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Touchy Feely

"You kept your hands to yourself." *sexy pose* I want to plug a friend of mines comic. Jennifer Polk does a strip called Lightning Bug and she's trying to build her audience. It's a relatively new comic, and it's basically Shotgun Shuffle meets Firefly. If you're just realizing I compare everything to my comic... you'd be right. l b comic She's a super sweet person and absolutely LOVES her fans. You haven't even become a fan yet and I assure you, she already loves you. So go read it. :) UPDATE: Next Comic up Friday.

82 thoughts on “Touchy Feely

  1. Is she giving away company secrets? Next thing you know, she’ll tell him her real name, and all that. What will her shadow say?

        1. Having listened to recordings of some of the ‘Shadow’ radio shows, the tagline was:
          “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? …the Shadow knows.”

          There was another one that was used frequently as the moral of the story: “The weeds of crime bear bitter fruit”.

    1. Oh, and it just hit me. Ahem…

      I REPEAT!

      Well, got that out of the way.

      1. Interesting possibility. We don’t have his name yet either. Maybe if Blind Guy isn’t Stephen Esteban Stevens his brother can be.

        1. No objections? Motion carries.
          Crestlinger will forever be known as “Possums”.

          Have a nice day.

        2. Hey, who appointed you Chairman? I don’t remember that vote. Was I drunk on thumb tacks that day? I sure picked the wrong day to stop doing thumb tacks.

        3. There was a game of musical chairs and he won. Where else did you think “Chairman” came from?

        4. Well, certainly not Stephen King. I know that he wrote “The Lawnmower Man.” But I’m almost ashamed to ask. How did they come up with Fireman?

  2. Hmm, a webcomic recommendation from an artist I like enough to support? Methinks I might have just made an addition to my Feedly… :3

    1. It’s an extremely heavy handed parody–the pilot’s name is “Scrub”? Really?–but I do love how purely meta it is. I mean, come on. The enemy is FOX. That’s just super cray-cray.

    2. Sadly it’s unviewable without allowing JavaScript. That tends to be either a “no” or I just binge view it every few months. Still trying to decide on this one.

  3. You have kept your hands to yourself. In the FACE OF ALL THIS!

    ‘s a funny thing, but when I was that age, “keeping your hands to yourself” was not a widely-desired trait. I suppose the early 2000s were just a different time.

    1. I’m guessing, Steve, that you’re not a very curvy girl. Just a guess, based on your name. Guess what — those curvy girls that you were groping in your very vivid imagination? They weren’t into it like you. Really. They weren’t. They might have gone along with it because they thought that’s what they were supposed to do, but girls are more into slow burn, not heavy-handed pawing. Just lettin’ ya know in case you still haven’t figured that one out.

  4. And Ellie has abandoned ALL semblance of subtlety.

    GO OUT WITH ME DAMNIT!!! I AM TIRED OF BEING OBJECTIFIED AND FEEL THE INTENSE NEED FOR VALIDATION OF MY SENSE OF SELF!!! That and after dates upon dates of being shamelessly pursued the ambivalence being displayed here is screwing with me…

  5. Still don’t think he’s the right one for her :p Though it does seem she’s into him enough at this moment to forget that she’s on the job and he doesn’t know her real name. I thought she was smarter than this. :(

    1. Remember that she’s a social person who doesn’t have anyone to do things with (remember her wanting to head out with Quinn, Ian, James, & Richard earlier). Him wanting to retire by 45 along with their recent date suggests that he’s good at coming up with interesting things to do that aren’t expensive, which would be useful for Ellie to learn more about.

      She may or may not be interested in him romantically so much as just socially. She may also be back on the “trying to encourage him” kick that James’ date scared her out of since he’s being a decent guy.

      It’s looking like she’s angling relationship here, but I don’t think it’s quite certain yet.

      1. Could be right. She may just really think she has a shot at doing what her job is supposed to be doing, other than what it turned out to be.

  6. Just one quick question..
    Does he know her name is really Ellie? or does he think her name is Kyrie? (I had to go back a few to remember what name they gave her for that one.)
    That could complicate things a bit, unless I missed the comic where her name was mentioned during the date.

    1. I don’t think they ever performed introductions, at least not ‘on screen’. All the information he would have about her would be from the website which he pulled up on his phone while cataloguing her profile’s many inconsistencies, which includes her name as set up by ol’ whatshisface, the montage dealer.

    2. He started the date with the stated knowledge that the date was some kind of scam. The conversation above implies that Ellie has either explained about, or dropped enough information for him to piece together, the nature of her “job”. So, he knows that the name given by the site is an alias. She may, or may not, have given him her real name by this time.

      1. I see the conversation above as indicating that he still believes this is a real date (“during a date I planned to bail on”), and Ellie is caught up in that belief/hope too (“Hey now, I’m on a date with you!”)… His comment about Esymmetry’s less reluctant bachelors is in line with that interpretation – that the other fish in the Esymmetry sea are probably more willing (and less cynical).
        He said his brother used his real name on the site, and we’ve not seen her mention that hers on the site was not “Kyrie” – so it is likely that coming clean on names and other things is yet to come.

  7. I’m still apprehensive about all this, but I have to admit Ellie at least has sound reasoning for being interested in him. I respect that. I still think any potential romantic relationship between the two of them is doomed from the start, though.

  8. You know, not only has he been keeping his hands to himself, he hasn’t been going off in daydreams of Alexian or Dannivan heights of presumptions.

      1. Well, that’s more alcoholic and Juniper related. I was thinking literature for the most part. Orwellian. Although the Donovinian would be more of a geologic era. But who says that parodies can’t be educational.

  9. Yeah, that’s really good advice there Ashliii. The only problem is when those people who keep putting forth the bad ideas are DRUNK or INEBRIATED and can not listen to nor recognized true reason to approach anything that suggests that their ideas are wrong. Especially when they think that the damn job is supposed to have been done. Over with, no questions asked.


    1. I find Mr. Blue’s comment to be slightly bitter, coupled with the very unsubtle, almost overpowering taste of personal experience. All in all, far less tasty than what we’ve come to expect from Mr. Blue’s kitchen. I don’t see how he’s going to continue to the next round with comments like these. Well, this has been another episode of SS COMMENTS!

      Yeah, I know, not very funny, but it’s the best I could come up with on short notice.

      Unfortunately for Ahsliiiiiiiii, she has yet to realize that more than a few people place their identities on top of their ideals, and consider any disagreement with what they believe to be an attack against their person.

      The Bureaucracy runs this country, and is running it into the ground. Idiots are obtaining positions of power because other idiots are hiring/promoting them to make themselves look better. Constantly lowering the bar instead of improving. I’ve watched it happening for the last 20+ years. Sad, really.

        1. Ohh, you three are funny. Just wait until you have to play beer barrel politics with drunks.

          Makes me wonder if the people doing the hands on installation at the K.C. Regency Hyatt were one hundred percent clear headed with no pressures from other people.

  10. I’ve just binged almost all of Rival Angels. You have to stop recommending comics, man. I keep reading entire comics in a couple days and wearing myself out. On the other hand, Ultragirl and a few others are going to be getting CAWs on my copy of WWE2k16 in the near future. Believe that, lol.

  11. I think Ellie and this guy might actually become a good couple if left alone, they do seem to understand each other well eneugh at least.

  12. Is it just me, or does Ellie look like Cassie Cage in part of the story?

    You’ll see it if you picture her wearing aviators (big police sunglasses from the 60’s through 80’s, ithink.).

  13. Oh screw that!! I just got done reading Lightning Bug.

    It’s Firefly meets National Lampoon…and I still love it.


  14. Not related to the comic, but I’m going to put it here because there’s not really another way to get it out there.

    Mr. Potato Patato von Spudworth: May I use your name for a character in a series of Youtube videos? It’s a very silly, very derpy role (played by a potato) made entirely to make my little sister laugh, and your name would be perfect. I suspect the character might be unflattering, so I thought I should ask before using your name.

        1. *looks at her post*


          *looks at the post again*


          *looks around the room from where she’s posting*


          Now this…this is getting interesting. Pass the popcorn!

        2. Hey, finals and lack of sleep can cause problems.

          That being said, I am the Queen of Bizarre and Awkward Situations. Would you like some caramel corn?

  15. I’m probably going to get flak for this, possibly banned, but.. Maybe it’s time to remove the M/W/F update schedule from the comic’s title?

    I really enjoy your output, Rusche.. but the “Updates M/W/F” bit is a little misleading; I’m a reader of the last year+, and check EVERY SINGLE DAY for a new one, just in case you’ve posted a new comic.. I’m a fan! I can’t get enough of the goodness that you put on this page.

    But, IMHO, the update schedule creates a false expectation which could very well lead to new readers thinking you’ve abandoned the comic, or it’s on hiatus..

    Again, I love every flawless panel of your work.. my statement probably comes from a background of “Let your yea be yea; let your nay be nay”.

    1. I could see maybe moderating away your comment (though I think that’d be unlikely too), but certainly not banned. That’d seem way out of character for Rusche.

    1. People who are well outside the statistical normality of their peers are different. Physically, mentally, morally. It’s not Zanti Misfits, but more Twilight Zone. Beauty is only skin deep, Hilly Holbrook is discussing all the way through.

      We do not yet know about all of the sister’s problems. Ellie’s laziness may only be one bit that we know of at this time.

        1. how awful for them. It’s not like pretty much everyone in the world who isn’t a crazy hot person doesn’t feel gross about themselves in front of other people.

    2. People can have bad experiences derived from all sorts of different sources/reasons.

      I’ve certainly noticed a positive correlation between a woman’s physical attractiveness and her having trust issues. I figure someone gets either something truly horrible (which Ellie hasn’t) or enough repetition of something negative (which does seem possible), it can turn them more than a little bitter (maybe even scarred).

      I’m a guy whose physical attractiveness is very likely in the bottom 50%, so I haven’t personally had that problem. I have had problems with other characteristics that are generally considered positive, though. People tend to see the positive possibilities and forget the negatives. I’ve yet to find a positive that doesn’t have associated negatives.

  16. When I found this comic I read through the whole thing in two days. Then I read through its TVTropes page which seemed to indicate that there was bonus material in the comment section. So then I spent the next several weeks rereading the entire comic with comments (because apparently I am a crazy person). I just finished.

    This comic is awesome and you are awesome for being its creator and/or fan. I look forward to seeing where the story goes and hopefully becoming an active member of the community.

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