Watermelon Fructose

When Chris was working on this one, he asked me to help think of a trite-sounding love song title. You know, something that a teenager might come up with and say to themselves, "yeah, this is DEEP." I immediately thought of a song that's been dominating pop radio for months, but I couldn't remember the name. Of course, our older kids were more than happy to help. Me: "Hey guys, what's the name of that sappy Harry Styles song about the fruit?"  Chorus of three tweens: "Watermelon Sugar?" Me: "That's the one." Sometimes the best ideas are the first ones you come up with. I told Chris he should name it "Honeydew Honey", but that was too short and not silly enough. Then I said, "Your love tastes like honeydew comma honey," and he busted up laughing and went with that, "comma" and all. --- Another thank you to everyone who has contributed to our baby registry so far, including Jennifer H.-- here is one of our duckies enjoying several of your gifts: You guys are all amazing, thank you for all the support! -Claire

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    1. She and Quinn are… somewhere having… discussion… maybe concerning the fact that, at 16, they can now make out. Or, something to that effect. Or, maybe they’re complaining about DC deleting the Bat Girls. They may have been in a closet, last we saw. There was fan fiction involved.

  1. Your love tastes like honeydew – knock on it with your fist, and if it sounds hollow, it’s possibly divine, but there’s no guarantee that it won’t actually taste like soggy cardboard comma honey.

  2. Ohh that totoro blanket is much larger than I thought it would be! awesome :)

    At least the popular boy is keeping busy some of the guests, I guess? Poor Pumpkin though, hopefully she’s having a good time.

  3. …now that I think about it, wow. “Watermelon Sugar” is what passes for a love song these days? I MUST be getting old.

    “I used to be with ‘it’, but then they changed what ‘it’ was. Now what I’m with isn’t ‘it’ anymore and what’s ‘it’ seems weird and scary. It’ll happen to you!”

    1. The thing about popular culture is there’s always the weak stuff. The good stuff, usually, floats to the top in a decade or two, but the weak stuff may knock around the top of the charts for a bit before it gets forgotten.
      The best way to find good music is to wait a few years and see what anyone still remembers. The same goes for books, movies, or anything else, really. The classics aren’t good because they’re old. They’re good because they’ve survived the winnowing of time. There was plenty of lousy music in your time, too.

      P.S. It looks like the site has been discovered by a spambot. Probably padding links. Time to seek out a CAPTCHA.

      1. I refute your argument with 27 fanfics on Archive of Our Own for ‘The Greatest American Hero’, a very forgettable TV show from the 70s, whereas utterly brilliiant stuff from a similar time period like ‘All in the Family’ and ‘Soap’ only have a few.

        1. I remember “The Greatest American Hero” very well. I was in high school at the time. Not just the Joey Scarbury theme, but every time Ralph took to the air, the Elton John song “Rocket Man” would play. It was cheesy, yet good fun.

  4. Welcome Back!
    It’s amazing what the right diet can do for someone, and equally amazing how some medications can make you feel worse than the disease itself (speaking on both from personal experience too).

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