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Next one up around maybe 10 or 11.  I'm just giving this one its full 2 days and still tinkering with color on the next strip. I'm on central time as well... unless I'm really running late like when I thought I'd have the last one up by noon. That's when I'm on Hawaiian-time. I got another awesome review of my webcomic. This time from Erik At The Gates. Very well written, and very complimentary. Thanks for the love, Erik. Everyone, show him some back and visit his blog HERE.

155 thoughts on “Turnabout

    1. I’m hard pressed, in fact, to say what the high point was on this one. Panel 2’s “Urge to kill…rising” subtext, the iNimbus’ less-than-triumphant return, Juniper’s pawn shop misadventure, and the crockpot point are all such joys.

      1. My favorite part was the “Her attitude may be rubbing off, though.”

        Well, that and the “you showed her how to style her hair short.” *snort*

    1. This puts the look on Quin’s face yesterday in a different light. As well as her Batwoman knowledge.

      Que the Elle as Stephany Brown Batgirl (or Robin) / Quin as Batwoman fan /Art and /Fiction!

    1. That makes me think of JD and Turk from Scrubs. They got a lot of people thinking they were a gay couple too, and you gotta admit they got as gay as two guys could get without actually doing real gay stuff. The idea of Ellie and Quinn having the same sort of relationship would be so awesomely amazing.

      1. JD and Turk was just a reformat of the Odd Couple’s Felix and Oscar.

        At least with a female perspective, there may be more fighting and less cleaning.

        And to hell with that damn honk of his. Irritating. Almost as irritating as the girl who would sneeze in high school.

        1. Tell that to people either in San Francisco, while keeping all references to the show out of the question, to see what they say; or go online and act like JD or Turk in a chat room, and see what they say again, keeping all references out of it.

          They’ll be all, “OMG you are soooooooooooo……”

  1. I want to make a comment about ‘Grouchy Young Women’ but I can’t think of anything clever enough to go with.

        1. You did say “Beyond Fatal.” I can only imagine this implies turning us into the ‘undead.’ Or did you mean something like double-death or hyper-death?

        2. I will create a quantum anomaly where you are trapped in a pocket of space-time, being continuously killed by me, over and over for eternity.

        3. You know, way back when Ellie said she had a couple horror movies on hand, I figured they’d be low-tension kids’ stuff like “Leprechaun” or something. Maybe a “Scream” at the outside. But it sounds like she’s packing at least some “Event Horizon” for something like that quantum anomaly business, so, yeah…respect to Ellie.

        4. It’s nice to know that Mr. Blue isn’t the only person who enjoys a good hard hitting science fiction thriller that scares the beejezus’es out of ya.

        5. Is lezbo stew what the new crock pot is for? Is lezbo stew even a thing or are you just making up slang?

        6. Oh no, I followed the subreference just fine. I’m just saying it’s bad practice to insult Anise. We’ve seen what she can do.

  2. Never thought I’d be sympathizing with Cinnamon. Yes Cinnamon… Hate… people… too… *blackout rage*

    Also, kind of weird that they thought “roommate” was a euphemism. I mean, she got kicked out, needed a place to stay. Not really in the position to be choosey about where, ya know? Was she supposed to shack up with a strange dude or something?

    That said, I do agree they make a cute couple. Quinn. Go for it. Buy the crockpot.

    1. Definitely get the crock pot. Three pounds of meat, two pounds of veggies, various spices and seasonings, and three and one half to four cups of cooked rice.

      And since I got the fat separator, I’ve been having less and less fatty tasting leftovers. Although, smoked hog’s jowls are awesome in the crock pot.

      What, I’m frigging single.

      Hi. My name is Mr. Blue, and I hate crowds.

    2. Actually, if you think about it, they probably DID expect Ellie to ‘shack up with some strange dude’–or at least, find a guy whom she could tease into thinking he had a chance with her in exchange for ‘easy terms’ on rent. That she didn’t take that route is obviously a case of her exceeding her family’s expectations. In such cases, it’s not uncommon for cognitive dissonance to kick in–they took the new information (“Ellie isn’t sponging off a guy” and “Ellie is living with a girl”) and then turned around and came up with the lesbian theory, which would fit their expected narrative much better.

      1. Please, we saw her reaction to Dirty Hippie when he came onto her even a little bit, she wanted to bolt. After he come on to her hard, she bolted his jaw to the ceiling with one hell of an uppercut.

        She didn’t even take the find a rich boyfriend route because of all of the drama and teasing her sisters did to the guys. And we even see part of the expected routine through Cinnamon’s moving back home.

        Frankly, I think that Ellie is very comfortable with what she wants and expects. However, in being the lazy one, she doesn’t show enough clues to her family to let them know that she’s interested in Pumpkin’s teacher.

        But is it really cognitive dissonance, or just dysfunctionalism, or just politically correct in order to provide fan service. I for one do not think that Chris will perform fanservice in that manner. However, he is a tease. :D

        1. I don’t remember, but has Ellie yet made the connection between Blind Guy and Mr. Stevens? I don’t think she has.

          On top of that, if Tarra was going to meddle in Ellie’s “announcement,” how much do you think they would meddle in her not-quite-dating relationship? I suspect it’d’be more, because they’d be less cautious. Ellie would know this, and seeing as how, again, dating hasn’t really started, would probably not bring up the idea to avoid such a circumstance.

          Or, ya know, she’s lazy.

        2. Ellie has not made the connection in-comic. I have a hazy memory of confirmation from Rusche in a comment that it’ll be quite obvious when she does find out, so I think we can trust that she didn’t find out off camera.

      2. That’s fine, I understand how they might assume Ellie is a lesbian. But even if it is true, Quinn actually is her roommate. It’s not a case of “Ellie has a girlfriend whom she calls her ‘roommate’ as a way of keeping their true relationship a secret”, but rather “I totally heard Ellie and her roommate are doin’ it these days”. It’s not a euphemism is I guess all I was really saying.

  3. Oh, that reminds me. We need new towels. I think the department store had a special on “His” and “Hers” styles. I could just get two different colored “Hers” if you don’t mind, save some money. Pay me back later.

    …oh hey, your phone still works. Who are you talking to?

    1. My sister. Also, don’t forget to buy new pillows. We destroyed all the old ones with that last pillow fight.

        1. Never heard of it, but if it’s a recipe you know, I’ll assume you can’t have any open flames within fifty feet of it because of the alcohol cooking out.

          Oh, Ellie, there’s a store over here selling these huge two person beanbag “love seats.” One of those would probably be better than what you’re sleeping on now. Ask your family to get you one.

  4. I wonder if mom is gonna try to have enough of us that this becomes a question. Or does that statistic apply to boys?

    1. The more I review the archives as I put together wiki links the more foreshadowing I find. Rusche obviously has the long term story planned put.

      1. Yeah, I seem to remember some comments from him about three or four large story arcs and I think we’re less than half-way through the first arc. I know he said KK would be in a later cast page because in the final story arc she’d be a main character where Ellie would be an occasional character at that point. I think he said he’s got the story laid out several years in advance for the major plot points.

  5. Nice– been there done that- (family thought the same thing- since I was roomates with my buddy from college for 8 years (although to be fair we were in college for seven of those.)

    By the way— don’t normally like being that guy– next to last panel..

    Its “responsible”

    1. I hope she’s still got all the warranty certificate, receipt and original packing (if there was one)!

      On the other hand: I think bringing your phone to a black friday sale in a mall pretty much renders void all claims to warranty adjustment.

  6. And if anyone tried to get to *my* review, I had some website troubles, but they’re fixed now. Not that anyone is interested, I guess I’ll just go over here and watch the grass grow, maybe do a little whittling… =^_^=

      1. Pepperidge Farms remembers a lot of things. Many of them may not have happened at all. But you won’t call Pepperidge Farms on it. Oh no. Not you.

        1. Want to bet? I’d call that GED telelphone number just to see if they do have pre-recorded pep talks from those starts mentioned. And if they even did have Christopher Lloyd, I’d ask him all about TAXI

        2. Pepperidge Farms knows you’re full of it. Pepperidge Farms dares you to call that number and see if there are any pep-talks on hand.

          …Pepperidge Farms denies all involvement with Christopher Lloyd.

        3. Pepperidge Farms advises you to bring your A-game, son, because you may be walking over down a tree-lined lane in the deepest part of summer, but you’re limping back in the cold, cold grip of winter. And there will be no Milanos and hot chocolate for you. Just the cold sting of Pepperidge Farms’ fist in your teeth.

  7. HA! I thought Ellie would be considered, erm, suspect. Especially when she dragged Quinn to the Thanksgiving dinner, considering what Quinn was speculating when she was trying to find out if Ellie had a gay sister.

    Plus, a girl with Ellie’s looks and personality not having a boyfriend would get anyone wondering. Incorrectly, of course. It is adorable how you threw in the crock pot panel, making the two look so very domestic. I admit, I would not object if the comic went in that direction. Actually, I would probably squee for days. They would be rather adorable together if they just were not quite as straight.

    Unrelated, but Cin looks so cute. And tiny. Is she very petite, or just a bit smaller than the folks in the crowd?

    1. Bull.

      Okay, I’m trying not to go hulk on this response. It’s irritating to be singled out by individuals in society because you don’t seem to fit in with society. Being single all that time and stuff. Not having a boy friend. Well, maybe six sisters and all that drama crap will do that to Ellie.

      I don’t know what’s worse, having the insinuation come from your oldest sibling, or having someone ask you in the church anteroom.

      1. Note that Jamilee does stress that the assumption the family is making is incorrect–so if anything, he’s simply noting, as you are, that society tends to do a lot of stupid stereotyping that then causes a lot of problems, as well. It particularly puts the person being asked in a bad spot, because you simultaneously have to deny the assumption (in order to be truthful), and not accidentally veer into making it sound like the idea is offensive in and of itself (something that isn’t part of the equation if, say, someone makes a bad assumption about your hobbies).

        1. Freemage makes a lot of good points, and I personally dealt with this myself at one point so I know how easily people jump to this conclusion (in my case I was working 50ish hours a week and attending college full time so my schedule permitted very little social life, when I started dating one of the managers at work the almost universal response from everyone else at work was, “aren’t you gay?”) I think it stems from the fact that people are bothered by the unknown. They will classify you based on the information they have available no matter how incomplete.

        2. My standard response when questions on my own sexuality come up is that I know I’m not homosexual, because if I were capable of giving up on women I would’ve done it a LONG time ago.

          If pressed I admit I don’t know with certainty that I’m not bisexual, as I’ve never really given men a chance sexually, but I don’t have any reason to suspect it and that they’ll have to leave that as speculation on their part because I’m not planning on exploring that in the foreseeable future.

    2. I found the nice touch with the crock pot to be Quinn’s facial expression. Very uncommon for Quinn as pictured in-comic, and thus very open to misinterpretation, but also completely normal for platonic relationship too.

      I don’t really care either way, but I don’t see Ellie & Quinn heading toward romance with each other as likely any time soon, even as a twist. Doesn’t quite fit with story in current state, and would leave too many loose ends. I could see something like a drunken “well we’ve never tried this” as possible, maybe even one without massive awkwardness afterwards, but nothing past that without a lot more story progress first.

      1. It’s just one of those moments where you go to someone with a comment/complaint, and it’s completely turned around on you unexpectedly. Like going to your boss and saying “Hey, Mark goofs off and talks all day at work. He’s not getting anything done.” Boss say “Really? I see you doing the same thing.” Then you’re completely thrown off your horse and onto your sword.

      2. I’m reminded of the Buffy/Satsu deal from the comics.

        I also can’t help but notice everybody’s believing Ellie isn’t, but nobody’s discussing Quinn.

        1. I knew someone who has some similarities with Quinn. They were in multiple bad relationships with the same type of person. When they came out, they said it was like they were punishing themself for not being honest about who they were. Seeing as Quinn’s had less than great taste in men (a cheater, a scumbag, and, well, Eagan doesn’t really seem to have much direction in life unless he hits that big break), I’m not saying it’s likely she’d come out, I’m just saying it wouldn’t blow my mind if it happened.

        2. whoa whoa whoa. Eagan may be lazy, but at least he’s got more than one job, a roof, and is able to eat. Did you think much of Run-DMC when they were in that Aerosmith video “Walk This Way” I didn’t. And now, DMC was in the GED commercial.

          Besides, being an entertainer takes a lot of low paying, low reward jobs so that the artist can be the artist that they want to be. And if Eagan wants to be the low effort DJ party guy in Lakeland Florida, he’s at least got a start.

  8. Rusche, thanks for the link, it was very unexpected. I linked it originally just to let you know that there are fans willing to spread the word about how much the hard work you do is appreciated, it wasn’t my intent to try to draw in more readers. The fact you’d do that is extremely appreciated.

    Also, thanks for the words. The thing I’m always the most paranoid about is my writing, I’m always trying to provide enough to give a good image of what I’m describing, while trying not to overload people with too much language.

    Completely unrelated from that…wait a minute, didn’t we learn before that Ellie’s relationship history is a big fat nil from high school because boys were intimidated of asking out either the dirty blonde or the twins? So, if the most intimate physical connection she’s ever had with someone (who isn’t family) is attempting to smother Quinn with her chest, I can see why the sisters would think that.

    It might be interesting to see Ellie ponder it for a few strips, but I don’t see the strip going that direction. …then again, I didn’t predict who Blind Guy was, either, so, I don’t have a great track record so far.

    1. I doubt it, the pondering anyway. If she wasn’t so hot with the prospect of the Blind guy taking her out, or feeling up her face, then I doubt that she’d be willing to let anyone into her personal space like that if she didn’t like like them.

  9. I just noticed that the iNimbus has a crack in it. What a way to show the physical effects of low self esteem. I mean, I’m not being sarcastic. I don’t know, some of the comments earlier… I’m taking off the Mr.

    1. I”M BACK BABY.

      Look at the wiki. I LOVE IT TOG. THANKS MAN.

      squee — wait a second.



      There. thanks.

      1. Damn it, TLO. Sorry, I keep getting you two mixed up. There is only two T guys on the thread, and I can’t keep either of them straight.

        It’s a shame, they make such a pair of mixed nuts.

        Pretzels anyone?

        1. I was wondering about that. I put in a couple of links, but The Last Outlaw is the one who’s done most of the work there.

        2. Mr. Blue is currently doing an archive troll to find as many secondary and third level characters, and information on them entered into an excell spreadsheet for advancement of the wiki.

          On the other hand, I’ve been thinking that I need to expand the effects on the icon so that the lettering can be more readily viewed.

          Any thoughts?

        3. I’d say go with whichever you feel would be more enjoyable (art or archive crawl). My edits to the wiki will be either random thoughts of wondering if a fact is in there and adding it if it’s not, or “I’m not ready to go to sleep yet, but I can’t decide what to do…” moods.

        4. I recall the MediaWiki instance I set up at work required a fair amount of backend modification to get things working the way I thought they should. Does ShoutWiki let you get to the config files for the wiki, or just what’s available through the web interface?

        5. Not quite sure to be honest. I’ll have to dig into that some more this weekend when I have time.

  10. I must admit that secretly that IS something I have wanted to turn out since I got into the comic, but I dont think is true or will happen.

    For one, I’m not that lucky, things just dont go my way that well, ever.

    But for another thing Ellie just doesnt have that air about her, I could be wrong, and wouldnt mind that in the least, but their rubbing off on one another I think could be best described by a passage from one of my favorite fanfics:

    A prolonged exposure to someone has one of three outcomes. They gain a new perspective of one another and become more respectful and understanding of each other. They remain the same way they are now. Or, they develop distaste for one another and their company. Or in Raven’s case, more distaste.

  11. So, one thing, and sorry for the second post, but Did the data center finally come out of Fatty McFatFat? Also, one more thing; how does noone else but Ellie hear that phone???

      1. The poor phone. It apparently didn’t do too well when it hit the floor following the critical blow Ellie took to her self affirmation.

        1. Or Rusche is poking fun at how poorly made modern mobile devices are. I stopped keeping track of how many company phones I’ve had to order replacements for…to be fair we are a construction company lol

      2. I think he was asking why, for instance, Quinn didn’t hear the other half of the conversation (and thus react to being thought of as “Ellie’s Thanksgiving Surprise”). I’m assuming that either there’s an earbud, or that the panel was drawn in the way it was to suggest that Quinn’s arrival is happening JUST as the words “The signs are so obvious, Ellie” have faded into the general noise of Black Friday shopping.

        1. I kind of got the impression from the way Ellie was holding it that it possibly isn’t very loud anymore.

        2. I will still have my sitcomy “oh that was convenient timing” moments. I’m not above it. Alot of it has to do with not carrying over a gag 3-4 more days before it’s shown and HOPING the readers know what I’m referring back to. But yeah, like I replied to Passing Through a second ago, Ellie’s holding it to her ear as if it’s volume is weak.

      3. Can’t wait, but I meant more so about what Freemage said just below. How does Quinn not over-hear the other half of the conversation, etc.
        Also, thank you for being actively involved with your fanbase, that’s an amazing thing.

        1. 1) Quinn was in the SMALL APPLIANCE ZONE. There are no distractions. But yeah, it’s just suspending disbelief. That and Ellie’s holding it up to her ear as if the volume on it is shot.

          2) I wish I was able to be more involved. Most of it involves time obviously. I have a nasty habit of reading comments, and being all “I’ll respond to that one in a bit” then never coming back to it. I regret missing questions asked of me. I just get distracted with other things (mostly doing the next strip.)

        2. On the other hand, if you replied to all the comments that you intended to, you’d probably end up throwing more swimming pools too. Additional information does get added up.

        3. That’s understandable, you can’t be there for everything, but you try and we all appreciate it. So, Thank you. And thank you for such a great comic!

  12. I HATE PEOPLE TOO CINN. hhaaaaaaha just kidding.

    and lets be honest, Ginger’s got a point. I mean..srsly. but yeah..i dunno

        1. I try very hard =) That pic is seriously awesome and you’re inspiring me to go back and finish the other fan art piece I started and to make sure I bring my A game for it.

  13. Completely unrelated note…I tried to scroll up and wound up highlighting the comments section by mistake. I find it humorous that, with this comic up, it appears that if you highlight things (at least on my computer) the screen turns pink.

  14. “Beyond Fatal” sounds like an awesome name for a videogame. I’m not even sure what genre yet, I just know it will be great. Quick! To the copyright office!

    1. It’s actually from a video game. Resident Evil. You come across a body, and upon inspecting it it say’s the corpses “injuries are beyond fatal.” LOL

      1. I knew you were an RE fan for the “itchy tasty” reference a while back but this one escaped me. I am honored to be in the presence of a master. *bows* I do see that Tarra promptly used it to make her own hyper-death reference which was pretty cool. References that initiate recursive self references are the best references.

      2. Ah, ok; I’ve never played any of the Resident Evil games, so consider me informed.
        I still think it would make either a good name or a subtitle for a videogame- Mortal Kombat: Beyond Fatal, or something else suitably gory/horrific like Dead Space or maybe Ninja Gaiden.

  15. I didn’t think about it on first reading, but considering Ellie’s phone is able to draw power to float from the user’s self confidence, I’m wondering if it can feed on fury and what that’ll do to it…

    For McFatFat’s sake, I hope nothing too flammable (assuming the data cloud is still floating around in his digestive tract and it can pick things up from that distance).

  16. This may be my favorite strip in the comic, I come back to it a few times just to have a laugh and big goofy grin at Ellie’s face. It always makes me smile.

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