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      1. @Richie: Blender? Hm. An immersion blender could be called for, but I think Quinn might have to escalate to a stand mixer first.
        @mR. Blue: The rule on second posts is no less than 29 words and an on-topic reply! Get back in the crate!

        1. Rule creep? He managed to post on topic, and the first commentwas an aside. Quite well done. 10+3 words too.
          He didn’t even shoehorn the word “first” in to the sentence, unlike one person who needs a life I know of did
          Next you’ll be demanding such posts be rendered in haiku form, or blank verse.

        2. The comment system ate my hyperlink. The first page of the comments for the comic posted May 20th.

        3. I thought it was if someone claimed a fifth post was where you needed actually two haiku and they must successfully predict a plot twist at least 6 months in advance.

          Thankfully not claiming fifth post removes that requirement.

    1. I believe that most residential leases include a clause about not running a business out of your apartment. It could finally be the leverage dead-guy needs to get Quinn (and Ellie) kicked out.

        1. But, they did just sign an agreement, that could be interpreteted as taking payment for performance. That they can’t talk about, without loosing the cars, etc.

          TG wants something. An apartment for his… “niece”, was it? This dude is hinky. And, he seems to know more than he should. Like he’s someone that used to be SOMEONE, but now isn’t. But still has connections. Someone that may feel wronged by someone else’s parent.

          This ain’t his first roundup.

        2. Problem is, they are in D-bags apartment. Much of his equipment was left behind, I’m sure. Notice I didn’t say “still there”. I would guess that much of that has conveniently disappeared (but, convenient for whom?).

        3. Implying they have the money to lawyer up? No. Our female Bert and Ernie aren’t swimming in Benjamins.

        4. Technically all three of them are trespassing. It’s still Danny’s place till the end of the month.
          all the computers are gone, just a bunch of moniters and some furniture left. Must have been returned to the store by Caleb

        5. That kind of crossed my mind too.

          Is he a spy for someone’s father, maybe? Keeping an eye on someone for a specific reason?

        6. Actually, they wouldn’t be able to get in trouble for the business. Danny and Cab could. The agreement they signed was really more of an out-of-court settlement than a business deal. The thing Ellie fake signed with Danny means he was illegally selling pictures of her and Quinn online. So she was never a part of his business, and legally in the clear in regards to it’s operation.

          Tired Guy is just assuming they set the camera’s up themselves and hired Danny.

        1. While both of those are businesses, neither use the space in any way. There’s a difference between running a business out of your home and running a business your home.
          Similarly, it’s totally cool to say, sell Costco knives or other door-to-door products out of your home.

          What would be ok would be putting up signs advertising that you were selling them in the space. Or using the home as part of an ad campaign.

        2. Ugh, bad htmling by me making so text is disappearing on me:
          “business out of your home and running a business IN your home.”
          “What would NOT be ok”

        3. Alf is correct. To be specific, you can’t use a residential property for commercial purposes. As in you can’t conduct commerce on the property. You can make the argument someone making business calls from a home office is breaking this rule, but unless customers are coming and going, it’s unlikely anyone would care or be able to legally gather evidence of it.

        4. Except that internet businesses (in this case, cam-modeling) is a nice legal grey area. The laws about such things are still new, and not very well written. The best the old guy could hope for is that the two ladies he keeps trying to oust are not well versed in the law at all. They did not advertise a business, nor did they (strictly speaking) run a business IN their home (as no customers could physically come to their place of residence for the product). Their business was run online, not in their apartment. It would likely come down to how the case was argued, and whether it went to court or not. Hopefully they double down on the badassery and he folds. What a creepy old dude :P

        5. They’re selling the apartment as part of the business. It’s not a question of where the product is sold here.

        6. Err… no. They’re not selling the appartment. At best they’re selling pictures of the appartment. And that makes for a huge difference.

          To make an example: If I’m taking pictures of myself in cosplay in my appartment and then sell them at a convention, I’m doing business at the convention. Not in my appartment.
          In this case, as someone already mentioned, we’re getting into a grey zone where laws are not fully clear.

          However that would all be based on them doing the business anyway. The way the facts are here, the only person really tangible for getting thrown out is Danny. The landlord could of course decide to act against Ellie and Quinn as well, but he’d do that with full conscience of it not holding up if any of the two decides to sue. Which could become rather expensive for him and thus most landlords would try to avoid unless they were an actual nuisance. Which to him they never were so far.

        7. I think cam modeling is a legal gray area in the sense that it isn’t directly addressed and hasn’t been well tested. Also, being falsely accused and having to defend yourself is far from free of cost even if you’re innocent of all charges.

          Next, if Tired Guy truly just wants to get Quinn evicted, then it’s not a court of law question, it’s a landlord question and then a question of if Quinn considers it worth it to take him to court (which would make the whole thing public, so we already know the answer is no).

          I think Tired Guy is showing up now because he heard the yelling, knows they didn’t consent to it, and knows they want to keep it out of court. THAT is the leverage he could use to convince them to voluntarily move.

      1. Ironically it’s ellie who has a cat in this story. Ironically it’s mcfat fat, not a white haired persian.

  1. He’s in a suit and tie, no less.

    I sense he’s playing an angle. Possibly gunning for Danny’s apartment, but wants something from them to possibly assist his neice.

      1. The comment by jeffepp above and reply by Rusche brings up the question of if Tired Guy’s motives are to get Quinn out of the apartment because she personally annoys him or if he has an issue with General Nicks (or maybe Herb, but he was apparently angry at Quinn before Ellie’s appearance, so guessing not) and wants to cause problems for them as revenge or whatnot.

        The Alex video would be good for causing Quinn and Ellie some legal problems. Especially if Alex agreed to press charges or his rich family decided to make a fuss so Herb couldn’t try to sweep it under the rug.

        1. Very true.

          But it would also be a reason that one wouldn’t want to confront them on one’s own.

        2. Assaulting someone like Alex fits in mind as “well deserved ass kicking” and a person might start before they really think about it. Assaulting someone informing them that a video of them assaulting someone else was either just given to the police or the rich parents of the victim doesn’t seem like assault in retaliation is going a first reaction there.

          Additionally, if he’s dressed up because he’s a lawyer and still a member of the bar and just offered his services pro bono to Danny, he may actually be in the apartment with the consent and at the direction of the legal resident and therefore not be trespassing at all.

          I also wouldn’t put it past him to have the final camera set up so either he’s recording it so he can see it or bluff them that he’s recording it to protect himself from a beating.

    1. I am highly skeptical concerning the existence of a niece. Or a granddaughter, be they the same person or two different people.

    2. If Tired Guy is after an apartment for his “granddaughter/niece” why didn’t he grab Danny’s apt before Danny did? I think he’s after Quinn’s apt (which is right above his) for some nefarious (or stupid) reason.

      1. See my thoughts on the matter above. The apartment(s) aren’t goals in this game, they are playing pieces. The real questions are: what are the goals, and what is his game?

      2. Well, he could just want the apartment above him empty because – you know – noise reasons.

        When I lived in an apartment above an old lady, no matter how quiet I was, she complained. One night I climbed the front of the apartment to my window and just went from window to bed. Next day, old lady said, “I heard you get home at 02:30, stop making racket.” Lady, I didn’t even make a racket on the outside of the apartment getting in (used a ladder), how the heck do you hear me?

        Her daughter came to get her things after she passed away, telling me she moved out originally because her mom could hear a “mouse fart” and it was annoying.

        1. That is the obvious reason, but if Tired Guy could afford to rent two apartments in the same building, surely he could afford to live in a better, more soundproof building. He would have to pay to keep it empty because if not, as soon as Quinn and Ellie were out, someboby new would be moving in with no guarantee they would be quiet.

          Yeah, I’ve had neighbours like that. Lived in in thin walled dumps too.Hated them.

        2. I had someone like that above me once.

          I got back at them by making friends with the family above them and buying the kid bongo drums for his birthday.

        3. Of course that would mean he would have to move from his appartment. And old people can be really stubborn when it comes to that. Especially if they’ve been living there for a while.
          Not necessarily the case with him here, but it is a possibility.

    3. He’s wearing a suit and tie but the tie is loose, the shirt is unbuttoned and the jacket is not on.

      He’s back from doing something that required him to dress; perhaps a visit to an attorney..?

      1. I think you’re right that he just got back. I’d lean towards police or Alex’s rich family as to who he was visiting, though. Maybe the landlord, but seems overdressed for that. I’m not seeing what he’d want from a lawyer himself here.

      1. Depends on the trait you’re gunning for. I don’t think anyone would trade up “Tired Guy” for “Goat Fondler Guy”, for example.

    1. I’ve occasionally see the site render such that it puts the wrong comment ID in the reply link. The times I noticed it, it was correct when I looked the next day so I don’t know if I even pinged Jessica about it since it seems transient.

  2. What’s the deal with the hearts above McFatfat’s head in the first panel? He can’t be that happy to see the girls.

  3. So this creepy a$$hole was just sitting in another guys apartment fir possible a few hours just waiting for the remote possibility of one if those two just happen to walk on.

    1. Remember he apparently overhears Quinn a lot. If she was yelling to herself about it or swearing at the cameras that she thought might still be recording her, then she might’ve tipped him off that she was looking for cameras, at which point he might’ve decided to see Danny’s apartment himself (he presumably heard Caleb’s entrance and at least suspected the door was off its hinges) and noticing the missing camera decided to wait.

  4. Tired Guy: Oh, don’t worry. I’m not greedy. You’ll find I am a simple man with simple needs, and what could be simpler than breathing? Each of you has twice as many lungs as you need, while I…

        1. Plant some evidence on him that made it look like he was trying to blackmail her that she didn’t mind Herb finding and being careful about his teeth and otherwise bruising him, and she could probably pass it off as accidental and have no consequences, too.

  5. Well, that was quick. I was expecting a big search sequence. McFatFat is probably happy to have all that undigestible stuff out of his system. I know I would.

  6. Well… I think the moral of this comic is that if you’re playing Five Nights at Freddy’s, bring McFatFat.

      1. Another possibility would be that the door was left leaning against the door frame and Ellie had just placed it to the side right before that panel.

  7. The girls are aware that harrasment, which this guy does to them all the time, is a crime too, and they could have him booted from the building for it.

    1. Well, the part there is if they’re in a position to protest (classic example of this is prostitutes being unable to report being abused to the police because they’d have to implicate themselves for the crime of prostitution in order to report being the victim of abuse), which they may not be and he may have overheard enough to know it. From what I can tell, he’s been laying low/biding his time, so I don’t think they have a history of him harassing them, and the most they could point to is he visited their apartment under false pretenses and Quinn cut his oxygen line and he was generally grumpy and disagreeable to them otherwise.

      1. You could visit the page you experimented last time and see what you can find there. If I recall correctly you went through lines of a song or poem, so you could google for those lines and add “site:shotgunshuffle.com” at the end of the search string and you should find the right page pretty quickly in case you don’t recall which comic that was.

        1. The song lyrics were just to say something. I can’t look at the email line which was what I was messing around with. The post stating the loss of the avatar actually had the same address as what got me the avatar previously.

        2. Certainly did!

          Though if you want to keep it, I’d really advise to setting up a gravatar this time around.

      1. And I think the “creepy vent demon” was itself supposed to be a parody of that horror game was popular a little while, “Friday Night at Freddies” or whatever it was.

  8. I’m waiting to hear Tired Guy’s “deal”. If he wanted (and could) get Quinn (and by extension Ellie) evicted… he would have done so.

    He’s wearing his Sunday Go to Extortion clothes… something’s up his sleeve…s…

    Hopefully, he realizes exactly who he is tangling with, and who’s parents. Dangerous game he’s playing… very dangerous. I’m not sure he understands the rules here… I’m feeling a little sorry for the guy at the moment.

  9. I like her shirt having the Batman symbol because bitter old man here is like bitter old Batman Beyond Bruce Wayne.

    And is the cupcake the third camera?

    1. Nah, cupcake is reference to the FNaF reference when the cams first went in (the robot in the air ducts was holding it). References to references to references (it’s references all the way down)

  10. That blurb at the top is clever. “Should have next Patreon up tomorrow.” can be an endless loop!

    Seriously, though, hope everything is going well.

  11. Banker’s collar shirt, button-on suspenders, and, are those Beatle boots? Tired Guy can be quite stylish when he wants to be.

  12. I just noticed that “Tired Guy” doesn’t have a name yet, and a slightly younger “Tired Guy” could have had a black cane at some point.

    If it turns out that “Tired Guy”, and not a Mr. “Blind Guy” Stevens is Terra’s David, that would an M. Knight Shamalon level twist right there.

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