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You Are Now Caught Up

David obviously knows how to show Ellie a good time. XD

58 thoughts on “You Are Now Caught Up

  1. So now that they’ve both agreed that the false pretense didn’t happen, they choose to sit in awkward silence. Best Date Ever.

  2. “Would be nice if it didn’t happen in the first place.”

    Oh Ellie. Most of LIFE is built around “false pretenses.” You never actually meet someone; you meet their idealized projection of themselves.

    1. Yay social interactions! To ensure a second date, one usually has to omit certain details and present the best possible case of themselves. Once people get to know each other, then one can reveal weird and/or unusual facts about themselves to their potential partner.

      In an ideal world, I’m sure we would all like to have honestly be the best policy, but in reality, it’s not. Otherwise you won’t be able to have many dates and/or business partners. TMI is a thing.

      1. Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Howard, I’m a horn dog and my neighbors have a petition against me for mixing “Weird Al” with the teletubbies music. Can I have your number?

        1. I have a friend who once always announced he played role-playing games such as D&D during the first date. He never got a second date with the women after that.

          Granted, some women later admitted to him that all they heard was “role-playing” and immediately thought it meant like dressing up like a Wonder Woman while in bed or something.

        2. I have a tendency towards the, “Are those cards? Let’s just lay them on the table…” approach to first dates and have had the generally expected results (i.e. I’m single and people who know me well are surprised in one way, but not when they stop and think about it a bit more).

          One of the things I’ve noticed in reaction is even if you tell someone a thing they’re fine with, there’s a bit of a “if he’s openly admitting this, what is he hiding”-sort of reaction.

          Which is not great, and rationally I know it’s a mistake and I’m breaking expectations and causing this issue, but something about those cards just whispers, “face up on the table, come on, that’s where we belong, how bad could it be this time…”

        3. I’ve actually had pretty decent luck with doing the same thing… I typically open with “fair warning – I’m not good at first-dating, probably because I’m so bad at keeping stuff under wraps – you’ll know uncomfortable things about me pretty early on.” At that point, it typically becomes a game to them… the “what kind of weird thing can I get him to admit to” game seems to provide endless mirth…

        4. Not sure if I could pull that one off well, but I can certainly see how it could work. I may have to try that one out.

        1. That is a common reaction most people have. It’s my DJ name, because my nemesis in the DJ game was JTJ (James T Jerk). He would open for me playing Shatner screaming “KHHHAAAANNNN!” and I eventually changed my old DJ name (MC LOUD) to MCKHAN. Which became EMCEEKHAN since I spelled it out to a LV newspaper reporter as “e m cee khan” and it got published that way (dumb reporter), forever making it my solid DJ moniker in Las Vegas.

          I used to play at the Grotto in the Tropicana. And at Studio 54 in the MGM hotel.

        2. Wait just a minute.

          We got a Vegas entertainer in here.
          Hot Damn.

          We get Branso, Reno, Atlantic City then we can get Gary and Alton.

          Excellent .

        3. LOL

          And now I live in Omaha, Nebraska. Big change, smaller venues, but more DJ friends and more gigs.

        4. You mean that we could possibly get the backing of “Wild Kingdom?” Chris is going to spit a flipped pool table when he sees this.

        5. (I loved that show, btw. I’m originally from Nebraska)

          Unfortunately, Marlin Perkins is dead. And while Mutual of Omaha was the original sponsor of the show, they no longer are the primary host of Wild Kingdom.

          We do have a bitchin zoo though. Henry Doorly Zoo is one of the leaders in animal conservation.

      1. I was thinking the same, but are her important cards already on the table? The fake name is already debunked, right? David knows her sister, which means I must know Ellie’s real last name. So, the first name is probably known, too. As for the being paid to date him way back when, that may still be secret, but she’s unemployed now, and she’s on this date voluntarily. There’s not REALLY any need to go into her past job, other than a full disclosure honestly angle.

  3. Very smart to get that out of the way, as awkward as it is. That kind of info tends to have a way of coming back to bite you in the ass, as Ellie learned on her date with Owen. However I’m sure that the lovebirds will be blindsided with a different wrench getting thrown into the works to keep the drama up. Perhaps the wrench will be named Tara.

    1. Yeah, I cringed about that “great we’ve got the false pretense out of the way” line before mentioning Tarra.

      1. Yes, THAT particular bombshell is going to hit them with the force of an atomic warhead. I’m going to give him the benefit of a doubt and suggest that maaaaybe he doesn’t realize they are sisters since Ellie went and changed her name?

        1. I dunno. If Pumpkin talks about her sisters like Cinnamon and Ellie with Ashliii when the teacher was about, what are the chances that he may have put two and two together even if Tarrant didn’t talk about family.

        2. We believe he was Tarra’s tutor, and he called Rosemary regarding Pumpkin, I don’t think he’d forget her and fail to realize that they’re all sisters.

          It wouldn’t surprise me if Rosemary scheduled a first day parent-teacher conference for herself with him to “make a few things clear” with regards to Pumpkin considering how things went with Tarra. Also, that is my vote for a very short Patreon arc, as I think it’d be quite entertaining. However, I suspect it might also be fairly spoilery.

        1. I remember that working in a roundabout way in high school too.

          When one guy in a group of 3-7 yelled, “Quick! Hide your eyes so he/she can’t see us!” and all the guys stand still and put their hands over their eyes, the target of said statement frequently decided that dealing with you is more irritating than any number of other possible activities that come to mind and walks away.

          Almost as if they didn’t see you [if you ignore the remarks, anyway].

      1. The framing of the last panels is great. They keep their same relative position to each other as in the first panel but the fact they are in separate panels and facing away from each other really accentuates how the mood is shifting towards feelings of isolation.

        1. That pause before the battle begins. The silence echos, much like on the field before TA209 comes into sight of the field. The only noise is coming from Dr. Rumack saying, “I just want to tell you both good luck. We’re all counting on you. “

      2. This is when I get nervous, and eventually my date has to tell me to stop beatboxing (it’s what I do when I get nervous).

  4. The whole social-dynamic here is seriously pinging my weirdness-radar. It’s feels almost like the relationship isn’t between friends or potential romantic interests, but between parent and child. Or maybe….between teacher and student?

    1. I don’t remember the web comic, but I think it was EGS, where the author post under the comic was something along the lines of, “have a scene where two people try to talk to each other extremely awkwardly and make a spectacle of themselves?….I’VE PREPARED FOR THIS MY WHOLE LIFE!

      I liked that one.

  5. So, David…maybe you want to talk about what you were doing at her apartment that day? Or about the fact that you know Terra? Or maybe just about your interactions with Tired Guy? You’re not really done clearing the air here, Champ.

    1. I was actually wondering if David actually knows Tarra & Ellie are related… Tarra is sufficiently unlike any of the rest of the sisters (or any other mere mortal, for that matter) that being blind may actually be sufficient to keep him unaware

      1. That kind of puzzles me. Assuming Tarra was in high school when that tutor thing started up, Ellie would have been probably pushing middle-school-age. Maybe 10 or 12 or so. But she never saw Tarra’s tutor?

        1. Heck, my kid has a piano teacher that I hired, but I’ve never actually met in person, though. I know that’s not exactly apples to apples, but I can see these two never having met before now, especially if lessons (whatever they were,) occurred outside the house.

        2. Three blonde girls with the same pretty uncommon surname all attending the same school, if he hasn’t twigged (or a least suspected enough to try and find out) that they are related then it looks like wilful ignorance to me rather than incompetence.

        3. It may be, however Ellie had advanced placement classes, probably Tarragon as well. Ginger probably excelled unsure about her being in advanced placement. Anise may not have been courting college scholarships, but she had a tuition fund. Juniper may have been an excellent student until that turning point. Which leaves Cinnamon. I imagine she has her interests, but only if she could become an evil mad scientist.

        4. As I mentioned above, I can’t imagine as Tarra’s tutor that he never ran into Rosemary and he called her at the start of the comic. I’d have a hard time believing he didn’t know that Ellie & Tarra are sisters.

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    1. OK, this coming month, I have a goal. Beat Spindrift. We are consistently about 200 votes behind. And yet, Spindrift has only updated 4 times in the last two years. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautifully drawn comic. But it doesn’t update. We need to beat it. We can beat it.

      1. You want me too track against it? I do Stand Still. Stay Silent. as a friendly competition. Grrl Power because they’ve gotten to the top spot since they won the mix March madness webcomic tournament a few years ago. The next year, we bested SSSS in friendly competition, and won. But the TWC numbers don’t seem to jive.

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      1. First of the month, Shufflers! The big swings happen RIGHT NOW; I just voted us from 70 to 64 with one vote, so get in there and get our boy back up on the list!

        1. Done.. Two phones and a laptop. lol. And if I remember I’ll vote again when I get home from work.

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