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Too Much Reality

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323 thoughts on “Too Much Reality

    1. *Grab cowboy hat, one miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible; one hundred dollars in rubles; one hundred dollars in gold; nine packs of chewing gum; one issue of prophylactics; three lipsticks; three pair of nylon stockings*

      1. Where did you get that gravatar? I thought I had been keeping up with the series, but I guess I must’ve missed something!

    2. It just occurred to me how relevant the phrase “he who controls the spice, controls the universe” is to this comic.

  1. Having read this comic for a long while, I can see one of three outcomes…
    1) A completely normal, human, extremely painful butt-whooping will commence (more or less completely justified, though)
    2) Rosemary and Kat will break out in a wildly choreographed but brutal lightsaber duel
    3) Squishy human Kat will wind up on the run from T-1000 or T-X style Rosemary, complete with liquid metal and HUD effects for vision
    BONUS option 4) Rosemary and Kat will break out into a massive, violent Voldemort/Dumbledore level magic duel

    Just my thoughts… >.> <.<

    1. You forgot the out of right field possibility. But since Kat is scum, I will not silly my touchscreen with such blasphemy.

      However. Maizy said that her uncle couldn’t get the ■■■ damn washing machine to work.

    2. I don’t think this is a place Rusche will pull out the “far away from Erf” solutions like option #3. I also think that Rosemary’s going to be held to the realities of what she’s justified doing under the law, so I’m actually not expecting an assault unless Katrina is foolish enough to start it.

      If Katrina is foolish enough to attack Rosemary, I’d like to point out that unlike the Black Friday arc, Rusche did not promise that no one would die on THIS arc.

    1. I wonder how the mother is going to take it.

      Will she do her best to support her curiosity in this while tossing that punk to the curb or while she toss her to curb while showing a negative message to the curiosity.

      1. Well, I think we can expect Rosemary to send a negative message to Pumpkin about disregarding rules, regardless of her feelings regarding experimentation by Pumpkin in general or not.

        1. Agreed. Also, there is the fact that the woman is 23, and Pumpkin is only 15, making any “experimentation” between the two illegal in Florida.

      1. Kat is 23, Pumpkin is 15. And speaking of predator, I don’t even think that the alien bug (monster) would kiss Kay, nor let it’s brood gave hug her either.

  2. New avatar disclaimer. I’m not going to let Kat ruin a great comic character for me, especially since Chris did an amazing job drawing this.

        1. The only negative thing about this icon is the suggested link between our young ‘s antagonist and Rene Montoya as well as the sub text that lesbians are involved.

          Cue commercial, clear. Can we say lesbians on TV?

          It’s not “lesbians,” it’s women in comfortable shoes.

        2. The Question is a character with a lot of history and the original Question and Mr. A (both created by Steve Ditko) are both inspirations and the spiritual predecessors of Rorschach, one of my all time favorite characters in comics. I’ve always liked the design concept of faceless characters, and you can’t go wrong with a hat and trench coat. Plus Renee had the mantle passed to her by the original, nothing negative in that.

        3. This avvy also has the distinction of being the second gun toting avvy drawn by Chris that I’ve used.

  3. I’m not entirely shocked by this, but I figured it would be well into the next chapter before this happened. I thought Kat had a little bit more self restraint and discipline with her social justice warrior side.

    We also do not know if Tarra received her superhuman abilities from her mother, so this could be very interesting if those were inherited from Rosemary.

    1. She showed her level of self restraint when she insisted that she, and she alone, would take pumpkin home.

      And, just an observation. The comic title a few back was “Creepers”. Plural. Besides Pumpkin in her creeper hoody, the only other character was Kat. Message received.

    2. I thought it’d take her longer too right up until she turned Ashliii & Bubbles away and lied to Pumpkin about it. At that point I figured she was either planning to get what she wants out of Pumpkin on this visit or was planning to ratchet up her attempted mental/emotional dominance. This would fit as possible for either one.

    3. Kat’s a hypocrite, pure and simple. They exist among the SJW set (of which I’m at least a passing member), just as they do in any group of human beings–users, manipulators and creepers who mainly are good at talking the game while trying to make use of that to get the opportunity to get an advantage on vulnerable people. There were sexual assaults in the Occupy camps, and there was a professor not all that long ago who had curated an image as a feminist ally right up until the ‘sleeps with his underage students for a better grade’ and ‘beat his wife’ truth came out. My contempt for these individuals is actually greater than it is for my ideological opponents, for the precise reason that they do far more damage both socio-politically AND personally, in many cases.

      1. I took a class “Modern Judaism” in college and I was the only person there who wasn’t Jewish as I recall. I remember one classmate said that her grandmother never trusted someone who walked up and announced they were Christian. No problem with people who were and with whom it might come out in normal conversation or be obvious by other factors, but in her experience people who immediately claimed to follow Christianity were more likely to be attempting to try to tie into a hoped trust factor as opposed to professing any actual faith.

        In general, that tendency shouldn’t be surprising. If someone isn’t concerned about the morals of the particular behavior they want to do, then a certain decreased concern about soiling a particular faith/cause/viewpoint should be more likely than it would be in the general population. Just the question of how hard they try to sell it and how good they are at selling it.

  4. Just thought I should point out, one of your project wonderful ads is pointing to “hotgunshuffle”, no s. No point in paying for a miss direction.

        1. ╔═════════════════╗
          ║ ╘═══╤═╤═╡ ║
          ║ GUNS I HAVE SLEPT WITH ║
          ╨ ╨

  5. Uh-oh. I guess that means no under-age naked dance for Kat. I guess I could keep reading this comic. ;)

    In all seriousness, I spent an entire night reading the archives when I should have been studying for finals: LOVE IT!

  6. If it wasn’t for remembering how -stupid- I was at that age I’d honestly be like “Pumpkin I had such faith in you!”

    But at 15 we all step in something epically stupid. And we react just as stupidly to it, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s quite the verbal scuffle between her and Mom over it >3>

    I am however, disappointed in Kat. I know no human is perfect, and I was enjoying her contrasting flaws. But now she’s a well written flawed character I want to punt in the teeth cause dude.

    1. Pumpkin doesn’t disappont me in this comic so much as she does between comics a few posts ago where she let Kat in the house. THAT is what I’m disappointed with her about.

  7. One thing I’m hoping for is for Rosemary to (intentionally or unintentionally) reveal during her confrontation with Kat that Kat turned away Pumpkin’s friends. To just come down on Kat hard could drive Pumpkin closer to her. To show that Kat had been trying to isolate her AND was lying to her should have the opposite effect.

      1. If she believed it or not immediately, all Rosemary would have to do to convince her is neglect to take her phone away from her for the next couple of hours and Pumpkin would verify herself with Ashliii & Bubbles. Mamma B is more than sharp enough to recognize that verification tactic if anger isn’t getting the better of her.

      2. That’s why I think unintentionally is better. For instance, she saw Ashlii and Bubbles leave, but did she see them arrive? Might she think that they were there longer? If she confronts Pumpkin on that and Pumpkin knows they weren’t but remembers the door bell ring, then she might dig deeper.

        Even if she did see them arrive, I think the fact being thrown into the argument but as a detail, not the main thrust, might start Pumpkin asking some questions.

        1. I think it’d be easy for Rosemary toss in to Katrina, “The rule about no friends over without parents present was aimed at you, not the two you turned away at the door.” If Pumpkin asks for clarification, Rosemary should then just tell her to ask her friends as she was a block away in her car as she saw it so couldn’t tell her.

          Pumpkin seems to have an odd/unexpected ability to overlook things from Katrina anyway, though. That being said, and to some degree proven by events pictured in comic, it’s questionable if that’d be sufficient to kick her out of her trust of Kat or not.

  8. Interesting. Pumpkin, even though she is relenting to Kat’s intentions, seems to have this look of “I’m not sure if I’m okay with this.” For obvious reasons of course but it is still interesting to see the psychology of the facial expressions. I could write a paragraph on those few panels alone lol. That being said, I gleefully await Rosemary’s inevitable can of whoopass, be it physical or not. Kat is a scumbag, and is about to reap what she’s sown.

  9. “Busted” doesn’t even come close to Punpkin’s reaction.

    But either way…

    OOOOOOH No!!
    She said ‘You Have To Go’!
    Here comes Mom-zilla!!

      1. Go to your local place that has pancakes, you know the place. The one that has international kinds, and on their promotional item free day, get Wales with hand spun honey butter, pralined pecans, whipped cream, and blueberries for a fruit topping. And a pound of bacon administered intravenously for that once in a life time cardiac event.

        It’s called the “Boot-to-the-Head Waffle platter and coffin” special.

        1. And as this finishes my familial obligations, as the tied old man who lived beneath me all these years, albeit quite figuratively, I bequeath a quite literal, boot to the head.

  10. Hey Mr. Rusche,
    First time commenting and I honestly apologize for taking this long to comment. I and a lot of my friends love your work and I like how you push yourself as an artist at times. Anyway, love how you are taking a story arc with Pumpkin seriously but at the same time keeping a light hearted tone. It’s almost like you can hear a studio audience go “OOOOOOOOH” with that shot of her mother stepping in.

  11. oh…..this will not end well…..I know that mom face, tis the mom face of doom
    Side note, now that im back, huzzahs to you for staying strong

  12. WTH Katrina! After all that bluster about social Justice you have to go an pull a bone head stunt like this!
    Though it is interesting to note that my Gay-dar is even accurate on Comic characters (a testament to Rusche’s artistic and writing abilities).
    I figured she was gay/bi. But I had hoped she would be a genuine friend to Pumpkin not just be manipulating her for some underaged tail.
    Katrina I am Disappoint!
    Rosemary is fully justified in releasing the Hounds of War in my mind.
    my .02

  13. I thought Pumpkin had more sense than that.

    Her sexuality is her own business… but at the least she could aim a little higher than some hideous SJW orc who tries to isolate her from her friends.

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