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Two Princes

I know I do this a lot, but profuse apologies for being so late. I didn't post an update notice just due to not really knowing. I wont bore you with a long story. Just a lot of the following for over a week: Yes, this is rearing its ugly head again. I lost count of how many remote accesses I did after six. But it was a ton. Four months has passed since I bought this brick, but many more stories are cropping up online from new members of the Win10 BSoD Club. The less exclusive this club gets, the better for me honestly. We're band-aiding and doing lots of process of elimination, but mostly holding out hope we see some legit causes and solutions blogged online. I can't keep losing days on end of potential work with a computer that refuses to stay on for more than 5 minutes. One piece of good news is I have a loaner coming in the mail from a hot female fan (shameless flirting.) It won't be a powerhouse, but it can keep me moving. Again, thanks for your patience. Sincerely. <3

71 thoughts on “Two Princes

        1. To be fair she’s probably been awake for almost an entire day. It’s not unreasonable for her to want to sleep now and deal with stuff later.

          I’m more incredulous about the fact that she apparently had her laptop on and open to Facebook the entire time she was at LoveCon.

    1. The disdain mounts! It grows like a cloud over the Farlands! Soon once again dark Caleb will board the metal dragon to return to Florida, his purpose once more murder!

      1. I cannot even imagine what those two look like in a battle. Near Invulnerability versus a disdain that can shatter doors.

  1. I’ve long suspected Windows 10’s tendency in this direction is why I’ve noticed more artists talking about trying to see if they can manage to use multi-platform tools like Krita or GIMP in place of something that leaves them at Microsoft’s questionable mercy.

    I’ll help any way I can with Win 10, but I can help more if you ever get fed up enough to switch to Linux (which I don’t expect is likely).

    1. I STILL don’t understand why they couldn’t leave well enough alone with Windows 7.

      My folks wanted to buy a new PC. They INSISTED on new, and they INSISTED on Windows 8. Now every time they have a question about how something works, I have to try and figure out the worst operating system ever.

      1. Dude, I love my parents, but if they ask my advice, then ignore it and get something I’m not prepared to deal with, they can do their own dang tech support. And I do Desktop Support professionally. Windows 8 is absolute crap. 10 is infinitely better (despite Rusche’s problems), and can be activated with an 8 license key. Just saying.
        Regarding our esteemed creator’s issues, I don’t know what the problem is, but we have several hundred Win10 machines that, well, don’t do that. Mind you, we use Dell and Lenovo laptops that are stock, and come with Win10.

        1. If you have a reasonably competent IT department at work, then they’re using an option not available to home users, and that’s to run their own Windows Update server and to test things with their hardware/software configs before adding them to the server to get pushed to all the clients.

          Home users don’t have that luxury and get pushed updates immediately and all the time. While updates are important, the frequency they have problems makes the inability to blacklist one update or another or skip this one or that one a bit problematic.

          Another thing that reasonably competent IT departments tend to do is market research for models that have fewer problems so they don’t accidentally buy several thousand lemons and then have to support them (and deal with the overhead on all employees of more frequent productivity loss due to problems), which home users usually don’t have the time to do (this is why I recommend “off-lease” computers for someone looking for a cheap computer).

          So it is expected that businesses would have better experiences with computers than home users.

      2. I’m so glad I was able to keep Windows 7 on this system..10 seems to be really flaky memory-wise, to the point that it sort of reminds me of Windows Millennial Edition. I have no clue what’s going on under the hood, but something’s funky.

        Or maybe it just places too much strain on system resources?

    1. I’m more concerned which one has a princely racket, and which one has got some big seal upon his jacket, if you know what I mean.

  2. Her bedding is lavender. I have never noticed this before today. Many condolences on computer difficulties, Fischer.

  3. Hmmm, she (no longer) sleeps on a mattress of stuffed animals… or am I conflating some other memory from here?

  4. I don’t have the depth of your problems, but every time there’s a new major update for windows 10 (like last night), it breaks my mouse and I have to spend an hour on hold with tech support to get them to revert it to an earlier build. This will be the third freaking time and it’s getting seriously annoying.

    I have a second, much older laptop that keeps reminding me I need to upgrade away from Windows XP, and it will be a cold day in hell before that happens. Microsoft can go shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    1. Well, the downside of not updating to the new OS and any service packages is that since MS doesn’t officially provide support anymore, you are now at the mercy of any viruses.

      McAfee and Symantec are both going to stop supporting MS OS’s older than 8 and any Linux OS’s older than two versions ago starting in November. Any new viruses that are out there that target either platform will get through your regular anti-virus software.

      1. McAfee and Symantec are both garbage anyway, frankly, but your point does stand. Windows 7 is still supported for a few more years, though.

      2. So long as I don’t do anything important on my old laptop I’m alright then. I mostly just use it like a second monitor and for music anyway.

  5. Oh nooooo I forgot about Caleb! Are we going to see Ellie flirting still with him, or will she cut it off now after last night’s steamy handholding? I see drama on the horizon!

  6. I find I spend my time, waiting on your call.
    How can I tell you, babe, my back’s against the wall?
    I need you by my side to tell me it’s alright.
    ‘Cause I don’t think I can take anymooooooreeee

    Is this love that I’m feeling
    Is this the love that I’ve been sear-*clicks off as the laptop closes*

  7. Varying crash codes is indicative of a hardware fault, get a shop to check it out and do a thorough test on cpu, mainboard and ram.

    Mem tests can only find specific errors in the memory, so a clear on that is sign for deeper testing, not a clear.

    1. On behalf of the welcoming committee, I here by extend a laurel and a hearty handshake. Please accept this welcoming basket.


      Uhm ok. Let me see here. The welcome basket. It’s made out of one of the sword’s ladies costumes from Onamonapiacon dresses. Slight drool from McFatFat. Had to grab that from Davebro’s sexy shrine to Taiwanese swords.. Let’s see.. beverages.. I’ve got two Crystal Pepsis that Anise stole from a job interview. Swiped those from Sigurther’s front porch fridge. Chocolates from Nena that Banena stole before Nena could finish them off. And one whisk that was found near a gutter. Where in the hell is ShineyOrkBoy? This is his week for welcoming baskets. Oh, I just ripped this Kahn shirt off from EmCeeKahn’s back. There ya go.

      1. Mr. Blue, where are you getting all this stuff? Are…are you just straight up plundering the Shotgun Shuffle dumpsters now?

      2. I’ve got the magnetic tape (but not plastic housing) for an 8 track of the KC and the Sunshine Band album “The Sound of Sunshine” that I can throw in.

  8. Linux Mint 17, with a user-friendly GUI, is (was?) available from AmaZing, $10 for a bootable CD. I’m running it on a 32-bit former XP netbook, and an AMD 64-bit former Win 8 box. Both were ruined when I tried installing Win 10; both have run like champs since installing Mint. Caveat: HP refuses to port their printer drivers to Linux, but the HP 11C calculator with Reverse Polish Notation was their last worthwhile product that I owned.

    1. The iso can be downloaded free and legal from linuxmint.com and I think they’re up to version 19 now.

      I don’t know about getting Photoshop to run with WINE, but it does have support for Wacom devices and GIMP & Krita.

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  10. I dumped Windoze 6 years ago and went to Linux. Now don’t go all weird. Linux is a mature easy to use GUI operating system.
    Don’t let Micro$ofts F.U.D. fool you. Linux even lets you load it right beside Windoze and reach into its files and use them and then put them back. Of course Windoze won’t let you do that in reverse. I use LinuxMint 18.3 very strong and stable system.

    1. I will agree with you that I have less issues with our Linux boxes than we do our Windows boxes here at my place of employment. However, in the Financial world of banking, they will either do business on a Z/OS mainframe or Windows. Most of them (and I’m going to directly quote a crypto-currency group here) say, “F**k Linux/Unix and f**k Torvalds – nothing that affects should ever, ever, ever be open sourced in a manner that my kid can take money from someone without me knowing.”

      Kinda harsh, I know, but a lot of banks and software companies hate open source software, even if it is a cost-saver, because they cannot charge back to the company if they lose time troubleshooting a break/fix that interrupts service.

      1. I let the “Business World” thrash around with it FUD mentality. I remember dealing with Netflix a few years ago when I switched. They swore they would NEVER support Linux. (Netflix CEO sits on Micro$ofts BOD, say conflict?) Now I watch it all the time and don’t have to load a Micro$oft product to do so.
        A number of years ago I had a stack 5 feet high of old Windoze computers. All Blue screened and locked up tight. Took them to the computer junk yard. Havn’t had a screwed up computer since moving to Linux.
        People complain and I just chuckle.

      2. That’s strange. Most of the companies I have worked for or worked with, use Linux in the back end. About the only people who use windows were the more non-technical people (marketing, sales, finance, HR) with the reason being that they needed their office suite or other microsoft only software. The routers, firewalls, IDS, antivirus, storage, web server all ran some version of Linux.

        1. We have Linux/AIX machines, but a majority of the software the last four companies I worked for have all been Windows support only. Even then, most of the actual processing of financials is either on a IBM mainframe (Z/Os), Solaris or AS400.

          First Data, ACI Worldwide, Morgan/Chase, Capital, the IRS, Javvy, Monetha (who uses some Linux in the background, but all their front end is Windows and Android-support only), Circle, etc. I’ve worked with or for all those companies, and they all use mainframes as the primary processor for their financial portion. Nothing – not even your blessed coinbases that trade crypto on a decentralized network up front – uses anything but IBM on the back-end (because banks which still control the currency market don’t ever want to update to an OS they can’t trace back to a company to charge back to when an SLA is missed).

    2. Yeah, Canonical did a lot to make Linux desktops user friendly (then they decided to pretend everything’s a tablet and people don’t want privacy, and Mint forked away from Ubuntu at that point).

      My mom’s actually using Mint from a boot CD right now because Dad horked up her Windows install and she’s content keeping her files on a thumb drive anyway (she could install to the computer, but doesn’t feel like it). I did take a Clonezilla image early on and offered to restore Windows too, but she’s content as it is.

      I think the main blocker for Rusche is Photoshop. The FOSS alternatives are not one-to-one and would be a learning curve to switch to. Also, while a lot of games have Linux versions, they aren’t always as supported and there are still a lot that don’t (browsing Steam sales and limiting to Linux went from 101 pages to 20 pages this weekend). Also possible there might be things school-wise for his kids that work on Windows (though at that point a work computer that’s Linux and a family computer that’s Windows might be a more elegant solution).

  11. Yeah – I’ll second all the computer advice. At this point you either have a hardware issues that requires new parts (or new comp entirely) or…. you switch to Linux. You are LONG past the point a quick bug fix will solve things.

  12. Long time reader, first time poster. After looking over your errors I can’t help but wonder if there is a hardware problem. You can download a free, bootable memory test at https://www.memtest86.com/ and run that for a few hours (overnight is probably best for you) If it does come up with any errors you can easily get a new set of memory to get you back in action.

    1. Steve!!!!!

      Uhm ok. Let me see here. I’ve got a welcome basket. It’s made out of one of McFatFat’s hats. Let’s see.. beverages.. I’ve got two half used bottles from Jamilee’s cupboard that she stole from Juniper. An Anise original that Dandy Andi stole from Buffalo Bill. See, nice and smooth. We’ve got an autographed dating profile for one Kyrie Eleisen that TOG stole from Caleb. And…. one of Pumpkin’s Tails Hoodia that Emcee Kahn stole from Richard. Oh, and the Coup de Grace, three recipient cards from Rosemary’s kitchen that SnacknStack swiped while Katrina was getting her ear stretched.

      1. …now that’s some creative basket stuffing right there, that is!

        Mr. Blue’s got this well in hand, so welcome to the Shotgun Shuffle message boards, home of the friendliest people on the internet! And in all of Minnesota! We know; we checked.

        1. To be fair, bursting into people’s living rooms to try to ascertain their level of friendliness may have biased our results with Minnesota.

    2. @Tsuru – One issue he has is bad power, he mentioned that a year or so ago. I know he tried a UPS at one point, but apparently that didn’t clean the power well enough.

      @Rusche – Be aware that if Memtest finds an error, then you definitely have bad RAM. If Memtest doesn’t find an error, then you may or may not have bad RAM. So it’s not a silver bullet. Also it’ll just keep running, so I normally suggest running it overnight and making sure it’s done a couple of passes and then call it good.

      There are some other Windows apps you can use for Hardware monitoring. I recall HWInfo32 (or 64 now) and zCPU were some that would give a bunch of info that you mostly don’t care about, but the temperatures for CPU, GPU, RAM, & hard disk are useful for monitoring, as overheating can be a cause of hardware issues (and animal hair blocking a vent can cause overheating, and I remember you posting a picture of a cat in your house at least).

  13. Sorry, Caleb. You bought her lots of stuff and solved some of her big problems. You no longer serve a purpose. However, she’ll give you a ring the next time she needs something fixed.

    1. Except that he had to buy those things to avoid litigation, it was a mutual agreement…They are still building a friendship, which I’m sure will continue even though she is dating. He didn’t girlfriendzone her. That and friends do ring each other when they need help, it’s natural. :)

      1. How many friends do you have originating from you threatening to sue them for something someone else did to you?

        1. Nor do I. Also, as far as Caleb not girlfriendzoning her, guys don’t buy girls new laptops to flirt-chat just because they’re super chums. There are reasons one does that.

        2. Except except, none of that was Calebs fault. He didn’t start the problem. Why wouldn’t she be friends with a random nice dude who took responsibility? Poorly at first, but ultimately did so. Agreed he did buy her that stuff and is definitely flirting< totally slipped my mind (I was focused on car and bed). I rescind the girlfriendzone comment. But she never asked for that laptop or other stuff. So she isn't using him.

        3. What about, hey its a human being that doesn’t make me want to vomit on humanity? Besides, we don’t know if Caleb and Vu have tied the kniw, and if so, how free that knot swings.

    1. I find myself wondering if Heather is making a comeback. Or if she ever got the new iPhone out of her eye socket.

      1. Well, let’s do a quick reality check.
        This party started off on the evening of May 3, 2017.
        It is now August 14th, 2018 (based on the publishing date)

        Even taking liberties into consideration, this SINGLE 24 HOURS PERIOD took 1 year, 3 months and and 11 days.
        And let’s not forget that the last time we saw a major winter holiday (i.e Thanksgiving/) was first reported on November 20, 2013.

        This carton moves at a galactic snails pace. Not that I’m complaining. I’d just like to see more than 2-4 comics a month. The artwork and storyline demand that it get moving.

        1. It looks like there’s an intense, unresolved struggle going on between the storyteller and the landscape artist. The graphic artistry is superior, but the effort involved can get the artist wrapped around his own axle. The very complex story lines can get bogged down amid the frequent machine failures and extended layering of the wallpaper. We all appreciate the agon of the creator, but it can be confounding when long, long stretches of blank, inexplicable silence stretch out. We’re looking at great talent still trying to figure itself out—while also involved in what seems to be a very convoluted home situation.

  14. I have an Alienware with switchable graphics, and one of the updates continued to fail on me for months. Luckily, it was eventually fixed, but that was annoying. I’ve been fortunate since my 4 systems all have been able to update. Well, system #4 is because system #3 is a Vaio, and they aren’t releasing any more GPU drivers for it since Sony sold them off. Bleh!

    System #1 had issues with random crashes, but it’s a desktop and the system was filled with dust. There was a giant dust cloud when I sprayed it out with canned air. I definitely followed that up with electrical contact cleaner. After that, it still was crashing, so had to replace the CPU cooler on top of that. It’s finally rock-solid again

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