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Yes, and ..ah..ah.. THERE YOU HAVE IT.

Okay, too much life over the weekend, and too much Dave Coulier in the next comic to get it done for today to slap it all together. Wednesday will be the final of this restaurant deal, so don't fret it'll be too overblown. Or overblown'der. Got some fanart for Wednesday as well. Thanks all.

69 thoughts on “Yes, and ..ah..ah.. THERE YOU HAVE IT.

  1. If only the Rain Forest Café were like this. It might actually be worth the price. It’s always good to start the day with a laugh and this strip does it.
    Too funny!

      1. No I hadn’t. Just looked it up! I hope no one was sitting at that table when the seal on the tank popped! Like you said “sad – yet Funny!”

        1. Waiter: Anything you folks need?

          You: Could I get a refill on my drink?

          Waiter: That depends. Any of you folks have a heart condition, pregnancy, seizures, or are subject to panic attacks?

      1. Sure, it SOUNDS like fun, but what happens when the fences go down and the Salad Bar T-Rex gets out? Then it’s just, well, chaos. Then Malcolm acts insufferable for the rest of the movie.

      1. Woodchuck: “Fast as fast can be, you’ll never ca–URK! AAAA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? NO! STOP! STOP IT! OH NO, NOT THE GRAVY LADLE!!!”

        Mock Dave waiter: “I’m sorry, folks, this thing’s been following me around for the last three months. I took out a restraining order and everything, but all it would do is brag about how fast it was. So I took matters into my own hands.”

        Restaurant patron: “That’s okay, young man…I represent a major television network. How’d you like to be the first male-centered stalker movie on Lifetime? Turns out all our other movies are starting to look vaguely similar, so we could use something to shake things up.”

        Mock Dave waiter: “Gosh, a movie like that might be seen by as many as 12 people! It’d be more people than have ever sat through my act before! I’m IN!”

      2. Oh man, are you gonna have Dan Akroyd’s food van too (presumably as a wall panel)?

        Akroyd Waiter: What will Mr. Sanderson be having? … all right, and what about, uh, Mrs. Esterhouse?

        1. *Slap Gravatarless*

          NO!!! That did not happen. That never happened and if it did it might of happen in 1988 and does not go in a 90’s themed restaurant.

  2. BWHAhAHAHAHAHA mate this is AWESOME! Overblown? What are you talking about, this is freaking hallarious! Someone could do an entire webcomic just on this place! lol

    It reminds me of Ninja New York ^^ The foods ‘meh’ but like Planet Hollywood you dont go there for the food lol

    1. That’s pretty much the definition of every themed restaurant ever. You don’t go for the food, you go for the theme.

      1. Well, truth be told I go to Planet Hollywood restraunts to get my picture taken with the Hollywood junk. Last year I actually had my picture taken with Chekov’s Gun….literally, it was the phaser prop from The Voyage Home.

        Rusche, as long as people are laughing and enjoying themselves you havent killed or hurt the story, so no worries ^^

    2. Well I’m glad. I’m trying not to kill the story with pop culturey stuff, but it’s just the area the story is in right now. And with pop culture, I only like to reference fairly iconic things. I’ll never do topical strips regarding things within the last decade (minus the convention… but those are mostly visuals not directly referenced to.)

  3. Totally worth busting out laughing in the middle of a class I was supposed to be observing. And I say that mostly because my teacher loved it too and I didn’t get in trouble for using my phone in class.

        1. Again, making us feel old. Although remembering how long ago my high school graduation was makes me feel older than I actually am because I graduated young.

    1. I wouldn’t. They usually show up burnt on one side because the oil used to cook them doesn’t run evenly over both sides. And when you complain, all the cook will say is there are certain microscopic anomalies in the tortilla that make the oil run different ways each time, and it’s all unpredictable.

    2. I’d like to believe they are butterfly shaped quesadillas with whatever meat was, as a matter of random consequences, closest to the chef at the time.

  4. I’m assuming the next comic is titled “Cut… It… Out!”

    One thing about last week. How do we know that was Carl Winslow and not the cop from Die Hard.

    1. Also the uniform are different. In Die Hard, he worked for the LAPD which uses a very dark blue/ Black uniform with no sleeve patches with the exception of ranks. In Family Matters he is with the Chicago PD and wears a baby blue (later white) colored uniform with patches on both shoulders (generic police patches and not CPD one) .

  5. I just had a thought, and need to ask a question. (Ok, you people out there going ‘only one? ‘ shaddap).

    I suppose that the visual gag here is the pitcher. I had the thought of either the raptor spraying the soda out of its nose, but then there would be the reasonable effects vs possibility of making something that just doesn’t allow for a waitress and a movable prop to go back and forth between sections in the park area of Fat Boy Slim’s. The other would have had a prop for each booth to have its own clever girl with a bar wand for the refills. But that would be a lot of hose for just those booths alone.

    So, I’m guessing that the joke is based on the pitcher and the arm being too big to fit through the raptors mouth as is, visually based and put up against the audience’s willing suspension of disbelief, right?

    I wonder if the service comes out on little jeeps carrying trays.

    1. I’m pretty sure you could easily fit the pitcher through if you assume the top half of raptor’s head is entirely hollow. You’d just have to angle it down a little as you’re clearing the teeth.

    2. My thought here with the visual gag was more along the lines of that the pupil on the raptor was tilted back a bit so in my head, and yes i know it would never actually do this, I have this odd want to hear the thing gagging as the pitcher and arm are put through.

  6. Savvy gents on first dates, I’m told, often specifically ask for the Jurassic Park table just to produce the frightened-leap-into-the-lap effect. This is also why horror movies are so popular.

  7. OH God. Nice comic. Wish I had this last year. It was such a a great year for JP/dinosaurs in my area (JP being re released, the zoo had a dinosaur attraction and one of the museums had Sue the T-Rex come to it).

  8. Man, everything I want to say has already been said.

    Oh, wait, one thing.

    Those plants there are clearly Serenna veriformans, the same plants they put by the pool. Those things are toxic!

    “I mean, you have plants in this building that are poisonous, you picked them because they look good, but these are aggressive living things that have no idea what century they’re in, and they’ll defend themselves, violently if necessary.”

    (appropriate in so many ways for this strip)

    1. You gotta get here pretty early in the update schedule if you want to leave pithy commentary about one of the best strips on the web, man.

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