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Waiting to Inhale

This is the last segment with KK. Next strip we'll go for a little walk. It's easy to say you're not there for the drama, but then partake in it. Especially when tension mounts over time, and no last words are said until the present. Quinn wanted closure, and is easily goading KK into talking to her by keeping a firm grip on the cat. She's looking for some absolution from KK. Whether she did, or didn't find it, has yet to be seen. It's also easy to surmise Quinn doesn't exactly want to let go. See you Monday.

49 thoughts on “Waiting to Inhale

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way! Geez… Fatty was all cute and cuddly before… now he’s gonna haunt my dreams!

      1. So, Mr. Fatty McFatFat can eat reality and poop it into a fresh new time frame on the other side of the aerial time nexus matrix.

        Or, it’s a video game reference to Kirby.

        I just hope that the ice cream is not mint chocolate chip. More, I hope, that it’s a pistachio.

        1. I suspect Fatty McFatFat would eat it no matter what the flavor.

          He’s just awesome that way.

        2. I suspect he might draw the line at red-bean-and-rice ice cream, or one of the seaweed flavors. For he is a cat of wealth and taste.

  1. I knew it! Fatty McFatFat is a cross-breed between a regular cat, and Kirby! That long-distance inhale technique is a dead give away! (The ball shape was kind of a hint too) :)

    You know, I do feel kinda bad for Quinn….living in her head must be tough. She doesn’t want Ellie to leave, but keeps coming up with reasons why she can’t stay. Hopefully her internal conflict doesn’t spill over too much more, or she may yet push more people away.

    1. No, you don’t. Regular cat vomit is gross enough; I can only imagine Kirby kitty vomit being worse.

      Okay, now I hate captchas. For some reason, there’s always one letter that is too blurry to know for sure. Took me five times to post this; I must be some kind of bot (self-aware, at least).

      1. Coffeefox, couldn’t you just refresh the image a hundred types or so until you get one that you can see properly?

        …and now i see what happens if you cross Kirby with a cat….

        1. Sadly, I did refresh it a few times.
          Clearly, I couldn’t read it, so I need glasses.

  2. I just realized! A weird unearthly creature that everyone calls a cat for some reason, with an overly cutesy name! He’s Choo-choo Bear’s spirit brother!

    1. Hmm….Choo-choo Bear is a liquid, known undies thief, and father of kittens.
      McFatFat is a solid sphere, known food addict, and can work an iPod with no recognizable legs.

      Both appear impervious to pain (for different reasons), both have special abilities they’ve honed that involve eating…eh, good enough.

  3. Oh wow, looks like whoever called it before was right, Quinn is holding onto Mr Fatty Mc FatFat to keep KK there! I do wonder though why Ellie didn’t pay the rent…probably she only just got paid the day everything went south, would explain why she was so POed by Quinn.

    Also, love how KK’s development from years of working the night shift have rubbed off on her and roll over to here. She’s got the patients of a saint indeed.

    1. She was going to pay rent, just to her new roommate.

      I was thinking, if I lived with someone who hated my guts and basically told me so at every opportunity, and I wasn’t on the lease, and I found out they were looking for a replacement for me without telling me, and I packed my stuff to move out of the hellhole, and then I got paid, and then they demanded rent – I don’t think I’d pay either.

      I mean, for what, the hospitality? Ha!

      Besides, it’s obvious Quinn only let Ellie live there because of the cat. And she keeps the cat still. McFatFat is the real roommate – Ellie is just his pet bimbo.

  4. Is that mint ice cream? Will McFatFat have mint ice cream powers now?

    Dawwww Quinn! Ellie thinks of you as a sister! You always wanted a sister, didn’t you? No? Okay, never mind then.

    Also, if Ellie moves back in, how will she and Quinn fight off Tired Guy, who now has more than enough evidence to have them evicted? They don’t have much time to get Ellie’s name on the lease, pay the deposit for the cat, fix the dents/holes in the walls, clean up all the blood, even out Quinn’s hair to fashionable length, and become best friends who obviously get along and never scream at each other or slam doors or anything that might disturb the neighbors.

  5. May as well ask while I’m on a commenting spree: so, Mr. Rusche, are we going to see an inhaling McFatFat gravatar anytime soon?

  6. Best. Cat. EVER! I love how he has a mind of his own beyond typical cat behavior. I could easily see him as a mascot for this comic. Also, loving the development with Quinn. Is it bad that I’ve taken more of an interest in her character than Ellie based on these last several strips?

      1. My sister is very much that personality type so I agree with that. This personality type realizes just how fragile it is so, for protection or presenting the illusion of strength, overdose on aggression towards themselves and others. It’s driven primarily by fear, which is the most ironic part I think.

        1. “This personality type realizes just how fragile it is so, for protection or presenting the illusion of strength, overdose on aggression towards themselves and others.”

          …you know, that’s not just a good description of Quinn, but I think that might fit Weiss’ character in RWBY too.

          What? You’re not following RWBY? That’s HERESY! Exterminatus on my position!

        2. By order of the Emperor’s Holy Inquisition I do strike down your request for Exterminatus :P. I will check out RWBY though. It sounds cool.

  7. I’m curious- how old is KK supposed to be? From her introduction, I figured she was somewhere in her mid to late 20’s, but now, I wonder if she’s closer to Quinn’s age.

    I think it’s good that they’re finally talking. I’m sure both of them needed to talk their problems out, even if KK didn’t actually want to. “I’m here for the cat, not the drama.” Ah, if I had a nickel for every time I heard a girl say they don’t want any drama, and then dive HEADLONG into it, I’d be one rich dude. But then again, given the circumstances, I doubt many people could hold their peace without saying a few words. I’m glad that it hasn’t gotten out of hand, though. KK is speaking evenly, without any grim, emotional outbursts, and even Quinn, who normally seems choleric, is a little more subdued right now. Rather than yelling, or demeaning the person she’s speaking to, she’s now just simmering on her chair, not really looking at KK. One the one hand, I could say that her temperament isn’t so bad, but on the other, I could say that she looks like a child that is about to, or just threw, a tantrum.

    In any case, I’m glad that this sequence is almost over. I mean no offense, of course, but I’d like to get back to some of the other characters- see what Ellie is doing, how Alex is handling his situation, and see if Eagan cares about what’s going on… actually, nevermind- Eagan probably doesn’t care about ‘nuthin! :D

  8. So I just came here from the infamous Girl Genius hippie fantasy ad. You sir, have yourself another regular reader.

      1. Well the art looked good, and as a male in that lovely 18-22 year old demographic, sex sells.

        Also, KITTY! /

  9. I foresee needing the kitty defibrillator again real soon, round cats like the best character, next to blind dude.

  10. I guess I’m still wondering why Ellie never paid Quinn the rent. If she had the money and that was one of the main reasons that Quinn was upset at her all the time, then why didn’t she just pay it?

    1. As someone stated I think earlier. It was probably because she just barely got paid, and at the time she already knew Quinn was looking for another roommate and she (Ellie) was going to have to pack up her stuff and move.

  11. Awwwww Kirby Cat! :D

    Definitely sounds better than Catball.

    … everytime I comment here, it’s always about the cat. Too cute >_<

  12. My bet is cell phone or laptop (chromebook is in the $250 range and would be enough for her to get back to Facebook anyway). Her mom cancelled her phone one and her growing somewhat as a person doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to get back to being able to call friends and waste time on Facebook.

    She looked guilty when Quinn challenged her about not paying, and if the “I knew you were already planning to kick me out” was her reason, I think she would’ve thrown it in Quinn’s face instead of looking guilty.

    1. Bet was in reply to Banena about cause of Ellie not paying Quinn rent. I lost the “reply” status on a captcha fail.

  13. I’m ashamed I first came here from a titillating banner click through, not sure where. But that was close to the start of the series now. I stuck with it at first because of the consistent quality art, and then because of the consistent quality character development. Which brings me back to the start — I’m not ashamed to follow your work, but I’m ashamed of why. You’re so much better than that. And yet — if it works, it works.

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