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Wall Hack

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  1. A naming event! And a mom concerned about teenage buffoonery. At least two friends seem happy for Plenty of Pumpkin. The party conclusion is not a total bust.

    1. Two friends? More like two rivals looking to score with a large chested girl and a hot car. What teenage boy wouldn’t want that?

      1. Right. Caz is her friend, but their dynamic has shifted considerably today. And as for the other dude, she doesn’t even like him.

      2. One of them at the very least was a friend. I believe the other was more a known person.

        But they still stayed and were happy for her. Not something her female friends could say and some of them left without sounding like they had a real reason to (thinking of Gigi here).

    1. Ellie’s lucky she isn’t a character in Least I Could Do. Last time one of their characters said the name of the comic, the creator themselves admonished them. :D

  2. Quinn with her awesome green eyes letting Ellie know that she made a bad “dad” joke. But it was an great “dad” joke and and awesome 4th wall breakage. Plus, Quinn is really hot. I still like purple.

    And TC gets “First” by not calling “first” but having it in his comment first.

  3. Shotgun Shuffle, Shotgun Shuffle… I feel like I’ve heard that somewhere, but I can’t quite place it. Oh well, it’ll occur to me later.

  4. Is it just me or does it seem like Ellie’s hair has increased significantly in length since they were inside the house?

    1. I was gonna agree with you, but I just went back and looked at The Impression That I Get and you can see that her hair was already quite long in the back.

  5. It’s incredibly shocking (flabbergasting even!!!) to finaly understand after years of following this webcomic, the TRUE meaning of this webcomic’s title and figuring out that in reality, it had NOTHING to do with firearms or some link to it in one way or another. O.o
    (Which is what i started to wonder a few years back even. Wondering why the hell was that webcomic name was related to a shotgun if we were never seeing any event relating to this object.)

    I guess this is what is happening when a good chunk of your readers are not culture-native american and event not speaking english at all as their native tongue. :\ And all you have to help you is non-english country basic second langage school class’s knowledge that only teach you the basic raw translation of the meaning of each words. (Like dictionnary do!) But not any of the SLANG of that language. :(

    I would have NEVER guessed and knew americans were commonly calling the frontal passenger seat of a car a…..shotgun. O.o
    (talk about an unusual strange name)

  6. The original name comes from the wild west (for those not familiar with weird US customs). You would have a stagecoach driver and then the person sitting next to the driver was ‘riding shotgun’. Literally a person sitting next to the driver with (often) a shotgun to ward off robbers or natives or unruly passengers. This evolved to the more modern usage where the passenger seat is disputed (as to who gets to sit in it), and the first one to shout ‘shotgun’ is considered the winner and person who gets to ride in the ‘shotgun position’ (front passenger seat).

    1. In addition, because of their original use for defending stagecoaches back in the day, legal short-barreled shotguns (with barrel lengths of 18 inches or about 46 cm) are still referred to as “coach guns” to this day. Shorter-barreled shotguns were, by default, easier to maneuver and whip around for the person “riding shotgun” to quickly defend the stagecoach in an emergency than regular shotguns with barrels of standard length: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coach_gun

  7. That and I don’t think you can call it racist to use the term to describe something that’s been used for decades. They really DO call it a “Chinese firedrill” last I knew.

  8. Oh boy, Pumpkin is in danger! Of an awkward mother-daughter chat. My guess is she’s going to attempt to temper things down a bit. I feel like she’d be a party pooper and inform Pumpkin that she’ll have to pay for her own gas and/or car insurance so she isn’t too spoiled by the experience. Maybe ask about the sudden dramatic wardrobe change. Perhaps nose in a touch about Quinn? You know, all kinds of stuff while Pumpkin is trapped in the driver’s seat.

  9. Gasp! A title drop!

    I love earned title drops, but unearned title drops are like, my top pet peeve.

    One of my favorite anime was Re: Creators, but they literally managed to drop the series from my top 10 into like, the bottom half of the top 100 just because they did the stupid “I’m gonna write a book and the name of the book is the name of this series you just watched” trope without ever, like, establishing the title as relevant to the anything the characters in the series itself would say.

    So so bad. World End Economica does the same thing, and that’s worse because it’s Engrish Word Salad territory.

    But this is just a funny insert for the title that isn’t an end of series drop (… I assume) and makes sense given the context, so thumbs up.

  10. Totally on point, I must say – the title callout, the banter, the resolution with Rosemary… and the Junie bonus comic caps it off. *chef’s kiss*

  11. Strikes me also that mom may want to have a word with Pumpkin quietly about her gift, and that it may not be around all that long.

  12. Um; we’re getting snow-blind looking at the same posting for ~10 days.
    And the Korean hackerbots have caught the scent of decaying toon remains . . .

      1. I mean, expecting an update this close to a black Friday, on Thanksgiving Eve?

        I thought that I was the one who was sometimes crazy for even more sporadically baking at the neighbors once in a few blue moons.

        It was so bad when they did that avatar cosplay.

        So much throat spray.

  13. The negative afterimage is now all we see after so long.
    Colors reversed, once our rods and cones became overexposed.
    Some of the wallpaper is already peeling off.
    The once lemony car is now a pale violet smudge.
    Pumpkin’s pumpkins though, seem artificially unaffected.

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