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What’s Implied

For anyone not familiar with Florida, Ocoee (pronounced Oh-Koh-EE) is north of Orlando versus Lakeland which is west. Not that any of that really matters other than its horribly out of the way for Katrina to drop Pumpkin off just to drive all the way back home. So obviously Damien is suggesting it's more convenient for him to drop her off. He's also suggesting something else.

51 thoughts on “What’s Implied

    1. I never noticed that, but now that I do. . . I don’t like her even more. Quinn is my favorite, she doesn’t need someone else to taint her even more XD Also, how do I change this Avatar?? Anyone???

  1. I imagine Ellie will be along as a buffer, same as Pumpkin was a buffer between Ellie and Danny.
    I also don’t think Damien will mind one little bit.

      1. Maybe it has something to do with the type of vehicle she drives? Seeing your daughter looking like that step out of a van labeled “Miami County Burn Ward” would probably be pretty shocking.

        1. But Kat and Damien don’t know about that. And also Pumpkin is a minor, whereas Ellie was kicked out, so I’d guess that of the two, the parents would worry more about the younger child.

          Anyway, the current popular opinion seems to be that Kat is swinging for the other team (dur-hur-hur) but I wouldn’t put it past Rusche to surprise us with something totally out of left field.

  2. Okay. So. Either Katrina’s got some “thing” going on, or this is yet another implication that Pumpkin bats for a different team and has told people. Or maybe Katrina IS actually a witch and uses minor girls as a catalyst for her prosthetic based arcane arts.

    1. Yes, so many possible interpretations. From “You’er MY boyfriend” to “I hate her, but find her so hot”. Or even “Oopsie, I made it your real face”.

        1. In my mid-thirties, no kids, and male, but I’d still possibly buy a Goosebumps book named “Oopsie, I made it your real face.” It’d be a tough call if I’d keep it as a trophy of the randomness of the world or give it to someone as a gift.

          So I’d probably buy two.

        2. “Oopsie, I Made It Your Real Face”

          “Why Does This Be?”

          “The Week It Hailed Kidney Stones”

          “Camp Insurance Sales Office”

          “Attack of the Forty Foot Orthodontist”


        3. What about “AAAAAAH!!! Why is it full of bees!?”

          A collection of books like that needs at least one interobang (‽ if your browser supports the font).

        4. …did someone say something about BEES?

          Why, my briefcase full of bees should help this comment thread!

        5. I saw that after I posted mine and almost commented.

          Though honestly the majority of the times bees come to my mind are related to Eddie Izzard’s bit about beekeepers trying to hit on women at work.

  3. Is he hinting that Kat might be “hitting for the other team?”

    I like how multi dimensional even minor characters are.

    1. My person guess–and these are wrong three times out of eight, commonly–is that Damien may be preparing to muddy the waters a bit by mixing business with pleasure, so to speak, and thus may be poised to do more harm to the business than good.

        1. Thanks! I figured it’d fit in with all the classic Simpsons references whether I did it subliminally, liminally, or superliminally.

      1. I would like to think that Pumpkin would at least check to see that Ellie had a ride home as well, since she knows that Ellie only got TO the convention in her friend’s car.

        If all the speculation regarding the vague hints being dropped is right though, I’m eagerly awaiting to see Kat’s reaction to Ellie’s “Power Girl in street-clothes” cosplay.

        1. Pumpkin: Meet my sister, Ellie.
          Kat: WTF!!!
          Pumpkin: WTF WTF!??!?!
          Kat: She’s bigger than those two put together.
          Pumpkin: At least she doesn’t put it out there, or shame others for being itty bitty mosquito bites.
          Kat: mpfh.
          Pumpkin: hmpfh.
          Ellie: WTH?
          Damian: what do I care, my father was the first of the fallen, kicked out of Heaven….. (pffft. yeah right.)

  4. One thing I love about this comic is that even as Rusche drops hints every now and again about where the story is headed, the overall plot is unpredictable. Looking at the cast page, you wonder why some characters are considered major characters—namely Alex and Barrel, the former of whom we haven’t seen since Quinn still had ass-roots—and get excited and curious for when they come back. That being said, I hope we see the college setting again soon. I re-read the strips that took place on campus quite a bit because I feel like they captured the days of undergrad very beautifully.

  5. Guys, it’s okay! Look under Kat’s eyes! That’s a } mark followed by a massively huge ellipsis! She’s the missing sister!

    1. You know it us required that all webcomic have a homosexual character in it and Pumpkin is still Questionable. Content already know I would not try and misfile her preference just yet.

  6. All Pumpkin has to do is casually drop the fact that her dad is the Lakeland Chief of Police, and suddenly, she’s safe from all but the stupidest assailant–especially if said assailant also lives in Lakeland.

  7. Kat is actually a rubber suit full of wasps, which is weird, but doesn’t make her giving a minor a ride home inappropriate.

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