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Wig Party

Finally bought my first tablet! Time to make Shotgun Shuffle completely digital (once I become coherent with it.) I'll post a shot of it with the next comic. I feel really behind the times with never having one up until now. The biggest reason I finally shelled out the cash for it after years of hesitation was time. I finally broke down and spent the money for the sole purpose of being able to make these faster. The most time consuming aspect is redoing the lines for these once they're scanned (I say scanned, but really I just take a picture of each panel with my Nikon.) It's too tedious. Time to retrain myself. I think the most difficult thing about learning on the tablet, is I know for a fact the comic won't look the same, or better for some time. So I may be still making these the old fashioned way until the tablet and myself come to terms with how I want it. Till next time.

26 thoughts on “Wig Party

  1. The last panel has caused “Snap your fingers, snap your neck” to get stuck in my head. Showing a strip with the “real” characters was good though and Quinn is in fine form. Her next excuse should be that she promised to take Fatty McFatFat out for a roll. Because there needs to be more of the round kitty.

  2. Just a tip from a newbie artist: a tablet helps even if you still do pencils to start with. I sketch in pencil, scan, then ink using Paint Shop Pro. Even using a trackmouse (my preferred type), inking isn’t nearly as easy as it has become now that I have a tablet (Graphire 4, in my case). The motion is just more natural-feeling and I can ink much faster.

    1. Yea, I had thought about that too. My end result would be what I’ve seen other artists do, and make a sketch layer, where I do the rough outlines in a light blue or gray, then create an outline layer over that for the finished lines.

  3. there’s a bit of a learning curve with all digital drawing. getting use to a lack of pencil on paper friction might take a while.

    1. I’m mostly worried about all the talk I hear about the pen nib eventually scratching into the screen. Bought a protector, but them again I’m not sure if that will make the feel of it even MORE awkward.

  4. I found this comic by clicking a link on sinfest and ended up reading the archive a couple of weeks ago. But I forgot to bookmark it! I just spent like an hour googling for webcomic about girl that works at mcdonald’s. Worth it! (bookmarked it now :])

    1. lol. Thanks for the story. I assume that’s what happens with quite a few new visitors that I see on my analytics. They literally view every comic (obviously liking it enough to read all of it in one sitting) then never return. Why I typically like to advertise again on the same sites with the same ad. Although, you have to hope the same people see it again. =D

  5. I like your comic. But i would have ditched a long time ago. And thank you for doing the star wars movie remake after Lucks sold the rights, Cause I’m sheer he would have thought it was a good idea and went back and re-filmed them just to put more money in his pocket and piss off Spielberg.

  6. “We don’t do this for just anyone. Watch the destruction of your home planet with us tomorrow.”
    “On Wednesdays, we wear schnecken.”

    “If you were deployed to a forest moon, why is your armor white?”
    “My lord! You can’t just ask someone why their armor is white!”

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