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Who Are You?

Patreon comics are on the way. Really struggling with this nighttime lighting. Shooting to have another comic up Friday for the main site as well. But until then... Here are the most common items of interest I get concerning the comic since it started back in ye olde 2009e. faq Why is the comic called Shotgun Shuffle? It massively lacks the title's subject matter. Named after this. I don't have a super love affair with this song in particular, I just really liked the name. The dot.com wasn't taken so I used it. I may incorporate a meaning for it later, but for now it doesn't really have significance to the comic other than the secondary characters to Ellie always rotating in and out. Much like life during youth.. friends, coworkers, and acquaintances are constantly changing. What's with all the Hamtaros? This was actually grandfathered in from a different webcomic that wasn't my own. I really had no thoughts on making a webcomic until a friend of mine showed me one she was doing. It was crazy adorable and I instantly loved the three strips she started off with. She had Hamtaro looming in odd places, staring at the reader. Unfortunately she had a harddrive crash and lost her work. Her comic died on the spot.. and subsequently all other future comic endeavors. I pestered her to no end after this. Incredibly talented artist who should be putting her work out there for others to enjoy. Her first three comics were worlds better than my first 200. So I plug Ham-Ham in here and there as a shoutout to her work, which inspired mine. My dream was her dream first. Since your art has improved, have you ever thought about redrawing your first batch of comics? Maybe. Have you ever thought about doing any what-ifs or alternate universe versions of your characters? Maybe. Have you ever thought about doing a spin off comic when this comic is done? Maybe. Let's be real... have you ever drawn Ellie naked? Maybe. Technically they're all naked when I'm drawing their figures, and before I draw the clothes. Ellie's only really been naked in Alex's fake drawing of her. (I still have that somewhere. Will probably do it as a Patreon drawing soon.) But I don't draw my own characters naked to amuse myself, no. I'm not Bruce Timm. However, Ellie will appear strategically naked at some point. Like you know, graphic novel sitting right on the shelf at the comic store type naked that any kid could possibly pick up and see. Like Danger Girl naked. Do you avoid sex in the comic? Will there ever be sex in the comic? See above comment. No I'm not opposed to sex in the comic. But the story has to permit it. Alex and Quinn were shown sleeping in the same bed at her apartment way back, so it was alluded to they were sexing it up on occasion. I don't do the Friends thing where people are just falling into sex every other day. In real life you may go long periods without sex. Why do you sensor certain curse words in the comic? It's pretty much common place in webcomics. Yeah, no kidding. It's too common place. So common place the curse words lose their impact. I've seen even the breeziest of breezy lighthearted comics about warm fuzzy nothingness have a single strip loaded with curse words. Character 1: "Hey fucker, where's the fucking food in this bitch?" Character 2: "Fuck off, asshole. I ate it. Also.. uh... up your ass, douchebag.. or something..." And that was just the latest Pusheen. I'm not opposed to cursing. It's how people talk. I curse constantly. More than I should in polite conversation. Regardless, I hold off for when they're needed. You may have noticed one in today's comic. Are you completing the Patreon caricatures for the cast page? YES. The process has taken longer than it honestly should. I intend to do a whole separate page for it, but I'm a jackass completionist and want to get all of them done first before posting. Are you ever going to make a book? Most likely. But it's tons of work and very frustrating. It'll take time. I've got to get my schedule solid before I even flirt with that kind of project. Yeah, about that schedule... Trust me I know. Nothing gives me more stress than trying to get these comics completed. I think this sums it up perfectly. Have you ever thought about animating the comic? This kind of question USUALLY refers to animated gif comics. I have. I actually attempted doing one in the past, but time just didn't allow for it. I was actually going to have Ellie and Danny do an homage to Pulp Fiction's dance scene when they were in Fatboy Slim's Cafe 90's. Maybe I'll finish that for the book. :P Why don't you use thought bubbles in the comic? I don't like the way they look. All fluffy. Gross. What software do you use to make the comic? The first 100-150 strips were all done in MSPaint. Done huge, shrunk down. I used a god awful old program to color them called arcsoft. I'd basically sketch them, take a picture of them with my Nikon camera, then lineart in Paint. I've since switched over to the Wacom tablet and Photoshop. Not CS5 or whatever. I use Photoshop 7. I gotta have some form of antiquated software to keep me happy. I think it gives the comics a vintage look. Where did you go to art school? I didn't get accepted into art school. I got a nice big fat rejection letter. Who are the D52 people? The Plot B of the comic. They're the underpinning of the series and more important than I've led on so far. Their inspiration is from other Carnival of Killers trope usages like The Gungho Guns from Trigun or the Anten Seven from Outlaw Star. I liked the idea, and enjoy it more with just a ridiculous amount of them which will lead up to a major Run the Gauntlet. It also helps with 52 of them being a reference to a card game. Like Shuffling... ohhhhh snap! You have characters that have appeared in this comic many times but they're not on the cast page. And some that ARE on the cast page, but rarely show up. What gives? Comic's not over yet. Character's like, say, Alex and Barrel will appear again. Some characters aren't really A-string yet, and will appear in cast panels I haven't finished setting up. I still need to make one for the 2nd and 3rd arcs of the comic, which will feature characters like James, Richard, Eagan, KK, Bubbles, and Ashliii. You've said before you use real people as the inspiration for the characters. Which character are you? I'm not in the comic. When are you going to put yourself in the comic? I don't intend to. I'd rather avoid it. Don't you want to be in your own comic? I'm noticing a trend. I get asked this a lot. Like, a whole lot. There are lots of comics where the creators put themselves in the comic. Write what you know, right? That's fine. Nothing you know better than yourself. I don't have a problem with it. Personally speaking, and not meant to disparage other creators.. I find it kind of vain. I'm not saying THEY'RE vain. I would just find it vain if I did it. I do have a character in the D52 called META, who is a META and I've thought of doing this character as myself just griping about being in the comic, but I honestly don't know. I'm making this comic to be about my observations of people and life and relationships, but not necessarily me. What webcomics do you read? This is a tricky question, cause it's easy to come across as a complete jackwagon answering it. The honest answer is: NONE. You're literally reading a comic from a creator who doesn't read anyone else's work. Now that's not to say I haven't read other comics. I have. I have read and looked at a massive number of other comics. While I don't religiously read other strips, I DO keep up with them. I try to talk with as many other creators as I can, see what they're doing, see what I like, see what I don't. See what they're doing that works. See how they talk or treat their audience. Or in sadly, many many cases, don't communicate with their audience at all. (frowny face.) I read bad webcomic wikis to know what to avoid, etc etc.. I basically analyze other webcomics instead of getting immersed in them. I'm not saying none of them are good enough for me or anything conceited. I look at them to see how they're laying out their panels, how they're doing backgrounds, word balloons, action scenes, and so on. If anyone tells me about a webcomic I've never heard of, I always go look. Then I mentally dismantle it and take away anything that inspires me to be better back at home. :) How many jobs is Ellie going to have? Two more after this. Then she's Career Ellie. Her designation as The Lazy One will change, as will the designations of most of the other sisters. Is there an 8th sister, or more sisters? Not likely. Will characters die in this comic? Yes. And how. Who's your favorite character? I don't really have favorites. Just my favorites to write, which then equates to 'easiest to write.' I'm partial to Quinn and Pumpkin. One's an introverted smartass, the other's an extroverted smartass. It writes itself. What's going on with Pumpkin's boobs? Are they getting bigger? I don't get it? She's turning into Tarra. Because = FUSION Are you a guy or girl? I can't tell by "Chris." a/s/l? So you're a dude? Yes. I thought you were a girl. I'm sorry. But you write about all girls. Basically. So what're you,.. gay? No. That doesn't seem kinda gay to you? Yeah, I'm tons gay. Loads and loads I'm actually kinda surprised at the frequency of this question considering how many other creators write/draw comics that are predominately filled with females. I mean... ladies, honestly.. you're much more fun to draw. (No, I am not Bruce Timming my own characters!) So that's the first batch of these. I'll do another outing sometime in the future. Keep those inquiries rolling!

99 thoughts on “Who Are You?

    1. First.
      Six to eight weeks for delivery of your trophy and it may/may not be banned in California because it may/may not cause cancer. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner.

      1. I’m not entirely convinced that it’s possible to construct a solid object that is not known to the State of California to cause cancer.

        1. Doesn’t matter. California will have probably split off into the ocean and turned into a futuristic prison by the time the paperwork for Confirmed Allotment of First has been signed, stamped, filed, signed, stamped, and filed.

    2. I cannot hear that phrase without hearing it from The Whitest Kids U Know’s Abraham Lincoln sketch.

      Sometimes I hear it with the anime vine “Onii-chan” added between shouts for extra fun.

  1. So when’s the rest of the reboot coming out? Also, when’s the rest of the FatFat alt-universe storyline coming out?

        1. Those little bastids are vicious sober! No one wants to fight that; the more you know….

  2. Yay for the return of brain hamster.

    Also yay for deductive reasoning even if it’s working against Ellie right now.

    I really like the hair loopy things she has. Juniper has them too in the Patreon comics. They are neat.

      1. For bit part characters, Brain Hamster may be my favorite. I think the Urine Salesman had that title before this comic, but I think Brain Hamster’s clinched it.

  3. We can be a nosy bunch, can’t we? Dang.

    She could always go for the, “Friends badgered me into seeing it a few times. It just FEELS like half a dozen.” But she already knows it’s too late. Too bad the hamster didn’t wake up earlier.

  4. And just like that…it all collapses in front of Ellie’s eyes.
    She’d better have one terrific plan B.

    Sidenote: Love the Q & A. section, gotta think of one for it now..

    1. Well, there is always the comic “There is no Plan B,” which had it’s date moved to November 14, 2013 in order to make room for one of the Maybe links above…

  5. Awesome Q&A!

    1. I would totally buy a Shotgun Shuffle book.
    2. Outlaw Star FTW!
    3. People gonna die?!
    4. If this is what pumpkin is like after fusing with terra…what happens if she fuses with Ellie…?

    1. Well, comic [Patreon] Tarrallie (currently dated January 29, 2015) does hint that some of Ellie’s shape came from her fusing with Tarra. Remember that before Black Friday back in the original sister bios it said Tarra “Can successfully perform the Fusion Dance” and breaks from the trend of “the only sister” with most of her other descriptions.

      Considering physical changes from fusing with Tarra hit Ellie at some point, but Ellie isn’t really that out of whack compared to what you’d expect from her 5th grade image, I’m suspecting that the fusion is just speeding up development rather than changing the end state. So I’m guessing fusing with Ellie wouldn’t cause any significant physical differences for either one.

  6. A point worth noting: being as you’re not a webcomic reader, Chris…and most of us here are…you are perhaps not aware that you are currently in the top, oh, five percent or so of artistic quality out there. Debatable, yes, but most of us would likely agree that while you may not be the top of the heap, you are certainly near it. Therefore few here would mind you dialing down the artistic quality in a bid to move along faster. I believe I speak for most here to say that we would be happy with you merely being in the top 15 percent, or even top 25 percent, of artists. Because you’re killing it as is. We can live with you merely wounding it.

    1. Seconded.

      Also story. I have never had another webcomic pull me in with an overarching story as much as SS does.

    2. My vote is with whatever you want/motivates you. I’d be ok with you keeping perfectionist tendencies, I’d be ok with you dropping your art to get things done faster, and I’d be ok if you mixed it up as you felt like from one post to the next (maybe even one panel to the next, but that might get a bit jarring).

      Basically I’m for whatever it takes to keep you in the game until the enormously long story you’ve set down can get to the end and not become yet another of the dead or abandoned links in my bookmark list. I don’t care how that impacts the art, really.

      1. Well, I do care about the art, but not in the sense that I think I should dictate how Rusche should run his webcomic.
        And having read so many comments from you I’m certain that’s what you meant too. You won’t care about the art because you’re confident that the least it can be is “pretty good”.

    3. You do not speak for me.

      I love that he takes his time and gets it right.

      F#ck artificial deadlines, and f#ck impatient b@st@rds who insist on a rushed and shoddy product to meet their need for immediate gratification.

      Too many games, movies, and other products get rushed to release (as shoddy, buggy, and possibly even hazardous/dangerous shadows of what could have been) because somebody leaked that it was in development, every media outlet wanted to be first to be first to report it, then so called “fans” demanded it as soon as possible, if not sooner.

      It is the fault of these so called “fans” pressuring for rushed production.

      Let the creators create what they want to create, how they want to create it. Your instant gratification “needs” always result in a shoddy product that doesn’t meet anybodies need (including your own) every single time.

      Next you are complaining about rushed plots and sequences, half@ssed story segments, features dropped, featured tacked on at the last second, game breaking bugs, health risks, etc. that would have been fully developed, fully implemented, debugged, properly safety tested, etc. if you had just let the creators work at their own pace and release the product they wanted to produce when it was ready.

      In case it isn’t obvious, I have seen too many things (media and commercial products) I had been looking forward to be ruined due to rushed release/production. I blame the “fans” first world problem of instant gratification for this. Please stop rushing the production of things I want to love. It never ends well for anyone.

  7. The website name was available. This is how most stuff is named right now, so that fits.

    So, Terra is changing into Pumpkin because Fusion? And so, does this mean that Pumpkin’s future job is going to be the new Lara Croft spokes model?

  8. Ah well, nothing like learning from one’s mistakes to make one grow… Perhaps this will be the wake-up call Ellie needs to get her act together and show some character.

    1. Nah, Ellie’s too young for a wake up call on this magnitude to get her act together completely. Hopefully it’ll get it a little more together, though.

  9. Rusche – So do women think you’re another woman, or is it just guys thinking that? If you write your ladies well enough that women are convinced you’re female, that’s high praise right there.

      1. The As Good As It Gets quote does make a fair point though. The degree of compliment depends on the intellectual/perceptual capacity of the one offering it. Julie Benz did not appear that her role was to play someone terribly sharp by the statement before that quote (definitely either 35th percentile intelligence or extremely poor perception to not have properly pegged Jack Nicholson’s character).

  10. I am reminded of a wonderful quote: D-I need you to trust me. A-how can i trust you, you don’t always tell the truth. D-If I always told the truth I wouldn’t need you to trust me would I?

    1. If Pumpkin writes Uzi Mambo, I have to speculate on what some of the other characters would choose. My guesses are as follows:

      Ginger – Tommy Gun Two Step
      Tarra – Howitzer Viennese Waltz
      Anise – Potato Gun Polka
      Juniper – AK-47 Twerk
      (I’m assuming Ellie gets to claim Shotgun Shuffle)
      Cinn – Jammed Walther Robot
      Quinn – Sniper Rifle Tango
      Alex – Moon-clip Revolver Peabody

      1. Herb – Flamethrower Foxtrot

        (I’m guessing if he told stories about “The War” he’d be the guy with the napalm.)

  11. Great callback to one of my favorite Ellie gags, the BRAIN HAMSTER!

    And yea, she missed her chance to come clean right away. Dig that hole Ellie, you’re almost to China now!

    1. If she would’ve thought of it before saying not much dating, she could’ve played the age & big boobs cards and said that his pessimism comes from his experience with bad relationships and that hers comes from guys who can’t focus past her chest, so she expects to have a lot of bad matches to find anyone even moderately worth spending any time getting to know, but she hasn’t given up yet, so she took a bit of a chain dating approach to try to sort through the dross and she does give enough of a damn to want to get to know him a bit better.

      Coming clean would’ve been better, but she could’ve worked around this particular mine without doing so.

        1. Yep. That ship has sailed. (pun intended for those of you who were shipping these two.)

    1. She could always say “six times” was hyperbole. It already sounds like it.

      That said, she should have come clean a while ago and continuing to lie will just make it worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy found the whole thing funny… at least if she’d confessed before now.

      1. She could also say something like “Okay, I know what this might look like, but all those other dates were crap. This one wasn’t. ” expounding on FatFat’s plus-twenty sized cousin and resulting crutches might help as well.

  12. There have already been deaths in Shotgun Shuffle. Kimberly is dead, and it’s a safe bet that Chica didn’t just abandon her cupcake.

    1. Hmmm, so Pumpkin’s adversaries may be the only ones who’ve lived to tell the tale after having a brush with McFatFat?

  13. So characters will die, and I remember reading earlier that the last lines currently planned for this comic will be said by Tetra, a character that we already watched die… Is the end of this comic going to be apocalyptic, or just tragic?

    1. I think the events of comic Nightmare Fuel might be safe to be considered alternate timelined out. I don’t think Tarra’s going to escape becoming X, but the memory of that may be sufficient to keep her from going back in time to try to murder her sisters, allowing her to continue living to the end of the comic. In fact, I kinda’ wonder if we’ll see her, destroy her time machine in comic to avoid the temptation.

  14. For what it’s worth, I never imagined you were anything but a guy.

    Had to learn early on, don’t ask your friends if they read your webcomic. It’s like asking if they listen to your podcast but takes 30 seconds instead of an hour of your life. At any rate, it needs to not be a condition of friendship. I assume no one reads my work and proceed from there :)

  15. I got rejected from medical school. So I went to mortuary school. I did really well in that and got a job preparing cadavers for medical students to dissect. So now I’m teaching medical students anatomy, even though I only have a BS in Biology and an AS in Mortuary Science. Go fucking figure.

  16. QUICK SAVE!!

    Ellie: Kyrie is…my middle name…my first name is Lavender…like the spice.
    Guy: What does that have to do with any-
    E: -my sisters are named Ginger, Tarragon, Anise, Juniper, Cinnamon, and Pumpkin.
    G: …whoa…
    E: My Mom has a thing for Food Network.
    G: …I see.
    E: Still mad at me? (squishes boobs together)
    G: …Maybe. Right now I’m thinking about a second helping of Jurassic Universe.
    E: You’re a dick! (punches his arm smiling)
    G: Nothing personal. (smiles back)

    1. Nah, she needs to go full truth or walk away at this point. Ignoring an initial lack of trust and lying to him could potentially fly. After a second flare up of mistrust, she needs to either fess up or go home.

      1. Moreover, if she has an interest in this guy, especially considering his attitude and demeanor, she should start with the truth. Lying to keep a relationship going is like building a mansion on shifting sand. And this guy doesn’t seem to be one to fall for spectacle and impressive looks. He seems more interested in stable foundations.

        1. “I like watching bad movies, and to be fair, I’m not the one that lied about my name. That was my boss. And before you start that line of questions, I honestly don’t even like this job. Do you have ANY idea how many times I’ve been to Red Lobster already?! I’M TIRED OF LOBSTER!!!! Seriously, just get me a burger already!!!” <– complete honesty that could save her.

    1. Three times for me.
      How did we manage to be in the 30s that one month? It would be *steeples fingers* exceeeeeeelent if we could do that again…

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