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Poor Toby.

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        1. Of course, that’d mean that, here, a girl’s best friend is her mother. And we know that just ain’t so.

    1. with a knife in her hands, I think Quinn is about to introduce Ellie to “Nick’s Discount Tattoos”.

  1. It’s pretty neat seeing all of the other characters show up in the new style. The dog seems particularly weary of all the hunting the two of them are doing.

    Plus, did Ellie get herself a real bed yet, or is that still just a mass of stuffed animals she can hide herself in, a’la ET in the closet should it come to that?

    Also interesting to note is Ellie’s hair is getting longer, but apparently Quinn is keeping it short.

    1. I believe it is Cake Boutique. Rusche mentioned the place with all the aprons was a bakery of some sort… too lazy to click the back button I guess. Otherwise I would have checked before making this reply. meh… I’m a high school CIS teacher and it’s friday… your homework is to go back to yesterday, look it up and report back on the forum.. 15 points

        1. All I can think is that old Stephen King line about “rookin’ the summer people.”

    2. You know, it really should be Faux Antiques if they want people to shop there. Few people get a positive vibe off of “fake.”

      The time jumps are a little disconcerting, though. I’m not a big fan of movies that say “…TWO MONTHS LATER” before the scene starts, but in this case, it might be helpful to have some frame of reference. Maybe in the title, “Elliedate February 12th”.. Just a thought.

      Whatever that is that Quinn has is kind of scary-looking, but I remember as a kid thinking someone was looking in my window, and it turned out to be a doll with a big head that I’d put on my dresser.

      1. Thats the thing. I don’t like the whole “two months later” either. So the comic itself has to have clues as to ‘when’ it is to show a time transition. I didn’t want to sink to having a calendar on the wall saying February.

        1. I think this worked fine. February’s pretty easy with non-relative methods, though. Having Caz send Ellie a Valentine’s Day card would do it. You could have someone playfully swearing about the groundhog being wrong (though I suspect that doesn’t happen in Florida much).

        2. If you want to hear someone swear about a groundhog, just get me started.

          Groundhog Day is the stupidest holiday ever created by man. If it sees it’s shadow, six more weeks of winter. If it doesn’t, we get an early spring.

          Look at your calendar. Six more weeks of winter is March 16th. Spring starts officially on March 20th. It’s STILL AN EARLY SPRING!

  2. Well obviously its not what it looks like. We know Ellie and Quinn have become closer since this whole arc started. I’m actually willing to bet she’s eating a popcicle based on the way she’s holding whatever is in her hand *yes I said that and I am calling it here and now lol*

    I am curious about Blind Guy though, its hard to read his expression. Either he’s dissapointed in Ellie, or he’s feeling bad for her because the sheer volume of job’s she’s had proves that she is trying her best.

    If its the first one, I’d assume he thinks she quit her jobs. If its the second, its a form of guilt as he was the one to inspire her to give it her all, yet the sad truth of reality is biting her hard.

    I would like to thank Rusche for that third pannel, having Ellie talking to KK, as small as it might be, showing her attempting to network does flesh out her character quite a bit as it shows her thinking more than just two dimensionally.

    I am also curious to know if Quinn has a job or not. I dont recall ever seeing her work now that I think abou it…

    1. Is it going to be another Simpsons reference? Oh, that’d be fun.


      1. Thanks for the reply Rusche :) I wasnt 100% sure on that or not since there are other characters in the series we’ve never SEEN work, but we know they have jobs.

      2. We’ve seen her in that dress during the shopping arc and know otherwise.

        She can work it is what I’m sayin’…

  3. I hope the knife is just to throw us off and Quinn is about to be super supportive… While wielding a knife.

    1. I think Quinn’s holding the knife as evidence that Ellie’s being lazy with the dishes. The posture is wrong for cutting a cake (also Ellie has a fall birthday).

  4. I think Quinn has just finished slicing the Pot Roast (from the new crock pot) and has come to let Ellie know it’s supper time!

    And yeah…been there, done that. Don’t worry Ellie, eventually it gets better. Like maybe in your 40s when you have a career and not just a job.

  5. What’s really interesting here, though, is that Ellie actually used the phrase “I haven’t worked in over a month” like it was a bad thing. This is not the same gal who was pulling reports off Wikipedia and passing them off as original content.

    Character development. It’s faaaaaan-tastic.

    1. …this makes total sense from the mind of the only man who could convince MTV to put on two seasons of a show about sock puppets. And make it good.

      Sifl and Olly. Gone before their time.

    2. It’s rare that something makes me laugh more than your comic or support pages, but this was perfect. Although not authored by you, I think you still get credit for the hilarity.

    3. That cracked me, I love Liam Lynch. I’m not the only one who has his Fake Songs album am I? Please tell me I’m not…

      1. You know what, now I can’t see the shadow in the last panel without thinking of this video. I now really hope that’s actualy Liam Lynch and not Quinn stalking up behind Ellie.

  6. How much time has gone by now. The whole loooong arc was basically one night, then we saw Ellie getting lead on by the Rick’s Sporting Goods manager, who said they’d keep her on until January 12th. Now Ellie says she hasn’t worked in a month. Is it February now?

      1. Are we going to skip over Ellie’s valentine’s day? Perhaps that’s why Blind Guy is searching her out?

        1. actually Quinn and Ellie will be having Val- *taken away by the Sister Council for questioning*

  7. I’m waiting for us to be set up to think Quinn is murderous only to have her be like “Ellie, dinner’s ready.” lol

  8. vaguely remeniscent of the scene in Police Academy 4, with Bob Goldthwait silhouetted against the shower curtain (a la Psycho) with a tube of toothpaste…

  9. I’m not sure about the timing. Ellie finally got a gig until Jan 10. Now she says she haven’t worked in over a month. Are we in February already?

  10. Quinn: “No rent and no hair makes Quinn something something.”

    Ellie: “…’Go crazy’?”

    Quinn: “DON’T MIND IF I DO!”

    1. at least Shirt Guy Dom doesn’t draw here…

      and: “Oh my Quinn! what a long knife you have!”

  11. We’re all speculating what Quinn is actually doing sine she’s clearly not going to stab Ellie with a knife. But watch us all be wrong. Rusche is going to shake up expectations and the first panel on Monday is going to be Quinn actually murdering the hell out of Ellie, and then this comic will take a drastic turn.

    1. That is the sort of drastic turn I’ve been waiting for since I first started following the comic. And to put this comment in perspective back then the header was the image of Goth girls blood drenched fingernails (check it out on Chris deviant art, it’s a cool pic.)

    2. I could see that being a dream sequence, but I doubt it’s a dream sequence that will pop up Monday.

  12. Hey Chris, I notice that Juniper is no longer the face of the wiki (since she apparently got her own flikr or something) so… can we have KK as the new face of the Borken? Being the most knowledgable character in the comic she seems like an apt mascot for the wiki.

    1. I haven’t forsaken your wiki/ I’m redoing the little face icons, so you’re just waiting for that for a new link. It’s taking longer than expected. :P

        1. If I may say, Shouldn’t Ashliii be the face of the Borken? What with the thrice attempted exits. . eh?

          She’d look better than letting KK be the queen of the borken.

          And they both look better than “Donald and Sons Hardware”

        2. If I hadn’t borked the url KK would have been first choice because she’s established herself as being wordly wise and full of knowledge (like a wiki). I only picked Juniper because her prediliction for bad choices/error was already pretty well established and meshed with the mispelled url. Ashliii is still a very nebulous character and beyond her text obsession has some glimmering of potential. In this sense I see KK and Juniper as two sides of the same coin, Juniper is the mascot of the borken because she is one of the borken whereas KK is the mascot the borken should be inspired to be.

          I’m probably taking this far too seriously.

  13. Barrel and guy in a hat from the vote show up on the cast page (no description yet). I hadn’t checked in a while, how recent is that change?

    1. Pretty recent, I checked the cast page when Juniper was plugging her Flickr and it wasn’t there.

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