Two Days From Retirement

Have you ever wondered if FatFat is as cuddly as he looks? Well, now you can find out for yourself! For a limited time, you can adopt your own lifesized purple cuddle-monster. This very special crocheted McFatFat plushie is made with super-soft velvet yarn and entirely handmade by our very own Hot Female Fan. (I've lovingly nicknamed her "Claire.") We're doing a short run of 20 FatFats. Along with each stuffed triple-bypass you order, you'll also receive a one-of-a-kind 4" x 5" graphite sketch card in rigid plastic holder, drawn by local artist Chris Rusche (see above comic.)  Order yours today on Etsy. Yes, he is. We've already sent out several orders of completed FatFat, and I really do appreciate everyone that ordered one so far. Anyone who has, or plans to, expect one of these sketch cards along with it.  (Certain female weeb may have gotten one out of me for doing the hard work.)     All the cards will be included at random. I'm not saying you can pester Claire for which card you want... but you can probably try. :)

86 thoughts on “Two Days From Retirement

    1. Maybe Rusche could make a fake main cast with all the short-lived characters and put it up on April Fool’s Day. Take-A-Bullet Bot would be flanked by those skanks that harassed the wrong Pumpkin at the Con, that cardboard cutout guy from “No Wonder He Never Brought Lunch” could be in there…

  1. Must resist urge to buy plush to get pretty lady art.

    Although Juniper is confirmed as the cool aunt who will let you smoke.

    And we get to see more cute Tarra faces. That’s nice.

  2. Kyle must have had some serious experiences before coming over to Tarras: he’s been mostly unaffected by the building being half destroyed/rebuilt around him by various robots, has witnessed all kinds of absurd/scientifically impossible things, learned the secret of the earths core, moved around boxes of former suitors, survived The Cat’s Judgement, and is more surprised by Take-A-Bullet Bot’s family than the fact that someone is shooting into the apartment. He’s either been through so much worse, or he’s just that thirsty.

    1. Probably a combination of being thirsty plus Tarra being very attractive. He’s probably still running through staring at her awesome cleavage in his mind, and how he had a valid reason to do so.

    2. To even hang around Lakeland you need to deal with roving packs of the Omega Pestilence and the occasional mall getting blown up. I think their tolerance for weird is a bit higher than usual.

  3. Oh, and it looks like Take-A-Bullet Bots badge is numbered 24. Is that just his assigned number, or is he the 24th Take-A-Bullet Bot to preform his function flawlessly?

        1. Number twenty-two became Loose Cannon’s sidekick for a short period of time.

          A very, very short period of time.

          (non-canon answer).

  4. According to the tracking number mine is “in transit” (twitch). I think (twitch) that I can (twitch) be patient while (twitch twitch) the Post Office TAKES ITS SWEET TIME (twitch) works on getting the package to me as soon as THEY DAMN WELL FEEL LIKE IT LIKE REALLY HOW LONG (twitch) in the next few days. (twitch)

    1. Oh staahp yer twitching Nerd. You’re only going to be an exclusive set of 20 people who will have an actual authentic and approved by Chris and Ellie Mr. Fatty McFatFat.

    1. 7 bits is ASCII rather than UTF-8 (8-32 bits if Wikipedia is to be believed), but it does indeed say NOOO in ASCII with three exclamation points after the ASCII.

      7 bit ASCII has been used in some network protocols which would switch over to 7 bits for the transfer to save bandwidth, though I haven’t heard people mentioning that in over a decade so I’m not sure if people aren’t concerned about bandwidth savings or if we’re just a lot more robust in our negotiation protocols so we can ignore it.

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  6. I find myself wondering if programming take-a-bullet bot with a family was an attempt at being good/human/empathic and just not thinking through the consequences or if it was her inner supervillian trying to express itself without her being fully aware of it.

    1. She clearly did not think that through. I bet she built the robot, and then since nothing happened right away, started making other robots, including robot families.

      Boredom gets to you sometimes.

  7. I really wish I could afford to order a Fatfat, but $100 is a lotta scratch for a waiter. And is have to explain to my wife why I ordered a purple basketball plushie, also.

  8. I honestly didn’t see that one coming. Thought Kyle was getting hit somehow.
    And it took me a while to see that (I guess we call it “Son-Bot”) had a baseball glove. Nice touch.

    But for now, Take-a-Bullet Bot had met his unfortunate destiny. RIP little droid…until it gets rebuilt.

  9. Noooo! TAKE-A-BULLET-BOT!

    I know we only just met, but it feels like I’ve known you for…um…like 15 seconds. Wow. Okay. Looking back at it I’m really not that attached.

  10. Honestly, Tarra being Tarra, more than half expected the glass to be some custom ‘Tarraform’ed bulletproof composite.

    1. It’s on back order. It’s currently the electricity generating glass that Central Florida Power and Light have no idea that it was secretly switched in place of the Plutonium.

  11. Wow, Tarra just keeps getting better and better. I bet she thought it’s sacrifice would be meaningless if it’s loss didn’t MEAN anything. Kyle might actually be getting wise to her nonsense and may actually be the suitor to say “you know what? You’re kinda fucked up. I’m outta here.”, thus truly ruining Tarra’s day.

  12. Tarra’s assassin reflexes are also affected. She stands there (in the same place) watching the bot go down. Obviously a second shot is not forthcoming? Orrrr is there more to the mild-mannered Kyle than meets the eye, like mebbe a power dampener?

    1. Any sniper worth their salt knows that once you take the shot your position is compromised and you need to relocate. But sure, Tarra’s so twitterpatted that it’s throwing off her game.

  13. Love the baseball hat and glove on junior take-a-bullet-bot and the braided pigtails and bows for the princess.
    He will be missed. :-(

  14. Everyone is assuming that he’s not running cuz he’s mesmerized by her appearance. Maybe he’s not running because this is all just a standard day for him. There is no rule that I can recall saying that Terra is the only person at or within a reasonable margin of her level of capability.

    Alternatively he could be the Ron Stoppable to her Kim Possible.

  15. New crackpot theory:

    Since Rusche mentioned in the author post here: ‘This very special crocheted McFatFat plushie is made with super-soft velvet yarn and entirely handmade by our very own Hot Female Fan. (I’ve lovingly nicknamed her “Claire.”)’ , I now believe “Hot Female Fan” to be on this nice young lady’s birth certificate.

  16. A node.js family cluster? Bah! Kids today with their hopping on every programming trend. In my day she’d have been programmed in a proper language and segfaulted with grief. Good luck debugging that!

    1. On a serious note for once, I’d like to agree with mR. Blue’s sentiment here.

      A lot of people don’t vote because they believe it doesn’t make a difference. From the stance of large national elections, I can’t say that view is incorrect statistically. However, one thing that does make a difference is that it’s officially recorded for each and every US citizen if we voted or not in what elections. The statistics of what particular demographics do or don’t vote is widely spread around and something that elected officials pay attention to at least every election season. Even if your vote doesn’t change any actual races, even if you leave every candidate blank (I’ve done that and only voted on local issues in the past), if you vote, you still show up as a point in your demographic as having bothered to vote, and hence be a vote that said politician can win by doing things you support!

      While I can’t back it up, it’s my strong belief that if the voting turnout percentage for retirees was similar to all the younger age groups, Social Security & Medicare solvency issues would’ve been solved before I was born. As it is, with those expected voting numbers, it gets punted because politicians don’t want to risk their jobs.

      So, get informed if you have time and inclination, and don’t vote for candidates in an uninformed fashion the way I did when I was 18 and used to standardized tests (remember you can leave them blank), but GO VOTE!

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