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There is no Plan B

"Hope you get it!"

78 thoughts on “There is no Plan B

        1. It’s not JUST boob jokes. It was also RPG cliche jokes. Good stuff.

          Seriously though, this is how Ellie is going to end up working at a “breastaurant” (no, I did not just make this word up, it sadly exists) if she’s not careful which would be a shame because she was making headway for her work ethic and ability to do more than one thing at a time.

          And the male gaze in panel two is nigh perfectly portrayed.

        2. Well, if it is a “breasurant”, then Morgan will most likely see that Ellie has the potential to audition there. All “Coyote Ugly” stuff. Then she’ll have to settle a fight the pre-school way, not the “Cinnamon” way, and get the guys to buy each other drinks.

          However, a place that has a podium, and a host/hostess stand, is not likely 100% a “breasturant” unless they all are wearing hot orange mini shirts and mini skirts and little pocket in front of their pants zippers like a quarter back’s towel. Oh, and Dale Gribble.

        3. I don’t think this place is a “breastaurant,” the comment was just that if Ellie is marketing herself through her cleavage that’s the sort of place she’s going to end up. That or a strip club which would be even worse.

        4. No, no, if anyone wears a shirt like that, which is obviously meant to show off massive cleavage, you can hardly hold a guy accountable for looking.

        5. Ending up working at a breastaurant isn’t that bad.

          Considering her internet addiction and laziness, I always thought Ellie was at risk of going for easy money as an r-rated content provider. And now she has that iNimbus that could make such a choice way too easy.

        6. True, we know she wasn’t above posing in lingerie for the sake of Facebook popularity.

          Speaking of the early strips, whatever happened to Ellie’s “fetch me X” catch phrase?

        7. Coffeefox, I was wondering when someone would mention that. The phone purchase was also some backsliding. Ellie worked on improving herself because she thought highly of what someone saw in her. Then that person turned her down. Now she’s subconsciously lost a standard to hold herself to.

        8. and I would like to add that just because someone learned something doesn’t mean they magically change every aspect about their personalities all in one go.

        9. It isn’t nessasarally back sliding. At any Interview you make a product of yourself. You showcase your best qualities. Could be your likable personality, or your degrees. I will admit that cleavage is a “low hanging fruit” way of doing it, but it’s still a way. Whenever I entered the work force at the bottom(fast food industry), I had a elder friend of mine tell me: “whatever it takes to get your foot in the door”.

      1. I know several guys who put waitress attractiveness over other pesky restaurant choosing criteria like how the food tastes, add onto that guys trying to work their nerve up to ask her out and ones who might treat expected waitress attractiveness as winning a coin toss, and you do have some positive business reasons to hire an attractive waitress. If Morgan has any stake in drumming up business and isn’t overly prejudiced against busty blondes, it could still be making a good impression.

        On the other hand if she’s looking frazzled due to her husband recently walking out for a “cute young thing” then Ellie’s probably not going to get a favorable response (but probably wouldn’t have in shapeless burlap at that point).

  1. One hopes Quinn *gave permission* to wear her shirt this time and that Ellie isn’t just sliding into her old sister-borrowing mindset.

      1. I hear that expression every now and then, but I’ve never actually seen that work. Not with my family or friends, and certainly not at my jobs.

        Besides, Ellie and Quinn have only finally started getting along- I’d hate to think that Ellie’s throwing that away right now.

        1. At least it’s the same one. I suspect that if she was stretching out Quinn’s whole wardrobe that’d get old very fast where I could see her passing this off as “my good luck shirt” and getting away with it.

  2. Don’t worry Ellie! Just show her how resourceful you are and shove a bunch of stuff down there! Then it won’t be like you had showed up with job-getting cleavage; it’ll just be how you store your pocketbook and…and stuff…ahhh…good luck Ellie.

  3. Ok. Wow.
    Giant Ellie background!

    But speaking seriously for a moment (I don’t know why I do that), Ellie, if it’s the cleavage alone that gets you the job, maybe that’s not the kind of place you want to work.

  4. Oh bummer. that Lady looks like a big grouch. Ellie is going to actually work for this one, haha!!!

    She also looks like she has a smokers voice.

    also, like people have mentioned, I really like the creativity used in the paneling this week, very neat. Your so creative Rusche!!

  5. At least she’s not one of those women who goes out of their way to wear a shirt with cleavage then complains people are looking at it. He was looking right at it and nope– no reaction.

        1. I don’t know about doesn’t care at all, so much as was expecting it and isn’t going to get mad at things going the way that she rationally expects.

          I’d also bet she’s probably used to it in general, and it probably takes more than a single surprised glance to irritate her regardless of what she’s wearing. A lot of large breasted women I’ve known aren’t upset that a guy notices (any guy, not just ones they’re interested in), it’s more the refusing to stop noticing that seemed to piss them off.

      1. I’m not sure what that wow means either. Maybe “Wow, nice tits” or “Wow, uhh, totally not awkward at all”. He isn’t a recurring character so far is he?

  6. Oh no. Quinn is not going to be happy about this; however, if Ellie gets the job she’ll probably be happier that she’ll start getting rent money again. Also, this panel is a sad depiction of a disappointing truth in life.

  7. Ooh… moving into the waitressing business, is she? I hope she’s got the mental fortitude of a steel wall. Fast food is one thing, but dealing with bad customers in a sit-down restaurant is another experience entirely, especially since your pay depends on their tips.

        1. Razafrazin… that very evil post was supposed to go here but somehow I borked that up.


          Ellie did it…

        1. I’m talking about the time when they get pulled over by the hot cop who was dressed just like they were, in the hopes that it’d be a mega rich single hunk of a guy.

          I’m kind of sure that’d she use “hot pants” for both situations anyway.

  8. I like the idea of “Cleavage don’t fail me now!” as a self pep talk phrase. If I were female and had even moderately passable cleavage, I would absolutely start using it myself.

    Also that looks like a public bathroom (stalls and soap dispenser) not her apartment bathroom. It amuses me more that she’s saying that to herself at the location she’s about to interview.

      1. I did mention being female as a prerequisite. Also, were Chris Farley still alive, I don’t know that he wouldn’t have been willing to clarify that one for you (comedians tend to be much more willing to run with as opposed to away from smart ass remarks, as they’re more familiar with the win of, “God no! I didn’t actually want that!”-type reactions).

  9. Quick Ellie! Pull something out of your ass to make you look good!

    No, I didn’t mean “try flaunting your ass now…”

    1. I suspect questions of ass efficacy came to mind before the expression in the final panel. But then again, seriously, what couldn’t she pull out of her cleavage? I mean, you could fit most of Germany there (not just Lichtenstein).

  10. I am surprised no one else has mentioned the possibility that Morgan is either a lesbian or bi (very small but possible). Admittedly, Rusche’s foreshadowing says she will not get this job, but no one else even mentioned it.

    PS – I am still waiting for the iNimbus’ taser function.

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