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Timeless Humor

Like kids would even know who Bullwinkle is these days.

New fanart on the fanart page. This one of Cinnamon. Cinn thumb

74 thoughts on “Timeless Humor

      1. But who wouldn’t like lurking? It’s like being invisible except the people you’re spying on are always doing something interesting instead of just reading or something.

        …Wait, if I’m just reading when doing that, that means the invisible people following me around must be really bored. I should jump out the window while juggling chainsaws or something.

        1. Wouldn’t jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, without a parachute, while juggling four parachutes be even more risky then juggling chainsaws?

  1. That’s his A-material? Whoa! Have mercy!

    Seriously, Joey, you should totally be working cruise ships. I’ve got a brochure for this one great one, really upscale and everything. I hear Leo DiCaprio’s on it.

    1. You want to put a poor captive audience with him? Have you no mercy sir! O_O Well, maybe it would become a capsized audience at that point…

      1. You really should expect this by now. Do your drinking behind a welder’s mask or something. They know you by name at Best Buy now.

        1. Steve, don’t tell anyone, however I do testing for them, HP, IBM, Daewoo and a top secret model made by Levi Strauss. As wee as folgers, mountain dew, mr. Pibb, coke and pepsi, along with several breweries around the world. In addition to being a salivary electronic consultant to Texas Instrument’s Pavlovian division of everywhere household electronic humidity bluetooth monitors.

  2. Y’know, I never really noticed, but it seems Ellie supports her breasts and back a lot. Does she have back pains? (Serious inquiry here.)

    1. At 19 with that size bust, it’s possible either way, though I’d lean towards she probably has more back pain/problems than average but considers it normal and may not recognize degree. However, as Tarra came before Ellie in bustiness and is an overachiever to the umpteenth power, she might very well have given Ellie a good exercise and stretching regimen to minimize her back pain. However, all that aside, several months sleeping in a bed made up of stuffed animals is probably her most likely cause of back pain.

      However, I haven’t noticed much back support, and I more remember her having her arms crossed under her breasts as the somewhat negative/disagreement-type body language which the gesture appears to be used here more than supporting her breasts. I suppose the last panel could go either way, but I read it as body language as opposed to back support.

  3. In the words of Lex Luthor, “I have no idea who this guy is”. My kinda-sorta 90’s kid status fails me here.

    1. That would be a low-rent actor playing Dave Coulier playing Joey Gladstone, comedian, impressionist, and all around insufferable jackass from the equally insufferable series “Full House.”

        1. Do you break out the refill raptor during a house visit a bit too early in the friendship, perhaps? That sort of thing could intimidate some people, until they get to know you better, anyway.

  4. *cough* Sorry to be a bother but it seems that Cinnamon’s fan art link isn’t hooked up to her picture on the fan art page. When I pass over it, the cursor doesn’t change and when I click on it, nothing happens. Other fan art icon/links do work, however. Shame since Cinnamon’s my fav – I guess I like them evil and droopy….

      1. Thank you Sir! We, as always, appreciate your mighty effort! Now, please get some sleep. For we are a demanding audience and we want you well rested so you can continue producing your fabulous comic!

    1. …well, up shot, now I can see why Derek got all annoyed now that he was missing out.

      Down side, that’s probably the last MoneyGuy shot for at least another two years, give or take.

        1. I would think that because you’re out of Buckinghams.

          …but sir, there’s Pumpki–

          I SAID, he’s. Out. OF. BUCKINGHAMS. Don’t question me in front of the crew again, Ensign, or you’ll be in the Wesley Brig for the rest of the cruise.

          Sir…what if…what if he’s planning combinations?

          …combinations? You don’t mean…multiple Buckinghams per shot, do you? That…that’s unimaginable. No man could produce that! No man has produced that since the AI Chris_Rusche went crazy back in 2205 and drove that monster truck through a 7-11! Dear Lord…if he tries that it could mean the end of humanity! Ensign, set a course for Rigel 4 and pack another six years of replicator fuel. We’ve got to get out of here before that crazy bastard takes the planet with us!

          Aye, sir.

  5. Well Danny might be a dog, but at least he never told Ellie “Hey nice tits” like this guy did. So far, Danny’s basically on fire, and nobody’s gonna kick the dog.

  6. Ok, Danny’s last name strongly suggests he’s here to stay as a major part of the cast. I’m still wondering how this arc will go and if he’s going to be a harsh life lesson for Ellie or not. I’m also still wondering about Caleb & Vu. Their addition to the cast page kinda’ surprised me.

        1. Nice to hear. Is Mike going to be revealed any time soon, or would that get dangerously close to a trademark infringement complaint from ZZ Top?

        2. Mike’s supposed to be the co-owner of his and Anise’s tattoo shop. He may be shown someday, but he’s of minimal or no importance to the story.

        3. That’s almost sensible for her to have “Call Mike” tattooed on her hand then. I suppose I’ll let my epic beard dreams rest, then. I’m sure I was building that expectation up too much for realistic fulfillment anyway.

  7. Oh LOL! I am ashamed to say I know this well… Yeah, I think that this is part of the 90’s that I try not to remember. . .

    Are we gonna see a Disgruntled Ben Savage and Jonathan Taylor Thomas have an argument over which weekend was going to be the Cast Reunion Party for Boy Meets World or Home Improvement?

  8. Beautiful shading on the stage curtains.

    There is a deep mastery of background and foreground on display in these pages.

    I can’t think of any comic artists who have this level of mastery.
    (Especially when you consider one man writes, draws, inks, and colors the entire production.)

  9. but Bullwinkle is so cool!!!

    I will say, I didn’t like this Daniel guy at first, but I think I may be growing to like him? I dunno yet…hmmmmm.

    1. I can’t see the name Bullwinkle without hearing, “Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.” And that never fails to make me grin.

        1. Thankfully. Isn’t that trick working in Revelations as one of the signs of the apocalypse?

    1. Reading the lists of things that “today’s 18 year olds never knew” were the first ones to do that for me, and that was at age 24 or 25. I think I stopped reading those by 27 or 28.

      Though, as a thirtysomething, at work I do try to make statements to make the people older than me feel old and encourage the twentysomethings to do the same to me and other thirtysomethings (“what’s the Muppet Show” is a good one for any twentysomethings out there, and a friend mentioned her kid’s baby sitter never having heard of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies was a pretty good one too).

        1. No reason to be insulted. If you grew up with your parents exposing you to the Muppets (I think it’s on DVD now), then you can empathize with the feeling of deprivation you have for your peers who didn’t. There has also been a resurgence in people remembering the older Superman movies since the newer ones came out (and those were enjoyable, but not on par with the Muppets or anything).

          I had some similar experiences. I was born in late 70’s and my parents always had 50’s & 60’s music on and I probably saw the entire original series for Star Trek and a good portion of the Adam West Batman TV series on reruns. That did not stop me from pretending ignorance at times to make my elders feel older, though.

        2. I was born in ’82 and have seen every episode of Mr. Ed and The Patty Duke show. So yeah. Just depends on the variety you’re exposed to. Some parents like their kids to appreciate or enjoy the things they did. Some parents think their kids only need new technology and media and the kid is left not knowing what VHS was.

        3. it was less deliberately imparting and more Dad controlled the remote control and radio dial. I grumbled about it a bit then, but it’s been fairly useful, as apparently my skill to tune out background noise I don’t care aboutu (some of Dad’s shows while I was reading) is apparently better than the norm.

          My favorite ones for older movies is to look at how many would seem weird to someone born since the turn of the century. I had a few months where I kept running into older movies that had plots which would collapse (or require rewriting) with the advent of cell phones as common technology.

        1. I KNOW! That one made me not only feel a little old, but very sorry for the person who said it for all they were missing. All the humor that’s derived from that, too. Imagining my life without knowing or being aware of the Swedish Chef feels almost like being injured. While he’s the biggest (for me personally), there are so many other smaller Kermit, Miss Piggy, Rolf, Professor Honeydew & Beaker, The Count, Animal, and Statler & Waldorf moments that have came up later and brought a smile to my face too.

          Speaking of which, a friend a few years ago pointed me to look up “The Count Censored” on YouTube. If you’re a Muppets fan and haven’t seen that one yet, I highly recommend it. Drinking something at the same time as watching it is not recommended, though.

  10. I have to stand up for Dave Coulier here, the guy’s actually a really talented voice actor (Peter Venkman on Real Ghostbusters, Animal on Muppet Babies, Popeye and Fred Flintstones for Robot Chicken…) and a pretty good stand up comedian. Full House was just awful for everybody involved and not even Little Richard, The Beach Boys, or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar could look good during their cameos.

    He’s also one of the Clean Guys Of Comedy, which I appreciate since I think a lot of stand-up comics use crudeness just for shock or as a replacement for originality.

    That being said, Mr. Woodchuck must die. If just because he looks like he’s trying to pelvic thrust towards Ellie in that one panel.

  11. I love the art in this strip. It looks like you’re hitting your stride with your new style, or rather, this stage of your drawing style.

  12. OK, comic was pretty cool in a lame way but I just got to get this off my chest. It is really off topic but Shotgun Shuffle related.

    OK, are we ever going to know what happen to Anise eye? I have had the same dream several times over these month. I am working in the ER, restocking it (I do work at a hospital) when a 11 year old Anise is just rushed in. Her face is black and bloody due to an explosion but no doctors, low on nurse and the wrong type of pain killers. Due to this I am there holding her hand while she is tying to cry but it is only making the pain worse. I wake up about that time and it has been really bothering me. I hate to sound like a Debbie Downer but well…

    1. I’m pretty sure it was punctured with a fork, during a holiday dinner (if you need a funny, somewhat less tragic way to visualize it, one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies has a relatively amusing version)

      1. Indeed. The comic Family Birthmark (29 Nov 2013) is where Quinn asks about the usage of sporks for Thanksgiving dinner and Pumpkin responds that Herb said one daughter with a glass eye was enough. However, I speculate that it might’ve been slightly after dinner due to Herb’s comment at the end of The Favoriate (06 Dec 2013) where he talks about still paying off the hospital bills from the time he let them pick their own names.

        I can’t remember any hints about which sister was holding the knife or fork, but I’d tend to guess Juniper or Cinn if it was an attack, I’m leaning toward Juniper since there were no comments to Cinn about it while she was surly with her shopping. However with Anise likely eating one of her to-go plates, she might’ve been holding it and one of the other sisters hit her arm and caused it (possibly with Anise uninvolved in the argument entirely and just collateral damage), and at that point it could’ve been any of them (though probably not Tarra since she got to change her name).

    2. Lessee…my research says that 4Chan has a phrase for this sort of occasion. Oh yeah, it’s:

      “2 edgy 4 me, bro.”

      Yes, I think that’s it. The numbers should be in the right places.

  13. Fatboy Slim’s Cafe 90s needs to become the Peach Pit of Shotgun Shuffle. Anyone in favor say ‘alrighty then’

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