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Tired Guy


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  Now if you’re wondering what the hell that was, it’s the second Shotgun Shuffle comic I ever drew. Over eight years ago (I draw your attention to the fatass monitors.) This was before I even knew it would be Shotgun Shuffle. Now, while there are 20 “trial” comics I haven’t posted that began the strip (because I grew to hate them) there WERE two comics that predate those. The pre-trial trail. In that two panel nightmare, we have Ellie talking to Tired Guy in a forum, or chat room of some kind. The exact premise escapes me, and anything in that is certainly non-canon at this point. But you can see each character’s initial design, which is always fun in retrospect. Tired Guy being rode hard and put up wet... eye patch/battle scar and all. Ellie wearing a tank top, which was her first outfit. Quinn’s hair much shorter, and roots completely out of control. You can see my later attempt at shading MASTERY of this comic HERE.  After drawing the first two comics, (I’ll post the other one at some point..) I dabbled with a few more that would never be finished. The environment of the comic gravitated more towards online communities. That has since changed, even though we’ll see elements of it eventually. Overall, I thought the girls’ designs were cute, so I ran with it. Years later.   As for the actual comic, I know everyone's waiting for Ellie to smack the crap out of Quinn. I can neither confirm nor deny this will happen. Mostly, I can't deny it.

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  1. If Quinn does not learn to master her anger then her anger shall be her master. Or so said a psuedo wise man in a Ben Stiller movie…

    Her willingness to just lash out at anyone is sort of frightening.

    1. i think it’s typical behavior for most “smart”(or at least they think their smart) people though. the lack of people skills from studying is the primary contribution of it i believe.

      1. I think that’s a bit of a cop-out. I’m largely book smart but I know better then to go around blaming people for my life going wrong. Quinn is just feeling guilty and projecting her issues to avoid dealing with them. Lots of people do it not just “smart” people.

    2. “Give into your anger, Quinn Nicks. Strike her down with all of your hatred, and your journey towards the dark side will be complete…”

        1. Five thousand, two hundred with the cabinets installed, carpeted and rustproofing. If you need another quote, there’s another guy down the street at the taco stand.

  2. Introverted? She doesnt seem introverted to me, more like anti-social, and there is a difference. Introverted means to avoid others, typically out of fear in one form or another, while anti-social means to avoid others due to dislike of people (of which I am lol)

    Also it looks like I was right after all, the character on the left of the cast page was the old guy! Who hoo!

      1. Technically, that would be ‘Avoident Personality Disorder’ but I get what you mean here. Still I would like to see Ellie address Quinn’s remark last page about being a slut. There is a world of difference between a slut and a flirt, and Ellie falls under the catagory of a class 2 flirt.

        Class 2 means she flirts when its to her advantage. Type 1 would be someone like Yourichi from Bleach, or Misato from Eva, its someone who is a living flirt.

        1. Note that at this point, Quinn is assuming that Ellie posed for the nude sketch, and probably suspects she slept with El Douchebagio Supremo Delux. (What she thinks Ellie’s motivation for that particularly loathsome scenario would be escapes me–for that matter, it probably escapes Quinn, too.) In that context, ‘slut’ is, of course, a traditional, if exceptionally grotesque epithet.

          Actually, given her own conduct, I suspect one reason for her wanting to believe Ellie is so corrupt is that it makes her own eye-banging of DJ-boy a bit less reprehensible in comparison. (One of the biggest hypocrisies humanity ever invented was deciding that we could judge ourselves by comparing our own behavior to other people’s, and that if we come out looking better, we’re good–while in theory, this should lead to an ever-escalating code of conduct, it in fact just encourages hasty, assume-the-worst judgementalism.

  3. What a brat!!! How can she just talk like that to someone she seemingly doesn’t even know??? Tiredguy needs to give her a verbal spanking, as someone older and wiser.

  4. Is it just me, or does he look even more ticked in the last panel? His eyes are more narrow there. The clock is ticking until we get to see Quinn’s pride FALLLL!!!

      1. The only thing more terrifying would be if he was smiling.

        For Quinn is certainly acting incautiously, and he’s already little, bald and wrinkly…

      2. Seems only Quinn is talking about him “like that” All Ellie said was that she called him Tired Guy, but if you look one comic back, he says that he’s very tired and doesn’t ever give her his name.

  5. Oh wow, nice insight to your early drawing days!

    Interesting to see how things turned out since then

  6. This is so weird. I relate to Ellie but I identify with Quinn. I agree with an above comment – Quinn is not introverted so much as she does not seem to like people. This could be a throwback from the military father, expecting high expectations that most people do not meet upon the initial impression. Introverted people don’t dislike people so much as abhor social interaction. For example, I love my friends and I don’t hate people in general but there is only so much time I can spend around complete strangers. Additionally, I have done the thing where I’m so mad where anyone in the immediate vicinity will receive the splashback of my nuclear fury.

    Side note: I kind of wonder if the granddaughter is someone we’ve already met in-comic?

    1. lol. I’m getting pushback from the introvert comment. In my defense, I was on hour 25 of being awake, so I’m just glad I typed in english.

      Quinn alienates herself from others, obviously. She’s also socially awkward. Two qualities introverts tend to have. Not always, but alot. Introverts don’t fit into the same neat molds and definitions extroverts tend to. Introverts want acceptance, but not by conforming. So they certainly won’t all conform to other introverts with their commonalities.

      They want attention from others, but in lower doses. Quinn is constantly purging people in her life.

      But more specifically, Quinn’s character is what’s known as a rage, or angry, introvert. Introverts all handle anger differently. Some just simmer or withdraw. Either way, they don’t typically deal with frustrations well. I’ve seen some wildly violent introverts in my days. Not to people, just to inanimate objects typically. Or like Quinn, with destroying relationships. =)

  7. Would it be a problem if she was seventy? Seems to me the two of you would really hit it off. Imagine how much you have in common. She hates kids your age; you hate kids your age. She’s nearly deaf; your preferred mode of communication is screaming. You want to kill your roommate; she’s nearly dead anyway.

    And you never ever have to worry about your boyfriend having sex dreams about her or drawing her naked.

    1. Ben Franklin (If I recall correctly) had a quote along the lines of “every young man should have an older mistress, because they don’t bleed, they don’t breed and they’re so dang grateful.”

  8. The ad was put in the paper by Alex! Okay, maybe not. But I suppose that Quinn knowing what is in the ad is not surprising. But could her father have put the ad in the paper based on an anonymous call from some dirty hippie?

  9. Hm… I have a prediction. I’m’a gonna hope this is late enough that it doesn’t spoil things for folks if I’m right:

    Oldman is actually Landlord Oldman (some folks guessed that already, so I’m not claiming firsties on that one). Quinn doesn’t realize this because she got the apartment through an agency or somesuch, and really doesn’t care about people. The guy she’s been calling the Landlord is actually just the building superintendent (ie, the guy who handles the maintenance and maybe even collects the rent).

    When he saw the ad, he decided to help a tenant out (and was also curious about the situation), and was surprised to find Ellie already there, with a cat that he damn well knows isn’t secured (ie, no extra security deposit was made).

    So end result? Landlord Oldman boots both of them to the curb, giving his granddaughter the apartment, and Quinn and Ellie have to find a new place, and the only spot either can afford is one they’d have to rent together, so Hello, New Roomie, Same As the Old Roomie!

    Okay, probably not, but it’d amuse me.

    1. But Mr. Fatty McFatFat will bring Doritos and Perrier, and the two will hit it off, making it the start of a beautiful friendship!

      (also, white text on the cast page is your friend. ;) )

  10. That face. He could, (and probably did), kill an elephant with that. I wonder who is grand-daughter is?

    They should be nicer to random old guys who make it to their door steps.

  11. I LIKE Tiredguy! Ten bucks says he has and can still kill with great efficiency! Silent, knife to the throat type kill and knows how to circumvent the system and dispose of the bodies reeeeeeeeal nice like.


    Keep underestimating Tiredguy. Watch what happens when you dream at night.

  12. Okay, if he is as old as my father he could have a grand kid in her early twenties… In college, etc… My dad is 92 and he is actually doing better than Tired Guy seems to be. My dad has grand kids in their early twenties.
    I’m 61 and I have a younger brother yet. So don’t diss the old guy… he’s a pistol and cranky that’s only because he’s looking out for his offspring. When/If you reach that age you’ll be exactly the same.

  13. Man, everyone is such a dick to this guy. I can see why he could turn into a super villain.

    And holy poop, Quinn wore the same shirt color back in the day. Totally a super villain.

    1. One day the cast page will be completely uncovered and I’ll feel dead inside.
      Nothing to check every update ://///

  14. I think it’s interesting that in the old strip, Ellie and Quinn almost seem to be friends. I mean, Quinn has her trademark “nasty bitch attitude”, but at least they seem to be communicating. Perhaps there is yet hope ..

    AND – Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Will Quinn bring out the lightsaber? Will Ellie say “I’m havin your baby.”? Tune in and find out!

  15. Never insult old people. You never know what connections they could have and it’s amazing how quickly they can shatter your whole world with nothing more than a landline telephone.

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