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When Diplomacy Fails

CQC Of course the challenge here is to have Quinn say something so harsh it pushes this relationship past the breaking point, and deserves a physical response. This interaction is much different that Ellie's punching of Alex. That was more comedic and jerk-reactionary. This is a long standing, brooding resentment of Ellie by Quinn.. and 150+ strips of mounting tension to show for it. Other than reiterating the importance of WHAM! in panel two, be sure to derive the significant secondary implication. ;P

97 thoughts on “When Diplomacy Fails


    Shit just got real! o_O *readies the blood-squeegee and bucket*

    On a side note: CATBALLLL YOU’RE SOOO CUTEEEEEE <3333

  2. Aww, why Quinn gotta be hatin’ on the fat kitty?

    And she totally deserved that smack in the mouth.

    1. Wait a minute… I just realized this was another prime opportunity for a “SHORYUKEN!” that was missed. It’s not too late… it can be fixed =D

  3. Wow it must be really awkward for “Tired Guy” to just sit there watching this…or maybe he grabbed some popcorn. I would have. I’m a little curious about Quinn’s superiority complex and her hate-on for Ellie. I mean it can’t just be about her boobs.

  4. Also on the striving to be responsible comment Quinn had, I completely disagree. She’s a college student living completely on her parents money, as someone in the same boat I rarely feel responsible, I almost feel more of a burden like this than I do when I lived with my parents. I honestly envy my friends who are working low end jobs in order to get by.

    So with that in mind if anyone deserves to live there it’s the woman who is working her butt off to provide for herself and her kitty, not the spoiled one who thinks rules are irrelevant to her and feels entitled to everything.

    Oh my god this has become a soap opera!

  5. *bell dings*

    Aaaaand in this corner, 5’2 and 86lbs we have the reigning champion, the Brown Recluse! *audence boos*

    Aaaand in this corner we have our challanger, at 5’4 and 93lbs I give you The Blonde Bomber!

    Sorry, I couldnt resist lol, I can imagine Mr Fatty as the round card girl even :)

    Seriously though, Feorellas is right, Quinn doesnt even have a job, so she has little if no room to talk here. Heck if you do a little page diving you’ll see she is guilty of weaseling quite a bit, why else would it have been established that Alex’s friend has fixed her car at least twice? She’s a freeloader!

    I can imagine how this is going to go into a tailspin, I see Tired Guy breaking out that shotgun from his cast page image lol.

    I do wonder what song Mr Fatty McFatFat is listening to on his MP3 player…I hope its Eye of the Tiger ;P

    REALLY looking foward to Fridays comic now dude *runs to get tub of popcorn*

      1. Twas a joke, though I was using measrements from people I know roughly the same age. I think I was a little under on my estiment of Ellie, but I think I was pretty close on Quinn, girl needs to eat, she’s so skinny if she turned side ways and stuck out her tongue she’d look like a zipper ;P

        1. Darn thing posted when I hit ‘enter’ need to be more careful in the future.

          Anyways, a good solid guess? I would say Ellie is probably between 115 and 120, Quinn cant be more than 110, not counting her ego or that massive chip on her shoulder.

        2. Yeah, Ellie’s probably about 120-125. Quinn maybe like 105-110. Quinn’s design is that of a fairly petite girl. Heightwise, I’d say Quinn’s about 5’4 and Ellie 5’5 or 5’6 if I actually put any thought into it.

  6. and Quin is a bit of a C##T… seriously to hell with her at this point. she needs to do a hell of a lot to come back from this

    1. Ack, The Todd!? That would just take the level of the comic down to that of Jerry Springer.

      And then, all of a sudden, a crowd erupted outside the apartment complex chanting, shouting, “Jerry! Jerry! JERRY! JERRY!”

  7. UGGHH what?!?! Quinn is not even paying for her own rent, last time I checked she didn’t have a job either! She’s a pathetic little mooch who goes around depending on everyone else to keep her afloat. Ellie is standing on her own two feet and that alone makes her better than Quinn. Plus, I know TONS of “uneducated” people who are super smart. Going to school doesn’t make you better than someone else! Quinn should have gotten punched in the mouth for that talk! *grump grump*

    1. The only thing that makes Ellie’s stance a little shaky is that apparently still hasn’t paid any rent yet which gives Quinn some justification for wanting her out of the apartment. But… there isn’t anything that gives Quinn the right to verbally abuse Ellie like that.

      1. True, I mean logically, you need to pay rent and she dropped the ball there. Ellie isn’t perfect I’m sure we all know, however, the more Quinn opens her mouth the more well put together Ellie seems to be to me. haha

        1. Anyone keeping up with the days will remember this is still a Friday in the comic. And Ellie just said she worked 7 doubles in two weeks. So it can be assumed she’s been paid.

        2. I find your reply a little unsettling as my original response was going to say that we could logically assume Ellie hasn’t been paid yet, but I decided against it. Your response would have been the perfect response to my almost response.

          there…make sense of that!

        3. I’m kind of thinking that the payroll system is at least one week behind the work schedule type of thing, as to why Ellie hasn’t gotten money for rent yet. . .

        4. When you work at a fast food place like O’D’s, or McDonald’s in real life, how do they pay you? Do they give you a check during your shift or something?

          I’m a bit puzzled by what is going on here. Ellie really did work those doubles, and you are implying she got paid. And we saw her playing Jenga, not playing with a shiny new iPhone, so as far as we have seen she is either working or not spending money.

          Oh well, we will find out more as the comic continues. Keep up the great work!

        5. I believe that a new employee’s first pay check is held back one pay period before they receive it… It’s happened to me often enough. Sooo… If Ellie just started her job and she gets paid every two weeks, then it might be a while before she gets her first check maybe as long as four weeks… her money will come and as long as she keeps her job she will have a regular pay check every pay period.

        6. Actually, if she worked for my company she’d still have at minimum 1 week if not 2 before getting paid. We pay on the 1st and 16th of each month but we process payroll one period in advance. So the paycheck on July 1 isn’t for June 16 to 31 it’s for June 1 to 16.

    2. Quinn is paying her rent from a loan, or from money she’s saved up from jobs before she started school, or scholarships she worked hard to earn, or her parents are paying, or some combination. Unless her parents are paying for everything (not likely), she either worked really hard in advance or will have real debt when she’s done (which will follow her around for a good portion of the rest of her life, and cost her a fortune in interest). As for her parents paying, she’s doing what her parents are paying for her to do. They aren’t just giving her free room and board to fart around on the internet all day. It’s hardly fair to call her a mooch (even if she is being a bitch).

      Ellie, on the other hand, was most certainly a mooch. She wasn’t doing any work or covering any cost for all the things (food/shelter/internet/etc) that others (her family) were giving her at great expense to themselves. I’m glad to see her working hard to change that (even if Quinn refuses to recognize her efforts), but in no way was she standing on her own two feet prior to moving in with Quinn, nor does she do so now by choice.

      What makes Ellie better than Quinn is that Ellie has given Quinn a chance (as a friend), whereas Quinn has denied Ellie respect from the beginning.

      1. In my defense, I was talking about current Ellie, not then Ellie. Ellie, to me, seems to be picking herself up and actually making progress which is where I’m getting her redeeming qualities from. Just because someone didn’t start out via their own choice doesn’t mean they are not doing very well currently or attempting at changing themselves. As for Quinn I was going off the remembrance of her saying that her dad was paying for the apartment to Alex and so it was his rules. I don’t remember ever reading that she was doing much payment in that area so she was either lying to Alex and I didn’t pick up on that, or I misread something somewhere. Regardless I don’t remember any of the parts where she had loans, scholarships or anything of the like, but then again I don’t have the best memory so I’m going to to assume you do (I skim way too much…). On the other hand, Quinn has used people in the past for her own gain (at least as I see it), and I would say that is a form of mooching.

        Either way, Quinn is being a butt so I’m ragging on her for my own personal pleasure. The anger at her statements in this comic is all coming from a very personal level. Haha

        1. Yes I forgot she had implied her father was paying her rent – still, if she dropped out of school and sat around doing nothing all day, I bet he’d cut her off pretty quick. That’s the difference I was pointing out about mooching: she does work hard, even if it isn’t a paying job. The expectation is that it will pay off later and she will pay her debts then. I don’t recall anything about her having scholarships or loans, but I am assuming her parents aren’t paying all the costs for her education (that can be pretty expensive). So I expect she has worked hard to get where she is, and may even be accruing debt to pay off later. Again, the difference between what she’s doing and mooching.

          And yes, current Ellie is standing on her own feet – when I said she wasn’t doing it by choice, I meant that’s your only option when you’re cut off. She’s making a good effort, still has far to go, and absolutely deserves respect for that.

          And I understand the need to bash on Quinn (honestly, she’s being a terrible person). I just wanted say that, of the nine thousand good reasons there are to bash on Quinn, the choices she’s made to get where she is aren’t any of them.

          And my reasons for responding were on a somewhat personal level too, having supported a mooch and all. I wanted to clarify that receiving help while making an effort is not mooching – if the moocher of my past had consistently made the effort that Ellie seems to now (granted, it’s only been a couple weeks, comic-time), I wouldn’t have had a problem helping him out.

        2. I totally see your point. I myself forked over hundreds of dollars for someone and they did not in any form even attempted at putting their life together, so I understand completely where you are coming.

          my original statements were made within 5 minutes of waking up, so I wasn’t putting that much thought into them.

        3. I remember Quinn saying that she let the policy lapse because she hasn’t been paid any rent, and that the car would be left on campus until such a time as either money or the car started to fart rainbows and such.

          I would like to say, that I think that I was infatuated with both of the girls, and KK for that matter as well. But then, being a nerd, as everyone may well gather, having a girl talk to a nerd is enough for them to spaz out into geeky quietness in that awe inspired moment of having a girl talk to you. But then, whatever, I’m over Quinn. I’ll just say that her internal aspects of self do not measure up nor match her external aspects of femininity.

  8. Wow… Quinn went from “going too far”, to “Please, punch me in my mouth!” pretty quickly there.

    Poor Ellie… she’s likely going to have to ask Tired Guy to let her room with him for a while, after the dust settles.

    1. A lot of fast food places pay bi-weekly, depending on when you hire in it can be as long as three weeks before you see your first check. I’m not sure if that’s what’s going on here but it could certainly be a factor.

      1. That and I’m guessing that Ellie has not worked a complete, full pay period yet. Maybe part of one and into a second one that will produce said enumerations for labor.

  9. Best friends forever!!

    She might not be “succeeding” like Quinn, but then she doesn’t have any support either. I’m sure Ellie had opportunities to make good choices with her education/career, but she passed them up. Understandably, now she has nobody who wants to help her (except Blind Guy). All Quinn does is scream at her, which doesn’t do anyone any good (except us, who are entertained). Maybe Ellie would give college the… um… old-college-try… if Quinn, say, encouraged her to do it instead of berating her for not.

    It would be funny to see Ellie make it to college or get a career doing something that Quinn deems “successful”, just to throw it in her face.
    Spite: This century’s most powerful motivator.

    And to say that Ellie has no real world skills is a bit short-sighted. Her recent analysis of the current social situation was actually pretty astute. If she applies herself, she could someday be some kind of counselor, perhaps one who helps bickering roommates to resolve their differences through a series of discussions, bonding exercises, and, in extreme instances, slaps. Week 6 of her nationally-acclaimed program could be “Thrash an Ex-boyfriend Together Week”.

  10. I’m going to bet that Quinn comes from a well-to-do family (or at least, multi-generational middle-class), and thus, she’s been taught her entire life that people who aren’t as well-off as her family are just lazy slackers who don’t deserve anything, while she and her ‘kind’ are just enjoying the fruits of their labors.

    Of course, this is about as entitled and privileged a viewpoint as you could get, and I’m going to dearly enjoy seeing it ripped from her like wings from a housefly.

    1. Don’t forget that it’s also the CD that Blackford bought that morning that Quinn’s car broke down.

      And why am I wanting to put “Mallory” on the end of her name????

        1. Yep. That’s why. I was thinking about that after I made this post, but I didn’t go to check. Oh crap, is there going to be a substitute strip based on Sliders? Smart Ellie, Lazy Quinn, Polite and respectful Dirty Hippie – err, Alex, Hip Blackford, studious Cornbread, and Dirty Hippie Richard (?) I can’t recall his name, but the boy who must accept his unknown heritage because he wasn’t adopted in the alternate universe, just orphaned at birth plus two months.

  11. Interesting contrast to the previous page. As Ellie really laid into Quinn with harsh truths, Quinn turned further away from Ellie so she wouldn’t have to look at her. As Quinn lays into Ellie, Ellie starts out looking away from Quinn and then turning to face Quinn head-on as her assertions and speculations about her future get more out-of-line and and inflammatory.

    Well played.

  12. I think Quinn went too far. Not every low income female does the make the babies and get the government to pay for them thing. Probably fewer than most people think… many single female parents are the result of abandonment by the male spouse, or widow hood or flat out divorce. Few people plan to live on the dole. Circumstances and economic conditions sometimes force that option on them as a last resort whether they want it or not.

  13. Little miss high and mighty Quinn is in for a rude awakening later in life. Seeing as how she brought up the whole ‘being responsible and educating herself’ point I think it’s only fair to point out the OTHER side of that point.

    Having obtained a college degree is NOT a guarantee for employment.

    It is a gamble in the hopes that by paying lots of money in the present you can possibly get a better job in the future. For all Quinn knows she may not be able to find a job anywhere (what is her major anyways?) and could end up possibly being that same low income female that she’s making fun of Ellie for being. Personally I think she would have a nervous breakdown if she ever had to do the type of work that Ellie does.

    Quinn is probably thinking that since everything has been going ‘well’, ie her current crush seems to relatively like her, that she’s done nothing wrong.

    I would also like to point out, from my personal experience as a former fast food employee, that those who say they will never have kids, or do what Quinn did here, usually end up having kids. While this might not be true for all people, I’m basing this off of the 5 out of 5 girls I used to work with who did exactly that only to wind up having kids later.

    1. Truer words have never been said. And not every non-college grad does poorly for themselves. Some have gone on the advance to higher levels in the company.

      1. You’re right, the bulk of the comment being speculative and anecdotal and therefore not falsifiable, no truer words can ever be said. Only just as true. :)

        Though personally, I believe Quinn is likely to “succeed” in life. And why shouldn’t I? It is not her assessment of herself that is necessarily wrong (regarding education and career path – her self-assessment in social areas, on the other hand…), but rather it is her assessment of Ellie that is wrong. Well, not just wrong, but also unfair (contrary to her explicit claim of fairness), disrespectful, and downright abusive.

        The only areas in which Quinn seems destined to fail at this point are friendship and keeping that apartment. Maybe her love life too (methinks DJ Hoodie may just want to be friends). Of course, all these things could spill over and ruin her education and career path, but that’s not what anyone seems to be predicting.

        1. I don’t know, what with Quinn’s current attitude, and application of tropes, she’s more than likely to either translate her future career into a work at home/telecommute position as an advisor type of person, or just give up the workplace after ten years.

          On the other hand, if she ever does get a job with Forensic Science, I think that she’s going to thank Ellie for the palmslap, because if she doesn’t get her shit all in one sock, it’s going to come back and haunt her.

  14. I come through a ‘new comic archive binge’ to this? Definitely sticking you in my list of webcomic bookmarks. I especially love your style.

    On topic for this strip: It seems that, surprisingly, Ellie is the more adult person in this situation. Makes me wonder if they can still live with each other once the dust settles.

  15. Quinn… that bit about having fatherless children was a bit low. And you deserved that slap to the face. Possibly more.

    1. I like to think that it is taking place in Fatty McFatFat’s imagination. Which is ironic because it appears that in real life he is in fact missing the party. I’m sure it’s all a ruse and he’s about to bust out the crazy ninja moves to lay waste to Ellie’s foes.

  16. Heh heh heh. Ellie as Solid Snake is great. Does that make Tired Guy Revolver Ocelot? Then who would Quinn be? I remember only one of the games, and it’s been a while since I played it.

  17. I…I loved the MGS comic more than the actual one. I…this just makes me happy. I loved Grey Fat…what’s horrible is I read it as Ellie with Snakes voice.

  18. It’s always baffling to me when people pull the ‘it’s OK to lay hands on someone if they insult you enough’. Words should be met with words or, if someone wants to actually maintain some dignity when thugs get really acimonious, a turned back and walking away. That’s not some pacifistic stance, either, it’s just basic civilization.

    Quinn onscreen has ben a substantially nasty person many times, it’s true. But then again, if I’m not mistaken we clearly get the impression that Ellie was just as bad if by worse all through high school and up until the week or so AFTER she was kicked out. Remember her little screwing her sister over and then getting annoyed she was in trouble? That didn’t have the tone of a rare event, at all. And her improvement? She gets credit for it, to an extent, but it wasn’t a voluntary choice.she didn’t take that job because she valued her dignity as a self-sufficient adult, she had to be dragged into it kicking and screaming and has inky just realized it’s not some hideous injustice

    Quinn never had the high ground, but her new rookie made see to jump both feet into the mud with her when she decided ‘I get to hit her now’.

    1. I appreciate you expressing your concerns over the storyline. As anyone who’s gotten a response to an email from me will tell you, I always encourage reader inquiries. Good or bad. My following comment is “explanatory” only. Do not read into any words as criticism directed towards you, from me.
      I think what the underlining problem is with your reading experiencing with the story right now is ‘update fatigue.’ I got alot of this during the Star Wars/Gump parody. There’s just a certain amount of strips we have to wade through to tell the story… and 2-3 weeks of being stuck in one argument can be grueling. But if it’s what’s necessary, it’s what’s necessary. I always view the comics in the long run, as in: How will it read if someone plowed through the entire archive? How would it read in book format? The “Quinn and Ellie just can’t get along” plot will be a passing glance 5 to 6 storyarcs from now. This is like one episode of a TV show to me.

      There’s also the building tension, which has now hit its breaking point. I was, at first, puzzled by the idea I was writing fanfiction about my own main storyline that wasn’t even published yet. If this were an attempt at bad fan fiction, there’d be alot more kissing.

      You had written on the previous comic:
      “It’s always baffling to me when people pull the ‘it’s OK to lay hands on someone if they insult you enough’. Words should be met with words or, if someone wants to actually maintain some dignity when thugs get really acrimonious, a turned back and walking away. That’s not some pacifistic stance, either, it’s just basic civilization.”

      It’s basic civilization to those of us that AREN’T these two immature girls. I can’t at this point envision Ellie saying “Well, I’m sorry you feel that way, Quinn.” That’s not what the story has culminated to. You have Quinn’s selfish, insecure attitude and projectionist anger pitted against Ellie’s sheltered ignorance, and juvenile impatience. One’s borderline complete-narcissist, and one’s a potential altruist. They’re just plain sick of each other.

      As the title suggested in the last update, diplomacy fails sometimes. Sometimes people resort to just knocking sense into someone else. Not everyone. But in the case of this story, Ellie did. She has 6 other sisters I’m sure she’s come close to doing the same with. It’s not my fantasy. It’s the probably scenario we’ve come to in the story. Ellie is not Quinn’s doormat. And she’s not a sponge for all of Quinn’s bad past experiences.

      Quinn does infact have redeeming qualities. But the story-flow has to allow for them first. I have to get there. Stay with me on this. The end of this chapter is already written, and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. It’s not abnormal to have a story with a character everyone hates. Quinn is a mini-boss compared to what the story will have in the future. I will ALSO say, that my webcomic is very typical of most. It’s reality: exaggerated. It flirts with real life, but it’s here to entertain. If you think it’s strange now… God help you in 3-4 years. =)

    2. Admittedly, although I see the point very well in theory, in practice it doesn’t really pan out. We’re all animals that are lifted up from a fight-to-survive system, so the underlying decision we’re subverting all this time is to beat the crap out of and eat your opposition (or just beat the crap out of) in favor of the system we’re raised off of. After enough emotional abuse, someone ‘snaps’ and can’t resort to a system that’s mentally destroying them, and resort to what works once the established system is out — ‘back to basics’.
      This is just kind of a longwinded way of saying, yes, it’s not graceful, but at the same time Quinn is determined to have Ellie snap, and pretty much succeeded at it.

  19. Reading back up through the archives, I get now why the “Fatherless children” barb hit especially hard for Ellie. When you’ve seen it happen to a relative and someone just naturally assumes it will be you next… Quinn earned all she got from that.

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