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When All the Pretty Birds Have Flown

Your twelve o'clock conference call is ready.  

110 thoughts on “When All the Pretty Birds Have Flown

  1. Finally, a villain that has a beard and a headset. I’m already to cosplay as him.

    Also, seems like Tarra is having a bad day… which seems odd. She might need to buy some new plot armor.

        1. Because he’s evil. I’ve been warning people for years. Don’t trust any man who capitalizes one word in three different places and calls it a name.

        2. I have to agree with Steve, K.C. and the Sunshine Band have the authority here. It’s two words, otherwise the sisters may not have all been female. Anon’s over capitulation may have altered the genetics of Pumpkin and Juniper. Then you’d have Dan Fielding and who knows how Pumpmkin would turn out? Eddie Haskell?

      1. You know, I never really experienced snow before, so it was pretty chilling to begin with, but the stop over in Detroit is the only time I felt my bones freeze. Why the hell do planes park in the middle of the taxi way instead of up against one of the gates?

        1. There could be a couple of different reasons, but the one I feel most likely to apply to Detroit is that they simply didn’t have a gate for the airplane. If it was snowing and several other flights had been delayed or cancelled, other planes could have been left sitting at the gates after they were supposed to have left, taking up extra space. Depending on the situation, they might not have had the crew on hand to move them, or they might not have wanted to.

          And so your plane got the short end of the stick and had to disembark via ladder (I assume) in an unused part of the parking lot and then either walk or be shuttled back to the terminal.

    1. During the days of the Lil’ Abner comic, Dogpatch (the poorest place in the US) was matched with Lower Slobbovia (the poorest place in Siberia) so logically that’s the next stop. Okay I recognize Slugworth, Wario, Desthstroke the Terminator and I’m guessing that’s her duplicate/sister but who’s the Bearded guy in the lower right corner?

      1. Forgot to mention Bison by name but I recognize him to, and my bad, I wrote Wario but someone below pointed out it’s Waluigi. That’s 2 mistakes.

      2. Looks like Pewdiepie, which would explain all the irrational “reaction” his missteps on the internet bring. This whole time he’s been tapping into Tarra’s “extra dimensional bullshit” as the Landlady put it.

    1. What does the question of if something’s been proven wrong or not have to do with an FDA approval for a medical device?

      I mean, my suspension of disbelief about differences between Shuffleverse and real life only goes so far.

    2. It wasn’t proven wrong. I believe it was proven to be made up by Hollywood as a silly plot device by scientists seeing several movies that used it and repeatedly shouting, “THE BRAIN DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY!”

    3. Maybe that’s why it was rejected. People use 100% of their brains, and Tarra’s thingamabob steal 90% of it to mine bitcoin. That’s supervillain shit right there.

        1. The reason why people arguing this irritate me is that they don’t define what using x% of the brain means and I’m not sure anyone is actually able to do so.

          In the simplest definition (for me, which is an analogy to a computer), 100% utilization would be the point where no additional storage could be inserted without deleting old contents and functionality was all fixed and maxed out.

          That definition obviously isn’t what anyone means because if someone were at that point then it’d probably be viewed as some sort of illness for difficulty gaining new memory and seemingly randomly losing old ones while also burning a massive number of calories beyond the norm.

          Every other definition I can think of just seems more handwavy and assuming things or constructed just to be able to say “I’m right about my last statement.” For example, we’ve discovered that different parts of the brain do different things by observation, we don’t have a map to know that we’ve found all the parts or if there’re more we haven’t found, so you can’t say “using all the regions” because that’s really “using all the regions we’ve noticed and correlated as separate regions though there may be others.”

    4. Only 10% of your brain is firing at any given moment.

      We do have a name for *all* of your brain firing at once. That’s called a Gran Mal seizure. Very bad.

  2. There are bad days, horrible days..and then there’s “Your entire world has just shattered before your eyes now watch as you fall into the well days” that Tarra is seemingly starting to have.

    Then her former compatriot calling her a “Bitch on Wheels” to cap it. Yeah..ouch.

  3. I wonder is this kind of thing is new to Tarra or if overcoming setbacks (and doing it even better than before!) is standard operating procedure for her.

      1. Her evils ways a secret and make money while Junipers is very public, cost a lot of money and is a possible public health hazard.

      2. Juni, I don’t know what you did, but all I can ask is, how many died? That’s about the only thing left. Your little sister released a biological hazard on crowded shopping mall out of spite. Your older sister tried to use human brains to mine cryptocurrency. There’s literally not much left in the sheer evil camp unless you’re a genocidalist or you have some kind of pact with Satan. Have you signed anything in blood recently? Did you sacrifice your FIRST child to anything that we haven’t seen yet?

        1. Not true, she could always invent something where one of the side effects gives cancer to the unborn, puppies, and kittens. Trust me, it can ALWAYS be worse!

  4. And I love how everybody in Tarra’s assassin squad has an LC code name. Rusche, how long did it take you to come up with that many LCs?

  5. Let us certainly continue currently conversing consistently capitalizing camaraderie, captivating circumstances, courageous chthonic cacophonies, and casual chatting. In other words, let us again recreate the chatroom in this comment.
    @Mr. Blue: Well I am glad that you at least discovered those allergies. Perhaps it will be a good first step to getting better and stronger

    1. Good evening Sir Count. Recent discussions have reminded me of how easy it is to get off topic and demonstrated how one’s enjoyment of a debate is dependent on the temperament of the other participants.

      On the one hand talk of a recently previewed Crab card led to debate about which of two other cards was less bad and while the tone was perhaps too clinical to be described as polite, neither was it malicious.

      On the other hand a comment made in passing about the Phoenix led to me getting dragged into a discussion of their entire characterization over the past 20+ years which quickly turned unpleasant.

  6. Is it just me or does Tarragon’s personality seem to have changed… a lot? She seems more callous and step-over-everyone-in-a-Bill-Gates kind of way, whereas before she seemed more effortlessly perfect and maybe just naive to the impact it had on other’s lives.

    Was she always this way, and we just never got a good view of her life? Or is this a shift brought on by too much success?

    1. I think the biggest factor is that there’s nobody around from her family to witness her attitude. That effortless perfection & aloofness isn’t as effortless as it appears (as we see when Ginger lays down the law) and we can consider that personality to be when Tarra is “on” as opposed to being herself. Plus she keeps getting bad news dropped on her, and that can’t be helping her mood any.

  7. Ah I see, must be the Tuesday Mayhem Conference Call:
    Slugworth, Sniper Wolf, Waluigi, Vega .. ahem M. Bison I mean, Slade and PewDiePie

      1. I mean, she’s on multiple “sexy assassin” squads (though 1 less as of this page), why wouldn’t she be teleconferencing with various villains?

        1. Deathstroke has a particularly nasty reputation though from shows such as the Teen Titans – whereas everyone calls him by his real name Slade.

          He’s a mercenary, plain and simple. He works for whoever pays/benefits him the most. Sometimes it’s the heroes, sometimes it’s the villains.

      1. Deathstroke is definitely not as villainous as he may seem at times and especially in most comics. He’s wicked intelligent and skilled and has some decent supernatural enhancement and has had many opportunities to kill heroes but didn’t because it didn’t benefit him at the time. He’s more of a neutral character that follows his own agenda than a villain and sometimes an anti-hero. Though his arguably most prominent appearances in Teen Titans cartoon, The Arrows and even one of the Batman games paint him as a straight up villain.

    1. It may be part of it, but Anise was first for X to try to kill because her haircut was, in X’s view, the start of the downspiral.

      So anything from Ellie would have to be realized later (Ellie changed her speech balloon color, which I assume to mean an attitude/outlook change).

  8. …and then I remembered, Ellie’s going to be “desperate enough to seek a job with family” at some point. Working at TarraCorp is going to be a disaster.

  9. Imagine how bad Tarra’s day is going to get when she finds out about Ellie and David. I fear for Ellie’s well-being.

    1. Don’t worry, be happy. By the end of the day, Tarra’s gonna be living with the rents again at this rate. Where’s she going to find the scratch to off a sister at that point, hmmmmm?

  10. LMAO when slades involved u know s**t will hit the fan……not to mention I have a feeling voting her out is gonna come back to haunt them lol

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  12. I told you she was a super-villain in the making.


    1. She has become incredibly calloused by all the mayhem around her.
    2. She thinks she has the best answers for everything.
    3. She believes the end justifies the means, so violence is acceptable means.
    4. She has her own lair, and created her own corporation named after herself in which she does questionable things.
    5. She was a super hero, but now belongs to a group of female assassins/explosive expert/vigilantes.

    And last strip she was incredibly open about how much she sees herself above everyone else, in general.

      1. That could be as well, although her attitude tells me at some point she felt like what she was doing as a hero was futile, thus she started looking for other avenues (and timelines) to force a change for the better in one fell swoop.

      1. Two major differences:

        Tony in another reality uses his money and power to be evil. Even in the primary Earth reality, he’s walked the fine line between good and evil, usually erring on the side of paranoia. He was on the less good side during the first Civil War storyline. He’s contemplated actually working towards world unification through force (using the Avengers).

        She’s more like Lex Luthor in some regards.

        The other point is that Tony did not create his own company, his grandfather created the Stark brand; his father inherited it and turned it into Stark Enterprises; and then Tony inherited all of it, and expanded it somewhat. Self-starter uber-business people in the comic world usually do so to cover something not-good they are doing in the background.

  13. She also needs to fact check.The 10 percent of the brain myth is a widely perpetuated urban legend and a complete fallacy that most or all humans only use 10 percent (or some other small percentage) of their brains. It has been misattributed to many people, including Albert Einstein. By extrapolation, it is suggested that a person may harness this unused potential and increase intelligence.
    Brain scans have shown that no matter what one is doing, all brain areas are always active. Some areas are more active at any one time than others, but barring brain damage, there is no part of the brain that is absolutely not functioning. Technologies such as positron emission tomography (PET) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) allow the activity of the living brain to be monitored. They reveal that even during sleep, all parts of the brain show some level of activity. Only in the case of serious damage does a brain have “silent” areas.The 10% of the brain usage in humans is a fallacy and has been disproved by many scientists over the years, hell even the Mythbusters did an episode on it!

  14. Yeah, she’s a supervillainess in the making, all right. Like I said… the ‘Lex Luthor’ is very strong with this one.
    Also: Good for you, Julianna! “Bitch on wheels” is right!

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