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THOT and Bothered

Alright, this comic kicked my ass. But guess what? *teleports behind you* [it's done] Did some progression gifs. Click for larger view.

155 thoughts on “THOT and Bothered

        1. You realize, of course, that if you keep this nonsense up, you’re just going to end up feeding whatever it is she’s keeping in the crawl space.

        1. From my understanding, the raw files used to create the comics are available to certain tiers of Patreon, with all their layers as still layers and such. Rusche also likes to show and tell his art processes, and periodically updates us as it changes.

          The Great Pumpkin might be a patron and an artist in their own right, putting together parts of older comics and doing some of what wasn’t predone in the artists style.

          While Rusche or Jessica could have the meta’s on a mailing list for these sort of things (email required for gravitar), they could also be very dedicated fans with web extensions in their browsers that alerts them when the site updates.

          As for how quickly the image was completed and still became first post, it could have been done a while ago and just awaiting an appropriate time to be posted.

          Just a few other hypotheses to stir up the conjuncture mill.

          (Hypotheses, not theories. Hypotheses are educated guesses. Theories are hypotheses that have had extensive independent testing done by many credible sources with many of those tests having results that point to the hypotheses potentially being true, but further testing still needs to be done or currently untested/untestable elements still exist that prevent them from being elevated to the status scientific law)

      1. I’m wondering the same thing. Are they from Patreon perhaps? Any patreonists can dismiss this possibility?

        Failing that they seem tailor-made by The Man Rusche himself. Which does raise another bunch of questions.

        1. It’s not in any Patreon that I saw, though I usually don’t think to check unless the sidebar images update.

          Based on the posting time of the comic versus the sister commenters, it’s been pretty obvious for some time that either Rusche is commenting as them or he notifies the people who are so at least some of them are able to comment as soon as the comic is posted. Either one of those is a sufficient explanation for that graphic response.

    1. Could always rename it to the jealousy button, the fun killer button, the “no one’s paying attention to me” button………muffin button.

        1. That’s not what I was insinuating. It’s just that there would be different meanings, wouldn’t it? Nothin button vs. Muffin button.


        *Mr. Blue turns to look.

        HALLELUUU, HAAA, HAAA, HAAAA, *gasp*,

        HAAAAA, HAAAWT, HHHOTTTT, HHhhheerrrkkch

        *Mr. Blue collapses on himself, spasming from sudden onset sexyness epilepsy.

        1. ..oh no, not again.

          *shoves Mr. Blue’s lighter in his mouth so he doesn’t choke on his tongue*

          Anyone know the number for 911?

        1. Heee…Blackjack. A Rocket Raccoon reference is always welcome. Assuming that’s what you’re going for.

        2. Thought it was a reference to Blackjack O’Hare from the Rocket Raccoon series. He’s more than just a gun-toting Groot-translator, you know.

        3. I thought it was a reference to Futurama; Bender:”I’m going to build my own theme park with blackjack and hookers!”

        4. crap, I forget the link isn’t obvious in this forum. Oh well, here’s the pic:

          For those interested the creator’s twitter is linked in my post above.

        5. Hmmm this forum software must be configured to block users’ img tags. Well I’m not going to spend time circumventing it.

  1. I think I know what the “S” on her cheek stands for.

    Santana. She’s a huge fan. Can’t believe I never put that together till now.

    1. I imagine all conversations stopped and the room went deadly silent from everyone’s mouth flying open going “…..”.

    2. Cherry pie, black magic woman, Nina Simone, dream weaver, foxy lady, it’s magic, the devil went down to Georgia, 18 wheels & a dozen roses, 1812 overture.

  2. it took this comic to make me finally look up what the hell ‘thot’ meant. why do younger people have to acronym everything? #lazytounges #speekengrish (m’,’)m

    1. Yes. It counts as 13/20ths of a help. Facebooking a link is 1/5th of a help. Society 6 is 1/20th of a help. Where Patron is 1/10th of a help.

      All help is appreciated. Your average mileage may vary.

      1. Given that we last saw her pounding on a locked door not thirty feet from a Christian Weston Chandler expy….who knows?

    1. Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction to this.

      I could almost hear Juniper saying, “You need me to make more than 800 men forget there aren’t any other women in the room? Pfft! What do you think this is, Tuesday!? Step back and let the master work.”

  3. I would be in a far cornor up on something sitting eating and just waiting for all hell to break lose and the shit hit the fan at this point.

  4. Jessica Rabbit, eat your heart out!

    Holds breath, waiting for the sprinkler system to go off. (from the combined effect of how hot she looks *and* that many lighters burning in a single room)

    1. Don’t forget there’s a “No smoking” sign just behind Juni’s chair. I don’t think anybody in that room noticed that, and they sure as hell don’t care about that right now.

      1. The ‘No Smoking’ sign was void the instant Juni struck that pose moving the chair… ’cause she was seriously smokin’ right there. Everything after that was cranking the fire up to 11.

  5. Well damn. Tarra is going to have to really step up if she wants to outdo Juniper here. That’s a tough act to beat.

      1. She was persuasive enough to convince a bunch of Olympic rule keepers to allow her to row a quad as a single person.

      2. I get the feeling Tarra’s competitiveness may interfere with her ability to recognize comparative skillsets in the heat of the moment. Not sure it’ll make her do something stupid here, but I’d imagine it happens occasionally.

  6. I uh… I may be a bit in love with Juniper now…. That confidence…. <3 Those boots too… I need me a pair of those!!!

  7. Dude, don’t know where that lighter came from, but that’s more awesome that a Navy seal lighter. But, I’m a bit disappointed that their aren’t any blue flame lighters or an electronic taster lighter.

      1. Oooh! That’s a good idea how Tarra could potentially try to one up this and still succeed in assisting in the distraction of 800+ men…

  8. Awesome art/coloring as usual. But I can’t help but notice that there is sign of Nena, was she devoured? Should Juniper be worried?

    1. I’ve been kind of wondering if industrial strength insta-fabreeze was a Tarra invention she gifted Juniper with, or Juniper’s supernatural ability to keep up with some of the others’ abilities.

  9. I’m going to laugh if she actually meets a decent dude here and settles down. I get that we’re kinda perceiving this whole room as being full of disgusting neckbeards, but we have some indicators that there are some decent people on this service, too…

    1. Hmmm…even Ellie didn’t date nothing but disgusting neckbeards. Though I do believe they tried to make out most of her dates to be desperate or idiots, until the last one.

      However, that’s 1 for 800 guys, so they still need to up that ante, because I’d still say the party is flawed and the site busted if I had shown up and that was the case. 3 to 1 or 2 to 1 may be the better ration for me to accept “Okay, not to bad” than the a ratio that might be 10 to 1 for example.

      1. I think there’s more than ratio to consider. Sufficient numbers of obnoxious groupies can lead to other guys deciding they don’t want to get caught up in the feeding frenzy and keeping their distance.

  10. This is like shooting fish in a barrel to Juniper.
    And then the others (sans Ellie and Pumpkin for obvious reasons)..

    Though the guy in #6 might have a shot with Anise..

    1. ..I completely messed that up. meant to add “And then the others (sans Ellie and Pumpkin for obvious reasons) make their appearances felt”

  11. Hell of a page, and hooray for Juniper getting the limelight for a bit (and not with the talking parrot toys either). I especially like the guy with the glasses so steamed up they’re actively drenched (and guy wiping brow behind)

    That all aside, how has nobody made the requisite ‘m lady/ ‘m lighter joke about that lighter you posted? That’s one of the universal constants of the internet & that particular image.

  12. Worth it. As you were – Ellie’s seen this routine, then? Possibly while they were in high school, ack. (Nice one, Chris.)

    1. (That’s right – I can’t edit these comments.) I adore these gifs, particularly the bit where all the lighters go up at once.

      Also, sort of like Where’s Waldo, I found David.

      1. What are you talking about? I only see five guys wearing glasses. Two of them are sunglasses, and I didn’t see either of them resembling David. What about James? We saw James go in there.

        1. In the back of the room, top left of panel 4 – I present for your perusal those eyebrows, mouse brown hair, glasses. The glasses could be sunglasses, fogged over, or just the kind that go dark in bright light and therefore always look tinted. The dumbfounded expression admittedly matches that of every other face in the room. *studies this guy again* The neckline does look a bit T-shirt-ish, though.

        2. (Actually, there are 7 guys wearing glasses in panel 4, and none of them is Foggy Eyes with the goatee.)

  13. An interesting thought comes to mind. Maybe one of the reasons Rosemary and Juniper don’t get along so well is that they are a lot alike in some areas. I can totally see Rosemary in her prime youth being able to do exactly the same thing.

  14. If Shotgun Shuffle and its characters continue for a thousand strips, men will still say, this was Juniper’s finest hour.

    Rusche, this is absolutely stunning work. 10/10, fantastic. A perfect use of the comics medium to tell a story without words, the art absolutely sells it, the layout is creative but flows well, oh my gosh wow.

    I liked the final panel of the previous comic (it inspired my little oration above) but the last panel of this one is truly the defining Juniper splash panel.

  15. Well this delay ended up being rather serendipitous.

    I feel very vindicated in having Juniper drawn as a Scorpion seductress.

    I don’t know what art wizardry is going on with those close up shots, but I like it.

  16. Bah, no sooner made my comment and my eyes landed on steveha’s comment. Well, I second steveha’s comment =8-)

  17. Well, on TWC, the shuffleverse is cranking out a respectable 37. Bowever, it seems that we’ve been here for a few days. 806 votes in 12.5 days. Right now, that is approximately 2.6866667 votes per hour at this time of posting.

    1. At this time, (different computer ISP router), voting rank for the SHUFFLEVERSE is still at 37. However, currently the total votes on TWC are 812 for the SHUFFLEVERSE. Allowing for 13 days at this time, this turns out to be a total vote per day of 62.46153846153846. So, there is someone out there who is fractional.

      So, if we could get to an average of 73 votes per day, we could propel the SHUFFLEVERSE to a rank of, or better than 30. Like say, 28.


  18. For the question of “Dumpster Funk”, it depends on what kind of business Bumble Beats is. Since the window art is a bee wearing headphones I’m thinking music store. If so, most of what’s in their dumpster is probably packaging, cardboard, etc. If it’s a nightclub… yuck.

    1. Also, that dumpster is pretty close to the sidewalk and store entry. Bumble Beats may well pay for the trash company to haul in clean dumpsters routinely. Can’t have the stink repelling any potential customers!

  19. I’m wondering if Juniper got hooked on classic movies. Because when I’m looking at panels 1, 7 and the last one (I lost count, okay?) I’m thinking of the song, “Bette Davis Eyes.” Which makes me think of those classic Hollywood Movie Actresses.

    1. While I have trouble hearing any song as background to this page (I mainly hear a deafening silence broken only by the sounds Juniper’s making), I do kinda’ wonder if Juniper considers Bette Davis Eyes to be her theme song.

      I could see her considering herself pure as New York snow and feeling quite confident she knows just what it takes to make a pro blush.

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