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Aww. Those were his favorite pants!

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  1. The answer to the question from the other day? No, there is nothing that they won’t steal. That’s half the fun!

    Now, break out them boards, and get your grind on. Or, would it be anti-grind? Glide, that’s it. Get your glide on!

    1. Indecent exposure, inciting mass hysteria, grand theft power chair, and now destruction of a public playhouse while on said stolen power chair, as well as assault with same. Indeed, there is no crime the Buckingham girls won’t commit, no matter how outlandish or ludicrous it may be.

    2. No, the question posed was, is there no crime that the Buckingham Sisters will do?

      public playhouse? They were still in the Toys R Us. This is destruction of private property. But in order to quell a riot and incapacitate evil doers… meh.

      That’s a girl who knows how to take charge. And also, should be the question of why Mr. Redhead doesn’t ask boys out.

      The stolen stuff, possibly the lego playsets, Mr First lasso, and the other stuff in the Sisters’ possesion.

      1. Rusche called Pumpagon half a virgin, so I’m taking that as confirmation Tarra hasn’t avoided dating. I don’t think he’s going to go there with Pumpkin her at her age.

        Not theft unless they leave the store without paying for them, but it is destruction of property, which has some degree of criminality (or maybe it’s just civil, but the police do get involved).

        Also, considering Ginger’s rush, this leaves Ellie a very limited window to do something illegal to avoid being the odd sister out.

  2. You would think that they would have learned to not mess with a Buckingham Mother. Ah well, some lessons must be re-taught.

      1. Hey wait one more? Then you could of put Pumpagon on the cast page she would of been there for about a week.

        Side question what is with the D52 squares on the cast page?

        1. The collection of 52 individually numbered squares located at the bottom of the cast page that all go to the same link, a logo containing the word “D52” along with what looks like a bundle of dynamite.

        2. Lousy Internet and its inability to convey tone, making me look like a jackass in front of all the readership…I can make myself look like a jackass just fine, thank you…and yes, mother, I’m talking to myself again, do you mind if we finish our conversation??

        3. As awesomesauce this could potentially be, I don’t think that it could be appropriately done unless Pu– Mr. Yellowish-Red and Mr. Redhead where phasing out while Pumpagon were to phase in to replace them. And back and forth. It’d have to be an animation of some sort. Add either STAR TREK style transporter effects or just a television sort of an effect, like the RING perhaps. If I had the stuff, I’d have done it.

          Or perhaps, let them all flicker out and then Pumpagon stands posing on top of the mountain, Mr. Grey attempting to knock hers over. (Plural intended), Mr. Lavender grabbing the leg a’ la STAR WARS and NATIONAL LAMPOON’S VACATION, Ci- Mr. Reddish-Yellow slap fighting with Mr. Black while holding onto climbing ropes with Mr. Rainbow dangling from a precipice unscrewing her flask. Mr. Not Mine would be drifting from above in a parachute with the Union Jack on it.

          But that’s me.

        4. You’re made of a Star Wars-style pose of seven women? I’d thought 6’3″ was tall, but they must be fairly short women not to be taller than that.

  3. I’m just wondering if she managed to get the scooter revved up that fast with one super-powerful Mom-Stare…….

      1. AWWWWwww. I’d have at least expected TOG to have clicked on the link. The guy has a Guinness Record for having the world’s fastest (clocked) mobility scooter at just over 70 m.p.h.

        1. Sorry, my net security tendencies wax and wane and are on a high point at the moment after some things from last week. That tends to reduce my clicking on random links.

  4. Was around half the League of Revengencers just beaten by a soccer mom on a Rascal?

    …sigh…I wonder if that league run by that horse is still hiring?

      1. Nah, that’s no contest. Ginger’s there to get things done, not compete, she’ll take his wheelchair out while he thinks she’ll fight and then she’ll just leave him in the dust.

    1. The league of fail has outlived its usefulness. I got my pink hoverboard (the only color that’s canon) and just cleared the checkout. I feel like Mr. Pink in that movie about the diamond heist, except I don’t think there’s a mob of angry police waiting outside to gun me down. Thanks guys, good luck with the crazy revenge thing.

        1. Traitor? I’m not the one who lost sight of the mission (obtain hoverboard) for the sake of following a ninja in a wheel chair who has some very obvious issues. Is he a nerd? Does he understand what it’s like to stand in line for merch? Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome having a hoverboard is.

      1. I will track you down backwards if I have to, you spider wannabe. We can just go and fight this fight without you and your cans of fun string. *turns to walk backwards away.*

        mmmphm mphphmm mmfffph mmmfphff.

        1. I like the passion BB but the mask he’s been made fun of for wearing renders him unidentifiable once he takes it off. I think you guys got played.

        2. Okay, that has to be ten times worse than the smell of feral nerds when they descend upon San Diego Comic Con.

          At least we know ONE person Tarr– Mr. Redhead will not be asking out.

  5. Bad Horse, Bad Horse, Bad Horse, He’s Bad!

    The Evil League of Evil
    Mostly defunct since March ’09
    But there’s no way you’d get in
    So it works out fine!

    Bad Horse has a thing ’bout hipsters
    You won’t find work within
    So do not even bother
    To send that app back in!

  6. It’s not over yet. As annoying as the song is don’t forgot how the chorus actually goes. Sure they got knocked down, but I’m willing to bet they’ll get up again.

    1. For those of you I just completely confused I am of course referencing the song Tubthumper by Chumbawumba that Chris named this particular comic after. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard it, EVERYONE has heard it. Whether they wanted to or not. Good luck getting it out of your head now.

      Mine is an evil laugh… MWUHAHAHAHAHA-HAha…

      1. Still…soccer mom. Rascal. It just doesn’t look good for the whole league at this point. Even if they do get up, their credibility is just shot.

      2. That toy roof she just ripped off can be used for more than just getting two or three sisters’ attention. She could sling it around at whatever resistance is left. I mean, if she’s going fast enough to to knock the fat guy that high in the air, a quick turn roof fling would be well within inertial bounds. Ouch, right in the wheelchair.

        1. Wait a minute. I just had the image of the roof pulling the opposite effect of what Knight Rider did with the car and the truck. Since he’s got the wheeled vehicle, the roof, if at the proper angle and momentum, and if he’s at a standstill (on purpose) the roof should propel him into the air and render him out of commission with the sudden flight. But I’m hoping that the girls are on top of the roof, so Mr. Lavender would have to be riding near the front, with Pumpagon holding onto the chimney, which would give the roof added mass to its inertial momentum when striking the Wheelchair Ninja’s chair, thus tossing him higher in the air than he’d be with the roof alone.

        2. I think Ginger would try to shake at least Pumpagon before hitting Wheelchair Ninja with the roof. If Tarra is particularly dominant then it might be a delay as she decided to humor him with fighting it out again. Though since Ellie has the board she cares about, maybe that’d be a planned distraction, too.

  7. Wow, looks like all the ‘Spice Girls’ have that…rage mode thing, though we cant be sure if Pumpkin has it or not as this is a fused form (kinda like how we dont know if Vegata has a sense of humor or not for the same reason)

    Though it looks like Ellie *coughs* grew a bit in that last pannel mate lol

    I was curious, didnt get to ask when it happened but a few pages ago Quinn was poking Ellie like her sisters were about her being a lesbian, I dont recall her seeing or hearing the sisters poking Ellie prior to that, how exactly did she get in on that?

    That aside, I’m hoping this isnt the last we’ll see of the whimzy that is the Fusion Dance…would have been nice to actually see Terra and Pumpkin do it I admit lol.

    Fuuuu <-.–.-> sionnnn ^-.-^ ^-.-^ haaaa! >-.-><-.-<


    1. The girls are slightly deformed in the last panel, so that’s probably why their proportions may seem different. This story is going on long enough, so I couldn’t spend a whole comic drawing the actual dance. It plays funnier to me being a sudden ‘WTF-happened’ gag when it shows Ellie by her.

      I wouldn’t assume Quinn got in on the joke with Ellie’s sisters, though I can play it out like that by the end. It’s probably that Quinn actually caught her looking at her ass. Ginger messed with her head, and Ellie fell right into it.

      1. I actually think it’s funnier for Quinn to not be in on the joke and just be left wondering why Ellie’s so sensitive all of a sudden.

        1. Perhaps, and yes the crockpot joke DID make it perfect, but the ‘hate seeing me leave but love watching me go’ bit lends towards her being in on the joke.

          If she’s not however, and as Rusche said Quinn caught her looking at her ass…makes me wonder if I found more of a gold mine in this web comic than I initially though lol

          Thanks for answering my questions Rusche, as always :)

          Might make a side special showing the fusion dance someday, or perhaps make it gift for donators ;)

        2. I just got texted to make sure I came on to say “QUIT THAT WE HAVE TO LOOK FOR GOKU.” There I said it. Now if you don’t mind, some of us have jobs.

        3. Would being aborbed by Cell make it more likely she’d win at Monopoly? I don’t think I ever really understood how that worked.

        4. He was some character in that crazy cartoon they used to watch. You know, the one with the crazy guys who turned blonde and into monkeys and stuff and travelled around collecting balls and making wishes? I think they were all named after vegtables and pants or something. It’s the one that gave Tarra the idea for the fusion dance.

        5. I think the adorbed would be the world you’re thinking of, aborbed just looks like a typo. A drunken typo I would assume.

        6. I’ll go with the drunken typo. Like with the crockpot joke, mah brains done assploded with this story arc, and keeps filling in crackpot (i.e. Dr. Emmett Brown) and Quinn is the author of the quote when it was supposed to be Mr. Rainbow.

          I’m borken.

        7. But wouldn’t that just be a re-affirmation of Qu– Mr. Not Mine’s previously formed attitude brought back to make the easy “get me away from these people” that Cinn– Mr. Reddish-Yellow prefers to holiday shopping.

          I mean, she did seem happy when she was looking AT THE DRESS THAT WAS 50% OFF *cough* Do you know how hard it is to say things in bold font? *cough* I kind of caught her saying the “you hate to see me leave but love to watch me go” in a similar light as “I get it, you have a large family, let’s skip the one that makes Thanksgiving awkward” remark.

          I’m thinking that Qu– Mr. Not Mine is going to be keeping that weapon in her personal arsenal, not as a wall, but as a shield that will be used from time to time. Or, in the more recent use, as a sharp, pointy spear to poke fun at someone.

        8. Quinn could’ve caught Ellie looking during the dress try on with the “Stupid Sexy Quinn” comment by Ellie. And now that she’s noticed a nerve it wouldn’t be odd for Quinn to mercilessly use it against Ellie.

          I don’t know if evil mode Cinn counts as rage mode, and I haven’t seen anything remotely rage-ish out of Juniper (that looks like it’d be WAY too much energy). Anise’s examples all could’ve been more hyperactive in general than enraged.

        9. From Rusche’s comments we’re still waiting for clarification on which of Ginger’s brood is Juniper’s biological child and there’s the possibility of the meeting between Quinn & Juniper which he described as wouldn’t be met with Quinn Rage as something regarding Juniper would take the wind out of her sails (though that might be later in the story too).

          I doubt Ginger will feel like twisting the knife with Ellie while she’s in a getting things done mode.

        10. We are all pretty sure that Juniper’s kid is the third youngest, the blonde one with the # on his cheeks. The other three are all too old or too young.

        11. First and second are definitely too old. I do think the youngest might barely be in range (he could be one and a half, perhaps). But either way, unless it got cut from this arc for time, it was supposed to come up in conversation somewhere.

        12. Third kid is my guess. Juniper is four years older than Ellie and Cinnamon, and she was held back for two years, so that alone should suggest that she was one year ahead of the twins. Not for lack of trying. (Is that a knife?)

          And it’s been a year since Ellie and Cinnamon graduated (Assuming Cinnamon graduated), my “ranking” toddler size makes me think that Asperand is too small for a time range between 1 – 2 years. Or at least 1 – 1.75 years, since Juniper stole band boy at the end of Junior year??

          ARCHIVE DIVE!!

          Zane was the sophomore year Quinn boyfriend. So, I think we’re looking at a 2 – 3 year time range.

        13. I concede. I remembered Juniper had been held back but didn’t look for time differences. If she’d been held back to equal with the other three and it’d been Jr. year BF she stole, then the youngest would’ve been in range (just barely). With the additional year then yup he’s too young.

  8. …is it wrong for me to think that Pumpagon might be the cutest sister? Maybe it’s just the ponytail, I dunno. Anyone? It is? Oh, we’ll, nevermind then.

    I find myself wondering who got the other three boards. There were two pinks, so I’m not sure why Mr. Canon is still there since the guys were sorting through what was left earlier unless they all somehow ended up /without/ one…

    Also, I predict an epic confrontation with a wheelchair that ends with the scooter swerving and a giant plastic house’s momentum dealing with the problem.

    1. I like that theory, but my money’s on a plastic house’s roof turning into an impromptu ramp that a wheelchair will launch itself over.

      1. That and I’d absolutely love to be able to say–

        “Well sir, it was right about then that the Wheelchair Ninja knew he was in a heap o’ trouble.”

        1. Possibly, but I think it’s too much to hope that Wheelchair Ninja’s wheelchair plays the first 12 notes of “Dixie.”

        2. That’d be totes redic. Wait, I have to check to make sure I’m using it correctly. brb. Arcdive.

          And I’m back, with the correction made.

          That’d be totes redic.

      2. I’m with Erik thinking Ginger’s going to administering her own brand of justice with a plastic playhouse roof, but I’m betting by Rusche’s mention that Pumpagon’s only in one more strip that we’ll see what happens next comic.

  9. Side question for Rusche:

    Did Ellie actually prepare by wearing comfy slip-on shoes, or are laces one of those things that are just really frustrating to draw? In my limited time drawing I know I learned to have every coat be a zip-up one because drawing buttons was a royal chore and it was easier to do it the other way.

    1. It’s just more to draw. I can’t spend the extra time on it unless there’s a specific look I’m getting from laces I want for that character. Like if Anise wore knee-high goth boots with bold laces on them, I would draw them then. Or with characters wearing skates. Something like that. Just time. Same reason I don’t draw earrings,

        1. Cinn wore tri-color stripes for her birthday party. Also Ginger has a teal-ish stripe on her shirt under her coat and Pumpkin’s scarf was two color striped. Also Caz in his elf outfit had three colors used as would fit with the outfit. So it’s not only single color, it’s just Rusche doesn’t seem to tend towards making different T-shirt/clothing designs for characters all the time (I’m thinking Questionable Content or Nerf This as comics that switch out T-shirts a lot).

        2. I was referring specifically to today’s comic. Hence “is wearing” and not “only wears”. If I really questioned Chris’ willingness to detail his work you’d merely need to refer me to some of his beautiful backdrops (er, but not today’s though – today’s comic is a bad example for that too), as they are usually very detailed.

          I wasn’t being critical; my comment was tongue-in-cheek.

        3. Sorry. One of the stages of sleep deprivation for me is being too literal and spotting deviations. I don’t know if having that as a half awake reflex is trained into computer people or if people with that reflex gravitate there as it’s easier.

    1. No, she proved she could handle Pumpagon, at least a little, NOT Tarra. I still think Pumpagon from a power/capability stance is lower ranked than Tarra crab walking with one hand holding her diagonal ankle so she’s only using two limbs and not being allowed to ever slow down to under 45 mph.

        1. Tarra’s seems to be. We haven’t seen if that carries over to Pumpagon or was lost in the merge. Could go either way.

        1. This situation is precisely where using the term ‘pants’ as an expletive comes in handy. Try it for a week, surprise your friends. The meaning is very clear from tone of voice, but I find people are surprised not to hear something more traditional at that point.

        2. *thinks*



          Help, I can’t tell if I’m mmmmmmmmphing or gooingmph

  10. “I’m very disappointed in you three… two..? Er, no, three? Whatever!”

    Also, I like how backwards-bank-robber tore the back of his pants… Or is it the front now..?

      1. She most certainly can blame Ellie. She’s a mom. That means hold all involved accountable and let them sort out who owes one to whom.

  11. I almost think Ginger’s voice in this comic should’ve been reverse colored (black background with orange text. Something that implies “pissed off to the point of demon voice” sort of thing. Maybe I’ve just read too many comics that do the white text on black background for demon voice when character turns from normal to “dark form” or whatever.

  12. Completely unrelated note, is anybody else creeped out by the artwork for “Bum Rush” in the advertising banner? It’s like someone tried to breed Rayman with a Playboy Playmate or something.

    1. I’ve been reading that one actually. I followed an ad from Wapsi Square the week before last. It’s by the guy who used to do Chimneyspeak (which was in my bookmarks that I was theoretically thinking of getting to someday but I never did and it’s down now). This one is tamer than the bit I read of Chimneyspeak (which definitely counted as at least R rated, or possibly X, but I don’t recall well enough and can’t go check it now), but there are definitely some weird angles at times with drawing a woman without arms who looks to have a bra size on the order of 24K or so that just look wrong. Not just as in disturbing, but also in terms of ways that I think he needs to fix his art for an armless character (I noticed at least one panel where the bottom curve of a breast from side view joined to the top of the same breast at her shoulder, which probably would’ve looked fine with an arm in front of it). On the other hand, panels in a comic will go back and forth between looking normal at first glance and being kinda’ jarring, but I think that’s intended as the main character isn’t down on herself at all and just views the lack of arms as, “Meh, I was born this way. I’ve adapted. Nothing to be concerned about.”

      The author has stated in the comments there that he’s considering it a parody of comic superhero body types and has the main character discuss it in-panel in a comic last week. The comic doesn’t seem to take itself particularly seriously at the moment with some fourth wall flexing (but not quite breaking), though it hasn’t been up long, so hard to tell if that’s the beginning or how he intends it.

      I’m not familiar with Rayman, but I saw someone mention it in the comments as believing this was obviously thinking of it when it was created. Main character in this was born armless and has some form of brain interface mechanical floating hands she uses sometimes. Her personality is in the “gamer girl” direction and she’s having the “Damn this is cool!” reaction to getting a bunch of toys to get to be a superhero as you would expect. Her attitude is pretty upbeat so far.

      Don’t know you or your taste, so can’t say if I think you’d like it or not, but that’s the best summary I can give. Hope it’s helpful.

  13. Web Page question: When I go to http://shotgunshuffle.com, at the top of the browser it says “Shotgun Shuffle Updates Every Tuesday / Friday”

    Inside the banner, at the top of the page, on the right side, it says “Every MWF”.

    Putting them together means we now get daily updates, right? right? ratstantulas!

    I like the idea of a mobility scooter being able to go fast enough to actually bowl over miscreants.

    Also not so sure about Lego kits for her boys with the toddler around. :)

    1. ‘nother question: why does my previous comment say “Your comment is awaiting moderation?” Is that because I included a link?

    2. Something is hanging up the Website tagline from being modified to correct the new update schedule. It’s on the to-do list of fixes. Any comment with a url or link or whatever has to be approved by me. Helps prevent spammers. If I’m away from my computer for a while I’d hate to come back to someone linking to porn.

  14. So the question nobody has asked yet…does Pumpagon have the same speech quirks as the two who make her up? Or does it average out so that they never use the letter “L”?

    1. I remember the no X thing with Tarra being mentioned by commenters and possibly endorsed used by Rusche. I don’t remember a letter Pumpkin avoided, though. Where did that come up?

      1. Sayyy. What if Tar– Mr. Redhead can’t use the letter X because of her ability to do the Fusion Dance.

        I’m also wondering if the sisters can do the Neutron Dance, without the Eddie Murphy junk. .

        1. I just took the numerical value of the letter Tarra doesn’t say and divided it by two. That’s science, right?

  15. Aw man, ANOTHER silhouette? This cast gets much bigger, I’m going to have to start making relationship flow charts!

    …that isn’t a complaint, I like relationship flow charts.

    1. Some of these are stories that are still out there a ways. I’m just putting up the art as I get done with it. The new stuff that’s up now is all the simpler stuff.

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