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Warm Ways

All right you guys.. feeling much better. Insides no longer boiling. Background in panel one took me something around 4 days. Went a bit nuts on this set up, but whatever, it's important. XD


71 thoughts on “Warm Ways

  1. I figure there would be a Pinky and the Brain joke in there…

    I figure it is still a little too early to ask her to marry you.

      1. Beautiful Gril kind of beautiful; Beautiful Day kind of beautiful; or Beautiful Deadly kind of beautiful?

        Seriously. Give me a hint.

    1. The offer is for them to go back to his place and bang. HARD! Then take a nap together.

      Also, how is KKs hotel holding up since they left?

    1. Dan straight. But now I’m kind of wanting to go to Lakeland.
      Chris should be getting an artist’s stipend from their tourism and convention bureau.

  2. Okay. First is now open. Erf First rules: must be ten words minimum; must be either directly or indirectly related to the image being referenced; First can not be claimed nor requested; First can be creative, kind of needs to be.

    In other business, the following motion is being put before the firsting sub committee on group challenges. If more than one first has been attempted before a member of the first committed can proclaim the appropriateness of the first being established, then grandmas and poetic style can be taken into consideration on awarding of the first.

        1. No, I think the grammar thing is fine, but I think you actually hit on another proposed good rule to keep an element of civility and respectfulness while still bizarre that marks the comments.

          While grammar and artistic style and phrasing can be taken into effect for a difficult decision, people are then able to appeal the decision by a duel of descriptions of how grandmotherly their grandma was. Not in a Chuck Norris facts sense (i.e. my grandma could bake a truck full of cookies blindfolded in the rain over a candle in an hour), but actual legitimate realistic stories like how you “ran away from home” at age 4 to grandma’s house and how she handled the whole thing, or how she baked cookies from scratch every time something got you severely down in life, from never being picked in dodgeball in 3rd grade, to not making the cut for the basketball team in 7th grade, to getting dumped by your first love in 10th grade, to getting fired from your first real job after you got out of school. Best adorable/heartwarming grandma story wins first.

        2. On even days, how grandma baked from scratch to chase away the blues;
          On odd days, how grandma helped me to stay on the straight and narrow;
          On tertiary days, how grandma kicked Chuck Norris’ beardy behind
          With a boat load of cookies and candle nunchucks.

  3. This doesn’t even feel like a webcomic, and I mean that in the BEST way possible. The time you spend on the backgrounds and building the characters is of such a high quality that I have become wholly invested in this world. I care about what happens to these characters so much, and I love the journey that they are on. Fantastic work!

  4. C’mon – nobody has mentioned that in the last frame, they’re walking into a tunnel! Isn’t that universal story symbology? :)

    1. I know how tough it is for you right now, curled up lying in your own emotional vomit. You’re in hell now, Boomhauer, and the only way out is through a long dark tunnel. And you’re afraid to go in because there’s a train coming at you, carrying a boxcar full of heartbreak. Well, let me tell you something: All you can do is let it hit you, and then try to find your legs. I know. I’ve taken that hit more times than I can remember. Look at me, Boomhauer. I’m fat, and I’m old, and every day I’m just going to wake up fatter and older. Yet somehow I manage to drag this fat old bald bastard out into the alley every day. I’m out there, digging holes, falling into them, climbing out, trying again. And tomorrow I’m going to hang outside at a ladies’ prison, and the first thing those lady cons are going to see after twenty years is me. Will I get one? Experience says no. Will I be out there next month? If I’m alive, you’d better believe it. You’ve got to get up off that cannon bed, slip into a tight T-shirt, wash off some of that cologne, and get yourself out of that tunnel and into some strange woman’s bed!

    2. Is it a metaphor for the long and dark path they are sliding down to the obvious destruction of a fragile young woman’s heart and mind? Seriously this is a worse relationship than Cinnamon and Chiansaw guy

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  6. It just occurred to me. This guy’s blind; he has never seen her. He can’t appreciate that magnificent bod walking next to him.

    If he ever gets his hands on her, that’ll be an ‘eye-opening’ experience…

      1. It’s also reasonably likely that he’s seen Tarra and may have seen Ellie or pictures of her when younger and might be correctly guessing that she looks similar. So he may not be completely unsuspecting of Ellie’s appearance (even if it’s maybe not the most relevant thing in the world to him, seriously if I was blind I strongly suspect I’d care about the other four senses and not really give a damn about the one I couldn’t experience).

    1. Yo, Happy Wheels: maybe e fell in love with who she is as a woman – and as a human being – , and is interested in that, not in her body.

  7. I have to say the ability to find places in a botanical garden to be completely cut off from the city around you and able to avoid perceiving it is a wonderful thing.

    I tried that in college at times, though really I should’ve brought headphones & music as it was a bit too close to a road with a high enough speed limit that I couldn’t help but hear the cars.

      1. I grew up rural, just that wasn’t college. That’s why I appreciated the botanical gardens as much as I did during that time.

  8. Rusche…. you made me laugh while pronouncing the word “Aww!” for five seconds, minimum. There might have even been a D. A LETTER D IN THE WORD “AWW!”

    This is on you. ON. YOU.

    …srsly, thx.

  9. Ellie you gotta remember that you are in your (early 20’s I want to say? she was about 18 at the comic’s start, right?) …you are young and your paramour is probably 30-ish or so. You need to take it easy on old-folks; they can’t party as hard as you young’uns.

    1. Nah, 30s are nothin’. It takes ’til the 40s before things start to really change, and you probably can’t admit it until at least 50…

    1. I confess I wondered something similar. But still, we have to remember we’re getting WAY more updates now than ever, so don’t knock it.

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  11. Has anybody sent an expedition out to see if there are survivors
    from the expedition into the botanical gardens?

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