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What The Pilgrims Ate

Bit of a jump forward. Ellie has obviously band-aided her problem with the boundless employment options of the holidays. Boundlessly finite.

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  1. Quinn at the Buckingham’s for Thanksgiving?? Can’t hardly wait.

    And I hate ‘black thursday’. Haven’t had a Tday dinner with the rest of the family in four years. I say stay home people don’t shop till Friday give us retail people our Thanksgiving back. Even Macy’s is breaking a 150+ tradition and opening on Tday. And, Macy’s damn near invented the ‘Black Friday’ sale.

    1. It’s a shame, for sure. Even those that have made 5am Black Friday shopping a family tradition for years are not happy with the hours bleeding into the holiday itself.

      I worked at a retail location last year, and we had to be at work at 10pm on Thanksgiving day. That’s not even that bad compared to what we’re at now, only one year later. And the other problem retailers may notice is the massive dead period in the early morning. My store was completely dead from 1:30am to 5:30 am. We had absolutely NOTHING to do but watch the store’s tv displays and stare into space. It’s completely stupid.

        1. Well, on the one hand you can’t help but relate to the poor folk like Quinn whose other option that day would be a turkey lunchable. Not everyone has family or friends to see, though you’d think Quinn could at least rustle up a few like-minded online buddies to share a meal with. On the other, we’re basically stealing Thanksgiving from the food service workers. It’s really not a good deal all the way around, but there’s at least some motive there.

        2. I won’t knock it. Had Ruby Tuesday’s last year, because mom died. I was more nervous than a Chihuahua in a room full of kids. And at least the place wasn’t very full when we got there.

          But Kudos to Ellie for dragging Quinn and her chair down the stairs and pushing her all the way to her house. And enduring all of the honks and stuff, oh..

          Dang, I just remembered that one of her sister’s is picking them up. So much for Death Race 2000.

    2. I’m thinking that part of this trend may be all of the trampled people at Squall-Mart. Chris has a strip about those black Friday and other holiday specials.

      What if the amount of people expected for the sale exceeds not the amount of people that the store can legally hold, but can be expected to safely get their wide loads through the front doors in a somewhat safe if excited manner? I figure that by taking the flow calculations for a specific width, type of door and other variables, that there may be more people expected to show up and flood the store to get in, than the store’s insurance can pay for those who are killed in the trample, and ensuing zombie apocalypse.

      1. Talking about getting people through a checkpoint in a “somewhat safe if excited manner” reminds me of my first thought for an appropriate protest for going through the TSA nudie scanners.

        1. I will wear a seven of nine style bodysuit before I go through a TSA scan, or grope fest. Those bastards took Chewbacca’s lightsaber/cane. Just because the damn airports are government property gives them the right to break the forth amendment with body cavity searches for all.

  2. I never thought I’d relate so heavily to Quinn, as I do with her: “I have a turkey lunchable in the fridge.” statement (though, for me, it’s: “I have a turkey and mashed potatoes ‘Hungry Man’ meal!”.).

    Poor Quinn… things are about to get really weird, really fast. I just know it.

      1. Is that more author foreshadowing, Rusche? :P

        I just hope that Cinnamon has learned how to shut her pie hole, by this point. And that Anise remembers her manners… assuming there is no cake present.

        I already feel sorry for Quinn, and we’ve not even seen the meal happen yet.

        1. I’m not holding my breath regarding The Dumb One’s learning abilities. I suspect her pie hole is shut when one of her sisters gags her with her own recently shorn hair.

        2. I think you third the motion by following through, so get your favorite hair cutting implement ready.

        3. First the motion is made from the floor by a member of the floor to the chair.

          The motion can then either be amended, objected, rescinded or seconded.

          If the motion is seconded, it has to be acknowledged by the chair for it to become a main motion. At that time, it has to be stated by the chair, put forth for discussion, and then voted upon. The vote will either be pro or con and either a 2/3s majority or a quorum. I don’t know much outside of electing members to a position of elected officer that requires a simple majority of 51%.

          But having 51% of voting stock in a company is a good thing.

      1. I’ve noticed that too, but it looks like it grew 4-6 inches since the last strip, so I wonder how much time has passed.

        Is Quinn’s hair growing too, or going to eventually grow?

        1. I really like how Quinns hair does that swoop on the one side and not the other.
          I’m guessing it’s because her hair has a natural wave to it that was being tamed before with her long hair weighing it down. Though I’m not sure why iy is straight on the other side.

  3. Black Thursday is a pox upon our society. I refuse to partake.

    Ellie’s longer hair looks nice and I REALLY want to see the first panel of the next strip as a Gilligan cut to the Buckingham dinner table with Quinn still in the computer chair, still protesting.

    1. I feel the same way about Black Friday, actually. People are downright violent and every year people get trampled, assaulted, and killed. Just to get something they’d otherwise have to wait a couple weeks to get? Or to save a couple bucks? Or over a parking space? No thanks.

      I’d rather stay home and smell turkey stock simmering on the stove while I wrap all the Christmas presents I already bought the weekend before.

      1. Only in America do we trample, assault and sometimes even kill people over the ability to buy things, when only 1 day ago, we were giving thanks for what we already HAVE! :D

        Can’t beat those deals, though. I’d actually partake in it myself, if I wasn’t always working, so I’ve never actually had the opportunity to. But then again, I have little patience, so waiting in line for hours on end is… not ideal for me.

        1. I don’t get how some people will assault or kill others all just to get a good deal on something. There’s practically no chance you will get away with it, and the punishment can be severe.

          Why not take up shoplifting instead? It certainly beats any Black Friday deal in terms of price (free?), it’s easier to get away with, and if you get caught, the punishment is relatively light. Plus, you can do it anytime!

        2. I’ve rarely heard about people getting hurt or killed deliberately. What I’ve heard has been crowds trampling people or indifference to others. Nothing that, from a criminal stance, wouldn’t have “negligent” or “involuntary” or something like that tacked on the beginning of the charges.

          I’ve gone to the Black Friday sales some years. Basically if I roll out of bed in time to conveniently get somewhere that sells something I like before noon I’ll go see if there’s anything that’s worth the price or not. I went at the early times once when I couldn’t sleep and another time when I was pulling an all-nighter on some maintenance that I had to wait a few hours to complete a stage at 1 AM before I continued.

          My experience has been that things are irritatingly crowded, but I’ve never personally seen lack of civility past deliberately ignoring someone to cut in front or the occasional grabbing the last one of something in a sneaky way. Maybe I just don’t shop in the stores with the worst of the other shoppers? My shopping’s generally for late teens and up, so maybe the toy stores are worse.

        3. I grew up with tales of people killed due to retail rage in the headlines. A woman drove her car through a 7/11 because they were out of promotional 3-D glasses for a special showing of “Creature from the Black Lagoon” on a local UHF station (I had my glasses, it was awesome), another woman killed a fellow shopper over the last cabbage patch kid doll in the store (yes it was during the original cabbage craze, yes I know I’m old), and there a woman who drove her car through a K-Mart because some shitty thing she wanted was sold out and she couldn’t get a rain check at the blue light special price. That doesn’t even touch on the people who camped outside shoe stores to mug and sometimes kill people for their Air Jordans during that craze. People kill each other during new console launches and at least person was killed for a copy of GTA V the week it launched.

          Forget Black Thu/Fri, I prefer cyber shopping the next Monday.

        4. I’ve heard of people crushed and trampled in a crowd of people trying to get into the stores (which is why most I’ve seen do lines for opening times now and the tickets for hot items), which I’ve also heard at concerts and with fire alarms and what not. Past that, everything I’ve heard has been vague/anecdotal, not “Person X at location Y had this happen” or even “Police and health officials across the country reported N people dead due to Black Friday mishaps.” I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, just that from the frequency I’ve heard, I figure I’m more likely to bite it driving to work on a normal day than Black Friday shopping.

          The crowds can be irritating, though. I’ll certainly give you that.

        5. I was being facetious – maybe advocating shoplifting wasn’t the dead giveaway I thought it was?

          Seriously though, out of curiosity I went online and perused some articles, which specifically detailed incidents of people being trampled, using pepper spray in long lines, or getting shot over parking spaces, etc. They are, sadly, real things that do happen… then again, the news covers them every year, which says to me that such incidents probably aren’t as prevalant as they would have us believe. When such incidents become so commonplace that the news doesn’t consider them, erm, newsworthy… then I’ll be worried.

          Still, it’s not truthfully a paranoid fear of violence that keeps me indoors on Black Friday, it’s the self-serving behavior of the people I can’t stand. Even though it’s the season for giving, the crowds cause people to turn into self-absorbed sociopaths, resulting in people cutting in line, pushing and shoving their way through crowds, exacerbating traffic by cutting people off and risking collisions, and, well, any of the acts of violence described above.

          The funny thing is that I don’t even care if other people are pushy and rude – let them act like sociopaths if they want – the problem I have is that after a while it starts to rub off.

        6. Just to clarify, when I said “[people] getting shot over parking spaces”, I did not mean out of a cannon, I meant… well, you know what I meant.

        7. Ah, I took the shoplifting comment as exasperation as opposed to joking around.

          I would agree that the incidents seem more likely due to the broader exposure from our modern 24 hour news cycle making us hear them more often (Bruce Scheier has a nice mention of this skewing our judgement in his essay on philosophy of risk, I believe he uses child abductions for his example, though).

          I’d bet you could get people to give up their parking spaces to be shot out of a cannon (assuming proper safety gear and landing area, of course). I absolutely would.

  4. Doggone it, I like Ellie more and more. Dragging Quinn to Thanksgiving dinner is just sweet, though dinner with the Buckingham clan may not be exactly a Norman Rockwell occasion.

  5. Dawwwwwww.

    It’s nice to see that these two are at least civil enough that Ellie can be concerned over Quinn being alone for Thanksgiving. At least it seems like Quinn took Ellie’s job being killed with fire and her using Quinn’s wardrobe as interview clothes in stride.

    I suppose iNimbus is gone, though…

        1. She caught Ellie wearing it once, subsequent clandestine wearings probably wouldn’t do anymore damage than had already been done.

  6. Cant wait for the next page where we see Ellie trying to pull Quinn from the door frame lol

    Although…Ellie not having had a boyfriend (we know of) for some time, coupled with her bringing Quinn to the family Thanksgiving dinner might lead her sisters (and mother) to some interesting conclusions lol

    1. Considering that Quinn was the one who had the, “With seven sisters, I thought one of you would be gay” reasoning, that would’ve been a very amusing conclusion to have other sisters draw.

    1. Depends on her fathers rank. He could be an advisor or overseer or even work at an Embassy. There are a lot of troops in places people dont think about or talk about because nothing happens worth mentioning on the News.

        1. I checked the picture. you only drew 3 stars on him. So that makes him a Lieutenant General. One more star and he is a full General.

        2. A four star in a country we’re on bad terms with sounds like either diplomacy or out and out war.

        3. I would suggest that he’s actually supervising the DIA set up in the embassy. But if Quinn knows, or surmises, she’s smart enough to not slip the lip. But then, he’s high enough in rank to be known to the spy world, so he’s more than likely in there as a military observer in a diplomatic scenario. But he’d still be spying on them as much as they would be spying on us.

        4. What better way to spy on a country then out in the open? Hell, train their military in order to know what their capabilities are, and how they’re supposed to react.

  7. Awww, Ellie be kind hearted! Also, Ellie getting to meet the sisters, It’s going to be great. I can’t wait to see what she thinks of them all. If we don’t not get to see her judgmental snarky comments about each one…I will be sad…though I realize I have grandiose expectations.

    1. Also…Lunchables are the food of the gods…I’m pretty sure that if she doesn’t at least take it with her…there will be hell to pay.

    2. OK OK, last comment…sorry the more I look at it the more I see things. I just noticed Quinn is still in her computer pose while being taken away. Her hand is mouse ready and everything! That’s hilarious, good job Rusche with hilarity in the tiny details.

        1. I don’t think anything, but I do hope she shows up. Dinner will be more catastrophic that way. And entertaining.

        2. Oh, so do I. Though I can’t help but wonder if Quinn / Cinnamon will be more catastrophic than Quinn / Juniper.

        3. Does it matter? We may very well end up with both. Quinn / Cinnamon / Juniper. A cataclysmic trifecta, each interaction fueling the next.

          I hope Quinn learned some fightin’ moves from her bout with Ellie, lest she have her hair “re-styled” by someone less merciful than Ellie.

        4. She’s probably got reaction time and some degree of better stamina/strength on Juniper due to lifestyle differences. I wouldn’t bet on her against Cinn unless Ellie jumped in to help, though.

        5. True, that’s definitely an assumption on my part, and while she’s probably in a state to practice fairly often, her monicker suggests she prefers other activities.

        6. True, but as we saw during her fight with Ellie, when she had the opportunity to cut Ellie’s hair she couldn’t do it.

          She must be prepared to make the cut – if she hesitates like that in a fight with Juni, it could be the end. Of… of some of her hair, I mean. You know, until it grows back.

  8. Ellie, your hair is getting long. Also good luck fitting Quinn in the car with her butt glued to the office chair.

    Also… what was Quinn even doing on the computer her screen is totally blank! Pretending to study, but really just spacing out? Been there.

    1. I’m going to guess authoring DJ Cornbread slash fic and quickly blanking the screen and pretending not to be doing anything when she hears Ellie walk by.

  9. I love that look on Ellie’s face in the last panel- it shows a multitude of emotions. It says “I kinda don’t wanna, but I DEFINITELY can’t leave you alone. Soooo… c’mon.”

    It’s nice to see them getting so well, especially when there’s been such animosity between the two for such a long time.

    1. I read her face as more of, “I know you don’t want to, but it’s for your own good!”

      Also, Ellie’s never had any animosity for Quinn past transient reaction to Quinn’s behavior. All the animosity has originated with Quinn, and I don’t see her doing that any more. While Quinn tends to push people away, she doesn’t want to be alone, and Ellie’s shown that she’ll take some abuse and come back at her when it goes over the line and forgive her after it’s all done. That’s gold for someone like Quinn, and I think she’s self-aware enough to realize it.

  10. D’awwww… she really DOES care!

    This is actually really cute, Rusche. I’ve had my share of moments where roommates made sure I had somewhere to go for the holidays, but most of the time I’ve always had family around to fall back on. Still, little gestures like this are always welcome, no matter the weirdness that follows. Often I can sit back and just let it happened, since I’m the detached person at the table. The amusements are quite enjoyable.

    Of course, if the family is TOO dysfunctional, it gets a bit uncomfortable.

    And what happens if Juniper shows up? Didn’t she, like, steal one of Quinn’s boyfriends?

    Also, I didn’t comment on the previous comic, but I liked the subtle change of color vibrancy between the first two panels.

    1. Thanks for that. I like hearing readers’ personal stories on how the strip relates to them. Juniper vs. Quinn will be very anti-climactic, but everyone will see why when we get to it. Quinn’s going to have the rage taken right out of her mouth.

  11. I love how Ellie says “One of my sisters is picking me up,” as if it is a mystery to all involved.

    A mystery even to Rusche?

    1. Now all I can picture is Terra outside the window, hovering in a Harrier, the cockpit pulled back to let Ellie get in. “Well, come on already! We’re gonna be LATE!”

      1. I see her more in something that looks like a small, cute convertable, but when you put the top up it’s capable of flight up to mach 3 at 60k feet or as a submarine up to a mile under the surface. And the interior warps space to be roomy for seventeen people.

        1. Bastard? I’m sure Tarra helped in the counseling and officiated over the ceremony to marry them. I mean, she had to do SOMETHING to occupy herself while stuck in grade school.

  12. I like how you keep the comic in tune with certain aspects of the world’s going on now. It’s cool stuff. Also, Quinn better go to ellies thanksgiving. Being alone for the holidays is practically a crime in my book

    1. Meh, depends on the holiday. When I’ve lived far away from family it never bothered me being alone on Thanksgiving. Now the one year I went home for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas, it would’ve been rough for me to be alone for Christmas (I wasn’t, went to some friends’ apartment for a Christmas dinner with them).

      It really depends on the emotional attachment and traditions you have with the particular holiday.

  13. This is Ellie we are talking about. The girl who chronically overfeeds animals. Of course she’s going to make sure Quinn is appropriately filled with turkey and love on Thanksgiving.

    Please say we are meeting the rest of the family now! I really want to see Ellie’s dad. I’m betting he’s pretty.

    1. Reading “I really want to see Ellie’s dad. I’m betting he’s pretty.” put the image of Mr. B entering the room in a tutu with the song “I’m Feel Pretty” from West Side Story playing in the background.

      I go back and forth about that happening due to him being crazy from all the daughters or losing a bet to one of them.

    1. I think he made it pretty clear that he wasn’t going to agree to anything until she got her head on straight. The thing I’m wondering is if Quinn will ask Ellie to be her wing-girl or not when/if she does go after Ian.

        1. Ellie remembered Ian from high school, and Ian saw Ellie at least once in the comic my old icon was from (sweatshirt rainbow before Gump Wars movie). While I don’t know how big their graduating class sizes were, I seem to recall hot girls being much more likely to be noticed than average, so I’d bet Ian is at least aware of who she is also. I’m betting Ian either has already fallen for Ellie or isn’t particularly interested past the default minimum “she’s a hot girl whom I’ve seen who may not have always treated me like dog crap and I have some degree of romantic/sexual interest in women in general” level. I also think Ian’s straightforward enough that he would’ve taken Quinn’s fight confession a little differently if he were actively interested in Ellie. I seriously doubt that Ellie would be likely to try to butt in on Quinn either, so if Ellie caused problems I’d imagine she’d be embarrasedly trying to defuse/redirect the situation.

          I consider Ian ignoring Quinn in favor of Ellie as a very slight possibility, but I’d consider Ellie keeping James & Richard occupied to leave Quinn a clear field more likely (James may still think Quinn is interested in him, after all, and Ian didn’t seem to want to push/point that out). I also think Ellie being present for at least one conversation would help Quinn convince Ian she didn’t dump Alex just because he said she had to do it before he’d date her, which I would bet Quinn will need to convince Ian of before he’d date her.

          Not sure that I think Quinn would trust in positive outcomes enough to want to risk it, though. Which is why I’m wondering if it’ll happen or not.

        2. I think that James is going to be too busy to keep his brain from exploding when they meet Ellie. Richard, I guess that he’ll be pleasant. And DJ Cornbread, hoodie and snuggy galore.

        3. James was in one of the yearbook pictures, I think one near the twins as another B last name, so there’s a decent chance he sat near Ellie through big portions of elementary school where teachers assigned seats alphabetically.

  14. Awww! Their roommate relations are so cute now.
    And Ellie looks hot in that sweater… Hot. Sweater. I make funny?

    I apologize.

  15. … actually, what I like is the general level of compassion demonstrated here. Quinn may not immediately appreciate it, but…

  16. You know, I’ve been wondering- since some time has passed- we’ve seen Quinn now with completely dark hair, and Ellie’s hair has grown out- I wonder HOW MUCH time has passed?

    Before Ellie came to the big “and that’s what happened” round up with Mr. Stevens, we saw that Quinn had a thing for Ian, and he was interested with her as well- has that panned out yet, or has less time passed than I originally thought, and therefore there was no time to do anything yet?

    1. Month. Maybe two since the E v Q fight. I’d say Quinn is slightly embaraased and just being on her own for the time being. It will pan out eventually. That was the subplot of the story in option A that lost in the vote.

      1. Well- I’m intrigued… how would her little brother have come into the equation when it came to Quinn’s relationships? Perhaps as the voice of reason? “Quinn- this is the way you’ve ALWAYS been.” And after that, she realizes how she needs to change?

        1. Quinn has a somewhat tragic relationship with her brother. Which will probably be further damning to her character. He’s not her voice of reason at all. I was going to allude to more of it when the girls were walking around the lake, but I cut it for pacing since I can circle back around to it later. Ellie’s family can’t seem to get away from each other at times, while Quinn’s never seem to be in the same place under any circumstance. The good thing about his storyline, is there’s no set up to it. Because of Quinn’s circumstance with him and their mother, I can drop her brother into strip 1 of that plot whenever it’s time for it.

  17. I think that Quinn is just misunderstood. She’s just doing what she knows…I can relate to that. When the dust settles, there you are, and you are by yourself.

    Hopefully, Ian will wait until she gets her *self* together. But he needs to let her know that he is interested.

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