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You and I, Part 1

Easily the hardest comic I've ever done. This took me two weeks. I had to get it right, because we will touch on it again. There will be a You and I Part 2, but it wont be the next comic (because these are two completely different Fleetwood Mac songs.) Loads of symbolism in this, right down to their color schemes. (Discuss amongst yourselves. :P ) I previewed parts of this to friends over this last week and they kept trying to inject jokes into it, and I'm like NO. NO JOKES. This is a very serious comic about the death of David's wife. But since I'm in the blog portion. I can now make jokes. If you wanted these two together.. Congratulations, your ship has sailed. UPDATED-UPDATE:: Guys, it has been one rough week. I'm forced to push this off again. I am really really sorry to do this. We've had so many issues around the house, and I have been colossally fatigued all week. I'll talk about this Tuesday when I post, but the comic is done aside from backgrounds. I just don't see having enough time to get this up before I need to leave town tonight. Blergh. It's good tho. Hang on.

215 thoughts on “You and I, Part 1

  1. Apology-sorry vs. empathy-sorry – it’s a common issue (is there a better word in English for empathy-sorry?).

    Oh, and first?

    1. There isnt really, your just reliant on the person receiving the sorry not being a dick about it. They know the context but say it anyway to deflect.

    1. Don’t worry, this is what comes on the next page:

      “And they all lived happily ever after.”
      Then, finally with a happy ending, the comic moves on to one of the other sisters.

    2. Katy, it’s okay. It’s sad that life has instances like this to offer. Such is the folly of being a human being with free will and the ability to choose. However, even out of something as horrible as this can be something as beautiful as two people coming together in this way.

  2. I am pleasantly surprised that you went with something that did not include the 52 or the Buckingham family.

        1. Maybe she was sleeping in the cab and set a brick on the gas pedal. That’s why it was only going 20 mph over the speed limit.

        2. There was this sound… like a garbage truck… dropped off the Empire State building!

        3. You know, a lot of people could cause a sound like that to be made, but I think Loose Cannon could manage even more impressively difficult garbage truck impressions/impersonations, like “It was like the sound of a garbage truck riding an overcrowded elevator to the top of the Empire State Building.”

    1. “Never atrribute to malice what can be easily explained by incompetence.”

      My youngest aunt died when a trucker dozed off.

      Same place, 30+ years later, two people died because a truck decided he didn’t have to pay any attention to the solid yellow line.

      Shit happens, and people do shitty things.

      1. My accident last September was due to a driver falling asleep while driving.

        Head on collision, and he crossed three lanes to hit me. Broken femur, broken ankle, broken forearm, broken nose, compression fracture on my back and a torn rotator cuff to top it off. A month in a hospital, another month afterwards in a wheelchair and physical therapy up until last month.

        If you’re tired, get off the road as soon as possible or pull over and do something to wake up. I definitely look at getting in the car and driving a lot differently now.

        1. You are correct, but there has to be more attention paid towards tighter regulation of driver’s hours with a focus on the dispatchers in some cases. However, if I was running a trucking company, I’d have a pair of glasses with a tilt meter that would emit a 70 – 75 decibel shriek to keep driver awake.

        2. From what I hear, there can be a massive insurance savings discount for the trucking company’s insurance company having access to active monitoring for speed at the very least (and the bigger companies like tracking their trucks across the country anyway, so it can match). There’s no reason those couldn’t be used for monitoring driver time moving, and insurance companies are big on statistics, so I’d imagine there’s a decent part of that too. I haven’t heard of any going so far as to issue drivers an activity tracker (i.e. fitbit sort of thing) to track if they’re resting or not too, but I could see that direction happening in the future (I see trucking companies advertising health insurance quality for their drivers, and “health incentives” like the activity tracker can help lower company health insurance costs too).

        3. It’s not a health monitor but a simple tiltometer. Once a person starts to nod off, it shrieks louder than a banshee on Scooby-Doo.

        4. I wouldn’t expect insurance companies to accept that kind of monitor for much longer. Health trackers are getting ridiculously cheap, and people can sleep in perfect upright positions with sufficient training (such as loud noises when they tilt). I have family members who’ve trained themselves to sleep upright just with the training of being in church.

        5. Just watching a life lock commercial. One of the biggest detractors of Ocare was a supposed scenario where a guy tries to order a meat lovers pizza, and the pizza place couldn’t place the order due to their health numbers being on the borderline to high risk.

          I wouldn’t want my information in anyone’s hams outside of me, my health care practitioners and my lawyers.

        6. I’m not certain, since I haven’t bought one or researched them much, but I don’t think that activity trackers can get that kind of info.

          I don’t disagree that is too much personal info, but I do think that automotive insurance companies having something to monitor truck drivers rest/sleep/activity while behind the wheel of their business truck is a valid level of personal info to be collected for that circumstance (and that they’d be free to remove/ignore when off the clock unless they chose to keep it on).

        7. A company wouldn’t let that type of information outside of their hands unless they were the ones collecting and collating information first themselves. It’s bad enough to think of cars having a little black box nowadays, just like the airplanes. Some unethical nerd hacks your car and who knows what is going to happen.

        8. …until of course they decide they can’t be bothered to do that thing and they shift it to an external contractor to do for them. I’ve even had health insurance companies that couldn’t be bothered to send me the letters about services performed and they all said they were coming from a random third party other company instead.

          Companies will outsource and give up control of WAY more precious data than your personal data (I mean, they’ll pretty well give that away to anyone not a direct competitor anyway) way more than seems normal anyway. So it’s just a matter of if they care to hire the hardware/software devs they’d need to custom roll hardware & software or if they prefer to just throw significantly less cash at Fitbit.

        9. Ok, I’ll give you that. My local dmv has been outsourced to a local contractor. It’s just that the last place I worked had her fingers in just about anything and everything in order to minimize coat and micromanage employees.

      1. I was going to say unless Tired Guy knew who David was in the first place. Since he seemed to have revealed something in the former apartment, I’m going to say not likely.

      2. There are several types of driver awareness alarms. The tilt-meter is only the most primitive of them. A slightly more advnced versio of that one actually monitor head movement and souds an alarm if hte driver’s head is still for too long, indicating that they aren’t following their surroundings. More advanced systems montior wheel movement, registering fewer, slower movements. The most advanced system available actually use a camera with an AI system that tracks head and eye movements visually. Obviously, there are MAJOR concerns for drivers about having a camera aimed toward their living space (we can spend up to weeks at a time in a truck, and hte sleeper of our rig is HOME, as much as anybody’s bedroom), so the camera systems are NOT catching on.

        1. Nothing in the fitness tracker area? I would’ve thought that would’ve been a cheap/popular one as they do track sleep and the company could probably get health insurance credit for it too.

        2. The company that I work for uses the camera system. The camera only comes on when someone sits in the driver’s seat. The problem we’ve been having is, if a person looked at their guages it is going off. If they look to grab their drink, it is going to go off. Actually had a driver call in before the service to let us know what was going on.

  3. I am wondering both what Megan’s face looked like and when he became more durable (I get the impression that fall wouldn’t do anything to him now).

      1. The poses seemed deliberate, so I wasn’t sure how far off that’d be (i.e. hiding a resemblance to another character until later in the story or whatnot). Good to know that it won’t be a third arc thing.

      1. This is a time I’m happy I set my browser to replace the word “rebuild” with “avenge”.

        Yeah, strange things amuse me.

        1. I’ve actually got a pretty long list. The majority of them are ones that amused me from XKCD comics (keyboard -> leopard ; debate -> dance-off ; election -> eating contest ; self-driving -> uncontrollably swerving ; etc), but I’ve got a few others from other sources as well.

          The goal is to make the web more entertaining with a good mix of common substitutions that amuse me a little bit all the time and some rarer ones that surprise me and I sometimes even have to go back to my plugin to check what it replaced that for.

          It makes it enormously easier to read the news (and try to check sources and see the same story from different ideological outlets) without rage-quitting and just finding something else to do. I’d almost say it’s critical for me for such things at this point.

        2. Reference XKCD comics in case you’re interested:

          xkcd.com/1031 – this one was a single one that amused me for a long time. I even set an IM client at work to do the same without realizing for a few years that it was doing the same thing on send and not just receive.

          xkcd.com/1288 – first list, mouseover is a good substituted sentence

          xkcd.com/1625 – second list, mouseover is a good substituted sentence

          xkcd.com/1679 – third list, mouseover is a good substituted sentence

          I don’t use them all, but I picked the handful that amused me and put them in various browsers (different lists on different computers too).

        3. I go back and forth between appreciating the ones that trigger a lot for amusing results (‘debate’ -> ‘dance-off’ & ‘candidate’ -> ‘airbender’) versus the ones that are less common and surprise me (‘congressional leaders’ -> ‘river spirits’ is the last one I remember doing that).

      2. This is what I was thinking. Something about his recovery and his feeling sorry from himself led him to be uber durable and somewhat trained to know where he is in relation to everything else in his environment.

        Somewhere in there, he became some sort of agent or something.

  4. I’m wondering if Ellie’s dad may have responded to the scene, being a cop and all. So is this how he also went blind? Or a story for another time?

    1. Could be. Newsclipping in comic Terms and Conditions-Part 6 (current post date August 26, 2016) says he was blinded in a horrific accident. I’d assumed it was a lab accident and that Tarra was involved (I’d pick the thing that altered her birthmarks as my guess if I had to pick a specific), but it could’ve been a traffic accident too.

      Since it just talks about blinding and not the other injuries, I’m inclined to think this was a separate accident, but it could go either way.

  5. Very rich stuff. I’m related to a young Army guy who was rotating out with great expectations ahead. Leaving his base at the end of his day’s assignment, this very scenario hit. Full military funeral and burial. Nobody walked away from that service without feeling shot through the heart. Women cried and men choked. Damn! Months later; Damn!

  6. I can’t help but realize we didn’t get to see Meg’s face…I don’t trust you Rusche
    Also, been silent for a long time, so I guess Hey again to any who remember me

    1. Your avatar is quite memorable. Also I’m bad at time-related memories (such as “was that last week or last year”) so I registered you as a regular commenter and didn’t notice the leave of absence.

      So howdy to you as well.

      1. Haha I’ll take that as a compliment. And I’ll take the Blockbuster coupons, the novelty would be great!!

      1. The unnecessary chair recognizes the motion by the reader Mystic that this comic is beautiful, and the the motion has been seconded by reader Syncline. Is there any discussion on the floor before we take a vote of the body?

  7. “Congratulations. Your ship has sailed.”

    I await the bolt of disdain from the Farlands to scuttle it up a-proper.

  8. Poor Caleb! I guess his disdain will just grow even more. But David is here and he is in Canada (assuming Toronto) so what can you do.
    Great job on the art! this has become one of the best drawn web comics that I know of.

    1. I’m not 100%, but I don’t think Caleb is viewing Ellie romantically just yet. I think he will (or at least Vu will think he does) at some point, but for now I think he’s just appreciating her as a friend.

  9. Beautiful page. Ellie’s faces seem better here than ever before and that’s remarkable. The positioning of David when the semi hit though seems off. Wasn’t he on the same side as his SUV by the womans door? Not suddenly back at the mans door? Alas I’m just nitpicky. Still amazing work. I’m so happy this comic is still going

    1. No. The man’s vehicle was going the same direction as David’s SUV. The man was reached first, who was more than likely knocked unconscious. The woman, was going in the opposite direction. However, judging by the location of the wrecked vehicles, they were possibly as follows. The car was knocked towards the side and came to a stop with a minus 30 degree angle (to the right) from direction of travel. The truck was knocked into the opposing lane and with about a positive 36 – 43 degree angle and mingling with vehicle 1. With the SUV parked before the wreck with little space to pull over, it may have provided the wedge to break the connection between the car and the utility truck, allowing it to spin free with force enough to launch Mr. Stevens off of the overpass into the muck and mire below.

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        mR. Blue is getting his head examined, that’s why he’s up so early. It’s to see if his confounding way of typing ‘mR. Blue’ is the result of choice, disease or a blow to the head.

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        1. Sunday Evening Edition

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        —75.1538 v/d; 3.2138 v/hr; 0.0536 v/m.
        Spindrift is 38th with 1,059 votes:
        —81.4615 v/d; 3.4836 v/hr; 0.0581 v/m.
        Stand Still. Stay Silent. is 6th with 6,793 votes:
        —522.5385 v/d; 22.3454 v/hr; 0.3724 v/m.
        Grrl Power is 1st with 14,112 votes:
        —1,085.5385 v/d; 46.4211 v/hr; 0.7737 v/m.

        50th slot — 819 AV*: 63.0000; 2.6941; 0.0449.
        40th slot — 977 AV: 75.1538; 3.2138; 0.0536.
        20th slot — 2,777 AV: 213.6154; 9.1349; 0.1522.
        Top ten — 5,548 AV: 426.7692; 18.2500; 0.3042.
        Top five — 7,263 AV: 558.6923; 23.8914; 0.3982.
        * Accumulated votes

    5. Hi. Right now we are averaging approximately 75.0295 votes per day on TWC. On sunday, 30th rank had about 101.5 avg. votes per day. We should try for at least eight more votes per day. We may end up around rank 35 maybe.

    6. Vote on TWC. Link here or below the Patreon previews:

      Current stats at the time of this posting:

      SHOTGUN SHUFFLE is 40th with 1,131 votes:
      —75.4000 v/d; 3.2314 v/hr; 0.0539 v/m.
      Spindrift is 38th with 1,242 votes:
      —82.8000 v/d; 3.5486 v/hr; 0.0591 v/m.
      Stand Still. Stay Silent. is 6th with 7,794 votes:
      —519.6000 v/d; 22.2686 v/hr; 0.3711 v/m.
      Grrl Power is 1st with 15,260 votes:
      —1,017.3333 v/d; 43.6000 v/hr; 0.7267 v/m.

      50th slot — 959 AV*: 63.9333; 2.7400; 0.0457.
      40th slot — 1,131 AV: 75.4000; 3.2314; 0.0539.
      20th slot — 3,591 AV: 239.4000; 10.2600; 0.1710.
      Top ten — 6,392 AV: 426.1333; 18.2629; 0.3044.
      Top five — 8,421 AV: 561.4000; 24.0600; 0.4010.
      * Accumulated votes

    7. Vote on TWC. Link here or below the Patreon previews:

      Current stats at the time of this posting:

      SHOTGUN SHUFFLE is 41th with 1,225 votes:
      —76.5625 v/d; 3.2152 v/hr; 0.0536 v/m.
      Spindrift is 38th with 1,358 votes:
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      Stand Still. Stay Silent. is 6th with 8,554 votes:
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      Grrl Power is 1st with 16,510 votes:
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      Top five — 9,214 AV: 575.8750; 24.1837; 0.4031.
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      1. Vote on TWC. Link here or below the Patreon previews:

        Current stats at the time of this posting:

        SHOTGUN SHUFFLE is 40th with 1,316 votes:
        —77.4118 v/d; 3.2494 v/hr; 0.0542 v/m.
        Spindrift is 37th with 1,455 votes:
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        Twokinds is 9th with 7,893 votes:
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        Replay is 8th with 7,972 votes:
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        Stand Still. Stay Silent. is 6th with 9,113 votes:
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        Twisted Dark is 3rd with 10,664 votes:
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        Just Call Me Gary is 2nd with 12,507 votes:
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        Grrl Power is 1st with 17,266 votes:
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        50th slot — 1,119 AV*: 65.8235; 2.7630; 0.0460.
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        Top five — 9,772 AV: 574.8235; 24.1284; 0.4021.
        * Accumulated votes

  11. Alright. I’ve been working on this headcanon for a long time. Hear me out.

    What do we know about David?

    1. He has connections to the D52
    2. In spite of that history, none of the surviving members recognize him on sight.
    3. He has some connection the the AI and possibly, therefore, General Nicks.
    4. He is keeping close tabs on Ellie for possibly romantic reasons
    5. He has had opportunities for a romantic connection in the past that he has turned down ( so maybe not romantic after all!)
    6. He has supernatural powers of an undetermined nature
    7. Women find him irresistible (this could be related to no. 6)
    8. He has a prior relationship with Tara that ended badly

    Now in this flashback, we learn that David has prior military experience and that he was not blind before the accident. We also see that his injuries could have been (should have been?!) fatal.That’s a hell of a lot of impact force, even if he was thrown clear by the pick up. We also see glimpses of Megan. Those two glimpses are important. They show a familiar hair clip, a familiar hair color and a familiar shade of purple shirt… I’ll give you thirty seven guesses where we’ve seen those before.

    No I won’t. I’m lying. It’s Quinn. She looks like Quinn. She’s related to Quinn. She’s Quinn’s aunt and General Nick’s younger sister.

    I propose that David met Megan through General Nicks. That’s why the relationship was long-distance at first. She had the AI for safe keeping. David knew. Maybe he was part of the program. After the accident, as he lay dying, he made some sort of pact with a demon or spirit (like Dheu or perhaps with Dheu specifically) that granted him his powers in exchange for his sight. Maybe this was to protect the AI. Maybe it was just to save his own life. We don’t know yet. He keeps his job at the school to keep an eye on Quinn since she’s Megan’s closest living relative (apart form General Nicks). Quinn obtains the AI.

    In time, he meets Tara through his job at the school. He recognizes her potential and natural gift with supernatural powers. He takes her under his wing. Teaches her what he knows. Tries to mold her into a powerful ally. But Tara is too ambitious. Too hungry for power. He can’t keep her under control. He eventually has to cut her loose. She goes on to form multiple bands of mercenaries to satisfy her lust for power and adventure.

    Later, David learns that Ellie has similar aptitude for magic as her sister (since she was able to perform the fusion dance with her). But Ellie lacks Tara’s ambition and desire for power. He meets her at the restaurant, not because he’s looking to shck up with an 18 year old, but because he’s looking for a new protégé. Unfortunately, she lacks the discipline for it. He hopes to inspire her to find that discipline and mold her into the ally that Tara couldn’t be. That is the desperation he was talking about, not being desperate for a barely-legal romance.Now that he’s seen the success of the E-Symmetry event, he believes she can do it. Now he has an assistant AND an excuse to be close to Quinn.

    Now his objective is to protect Quinn and the AI to make it up to himself for how he failed to protect Megan. He doesn’t have to fight the D52 (at least not yet) as long as he can keep them away from him by playing it cool and acting like he isn’t an interested party.

    Also, Pumpkin is immune to his sexiness powers because she’s queer af.

      1. Alright, like a fenix I have risen. Let’s get down to analyzing this.

        I’ll concede that, allowing for art changes, Megan’s hair does somewhat resemble Quinn when she’s wearing the red wig at Thanksgiving.

        However I have to argue the timeline. David would have been 22 when this accident happened. After 4 years in the military that would mean he still needed to go to college to become a teacher. Tired Guy’s conspiracy board implies he was already an instructor when he went blind. Unless he was a student-teacher or something that makes me think there was a second accident that caused his blindness.

        Although complicating that is the fact that we know Tarra stole his cane before Ginger moved out of their parents house, but I’m not 100% on how old they were when that happened. We know David tutored Tarra, but whether that happen while she was in high school or college is a bit unclear.

        I also doubt he was working at Lakeland High while Ellie and Quinn were students or else Ellie would have recognized him. Although Ian didn’t seem to recognize Ellie and Ellie and James apparently didn’t recognize each other so… *shrug* Plus I have a fairly atypical expectation of how big a high school should be so maybe it’s easier to get lost in the crowd than I’m imagining.

        1. He said that he initiated the relationship ten years ago. He would have been 22 when the relationship started. He was still in the armed forces when that happened. They got married after he returned from active duty. We don’t know how long after their marriage the accident happened. It is very possible that he was a teacher by the time this accident happened.

          Now we know that Ginger, Tara, and Anise had graduated before Ellie was in her sophomore year because Ellie told Quinn that three Buckinghams were in high school the year Juniper slept with Zane. If we assume only one year difference between the three oldest sisters, Tara would have had to have graduated two years prior. That places her graduation about 5 years prior to current events. If David left the armed forces almost immediately after he met Megan, that would give him just enough time to get a four year degree and start teaching in time to meet Tara. It is possible (but unlikely) that Tara and Anise were close enough in age to be in the same graduating class, giving David an extra year of leeway. It is also possible that “just over ten years” is, in fact, 11 years, giving David even more leeway with the timeline.

          It is also possible that he met her when they were both in college before he graduated. Maybe he tutored her in college and stayed in touch after he became a teacher. The accident happened after he graduated but before she did. That would alter the details of the timeline, but not the overall theory. It would also explain why Ellie doesn’t recognize him if he took a job at Lakeland recently.

          Has Quinn met him? If she is in fact Megan’s niece, surely she would recognize Uncle David?

        2. Hrm… I did miss that (probably because it isn’t in the comic itself). So Tarra is only 5 years younger than he is… that still allows for him to have met her while they were both in college. So it COULD still fly. He does refer to Tarra as a former student, so perhaps he meant tutoring or mentoring her in her superhuman abilities. It could also be a euphemism for their professional relationship.

          It is also possible that his current teaching job is part of relationship to General Nicks. He may be Spec Ops and his teaching credentials were fabricated. It’s also possible that he’s lying about his age.

          I am still willing to maintain the core of my headcanon. David’s prior military service involved General Nicks, the D52 and the AI. He eventually met and trained Tarra, but Tarra wen’t off the rails. He is now grooming Ellie as a possible replacement.

        3. Don’t forget that you can go to college and serve in the military at the same time. It’s called the Bootstrap program, and it’s meant to help military members get educated for promotion reasons. So he could have been mostly done with his teaching degree while still in the military, and then only have to do his student teaching when he got out of the military. So it didn’t have to be four more years.

    1. A few things off. Tired Guy and his retinue appeared to recognize him, so I don’t think there’s any lack of recognition. Also, we saw Gen Nicks acquire the AI by killing Mr. Radio and Tarra was in the background, so I think there are a few differences in your guesses. The overall bits could be right, though.

      1. Remember that Tired Guy met David when he came to apologize for the oxygen line and eventually punched him in the face. Tired Guy didn’t seem to recognize him then. Tired Guy even said during Terms and Conditions that he wasn’t sure who David was when they first met. I suspect that they knew OF him, but had never met or seen him. But you are right that General Nicks acquired the AI after Tara became involved. And Chris confirmed that the hair clip is not the one with the AI, so it doesn’t make sense for it to be a memento of General Nicks’s late sister.

        1. Plus we know Quinn’s hair clip is a re-purposed tie clip. So unless it was a hair clip re-purposed as a tie clip that got re-re-purposed as a hair clip it wouldn’t have made much sense to come from his sister anyway.

        2. That it was a hair clip originally was my initial assumption. I assumed he kept it as a memento of his sister and re-purposed it as a tie clip since a hair clip wouldn’t suit him and to keep it (literally) close to his heart.

        3. I didn’t see anything in comic Guy vs Guy (current post date September 25, 2013) that definitively said that they did or didn’t know each other prior to that conversation. Tired Guy didn’t seem to expect Blind Guy was going to punch him in the face, which might be argued as lack of knowledge of Blind Guy, but also might be lack of knowledge of Blind Guy’s opinion of Ellie and/or Quinn. I don’t think we can take that comic as either positive or negative confirmation about if they knew each other prior to then.

        4. Good catch. That slipped by me.

          The age difference is odd. It seems weird to lie 34 vs 32 for age.

        5. And, just for conformation, there’s a chart in the comments of 20/20 Part III, that lists his age, along with the sisters.

          And, given his Terra omission, it’s a given that he’s fabricated some of what he’s told her.

          As to why lie about that small of an age difference, well, if he is operating with a false identity, he has to maintain that.

        6. Based on the chart of ages, Tarra would have stolen that cane when she was 16 and David was 23. He would have had to have returned from active duty, become a teacher, been blinded and then began tutoring Tarra by age 23. Since enlistment is usually for 4 years (but generally not less than two), he would have returned from active duty between the ages of 20 to 22 at the earliest. That’s a VERY tight timeline. I’m now even more inclined to think his teaching credentials were fabricated by the military. But why? Unless it was to keep him close to Quinn? There may very well be a better answer, but we’ll need more information before we can say.

        7. Tarra was mentioned as having a tutor, not a teacher. He wouldn’t have needed formal credentials to be a tutor, just for Herb & Rosemary to believe he would be more helpful than harmful. We don’t know what specifically he was a tutor for, and who all might’ve been involved/called in for a favor, so it’s even possible that he was still in the military at the time.

        8. But the cane she stole from him is implied to be the one he used for navigation after being blinded and the news paper article on Tired Guy’s wall in Terms and Conditions suggests he was blinded after becoming a teacher.

        9. The quote in comic Claimed (current post date May 8, 2018) is:

          Ellie – You don’t need him to get around? or like… a cane?

          David – Toby was given to me years ago when I went blind, but I’ve relegated him to simply keeping good company.

          David – And I did have a cane once… which I suspect was stolen by a former student.

          Then he goes on to talk about wanting to get around without either. So he didn’t say he’d ever used the cane while blind, just that he’d once owned one and suspected it was stolen by a former student. The cane Tarra had also didn’t look like one for someone who’s blind (see comic 20/20 Part III, with current post date December 3, 2014 for Tarra & the cane and note that her birthmarks aren’t in their current floaty state yet in that picture). Also the article about him being blinded (Terms and Conditions-Part 6, current post date August 26, 2016) calls him an Instructor and says city of Lakeland on the article but then talks about the Marshall Learning ?Center? and doesn’t indicate if that’s part of the high school or something separate. So he might not have all his teaching credentials in order yet.

          Though on the other hand, a lot of our David Stevens Tarra connections are also implied and not quite outright stated yet either (Dheu talking about “David” being the cleaner of her messes, Rosemary saying “just a tutor with Tarra”, & Tarra appearing in the flashback when David was talking to Tired Guy about the AI in Ellie & Quinn’s recently vacated apartment). Also the article about the school board making accommodations for disabled teacher says it’s so he can “continue” in the text, so that’s potentially suggestive that the blinding accident was at the Lakeland High School (though it’s not definite that Tarra might not have been there at any random time post-graduation for that either, so I’m not sure how much it nails down the timeline or not).

          So I’m just saying it’s still in the realm to swing a bit.

        10. That’d give more time for credentials, but he would’ve had to falsify his identity to get into the military as he would’ve well over the enlistment age limit.

        11. Alright, based on a preponderance of the evidence I’m on board with the idea that David’s teaching credentials are fake. Though not necessarily that it was the military that faked them. I could see D52 or some third organization doing the job.

        12. D52 is what David seems to be fighting against, since Tarragon was aligned with him and that Tired Guy, Mr. Night stood opposed to David. However, what if it was the Military who faked David’s discharge so that he could work alongside the Civilian Magics Authority, Silent Night. He would have been effectively, on paper, discharged from the military, yet still in the service.

        13. I think the placement of the D52 members is supposed to be important and there was a note/comment about 52 being cards in a deck, and I always thought Mr’s Blue Sky, Night, ?, & Radio were intended to be the four aces. From that, I’m assuming they were either co-equal for different parts of the organization or Mr. Blue Sky (i.e. David) might’ve been the head honcho.

          There was mention in comments here about David’s recovery from this being the source of his durability. It’s possible that whatever Tired Guy’s powers are, they might also have been sourced from hospitalization (maybe the same time as David). We haven’t gotten a picture of Mr Radio or the other ace, but it might be unsurprising if there’s a big hospitalization in both of their pasts as well (I know we don’t have a definite one for Tired Guy, but he’s hauling around oxygen everywhere and often looks to be on death’s doorstep, so I don’t think it’s a stretch for him to just assume).

        14. I would be onboard with some kind of official credentials or record of David’s past that we take as assumed is fake. I’m not sure if it’s the teaching credentials or not, though.

  12. Maybe I’m reaching here….. but that’s not Quinn’s barrette that Megan is wearing at the wedding……………. is it?

      1. She did grab it from her dad, who was using it as a tie clip.

        Though it’s not impossible that he might’ve started using it as a tie clip later, so thanks for the confirmation.

  13. Ellie’s trajectory of graduated maturation from the start to here is some *excellent* character work.

  14. Part 2 is going to be the breakup, isn’t it? Maybe the breakup won’t be forever, but I’m damned sure they aren’t going to stay together once The Tarra ruins it.

      1. That’s a relief. I was assuming part two would mirror this one with it ending with their hands letting go and going their separate ways.

        1. Recall that Rusche previously said that Ellie would have two boyfriends, so a breakup will happen at some point. It might be for good or back and forth, but it’ll happen.

          Also Ellie was the cause of Sister X’s speech balloon color change (which I’ve always assumed to be related to attitude/outlook), so this is likely the start of that.

        2. They might not break up. It’s always possible something will happen that leaves Ellie thinking Blind Guy is dead. Considering the circles he used to run in this isn’t too big a stretch.

        3. This is good. But if the author starts to flip things because you broke into his computer tomorrow and read his script, I’m going to flip you a bird.

          It’s a cross between a heckle and a jeckle. I call it a crow.

        4. That One Guy is right, and I should add that I believe that Part 2 is where Ellie will join her second boyfriend, which I suppose will be Caleb. That, or Part 2 is her return to David’s arms after she starts (and stops) dating her second boyfriend.

          Since I’m firmly sailing in the Ellivid ship I hope that the SS Calevender’s maiden voyage will be short and quickly anchored back in port.

  15. I actually started to get emotional seeing this. So realistic and I would say somewhat romantic at the end.

  16. Wow.

    Don’t generally post on here, or any webcomics for that matter, but . . . . wow.

    This was amazing.

      1. Indeed. We always welcome more commenters.

        Steve, I’ve got a robotic toilet paper unroller and a mold wheel that once was cheese to contribute to the gift basket.

        1. I’ll throw in some expired summer sausage. Maybe Mr. Blue can throw in some crackers?

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        1. Do you have any of the ladies phone numbers? We could ration them out like, uhm, damn. I lost my line of thought. I think I need to ask that one guy, what’s his name again?

  17. I have to say, if I were archive-diving and had read the whole comic at a more rapid pace, I’d probably think this was something of a dramatic shift in tone from the earlier chapters.

    1. Third new commenter? Hat trick?

      Welcome and hope you enjoy the comments, which we try to make entertaining.

      Steve, I’m running out of gift basket contributions, so I’m down to a bent lawn mower blade and a box of railroad spikes (without a certificate that it was ok for me to have them) to contribute.

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    2. Check that link up top called “Supplemental” if you just need a little taste to get you through until the next update, Why.

    1. We are in chapter six of, currently, ten in the first major arc of the story. Comic Pick your Paranoia (current post date May 18, 2015) is the last list of chapters that I recall, and the chapters had gotten a bit shuffled from Rusche putting Patreon arcs where they belong chronologically and separating things so they weren’t too long. Note that this chapter is Pumpkin’s birthday party and next chapter has a year and a half time skip (all in the previously mentioned post).

      The third arc branches off of comic Ratches (current post date October 11, 2013) as seen by the author post there. It’s mentioned that the third and final arc will run in parallel with the current story and I believe KK is going to be a main/focus character of that while Ellie & Quinn shift back to cameo.

  18. By this point, I’m surprised that you’re not trying to turn this into a TV cartoon. I mean, the level of detail that you put into each issue is spectacular. Also, I’m personally a QuElly fan, but I feel that PumpQuinn is equally shipworthy, even as a crack ship.

  19. I REALLY am interested in his background. He’s one of the most interesting characters here and he clearly feels real compared to a caricature that a few of the minor characters are more of.

    Hopefully we learn more about him sooner than later. This is getting good :)

    1. Patience my dear Jace. What makes a good story very compelling are the types of bread crumbs dropped by the author to entice the reader to follow the tale. Me, I prefer a good pumpernickel or zweiback. Now, if you will excuse me.


      mR. Blue sneaks in a pair of socks into the welcoming basket that he, mR. Blue, has secretly switched from Steve’s dirty laundry with two pouches of ground coffee from 1956.

      1. Very true. Mostly I mean that I don’t want this to be the end of our focus on them as this seems like a good point where the scene switches to other characters for a while and we wont be back to David for another handful of months or more.

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  20. Truly Amazing page here. Great job. well told. Thought you were on Hiatus (which was making me sad) but this page was worth the wait!

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  21. dam thats rough…..didn’t reveal if thats what caused his loss of sight or how he got mixed up with the suicide squad


      However, there has been liberal use of easter eggs. David has talked about his allegiances in the past. This could only come from secret or above information.

      1. This is like that scene in Starship Troopers, as they climb up on the tower and look at the swarm coming over the hill.

        “WE GOT COMPANY!”

        *puts a Milli Vanilli CD in the welcome basket*

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          And …. I have blue silly string. I don’t know if it’s blueberry flavored. Anyone want to test?

        2. I’m watching the Hero’s and Icons digital channel. They just showed a Khan t shirt that read, “feel my wrath.” So I just thought that it’d be funny if you were working a Scifi convention for trekkies and started the night out by demanding, “Bring me Kirk, or feel my wrath of dance! “

  22. Hey Chris, just a suggestion.
    When you add an update (or an updated update), would you be kind enough to toss in a date of when you’re adding your comments so we can keep track? Just a personal observation. And thanks again for all you do!!

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  23. I was reading the mouse over and wondering why that sounded so familiar. Yesterday I remembered the song by the English band Edison Lighthouse “Love grows where my Rosemary goes” . I haven’t heard that song in a decade or more so of course I had to pull it up on spotify. NOW IT”S STUCK IN MY HEAD !!!!! THANKS A BUNCH !!!


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