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All right, guys. Been getting all the year-ending chores out of the way with the kiddies and their awards days, which consumed two full days. Gotta go out of state tomorrow, so I paused and went ahead and sketched out the next comic. So expect it Tuesday without much delay. I set the standard pretty high with these school and cafe backgrounds now I'm forced to hold it. :P Did these little background posters I can reuse to fill some wall space. May do a few more along the way. And if you missed it on Facebook, here's a background for you (until we all get tired and move on to the next meme.) Gawd, what were they thinking...

107 thoughts on “Unintentionals

  1. I am still wondering whether he has just sunk my ship or guaranteed its smooth sailing. Ellie’s reaction doesn’t fill me with hope. Now she’s aware he even kept tabs on her regarding her first job…

    1. Oh no, I just realized I am probably going to win the same items I donated to the basket. *facepalm*

      Can’t even get rid of that Taylor Swift CD, dammit.

      1. They actually don’t make more of them any more. All the ones you see in the store are ones people leave on the record company’s doorstep to get rid of them.

    2. And that’s what David is gambling right now. Telling her what will eventually come out and home she doesn’t shut him out indefinitely over it.

      1. It comes off as pretty creepy, tbh. “I heard you was a trash fire, but then I thought show bobs? So you disappeared and I fought your landlord and followed you to a work event and maybe felt stalkerish, but then I thought show bobs?”

        1. That is an intentional bastardization.

          The original reference is “Show bobs and vagene plz”, which is essentially a reference to a non-English speaker demanding sexual favors, in poor English, on the internet.

        2. “…but then you said you showed bobs, and being blind, I had to take your word for it.”

      2. Your story, your rules, obv… I suspect his coming clean, though, will inadvertently put him in a different basket, in her mind. Even if she doesn’t get creeped out by his behavior; instead of “potential love interest,” he’s now suddenly in more of a father figure role. She has deep feelings for her father, but doesn’t seem to have “daddy issues” in the common sense, so I that /could/ sink this ‘ship…

        1. It’s funny, but that’s kind of the same thing she did to Owen. Coming clean after the fact.

        2. Almost, Ellie did a high dive cannonball into the deep end. They are just now past the ankles.


          Relation cats, relation cats, RELATION CATZ, HOOOOOO.

      3. His being Pumpkin’s tutor is tough enough to explain. How is he going to get around the fact that the only reason that she got this job that turned her into an escort turned hostess where she was just fired for no reason, was to be bait for him? That could be a Final Indignation. Representing Strong Trust issues for any possible relationship.

        1. Oh, I think he knows. Remember when he went to buy chocolates, the name he put in the card wasn’t Ellie, but Nena.

    3. No, the firsting committee has granted for individuals who actually fulfill the requirements for first on the first comment to be an overvalued can of honeybee tuba.

        1. Like “Peas ‘n carrots,” “packed in tighter than a can of sardines,” or “In the latest news, all of the Buckingham sisters have been rediculously and publicly scorned romantically. Eye witnesses survivors of the scene have reported to CNN that they were hear to be chanting, “KLAATU, BARADA, NICOLAS SPEARS A TO COUGH COUGH,” and they merged their bodies into one giant 50 foot woman which has been devestating huge swaths of land. Agricultural officials on conditions of anonymity, reported “having inspected to damage have reported that the land has been cooked and salted. Nothing was left alive or will live.”

          The individual was last reported to have been surfing the Miami Amtrak. Miami-Dade officiLs, fearing the worst have issued a complete evacuation of the city. So far, the only structures left untouched have been tobacco and liquor distributors along with stuffed animal workshops, warehouses and now defunct Toys-r-Us stores. Officials are however fearing the worst. Conventional means utilized by the armed forces have failed to stop the Buckingham entity.

          Steve,back to you..

  2. Ellie, how could you call yourself a trash fire with a straight face. We all know you’ve seen much worse (or at least heard the yelling about it).

  3. At least your new wallpaper looks good and would make sense as a full comedy spin-off. The only humor Thundercats was unintentional 80s corny stuff but we loved it for it.

      1. Fat Kitty Heart Attack
        Papa Law
        One Eye Gal
        Dumpster Bedroom Tonight
        Winning all the Gold
        Evil Twin Sister
        Small Town Florida Girl
        Black Friday Mayhem

        1. “Stuffed Animals Don’t Make a Good Mattress” didn’t make their first album. That was one of my favorites.

        2. If you want to get technical, I think their early work classifies as grunge-pop fusion.

        1. Her evil twin, of course.

          Yes, her twin sister, who she was lead to believe all those years, was dead. But, she was alive, and raised by the Cult of Crime to be their one true messiah. Kinda like the joker, but more creepy china doll.

          Yeah, I know.

        2. Actually, I think it’s before she started using the chest bandage. That panel has to be set when Ellie was working at O’Jacks, so before the con when Ellie told Pumpkin that’s she’d likely bloom as big as herself or Tarra.

        3. Here’s the thing, Ashliii would have noticed Pumpkin’s size fluctuations. Only slab when Pumpkin’ and Quinn go to the movies. Now, the whole thing of binding was shown after the day we all got fired, yet I believe if top be before the Black Friday arc.

        4. I dunno man. She was shapely when she danced around in her own room. And she was relatively flat in the Sailor Scout costume at the Onomatopiacon. The Riku costume may have given some validity to your argument. But her sentimentalizations were expressed while changing into the sailor scout costume. But she’s almost always been depicted with a hoodie, hasn’t she?

  4. Now I’m curious if Pumpkin’s grades improved with Ellie out, because from what we’ve seen, all the problems with her grades were really her own fault.

    1. As someone with a kid that regularly fails certain subjects, my guess is no. It’s not about solving a problem. It’s about methodically eliminating the excuse du jour until there aren’t any reasonable ones left to fall back on. Maybe she already has, but Pumpkin can still use:
      The teacher, the other students, her other sisters, the fact that her parents let her go out with friends that one time, which kept her from studying, so it’s really their fault.

      1. There’s no way that Cinn doesn’t provide more excuses than Ellie (if Pumpkin chooses to use them).

        1. Well, if Pumpkin’s delivery service works to her advantage, I might wager that she may spend some satisfactory time on her studies in between some of her projects.

    2. He DID describe her grades as ‘constantly hovering just below a C’ two or three pages ago, so probably not. If they did improve then it’s only just barely. It’s probably giving him an extra layer of guilt for getting Ellie kicked out.

  5. Interesting to note that Walmart and McDonald’s exist in the Shuffleverse.

    I’ll be honest, I’d probably still watch a Shotgun Shuffle cartoon even if it had that art style.


    1. I don’t know man, I’m repulsed too. I’m going to chalk this up to the generation gap just like I do with gages.

      1. I’ll be honest. I don’t watch very much television at all. That said, why does the current crop of computer assisted animation try so hard to ape the worst shortcuts of the Hanna Barbara age?

        1. Flintstones and Jetsons were Hanna Barbara. Incidentally, so was “Dark Water”.
          The shortcuts I’m talking about are the immobile chin when talking, the extremely simplified line-art, etc. These things were necessary when it was humans drawing all the cells, (or maybe just the moving lips to slap on that immobile chin,) to get enough twenty-something long episodes to make a season, and under budget.

          Now, with computer animation, why aren’t cartoons a thing of subtly shaded beauty?
          When did cheap, assembly line, short-deadline art become a style choice?

        2. Sorry. So was “Pirates of Dark Water”. I forgot the actual name of that 30-minute weekly advertisement.

    2. Because people liked that one cartoon (no idea why myself, the art is terrible) they feel this is a better idea.

      I wanted to see the anime Thundercats myself. That looked awesome, I just didn’t have the channels at the time!

    3. I think a lot of “creative directors” at the moment are just pillaging the old IP and trying to see if redoing it will work. I don’t think anyone told them it’s ok, they just outrank the people who might tell them it isn’t.

  7. “Gawd, what were they thinking…”

    Is this in reference to heir parents having all these crazy kids…

    or the “creators” of Thundercats: Roar ripping off Tumblr art?

  8. I can’t help but wonder how Pumpkin felt after Ellie got kicked out. As much as I like her, she’s got some DEFINITE Youngest Child Syndrome going on, so she might feel completely justified in Ellie being kicked out for plagiarizing the paper Pumpkin was supposed to be doing herself.

    1. I recall a comic showing her dancing around in the newly all-hers room. I don’t think the eviction bothered her.

        1. During the o’jacks arc. Before “that day we were all fired” and I think before the iCloud appears as well but after “Lake Hollingsworth. “

        2. Comic Equilibrium (current post date October 28, 2013) is where it’s stated that Cinn moved back in to their parents house.

      1. Yeah, except that was presumably in Ellie’s head. Whether or not Pumpkin really did dance around to finally having the house to herself is open to interpretation.

  9. Well, this page actually makes me feel a lot better about Rosemary. I gotta say that early page of Ellie being so abruptly kicked out has always soured me on her parents, but this contextualizes the decision a lot better. Given that the younger children had already demonstrated a tendency to become screw-ups, I can see how their parents may have felt a Pumpkin failing at school could have needed to be separated from negative influences. Also, it makes Ellie’s actions with the paper go from ‘stupid bullshit that kids are going to get into’ to ‘a pattern of sabotaging your already failing little sister’. Still though, I don’t get why the Buckingham parents seem to approach parenting in such a heavily macromanagement oriented fashion. Granted, they’ve got seven girls to split their attention between, but they act like sitting down and talking to other human beings in order to communicate with them is some sort of forbidden arcane witchcraft.

    1. I’ve always liked Rosemary, but maybe that’s because I’m a harsh parent myself, and love a good no nonsense woman. I think they do communicate, but it’s usually to tell their kids things, not get information from them. That’s because (and this is my personal experience with this,) kids are programmed to say whatever they need to at the moment to get the thing they immediately want, not to convey truth of anything. It’s one of the reasons I like this comic. It doesn’t portray kids as small adults, making great decisions left and right.

      You’ll have to go into more detail on what you mean by their macromanagement parenting style. If you mean that they rarely ever get involved… well, maybe we just don’t see them enough in the comic (hint hint, Rusche.) I get the feeling that if you’d ask one of their kids, their parents are all too often involved and intruding on their lives.

    2. I always saw Ellie getting kicked out as a bit of, “You’re capable, but lazy. You’ll coast as long as I let you, but you need to learn to peddle on your own so here comes the tough love.”

  10. More than 12 hours after posting, and I am actually the first person to mention how the 2nd speech balloon in the 4th panel is misattributed?

    “Someone whose shifts you conveniently avoided” should definitely be blue and connected to Blind Guy’s other speech bubble.

    1. It is blue, but blue is Ellie’s color. Elli’s saying that Mr. Stevens avoided coming in during Ashlii’s shifts, probably so she wouldn’t recognize him and tip Ellie to who he is.

      1. Ah, you are right. I was reading that wrong. And also wondering why Ellie was avoiding Ashliii’s shifts.Never mind.

  11. I’m wondering about the big questions. Like how Ms. Ellie is gonna deal with what she was growing vs what she just got. After all, she may not have a Canadian boyfriend, but she does kinda have a Canadian boy who is a friend.

    1. The Canadian boy who’s a friend and Ellie had a long conversation that led in a direction that verbally is in the opposite direction of romance. Realistically it could lead there, but it’s easy for one or both of them to believe otherwise.

  12. huh ……so Pumpkins the reason she got evicted……wonder when karma is gonna meet up with Pumpkin about THAT!!!

  13. An awesome comic showing Ellie’s embarrassing reaction. Although to the author’s mentioning Twain, Poe, and Wilder in the background, were they his favorite authors or just some random authors drawn?

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  15. I’m afraid that with this revelation, anybody that predicted a relationship between these 2 main characters is watching this ship sail away.

  16. Who’s the redhead? She’s been featured prominently in the last two comics and I’m wondering if she’s like, a teaching assistant or class president or something.

        1. I’m wondering why he didn’t ask his assistant if Pumpkin was full of it or had a point. Granted, she DID have a point, but she agreed rather quickly to someone else doing her work for her.

          Having a human lie detector for an assistant would be handy. Even if it was fleeting. Assuming that IS who it appears to be.
          (You should have made the eyes blink in the strip. Well, you should have if it didn’t require changing image file formats just to have something capable of carrying animation just to pull it off.)

        2. Blinking wouldn’t prove anything. GG can close her eyes. She does it when she shakes her head nope-ishly in Terms and Conditions-Part 12 dated 10/28/16.

        3. Her blinking on the cast page helped add a certain element to that page. However, that page, or at least that image, is a .gif, which natively supports animation; something .jpg does not.

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