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Toeing the Line

Went on little trip last weekend. APPARENTLY someone from Ripley's has been reading my comic..

5D   I'm guessing this is 3D+ride+beverage. I honestly can't imagine what they've thrown into this to acquire this 5th dimension. It's either Smell-o-vision, or it's that goofy crap where they spray water on you during the ride.

69 thoughts on “Toeing the Line

  1. *whistles* Go Ellie go!

    Seriously, she’s doing awesome here. Quinn tries to change the subject twice here, but Ellie ignores the bait both times and keeps forcing Quinn back to the topic at hand AND is keeping her own temper in check so that she retains control of the argument. Its a one sided verbal beatdown and Ellie is laying it on Quinn hard here.

    From what I can tell, years of living with her sisters has trained her well in the art of argument, coupled with dealing with customers from her jobs she has learned how to keep her temper under wraps and keep in control of the situation.

    One thing I am starting to wonder about though is Quinn’s seeming…obsessed with Ellies boobs. SHE has drawn more attention to them and brought them up a number of times since appearing in the comic…while Ellie has done so zero times so far.

    Seriously, she hasnt used her bust a single time to her advantage since the comic started, even when she could have to easily sway something to her favor. Blind Guy is probably the biggest example that comes to mind, she only offered her hand so he could feel it when asking if he could use an unemplyed live-in-girlfriend, she didnt mention what she looked like during the whole conversation.

    I still hold to the theory that Quinn is extremely insecure, though if she brings up Ellies bust one more time I’m going to start putting stock in the theory she might be attracted to Ellie.

    Keep up the good work dude, cant wait to see next weeks pages!

    1. Quinn is incredibly frail and has body-image envy of Ellie. I wouldn’t say it’s borderline attraction as much as simple mental fixation. Enough to where she’s envious to the point of making Ellie feel bad or guilty over how she looks. But I wouldn’t assume it’s just about her chest as it is about everything with Ellie’s appearance.

      Now tbh, Ellie HAS used her bust subtly in the comic. One example would be when she asks Barrel to take over the register during the kid stampede, and did the innocent looking “boob squeeze” with her arms.

      1. ‘Everything’ Ellie has? Outside of her bust the only difference I see is that Ellie is ever so slightly taller and has blonde hair. Unless its the steroytpical ‘she has a better life than me’.

        As for the ‘forearm-push-up-bra’ bit, I went back and looked at the page in question and see it. But I didnt pick up on it because Barrel was turned away from her. Had he been facing her or at least looking at her in the page I would have caught it lol. That and its a little on the arguable side, yes she used it to keep her job perhaps, but she was in this case using it to get INTO work, rather than OUT of work. Some might call that use to detrament rather than advantage lol

        1. One might additionally infer that Quinn is disatisfied with even her hair color. She does obviously dye it after all.

  2. Just out of curosity, how many people have been looking for hidden messages in Quinn’s roots for the last few pages? lol

  3. Heh, I like this update. It also occurs to me to think that previously Ellie has mentioned that she was several sisters and thus had seen the situation of Quinn-Alex-Eagan several times over. This also seems to imply that Ellie herself never did that, maybe learning from her sisters’ awkward situations. Maybe this is why her mother let her live at home for as long as she did – because she didn’t bring any undue drama home. Additionally, she recognized Eagan from high school, meaning that she actually remembered him. Either she doesn’t forget people as easily as Quinn does or Ian stands out to her.

    Also, I think it would be hilarious, karmically speaking, if Ellie and Ian ended up together.

    1. I get the image of Quinn in high school as being the sort that was pushed to the top and driven either by herself or her father. As a result she never really paid much attention to people around her and had little to no social life. The only time she WOULD take note of someone is when they were ahead of her or outperforming her.

      As a hard worker that was driven to succed, she would have noticed Ellie pretty quickly at the time as she was able to keep up or do better than her, but without actually doing the work, working as hard, or might actually HAVE been working in school but Quinn percieved her as using her genetic jackpot to cash in on slouching.

      As a result she has very little experence in interacting with people or relationships in general. She would also have a disdain of people who she see’s or percieves as having an unfair advantage and dont have to work as hard as she does.

      But thats just my observations based on what I use to see back in high school lol

      1. Yeah, it steams my rice when people get away with stunts that would land me in hot water. Hah, see, I made a cooking joke.

        But I’m also going to suggest that Quinn had some recognition of Ian Eagan back in high school, albeit subconciously at best.

        Because, we know that it seems that when she first saw him “saw him” she was flustered to the point of blushing. Ergo, she’s got the hots for him, and she didn’t know it. It’s why she’s been using her feminine wiles to get his help with her car. And McFatFat as well.

    2. They probably just ran in different circles in hs. I’m also alluding to Ellie being one of those “best days were in high school” kinda people… sine she was everything then, but not much now.

      1. I do wonder, its been alluded to but never directly stated, what kind of student was she? I mean its obvious she was a flirt, but did she actually do well or was she a sloucher or what? Its been made obvious that she isnt stupid, she’s very clever and picks things up quickly enough. Where did she fall on the grading scale I suppose would be what I’m asking.

        Main reason is that if she actually did pretty well and got high marks, it would explain why Quinn dislikes her as much as she does. Not just having better water from the gene pool but also placing high in their class would make an enemy of quite a few people. To this day I am still surprised at just how defensive people could get of their placement within a graduating class.

        1. Let’s not forget from the first, she was rebutting Quinn’s claim to the genetic jackpot that Ellie was continuously being passed up into the egg head classes. MORE FOOD JOKES!!!

          But that she had to show off the bras when Victorian Secreted had a sale.

    3. If Ellie and who-the-hell-is-Ian ended up together, it would be a frightening outcome. I think Quinn would call up her father, who would use his ties with the Bulgarian mob to “green-light” Ellie. They would hire a man named Boris, aka “The Baker”, to work at the restaurant at which Ellie and Ian have their third date. Boris would prepare a very nice meal for them, finishing with his signature dessert: a garash filled with live, venomous space finches.

      At the last moment, Future Quinn will arrive from the future to save Ellie, only to find that who-the-hell-is-Ian has already taken a bite. As he begins to transform, Ellie and Future Quinn escape to find the antidote. Eventually they track down the guy who

      1. Damnit, I hit post before I was done. Serves me right for writing this stuff on my smartphone.

        Guess we’ll never know how it was supposed to end. Trust me, it was good. There was even a cool dance scene.

        1. Eventually they track down the Baker, only to find that he has succumbed to his own almond flavored dental work. Ian has been given the antidote and Future Quinn reveals that they both must live in order for the United States of America to survive the invasion from Venus in 2785.

        2. How can you feel small and insignificant now when you’ve taken your pills and put your spacesuit on?

          Which fanfic is this? Where’s your fanfic?

  4. This soothed my aching heart who was in need of drama and confrontation. I feel good about this. Hahah Ellie is verbally destroying Quinn.

        1. Seriously, I don’t know if this is going to deem me weird, but the first thing I do on Tuesday and Fridays is read your comic. I don’t even get out of bed first I just look it up on my phone. Yeah, I’m not ashamed.

        2. I envy that phone, maybe. I don’t know you. Did we go to high school together with Ian what’s his name?

        3. Him and your old roommate, who fell out the window. We don’t even know if she’s alive, did we ever check on her?!? Hmmmmm

    1. I’ts strange reading this and knowing that Ellie is inocent of all charges, and basically listened to onlt the “shoulder angel,” while Quinn won’t accept anything other than her theory of Ellie being besties with her “shoulder demon.”

  5. Wow, I never expected to see Ellie have the upper hand over Quinn, and I also never expected Quinn to not be favorite character anymore. . . New Fanbase for Tired Guy!

    1. Nah, TiredGuy is a creep. Who knows what he’s got in that tank. And be very weary of people who refer to themselves with given nicknames. Unless your in Texas. Unless that guy refers to himself as Gen. Santa Anna.

  6. Well to be fair, Quinn, Alex tried to kiss Ellie after she said “no” to his advances and while she was trying to escape. Even if she gave the wrong impression earlier that evening, she was pretty clear at the end. Alex, like many guys in those situations, just saw/heard/did what he wanted.

    Also, go Ellie! Quinn thinks she’s so perfect as she points out everyone else’s faults – it’s about time somebody called her out. And so direct too, not in that mocking, better-than-thou tone Quinn seems to have. To be honest, Ellie… *whispers* I’m a little turned on.

    And Tired Guy, be patient, you’ll have your turn to yell again. That is, unless you kick the bucket in the next couple pages. Which is certainly possible.

  7. i love how during much of the “conversation” will ellie, quinn kept turning her head and body away, a sure sign that she knows what she is doing is moraly wrong, but doesn’t want to deal with it. she thinks she is untouchable and can’t get caught. but the fact that ellie caught on to her makes her not even want to acknowledge the hole she has been digging even more.

  8. Tired Guy is easily becoming one of my favorites after that “…Tired Guy was yelling at her first…” line.

    And I am thoroughly enjoying the verbal beat down that Ellie is giving Quinn. It’s one thing to accuse someone of wrong doing, but when you call someone a “tramp”, your mouth has just written a mighty big check, that you’d better hope you can cash. And Quinn’s “bank account” is showing “insufficient funds” on that transfer.

  9. Urg getting seriously bored of Quinn talking. Every time she opens her mouth I think “Somewhere in your brain there is a switch labeled reality/delusions that needs to be flipped”. Please tell me she has some redeeming qualities because she is looking pretty 2D right now.

  10. I’m a fairly new reader (been lurking for a few weeks), and this has become one of the webcomics I most eagerly look forward to updates.

  11. Love how even Tired Guy now refers to himself as Tired Guy. Will Tired Guy now only refer to himself in third person?? TheGeek hopes so.

    Also, new silhouettes on cast page, yea!?!?

    1. Thanks for sharing this, I had to go look myself and now I realize that the greyed out cast members at the bottom much be Ellie and her sisters! I’m excited about this.

  12. I totally want Ellie to shout out “That Pikame was fabulous and you’re just jealous nobody wants to draw you as a Pikayou!”

    1. Yeah, I’m going to have to say that I agree with that too. I’m going to need you to come in on Saturday. And I’m going to have to take that red stapler too.

  13. I love how Tired Guy refers to himself as such ^^

    And Quinn in panels eight and nine is just perfect!

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