dry Idea. “Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.” was Secret.

    1. I did? Hey man, I’m just over here in my own little comics universe, don’t pin this on me.
      No matter what my avatars character tells you.

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  10. My guess: David is the father of Juniper’s child, and has been sworn to secrecy, he is not allowed to divulge this information.

  11. That sweat isn’t indicative of family acquaintance’s. The coffee is just that hot and flavorful.

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  13. The sweat on his brow speaks volumes in foreshadowing. The only way this could be any more awkward is if he fathered Juniper’s son. The player in my would admire such game. Seriously though, disabled guys get around like champs in real life.

  14. OK. I think that you’re the second person to suggest that particular scenario. But, if he’s been employed by the Lakeland school system for that long, and if Herb & Rosemary have had their respective positions for the same amount of time AND David is the suggestive secret super hero and cleaner of messes. . . . .

    Then how has he gotten clean away with no paternity or other possible criminal charges? But then this is way to logical. Now how about this instead. Is probably not canon anyway.

    Juniper has gotten into Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe movies way too heavy.
    Dr. Emmitt Brown – There’s that wild again. ‘Heavy.’ Why is everything so ‘heavy’ in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull?

    1. Alternately, we could take the contents of comic Name Dropping (current post date August 30, 2013) as not being an extremely elaborate red herring with David being the true father (and apparently without Tarra noticing or finding out to this very day).

      However, a good number of the statements have been “if it’d instead be the case” as opposed to guessing it, and speculating a known false thing is still perfectly fine (and respectable when labeled as a known false thing).

  15. Now, I hate to the Devil’s Avocado here, but he did say, “Not that I can recall.” Which is an out, because he could always claim, “Tarra, Tarra … oh, yeah. I remember now.”

    1. I figure it’ll more of a ‘I didn’t know she was your sister’. BUT then he’d have to explain how as Tarra’s tutor, he knew her last name blah blah blah. But it being so long ago, we could fall back on yours. But then! Tarra is just going to butt in anyway cause she is suspicious and totally ruin his image. It’s just doomed to fail :(

      1. You are probably right about it failing. I’m just saying, he did try to give himself a way out if the subject ever does come up.

        Then again, Tarra might play dumb to knowing him because of “reasons” and “a need to know.” Since clearly there’s some weird espionage thing going on here.

        1. Well, he was her tutor. She obviously had feelings for him because she took his cane. So there was definitely some infatuation on her side, but we don’t really know if it was mutual. They worked together professionally at least. He is a widower, so he was married. Either he cheated on his wife with Tarra or he had a brief relationship with her before he was married. Who dumped who? So maybe thats why Tarra had that look. She knows he’s single, maybe she is still interested? That or it was work related. SO MANY QUESTIONS.

        2. I have not written that out entirely. He may be trying to get close to her to protect her roommate.

          Another Devil’s Avocado statement – Even if he does have associations with Tarra, who says it was anything personal? If they were in the same agency, it’s usually frowned upon being involved at any emotional level. Most agencies (in the NSA, we call them “companies”) ban relationships between active personnel.

        3. Wait just a minute.

          Just, just what if,

          what if, okay?

          what if, this. He’s there

          Okay, he’s there, and he’s there to protect not only the roommate ice queen, but some of the other cast members as well. Like the one who thinks that there is a thing such as lowercase numbers, the one who discussed rampage boots, as well as the one who got kicked out twice.

        4. That would be TERRIBLE. Like heartless, rude and just horrible. There is no way that is what is going on….but tired guy and his troop do keep saying ‘girls’. Maybe it’s a win win situation for him? He was planning on protecting Quinn, but lo and behold there is the lovely Ellie. Maybe Tarra knows about all of this?! Maybe I’m crazy?? mR. Blue, Tarra obviously felt something at some point, she had his cane with a fucking smile. But maybe it was out of accomplishment? He had to be better than her at some point, so her managing to get his cane would be..impressive to her? I’d like to think she at least had a crush ;)

  16. Is Quinn padding her bra in those patreon panels on the right? I mean, I know I haven’t seen her for, like, over a year in the main comic, but I don’t recall her being nearly that busty.

    1. I figure it’ll more of a ‘I didn’t know she was your sister’. BUT then he’d have to explain how as Tarra’s tutor, he knew her last name blah blah blah. But it being so long ago, we could fall back on yours. But then! Tarra is just going to butt in anyway cause she is suspicious and totally ruin his image. It’s just doomed to fail :(

    2. She did go somewhere with Ian to try to impress him, and likely had a low level of faith that it’d get far enough that he’d notice padding, so it’s possible.

      Alternately, I thought it was stated that at the start of the comic Quinn’s money shortage due to roommate lack had led to some degree of being underfed and that aside from things like fixing her hair die she also filled out somewhat (though I also don’t recall it being quite to that degree, though I wasn’t paying that close of attention).

    3. Pumpkin told her about combining with Tarra, and Quinn decided that was cheaper than a boob job?

      Alternately, Chris has just been drawing big boobs for so long that his stylus won’t draw smaller ones any more. :)

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