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For anyone attending Megacon, I am planning on being there on the first day it opens on Friday the 21st of this month. No booth or anything. Just as a normie (I'll be the guy wearing pants.) Haven't been since I moved out of Florida four years ago. I'll be joined by Jessica and James if anyone wants to hit the nearest IHOP after the con, feel free to drop me a line. I'll draw Ellie on your placemat. :P Also, I'm behind on my emails again. lol I will get back to you guys.

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  1. FIRST!

    Let the game of strip intimination begin.

    Does “our lives” refer to Terra and Sister X, or the four older half sisters?

      1. Ripping your clothes off while staying in the exact same position, forcing the sartorial effects through sheer force of will?

        But your name is Dominic, not Will.

        1. There’s actually a finite improbability generator running nearby, hooked up to a strong cup of hot tea.

        2. Dude, I am sooo sorry but that reference is a bit off.
          An infinite improbability drive is what comes from working out how exactly improbable an Infinite Improbability generator is, feed that figure into a finite improbability generator, and give it a fresh cup of really hot tea.

        3. I believe your in reference the bistromatic drive it uses the super fantastical math that only exist properly in the minds of small french waiters working in a parisian out door bistro

        4. That happened only once. A much more common use (usually at parties that respectable physicists don’t get invited to) is to make clothing molecules jump simultaneously one meter to the left (or right, if you get the polarity wrong).

        5. The Guide’s entry on the drive also states that it was invented “following research into finite improbability, which was often used to break the ice at parties by making all the molecules in the hostess’ undergarments leap one foot simultaneously to the left, in accordance with the theory of indeterminacy”. It further explains that many respectable physicists wouldn’t stand for that sort of thing, “partly because it was a debasement of science, but mostly because they didn’t get invited to those sort of parties.”

    1. She said “our life” though. Lives would mean plural sisters, life would infer her and Tarra are the same person. Though from a far distant future after Tarra had a breast reduction? Or Sister X is Tarra from the future fused with someone else? Or… *spins wheel of random plotline generation*

      Giant psychic space monkeys…

      The wheel has spoken!

      1. Hmmm its possible she is one of the other sisters from the future.

        Lookig at her build and dimensions, its a hard call.

        She has Anise’s hair, or at least close to it. Her build however fits Pumpkin if she doesnt develop, or…well, Juniper.

        Could be Juniper from the future coming back to get Ginger for the bid thing ;P

        1. Seriously though its a tough call if its time travel. Current theory is that Anise is the one with the glass eye since we never see her right eye and we know there is a tattoo on that part of her face.

          Problem with that is Anise is second only to Ellie in the bust department. If we had a close of of Sister X’s face it would help though since each of the sisters has completly unique eyes. That would solve or cross out time travel from the equation.

        2. Not possible, remember when Ellie introduced Quinn to her family? The birthmark on the cheeks skips a generation. Ellie’s kids wont have it.

          Another blow to that being possible would depend on Quinn, if I can find the picture of her mother and father. Blonde hair is a recessive gene, so unless Quinn’s mother or father has blonde hair, it wouldnt be possible.

        3. Even without the birthmark factor, you cant argue with genetics. Both parents need to have the blonde gene for their kids to have blonde hair. And if memory serves Quinn’s parents dont have blonde hair.

          If you really want to get into specifics there is a 1 in 4^64 chance that Quinn carries a double rescessive blonde trait, but that would require both of her grand parents on one side having blonde hair.

        4. Although I hate to interrupt a good Mendelian discussion–

          But there are these modern inventions called hair dye and color contact lenses which pretty much can shoot holes in all kinds of genetic theories based on observed phenotypes (and there’s a word I didn’t expect to use today) :) .

          Now drop and give me 10 Punnet squares..

        5. Ah so you know where the math from the 4^64 comes from stewbacca lol

          I will see your argument about dye and color contacts and raise you with this:

          Who would want to dye their hair dity dishwater blonde?

          CoffeeFox, hair/eye color isnt tricky at all actually lol. Each and every person carries four genetic markers for those.

          Take green eyes as the most extreme case, its a double recessive trait, so only if both parents have green eyes will the child have green eyes.

          Blonde is a recessive/dominant trait that requires a matching pair, both parents must carry the recessive/dominant gene for it to be passed.

          I have blonde hair, but my parents have brown hair, despite all four of my grand parents having blonde hair ^ ^

        6. While I don’t disagree with you in general, two things pop to mind on the “who would want to die their hair that color” statement.

          First, if intentional misdirection for the spectacle to put on, anyone.

          Second, the Internet continually re-teaches me that questions of the form, “Who would ever want to ______? Or be proud of it if he/she did?” are just a matter of time before the answer becomes, “Oh, that guy/girl…[sigh]”

        7. Hair color is trickier than simple recessive/dominant; heck, most colorations (skin, eye) are some combination of alleles that go beyond that dichotomy.

        8. Genetics are extremely complicated. One of the problems with genetic engineering away problems, is that changing a gene to fix one thing can screw up something completely different.

          What most folks are thinking of when they talk about this, is the simplified version of genetics you do in basic biology class. Hair color is used because it is easy to understand. If you get into more advanced classes, they get into the more complex gene combinations.

      2. Yay! Back to fusion byproduct theory at the top. The “our life” plus Tarra mentioning that Ninja (who said she broke his spine) just wanted a date suggests that they’re two halves of the same person (with no temporal displacement), unless she came back in time previously for some spine breaking. I call this a fusion byproduct because her appearance coinciding with Pumpagon could be Tarra losing control over keeping her subsumed within herself while merging with Pumpkin.

        Second guess is time travelling Pumpkin who changed her name to Thyme. If this is the case then the comment about Wheelchair Ninja would relate to the current rocket-flavored rejection and/or ripping off his head/neck braces/suspension/whatever-the-hell-that-thing’s-called.

        1. That’s just asking for Pat to FedEx you over 9000 hat pictures with a note saying, “I’m not sure which one was right, so I sent all I could find!”

        2. You can generally get away with taking pictures of strangers’ hats in public. Or download them from a website that sells hats.

          The “over 9000” thing was just an anime reference that I’ve heard is an anime reference but have never looked up the specifics, not a solid number.

    1. If you were to go on YouTube right now, and search for “Mad TV: Vague”, you’d find EXACTLY what I’m thinking right now after reading this entire thread. Those who have never seen “Vague” before, you’re in for an extremely nonspecific treat.

        1. Oh, get with it, Mr. Blue! Pumpkin’s going dressed as that one character from that show–you know, the one with the hair?–and Jessica is going to be the one in that hat everyone knows!

        2. OOOOHHHHH. Ohhh. oh.

          bummers. She’s going as that character. But I didn’t think that was a 100% fit choice for her, based on her popularity and ranking on Arbitron Ratings for WLaKE and her morning show, “Popular Cosplay and Custom Wiggery.” I just thought that it was more zany antics, not a hair piece.

          I don’t know about the hat that Jessica has. But she does seem to pull off a good bowler.

  2. The plot thickens.

    The layers of clothing thin out.

    I’m wondering how much further these two things will be inversely proportional…..

        1. It’s your kids Marty, something has got to be done about your kids.

          Oh, wait, you’re here, and he’s not.

          Damn, where is that kid.

        2. There’s that word again, is there something wrong with the Planet’s gravitational pull in the FEWCHER?

  3. float hairLength=0;

    int main{
    int TerrafightLossCount=0;
    char result;
    for (;;){
    hairLength= hairLength+growthFunc();
    result= fightfunc();
    if (result==’lose’)
    hairLength= hairLength-cutLengthFunc();

      1. Fine. Add this to it then.

        int age=0, health=100;

        int growthFunc(){
        age= age+1;
        if (age>= )rand() % 60 + 70)){
        cout<<"Terra died of natural causes.";
        return 0;

        char fightFunc(){
        health= health-damageFunc();
        if (health<=0){
        cout<<"Terra died from wounds.";
        return 0;

      2. float hairLength=0;
        int age=0, health=100;

        int main{
        int TerrafightLossCount=0;
        char result;
        for (;;){
        hairLength= hairLength+growthFunc();
        result= fightfunc();
        if (result==’lose’)
        hairLength= hairLength-cutLengthFunc();

        int growthFunc(){
        age= age+1;
        if (age>= )rand() % 60 + 70)){
        cout<<"Tarra died of natural causes.";
        return 0;

        char fightFunc(){
        health= health-damageFunc();
        if (health<=0){
        cout<<"Tarra died from wounds.";
        return 0;

  4. As interesting this is going to be. I’m still interested in the wandering girl and the dynamite thing going on in the cast page.

    Although if I were to guess this appears to be alternate universe tarra who has traveled back in time to prevent specific events from happening which in turns creates an alternate universe and… ya know what? Never mind. I’m usually wrong and I’m going to just enjoy the show. lol

  5. The only thing that makes me doubt my theory that Sister X is Tarra from the future is their profiles are very different. I’m think that guy and his fusion theory may be right. Maybe it’s a fusion sister from the future?

    1. Prediction (though my track record is pretty abysmal):

      Sister X is a fusion dance result of Tarra & Juni (Tarraper? Junigon?). Juni, seeing a better life than the one she lives, refuses to dissociate. In the act of edifying Juni, it simultaneously reduces Tarra to the point that she’s no longer immortal & infallible. As a result, T/J suffers from terrible injuries at the hands of… Quinn Nicks.

        1. I think fusion byproduct gets a second wind in this comic. Not that X is SisterA + SisterB, but that X is (Tarra/2) which was displaced by Pumpkin during the formation of Pumpagon.

          Depending on the re-absorption/integration process, that might explain Tarra’s clothing removal going beyond her coat too.

    1. Don’t forget the videogame cosplay effect. I can’t believe no one has mentioned this yet, but Tara is totally a blonde Tifa (FFVII) in the last panel (which is amazingly awesome). And this Tifa isn’t going to let Sephiroth push her around (which Sister X also kind of resembles).

      SEPH-I-ROTH! (/epic choral singing)

    1. I believe the correct phrase to start this off is “I make it rain up in hurr,” and then I should throw several hundred dollars preferably in tens or larger.

    1. Tarise? We were told we’d met her before, and her name started with T. Not a bad idea, that.

      …Tarrimon? Oh, that’s creepy.

        1. It’s not as bad as you think, because it always ends with Tarra tripping Cinn so she falls in the mud and fuses with an earthworm.

      1. I was actually commenting on Sister X’s outfit…and the rocket launcher…and the eye patch…and the easter egg if you dont kill the female bosses after taking out their armor and health lol

        1. I think he commented that Sister X’s outfit was inspired by Vash the Stampede from Trigun, though many commenters thought Dante from Devil May Cry series looked closer.

    1. The use of “our” does suggest the Fusion Dance Mishap concept, though. Pumpagon referred to herself in the third person plural too.

      1. True but if you are dealing with time travel, ‘our’ can be used as a past tense singular pronoun.

        In laymens terms, saying our could reffer to Sister X as she is now, and who she was at this time.

        1. Kenju, I think you’re right on that one. Sister X refers to herself as “I” when handing over what’s left of Wheelchair Ninja.

        2. Also consider that Sister X is saying “ruin” which is future tense meaning whatever they did to ruin “our life” hasn’t happened yet. I’m going all in on “time travelling Tarragon” c’mon baby, big bucks, big bucks, no whammy!

        3. I’m putting time-travel Tarra as third place guess after this comic. It was a grudging first guess earlier in the week. I’m at “fusion byproduct Tarra remainder” as first guess, and time-travel Pumpkin that changed her name (to Thyme, perhaps) as second guess.

  6. …and it’s perhaps the biggest surprise of the day that Wheelchair Ninja was just trying to ask Tarra out.

    1. Nah its all about escalation. Wheel-chaired ninja has been trying to ask tarra out since grade school. but never grew out of the whole “tease the person you like” phase. many do to tarra being so ungodly perfect and thus him being unable to one-up her in a juvenile sass-fest. and then……. eh i dont have time to flesh this out, tarra and WCN are uma thurman and eddie izzard from My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

    2. See, this is exactly what puts a fusion byproduct Tarra remainder at the top of my speculation list now. Tarra’s manner in referencing Wheelchair Ninja seems more like past than present to me, as I don’t think she’d normally break a guy’s spine for botching a come-on. Not saying no violence, but not something incapacitating that doesn’t heal. So that’s where I’m assuming X’s influence as part of Tarra is what broke Wheelchair Ninja’s spine.

      1. Tarra FACT: Tarra’s pony tail reacts via Autonomic Nervous System impulses with responses based on a scale of stressors from zero to ten, irrespective of the negative or positive impact of said stressors.

  7. Awww I wish I was going to megacon *harumph*

    Also..uh…why are all their clothes coming off?? Did I miss something?!?! Hahaha it feels like a mini battle between them: “battle of the least amount clothes!!” Heh.

    1. The first two panels would be normal for better range of motion.

      Now unless those pants and shirt are much more confining than they’ve looked (as far back as first view where she’s talking about her gold medals), that doesn’t explain panel 3.

      1. Oh come on man. It’s a visual gag. Nothing more, hopefully nothing less. We don’t need the Senatorial Spouses Committee on Corruption and Misled Media.

        1. I’m not saying panel 3 isn’t a visual gag. I’m saying that panels 1 & especially 2 would be expected for two people about to fight with non-projectile weapons (including hand-to-hand, X’s coat especially would be quite confining unless it’s secretly all spandex).

        2. I see that coat as being leather and hiding several different types of weaponry and projectile weapons. Check out Gunsmith Cats for the reference to the Soviet femme fatale.

        3. And if she were intending to have a fair fight with a respected rival, she’d take out the weapons she’s planning on using to start with (or plan to retrieve them later if it looks like she’ll lose).

        4. I didn’t say that. Wait a second.

          There is no respect in battling a respected warrior and using better weapons, unless it is war.

          But no nukes.

    1. Haven’t seen it on this comic, but I know I’ve said it as possible in some past ones since X showed up.

  8. OK – sister X is a fusion of at lease Anise and Tarragon (maybe some other sisters) and is probably from the future. I’ll go with the future thing here because it is simply fun. Normally I HATE time travel stories, whenever a SciFi show I like resorts to time travel stories I figure it’s because the writers have run out of other ideas so they figures it’s time for some “time travel”. The main exception to this is Dr. Who that show has always been about the time travel so the concept can’t be used as a crutch which usually makes the stories pretty darn good. Anyway it looks like a fun ride coming up! The roller coaster had reached the top and the plunge is about to begin! Everyone raise their hands and scream !!!!

      1. NEUTRON DANCE, or Fission? Fission Shuffle? Fusion Cuisine? Thai and Mexican? Chinese and Peanut Butter? Pickles and Ice Cream? Cookies and Cream? Monterrey Jack cheese and Ghost Peppers?

        Ham and bacon on wheat, or, Ham and Cheddar on a Bagal?


        Alright, give me a Hamm on five, hold the Mayo.

        1. Time travel is awesome. I submit that “Roswell that ends well” is the best Futurama episode and it is all about time travel. Ergo, time travel done well is indeed awesome.

        2. It was also completely hinted at in an earlier episode when Fry’s father tells Fry’s brother that he (the brother) has the same name as him (the dad), the dad’s grandfather, and going all the way back to the revolutionary war.

          And yet, not the father’s father. Strange for it to skip a generation…

      2. Well, that saves me the time of figuring out which sisters’ birthmarks would combine to make an X (much like Pumpkin’s G and Tarra’s O made a spiral). I was leaning towards Anise’s H and Ginger’s T (although Ellie’s N was also a good candidate).

      3. Simply stating “not a fusion” doesn’t mention X being a fusion byproduct that was just from Tarra (or Tarra being split from her, I suppose).

        Figuring out which sister would be the other half of X was the thing that didn’t make sense for a fusion, anyway.

        However, “already introduced and on the cast page” and “older than Ginger” isn’t met in any way I can think of yet.

  9. I’m still going with Tarra’s offspring from the future. Or someone’s offspring from the future.

    …someone we’ve seen before…wait a minute. Let me hit the archive for a moment.

    1. It’s the baby that Tarra rescued from the apartment fire. Being that close to the pony tails and other radiation sources caused a genetic infusion of Tarraness, but not the whole Tarraness. Thus the lack of pony tail and boobs.

      1. What if it’s Tag from the future, with a sex change and a birthmark alteration?

        If this turns into “Sleepaway Camp”…

        1. Maybe it’s Quinn from the future, dying her hair, carving x-shaped scars into her face, and pushed over the edge after Ellie’s sisters come by the apartment once and give Tired Guy cause to have her evicted, forcing her father to cut her off, and ruining her life the way Alex’s was. Her mind fractures, and she renames herself to a “spice girl” before convincing James to build a time machine out of all the memorabilia junk he has.

        2. This theory is awesome. I had similar thoughts at one point about the X’s being scars though mine were along the lines of them being remants of Tarra having her blush marks removed.

        3. Do they do sex changes and birthmark alterations at the same time, or would Tag have had to go in twice?

        4. You’d need to remove something first, so adding a little extra skin to do grafts sufficient to turn # into X probably wouldn’t be too tough.

        5. Why not just wait 40 years for the sewers to back up, and then you can send him to the same rejuvenation clinic that the Fewcher Doctor Brown went to before he came back in time to the end of the first movie.

    2. Okay, I’m putting up a second theory on the assumption that Rusche plays Street Fighter.

      Tarra, wanting to be the absolute best she can be, decided that she had to shed human weakness. Pulling an M. bison, she gathered up her chi/spiritual energy/mana/whatever and willfully purged anything that might be /destructive/ instead of constructive.

      However, much like how M. bison created Rose when he shed everything of his that was “good,” Tarra wound up creating Sister X.

      Now all we need is for Tarra to decide she needs to create a little blond “doll” with long pigtails and a penchant for thongs to transfer her soul into later and the storyline is complete.

      1. This is close to my top theory, though I was assuming it was accidentally pushed out when forming Pumpagon.

        Problem with it is that it doesn’t satisfy being older than Ginger.

        1. Okay, the thing is. If you’re thinking that an individual from the future would be the same age as their current representative in the time stream anchored in this consciousness.

          However, if the chronological age is taken into account for Sister X, then any of the sisters could therefore come back in time to a point here, where they can in essence be one second older than Ginger and therefore be the oldest sister.

          But if I may also expand upon your fusion theory in that the ages of the individual sisters should add up to be greater than the fused sister, where could it not be possible that the ages of the two sisters, one in normal time and one from future time injected into this time therefore have either their normal age plus their advanced age, or twice their normal age, which then would make in this case either sister older than Ginger.

          But that should only last as long as the future sister is still here, if it is time travel.

        2. Rusche already said X isn’t a fusion, so she could be a division, but a division doesn’t have another sister to average ages with. That’s where I’m stuck finding a solution that fits the division theory.

          But I like it better than time travel, and being wrong here isn’t a “Oops, I guess that space shuttle’s going to crash now” or “Wow, I guess he needed that artery” type mistake, so I’m going to stick with the theory I like better even if my #3 is probably most likely correct if I were being unbiased.

          (#3 is time-travel Tarra, with #2 being time-travel Pumpkin also because I’m stubborn and want an explanation for breast reduction possibilities and it’s colloquially possible for “our life” from another sister to refer to the collective lives of more than one person in a grouping, such as a family)

        3. The Explanation? You want an Explanation?
          You can’t handle the Explanation.

          Well, what if Tarra had to cut off her head in order to merge with the Android body that she inhabits because the robot/human singularity caused the Zombie outbreak because of people who just didn’t do the operation correctly.

      1. I don’t think Tarra and Wheelchair got to that level in their relationship since it sounds like he never got past the point of hitting on her… badly…

        1. Hey, I don’t care how badass ninja you are. You’re hitting on the perfect woman. That’s enough to make any guy choke on his tongue.

        2. Yeah, severing a man’s spine usually doesn’t bode well for sexy fun times.

          I mean, Cinn is the only sister I could believe would meld the idea of “I want to have sex with you” and “I want to cut off all feeling below your waist.”

  10. Chris mentioned that Pumpagon had half a virtue (I’m not going to say anything to the effect to bait Iron Billie (I’d much rather stem off the flow of foul floods by keeping the floodgates slammed shut on that train of provocative and puerile, juvenile thought))

    Either Wheelchair Ninja is really accident prone, or there are some levels of epic-ness behind closed doors on planet Erf.

    1. Assuming Wheelchair Ninja has been the only man in Tarra’s life would be like assuming that the rest of this scene will strictly obey the laws of physics and involve a lot of things that any of us could replicate at home.

      Remotely possible, but not a good bet.

        1. Fun fact, one of the computers I destroyed in college I burnt out calculating pi. I preffered the modified Ramanujan formula the Chudnovsky’s used which is about as elegant and efficient way to calculate pi you can find but a college computer lab PC wasn’t exactly in the same ball park as M-Zero. My bad.

          It was not the first, nor the last computer I destroyed. I eventually was banned from touching any computer on campus which leads to the funny story of how I managed to graduate from a CompSci/Programming curriculum without computer access.

        2. I could use that story. I just begged everyone to vote for Chris, and I will ban myself from commenting if it gets ShotgunShuffle into the seeding rounds for a week.

    1. The coat, the coat
      The coat is on fi-re.
      The coat, the coat
      The coat is on fi-re.
      We don’t need no water…

  11. Everyone, please.

    Go to: http://www.comicmix.com/category/mix-march-madness-webcomics-tournament/

    And enter Chris’ comic for the March Madness. He’s currently at 1% with 23 seeding votes. He is not in the 128 for the competition.

    I’m only one of those votes, and I WILL NOT enter more than once. The integrity of his comic necessitates that on my part. imho.

    Please. The voting ends Thursday, March 13 at 11:59 PM EDT, and brackets go up on Friday, March 14!

    If I have to give further incentive on my part. I WILL NOT COMMENT for a whole week if Chris can get onto the brackets. That week will start when the brackets are put up.

  12. No one’s pointed out that the most compelling case for time travel is sister X’s use of future tense in the statement “They ruin our life.”
    If it had been something all ready done, she would have said “They have ruined our life.”
    If it had been something that they were doing at present, “They are ruining our life.”

    On a sidenote of speculation, since tarra is not the target that means one or all of ellie, pumpkin and ginger were the targets of the rocket attack.
    Also a final note of speculation. Future Tarra would work since tarra is the only one of the sisters to have the pattern of highlights that both her and sister X exhibit. but since sister X is from the future and thus older her hair is actually greying.

    1. I’m no-one? *sniffle*

      I always thought I was a somebody, that I was at least a contendor.

      But yes, the tense usage of the word “ruin” is very telling.

        1. And now for a quote from a golden oldie.


          This has been brought to you by the letter B, the color Pink, and a wall.

    2. I actually read that as present tense. As per http://www.verbix.com/webverbix/English/ruin.html it is valid for both present and future tense. Saying “are ruining” would be as if they were still in process of doing so but haven’t finished yet, where “ruin” is more that they aren’t in process any more but are continually accomplishing it via their actions or just their existences.

        1. I assure you I wouldn’t have bothered to look up a reference for extensive verb tenses if I weren’t stubbornly defending an idea I’m likely to ultimately have to concede is wrong.

        2. And that’s half the fun with this group. Isn’t it? or am I wrong on this? That?

          I think you know what time it is – it’s time to get ill
          Now what do we have here – an outlaw and her fewchere


  13. Sorry Chris, I can’t wait, we have just under 10 hours to keep my mouth (fingers) shut for a week if it works.

    Everyone, please.

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    And enter Chris’ comic for the March Madness. He’s currently at 1% with 23 seeding votes. He is not in the 128 for the competition.

    I’m only one of those votes, and I WILL NOT enter more than once. The integrity of his comic necessitates that on my part. imho.

    Please. The voting ends Thursday, March 13 at 11:59 PM EDT, and brackets go up on Friday, March 14!

    If I have to give further incentive on my part. I WILL NOT COMMENT for a whole week if Chris can get onto the brackets. That week will start when the brackets are put up.

    1. Seriously, go vote. I already have and as hard as it is to resist the urge to vote early and often, I only voted once. It doesn’t take long and if Shotgun Shuffle even just makes the bracket the extra exposure will be great for getting new readers.

        1. Really? The Golden Girls reference doesn’t work for you? Man, you missed out. That’s a seriously funny show. So to speak.

        2. Okay, I totally blanked out on the Golden Girls reference. It was decent tv when it was on, but now with the Discovery Channel on cable, it is very easy to turn off NBC. It’s even easier now that I don’t actively watch tv.

          And (+2) for the Golden Girls and the Indifference Meals toys.

        3. It’s 1:30 am EST 3/15. No news as to the seeds/ranks. At least when I last looked. I’m going to look again.

          Well, if anything, we can say, or hopefully (yeah I know) I can say that Shotgun Shuffle was added to the Comic Mix Directory. Last week, there was no Sunshine Band songs listed aft..

          I think that I read and re-read the article again. and again, and again. I am unfortunately under the impression that the seeding was stopped last night (Thursday, 23:59:59 + 00:00:01. Pacific Time)

        4. Last I heard we were out of the running. There was a sudden death tie breaker vote going on the for the last two slots between I think three comics. But there was word of Goblins wanting out entirely and Dreamland Chronicles not being eligible because it never updates anymore. (I used to like Dreamland until it stopped becoming a comic and turned into a slideshow of an animated movie)

  14. So we’re looking at future Tarra with no braid, a missing eye, and a double mastectomy. Then again, Tarra is the only sister to survive the zombie apocalypse and she does look a lot like a “zombie survivor” type. So maybe Sister X is seeking to prevent the zombie apocalypse? We still don’t know what happened with all the Ratchantulas. Maybe they’re start creating human hybrids i.e. “zombies”.

      1. Also, Sister X’s threat of incapacitating Terra adds to this theory because wiping Tarra out would wipe Sister X out before she completed her goal if she is, in fact, future Tarra.

    1. Post zombie apocalypse Tarra makes sense, but I don’t think the ratchantulas as they are now would be the catalyst, otherwise she would’ve shown up earlier to stop Cinn.

      1. What if Sister X could not show up until the Fusion Dance was performed, allowing the Tarra level of Physics, metaphysics and Science Fiction to merge in order to allow enough of a warp in the space-time fabric to allow a short penetration by the 11th Dimension perpetrated the means by which Sister X was able to time travel backwards.

        And if Chris is using current theories on Time Travel, one can only go back so far, but not before the creation of the wormhole that would allow for said travel to occur.

        My postulation is that the Fusion Dance had a secondary effect when cancelled by the users in creating a micro wormhole, the singularity of which was not anchored in such a way so as to be stable enough to track off of as you suggested in order to stop Cinnamon, but was loosely anchored like an out of control fire hose. And Sister X showed up in the Toy Store instead of where she wanted to be.

        That and the wormhole/Fusion Dance theory negates the Terminator nudity clause and effects.

        1. If X is Tarra traveling backwards in time with Cinn’s release of ratchantulas the thing she needed to kibosh, and the fusion dance being required for her to get to this time period, then it would’ve been the original fusion and not the ending.

          There’s no way future-Tarra traveling back in time to stop that wouldn’t go eliminate all the ratchantulas before dealing with Cinn. She knows Cinn is slow and easily tricked, so she could take her time and take out Cinn when present-Tarra wasn’t around to interfere. Or alternately use a scoped sniper rifle, as that doesn’t require two eyes and could take down Cinn before present-Tarra could stop her if she couldn’t wait for them to separate. Only way future-Tarra would engage present-Tarra before dealing with the real threat is if it’s a distraction to allow future-${OTHER_PERSON} to deal with Cinn without present-Tarra’s interference. And I think Rusche said that there wouldn’t be a Sister Y, so I’m going to say either it was start of fusion dance required and she already eliminated any ratchantula-based current threat before showing up at the toy store, or the ratchantula incident wasn’t the reason she came back.

        2. Time travel, as explained by Professor Michio Kaku, can only occur from point A to point B and vise versa, with the creation of a wormhole at point A, and the other end has to transverse either time, or time and space to get to point B.

          What I’m suggesting is, that the Fusion Dance was the bubble that started the warp of the space/time fabric. But with the collapsing of said bubble albiet possibly prematurely with Ginger’s threat of ass kicking, then that could have caused an energy release that would have caused the wormhole generation to occur.

          Either that, or it was an event that Sister X could focus in on, or There’s just something about November 5, 1955 that seems to be a nexus in the space-time continuum that just has things gravitate towards it.

          It seems that the coleslaw caused the cockroaches and rats to mate, thus forming the ratches. And with the transitive process, and Cinnamon’s receipt of her Christmas gift from Ellie, the ratches mated with her tarantula and created the ratchantulas. I don’t see any type of energy signature involved with that outside of mutated meiosis and mitosis.

        3. Plus, I forgot, the possibility of the Fusion Dance creating an impediment to Sister X’s backward time jumping. Throwing the arrival point off kilter and quite possibly the arrival time as well. Neither person, Tarragon or Sister X would have known where Sister X landed in the past, prior to either Tarra looked up after the explosion, or Sister X left the future. Because the chronological unfolding of or experience of the memories would not have occurred until the balls explode.

        4. I’m not saying the Fusion Dance couldn’t have thrown off a time travel attempt. I’m saying that future-Tarra would either have known about it and compensated or immediately ran to deal with the ratantulas if they were the true threat instead of spending time sparring with her past self (or even letting her past self know she was present).

          Basically the premises A) X is future-Tarra, B) ratchantula release by Cinn during Black Friday causes bad thing that future-Tarra wants to prevent, & C) future-Tarra appeared in present at the time that Pumpagon reformed into two separate individuals do not make sense without some additional D premise to explain why she didn’t go deal with the ratchantulas first (and even with Tarra-level abilities, considering the degree of small spaces vermin can crawl into and the fact that the mall didn’t turn into a mushroom cloud, being certain about the ratchantulas being properly destroyed would only have a few options that she could do that quickly, such as a fast-spreading targeted biological agent that will only kill infected things that could be released in a 2 mile radius with ground penetration to kill infected of up to maybe 50 yards).

        5. But you miss my premise in the postulation that it was the dance (re: Rusche Warning) and it’s early disruption by Ginger was the force necessary to create the interface with the time traveling wormhole.

          Now that I think about it, DS9 was kind of off and just using the thing. Okay, wait a second. If both ends of that wormhole are in present space, then it had to have been a naturally developing system during the early instances of the galaxy, or the Universe perhaps as well.

          Just saying, if Sister X is Tarra, then what other possibility outside of Professor Kaku’s wormhole theory is there that would allow Sister X to travel back in time. Without a DeLorean, Phone Booth, and the ever present Slingshot method.

  15. Rusche, you seriously should make a color image that is a Tarra paper doll. If people go for it maybe you can make other paper dolls, like Ellie (O’Jack’s uniform, Get-Mart uniform, etc.)

    Girl Genius did paper dolls for all the characters and I think it was popular.

  16. Hrrrm… I’m beginning to think about that old Jet Li movie, “The One”. So Sister X is from another dimension, and for whatever reason she can only find peace / gain power by eliminating all the other dimensional versions of the Sisters. But Tarra is the first one she’s encountered that can stop her.

    Alternately: That “Our” isn’t referring to Sis X and Tarra, but to Sis X and HER sisters. If she’s the parallel to Tarra but has hair that short AND a missing eye… imagine how the others would have faired in that that world? Maybe this dimension’s sisters are soaking up all the power/luck.

  17. a…..yep, looks like I was onto something with my theory. Even the eye is the same color. Looks like Tarra getting a haircut was bad for her health.

  18. I was absolutely excited to try to get Chris into the March Mix Madness. We got 23 votes in for Shotgun Shuffle. And, that was 23 more than what was listed last year.

    It seems that the seeding was finished when my posted plea was made. I think that my enthusiasm was only outshone by Pumpkin and Anise’s teasing Ellie and Quinn.

    And the relevant stupor about the facts about as equal as Juniper was on the situation as well.

    I’m glad we got 23 votes, and Shotgun Shuffle in the ComicMix directory.

  19. Alrighty, so it’s not fusion.

    Let’s try it the other way around. Is it division? Did Tarra purge a part of herself?

    No, no, no, wait. . . Chris mentioned Sister X was older than Ginger. . . Is. . . Is TARRA an independent aspect of Sister X?

    1. Oh snap, I took a hard second look at Tarra’s bio.

      “Endlessly ambitious like perpetual-motion took human form.”

      Is Tarra Sister X’s ambition?

      1. Then wouldn’t Sister X be spending most of her time on the couch smoking weed and watching Scooby Doo rather than chasing the sisters that destroyed her life around a Toys R Us with a toy rocket launcher that would make Irwin Mainway himself blanch?

        1. True, I thought of that, but the bio was too good to resist. If Tarra is a division, she could be her ability to succeed. Sister X did miss her mark, after all.

        2. Not necessarily. She doesn’t want to kill Tarra, so eliminating the other followers to give her a clear field might’ve been her objective. Granted, leaving them to distract Tarra while she stealth destroyed her objective might’ve been a better idea, but might’ve caused her target to leave the store too quickly too, so hard to tell strategically.

        3. But then, If Sister X is future Tarra, then she would have the memories of what happened at the store before Tarra became Sister X. Marty’s dad being a wimpy arse dork prior to Marty going back in time, and when Marty gets back, dad is a cool, posh kind of guy who pinches his wife’s bum.

          So, Sister X may indeed have targeted Wheelchair Ninja or the rest of them for reasons only known to her, which now due to her interaction, have messed up her past, skewed the present into another time line where Biff Tannen is powerful and married to Quinn’s mom.

          Wait, what?

          But Sister X is here now, and Tarra’s gonna kick someone’s butt for threatening her sisters. And if not, then she’s going to kick her own arse (how’s that for existentialism) with forward kicks and not the heel of her foot. Unless Sister X is putting a flying leap beat down on Tarra and Tarra just happens to throw a windmill kick, striking Sister X’s bum with her heel…

          Well crap. What a paradox. . . .

          I mean, twist. What a twist.

  20. Tarra Fact: Tarra’s Birthmarks are so awesome..

    audience – How awesome are they!?!?

    Chuck Barris – Tarra’s Birthmarks are so awesome. . They can not appear in more than one place or person at any given point in the time stream.

    Jamie Farr and J.P. Morgan look at each other and use their mallets to knock each other on the head. Charles Nelson Reiley shows up and uses Chuck Barris to not only bang the gong, but to also break the tv screen of every one tuned in at that time.

    1. It explains why he wanted “The Braid” alive and unspoiled. Maybe Tarra told him he needed to be more assertive and confident and this was just drastic overcompensating in that direction?

      1. It’s true. The jerk gave me a single rose to give her after I forced her and the rest of the people down on the floor.


    2. Nah, he’s a ninja using the tools at hand. Matthew wanted revenge and the nerds wanted hoverboards. He just used their desires to convince them to be his cannon fodder.

      1. An X and O motif of her being some other form of Terra. As of the Next chapter (which I just read) the possibility of a time twin is recently added.

  21. Theory:

    Sister X is not a blood relative to the Buckingham’s. She’s a sister in law, married to Terra. The others don’t know, yet, as “The Perfect One” is in the closest. She is too scared of (possibly) upsetting her parents’ view of her.

    Quinn’s ribbing theory’s about Pumpkin, & Ginger’s “Sexy Flanders” teasing of Ellie are both red herrings & foreshadows of Terra’s situation.

  22. The x’s on her checks may be scars, and not birthmarks.

    Or she coincidentally has birthmarks similar to the Buckingham family (she may be a distant relative).

    1. Rusche said she’s not an aunt but is a sister and that the 7 sins 7 sisters mapping would have Tarra as envy with hints about a woman scorned and that jealousy over William was close but wrong person. So, for Tarra to be married would require that she’d then later be jealous enough over someone else’s significant other for envy to become her defining flaw that it was overwhelming compared to her own (which doesn’t seem in character for her from what we’ve seen so far).

    1. I…I’m sorry, but….but I just….you made it too…NO! I will resist. I will not succumb to such a childish endeavor. Nay, You shall prevail! I will pass through and…OH! My mushrooms are doing quite nicely, though it seems as if two strands have created some sort of Fusion mushroom. . . crud.

  23. Actually….regarding the time travel theories….what if it was Ellie? She knew about the radioactivity and facially she actually looks more similar than Tarra…..

  24. Okay, this is where came in (thanks to a link from “Grrl Power”), now back to Chapter Five (where read up to before going back to the beginning), well, maybe will re-read a few pages first…

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