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Trial by Fryer

I don't have an Supplementals today... mostly since all the extra content is up there ^ This is another marathon strip, since I haven't done one since 88mph=Time Travel. If any of you have noticed (stop lying, you haven't) the strip length is in direct correlation to the humor (if any.) There really isn't even a joke in this one. But it accomplishes two things. 1)You, as the reader, don't spend three weeks reading "Ellie makes fries." ...being that this strip is 6x's the length of the norm. If the humor needs more of a set up, I'll stretch it into a double (and even those are a bit of work.) But a... uh.. sextuplet? Sextuple strip?... is grueling. This was 2 1/2 days of non stop line art and coloring. But the end results are worth it since 2) I'm bettering myself as an artist. Sounds corny, I know. But it's for our mutual benefit. So happily, this strip is as tuple as it is sexy. For a bit of strip commentary, meet Ernesto. He comes in many shapes and spawns, but he is a coworker you have met before. He will rip your arm off for simply being new. You will never do his former job as good as he did, even if that consists only of toilet-scrubbery. You will not please him. He plots your death on break.

3 thoughts on “Trial by Fryer

  1. I worked with a guy like that at my first McD’s job.
    …He was an ass, but for some reason I did feel bad when he kicked a month after I met him.

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