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What’s Waiting At Home

No, I'm not making "Weekend at Bilbo's" Relax.       Although...                     I'm kidding.                         But if like, Gandalf and Frodo were the two guys throwing a Middle Earth party....

30 thoughts on “What’s Waiting At Home

  1. I personally think Weekend at Bilbo’s would be awesome! But it should really star Pippin and Merry in my opinion.

      1. But the two in weekend at bernie’s weren’t responsible for Bernie’s death. It was the mobsters that he owed money too that killed him. At least as I recall anyway.

  2. Good timing, weekend at Bernie’s just turned 25. Or so an article on FARK told me.

    And this is where Quinn gets some well deserved comeuppance. Yes the dirty hippy is also a douche and supremely unlikable. But I can’t side with someone who doesn’t cleanly sever their ties before moving on (or attempting to.) Of course this would also be an excellent time for Quinn to do so. She can even give him a consolation hoodie for the hoodie rainbow.

    But of course breaking it off with him would also give him free reign to hang around all the time and throw himself at Ellie guilt free. The dramedy continues…

    Also no one conformed to their character tropes… so I guess no one drinks? I could go with James acted like a geek but that seems too easy. This reasonably well adjusted behaviour from Quinn is a god send for my liver.

    1. My question is, did he lay ties to her on a relationship level properly or did he just start hanging around to feed off of her intellectual need for conversation and let things happen that would benefit him more than her.

      The dirty hippie being an artist of some sorts (no insult to our host), some girls will fall for that just because it’s an intellectually liberal thing. I’m not laying that at Quinn’s feet. However, I guess that when it comes to the affable intellectually pretentious crap, Quinn is a novice at best when it comes to upturned noses.

      Ellie on the other hand, I think that she has already mentioned what she thinks of dirty hippie already, and hopefully KK has pointed her into a meaningful direction with our blind oracle.

        1. There is certainly a type that does so. I played guitar in a band as well as wrote/drew and there is some overlap.

          Writing circles can be a good place to meet the artsy/writy ones.

        2. I’ll point you at Heather: ——>

          There ya go. Besides, from what I gathered from the previous discussions of previous comix, aren’t you two supposed to be an item of sorts?

        3. I thought that you guys were flirting or something, from what I gathered from the Labyrinth post. Or did I just read too much overflow from the webcomic into the posts?

        4. Besides, if any of those girls were like the ones at my first campus dorm, I’d be ripping joy from the world through the usage of Yoko Ono Squared.

    2. I thought she did officially break up with him, when they were already on the rocks and he muttered Ellie’s name in his sleep. (Not that that’s a good reason, but it was an excuse so she wouldn’t need to voice the actual reasons.)

    3. Quinn’s most well-deserved comeuppance is when she starts dating Dillhole McHoodie. Be careful what you wish for, you might just Patreon B-Storied, and that never turns out well.

  3. Gah, I’m not going to use the dirty hippie icon for this one.

    I think that I noticed a nuance in the Eagan/Quinn relationship. She seems receptive of his calling her lady and some girl. He’s aloof, but I’m thinking that he knows a good thing even when there is no free flashlight.

  4. You have the story humming along nicely. We still don’t know the history of Quinna and Alex, so I’m not sure if I should be on Alex’s side or Quinn’s… but I’m sort of happy that her horrible web of lies has already blown up in her face.

    I watched the TV show “Three’s Company” a few times and it seemed like every episode was about Jack telling a lie, then telling more lies to cover the first lie, then the lies spiraling out of control until they blew up. I found such stories painful to watch (much more painful than funny). So Quinn should actually be grateful things didn’t spiral that far out of control! (Not that she is thinking that right now.)

    1. It’s not a question that I want to dwell on, because I’m starting to like Quinn more now than at first and she’s starting to be as interesting as Ellie was off of the bat. But I still think that it may need to be asked in order to allow for a discussion. I’m just wondering how much the other person in the Quinn/Alex relationship just needed to use the other person because of what they could offer versus who they actually were.

      1. Among other reason’s I’ll get into later, I’m sure it’s some subconscious desire on Quinn’s part to keep someone around just to put them down. I’m sure Alex’s reasons to stay with her is almost solely because she’s 1) female and 2) willing to go out with him.

        1. Well, I think that one reason that he was around was because of his cash. Especially when it came to her car and insurance, and maybe what with the rent situation of late from the last roommate, Janice, was it?

    2. Yeah Three’s Company’s reoccurring message would have to be “Just tell the damn truth” for sure.

      And yes, Quinn has certainly turned into a compulsive liar.

  5. Whew, Kinda glad that is over; on a very positive note…it is time to drop the dead beat…and pick up the…other dead beat. Y’know Quinn’s taste in men may not be trustworthy…

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