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You ARE your mother’s daughter..

KK's drawing some direct parallels to Quinn's treatment of people. I also picture Quinn in the second panel sounding like the pimply-faced teen. And just a note on my updates.. I have been updating MWF for the last two weeks, So anyone checking out the comic Tuesday (you're seeing Monday's) then Friday.. you're missing Wednesday. Just FYI.         And yes, Quinn has a younger brother. You'll notice in the the future she never refers to him as such. For specific reason.

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  1. It usually is like that with most ppl Dimitri, and it seems Quinn is in for a rude awakening!!

    I’m suprised that Quinn has a little brother, since as far as i know she has’t mentioned him at all, and does’t really seem care about him either.

    I’m also loving K.K more and more, she just knows when to say the right thing at the right time :)

    1. Maybe her brother works a “crap job.” Seems she generally hates people who do that.

      Or maybe he’s unemployed, lives off someone else, has a revolving door of girlfriends (or boyfriends… not that there’s anything wrong with that…), and nothing anyone does is ever good enough for him.

      Or maybe he’s dead. Which isn’t funny.

      1. Or he may not be a blood relation of Quinn’s (e.g. stepbrother) in which case she may feel ok with completely disconnecting herself from him.

        1. Dunno. They have the same hair color and the same shitty attitude toward people who are nice to them, I’d be surprised if they weren’t related.

          But you could be right.

        2. My assumption is, Quinn looks like she’s in high school at least, so he could be at best three to five years younger than her. If he is still a minor, he could have chosen to live with his father. I’m assuming that Quinn’s mother got the kids in the divorce and went total well…

    1. I kinda did. Or rather, I expected something of this sort. Sometimes, people take on the attributes of their family members- even ones they don’t like. It’s not voluntary either. I’ve heard my parents complain about things they didn’t like about their parents, only for them to have treated my siblings and myself the same way.

      Just the same, I notice that I’ve done some things that my mother does that I don’t like, and I don’t even notice I’ve acted in a negative way until much later, upon retrospect.

      I can’t say that I was happy seeing Quinn be mean to Ellie (even the times Ellie deserved it, to a degree), but I can understand how she is the way she is, and why she’s done the things she’s done, although, I’m sure there’s a lot more to the story than simply what’s written here.

      People are complex creatures- It’s a lesson I keep learning over and over again, and yet, every time, I’m continuously surprised.

  2. Wasn’t the first thing K.K. said when she showed up ‘I’m here for the cat, not the drama.”

    She’s making a gross tactical error sticking around for all this. Once she says what I suspect (and is heavily hinted at) that she is going to say, there’s no turning back, because she’s going to be right in the middle of it.

    Not that Quinn doesn’t need to hear it… but you don’t point these things out to a person without… repercussions of some sort.

    1. She did, but she’s holding polite conversation while the cat is unhappily handled.

      Polite relative to Quinn, which, so far, is more polite than Ellie and Quinn’s converations.

        1. I’m going to say, polite for Ellie, Mr. Fatty McFatFat, and the other neighbors in the place, as well as Quinn. I’m under the believe that KK feels for Quinn in that she’s suffering from unknown strife from her youth. It’s going to boil over soon, very soon. So, that’s why she’s polite.

          I’m not sure that it’s going to be KK who says it. Could the owner/manager be a friend of Quinn’s dad? Military buddies? Could that be another thread in the story that has not been revealed?

  3. Nice thing is, KK doesn’t really have a horse in this race anymore. Her freaking out at Quinn won’t impact her future as much as if it was Ellie, for instance. KK can deliver words of wisdom and bow out…and anything but immediate spatter won’t get on her.

    1. I am not sure that I agree with you on that one.

      Quinn did mention that she didn’t write her off, and since Quinn is mad at her for showing up, there may be some kernel of friendship there buried in Quinn’s unconscious just waiting to fracture Quinn’s facade and coping skills to date.

      1. Are you saying that Quinn dreams of being friends with KK? Like, while napping?

        That said, whether the possibility is there or not, I don’t think it’s on KK’s mind, at least not so much that she’s concerned enough to filter anything she says. As NothingSirius was saying, she really is free to say what she wants and easily bow out. If that costs her some potential friendship with Quinn, I don’t think she sees that as anything she needs, so no loss from her perspective.

        1. No, I would not say that she’s dreaming of being roomies with KK, however, I think that I’m suggesting, with the support of the little tidbits that Quinn’s dropped throughout this story arc, is that she wants to have friends. I’m halfway thinking that KK may have actually been one of the first people to even approach something there. Please note that I did say something. Ian Eagan is perhaps the second one. I just don’t know who’s heart skipped a beat while he was teething on a donut.

          I think that KK is open to the possibility if Quinn were to ever get her act in gear, but until then, KK would assume that Quinn has more than enough rope to hang herself from the top of the Epcot Center.

          But KK still has to wait for the cat.

        2. I once had a strange craving for pretzels buried in my unconscious. Then my wife elbowed me and said, “quit talking in your sleep.” I don’t even like pretzels. They’re too crunchy.

          More on topic: I’m not talking about the possibility of them being friends. It’s obvious that it’s there. What I’m talking about is whether that is a cost that currently concerns KK. Right now, until Quinn fixes herself, KK doesn’t want to be her friend. I imagine just about anybody doesn’t. Not this Quinn, anyway. Maybe the Quinn riding in the geek car, or the sad Quinn checking her lonely facebook account after a long day. But not this Quinn.

          What NothingSirius said, and I reiterated, is that right now, crushing Quinn’s egocentric worldview with over 9000lbs of brutal honesty is something KK is in the perfect position to do: she knows Quinn well, and doesn’t need to worry about Quinn taking it out on her. Them not being friends later doesn’t concern her. Right now.

          Of course, I can agree that KK seems cool enough to not say anything so devastating that Quinn would go visit Epcot. Not with rope anyway.

        3. I was referring to the Quinn in the geek car, at the movies, and awestruck by Ian Eagan. She is a totally different person. Maybe I should say that it’s something like the ugly duckling.

          But what I was talking about, is that KK sees something in Quinn, but I don’t think that KK will push Quinn to the point where she needs a re-boot and re-formatting on her personality. That’s something that Quinn has to take care of, however, I think that KK might point her in the right direction to see the button that Quinn may not want to see consciously, but perhaps she does unconsciously.

          I suppose instead of Schroedinger’s Cat, we have Nice Quinn and Evil Quinn. Maybe more like Two Face.

          But, I think that yes, perhaps I am saying that Quinn would like to be friends with KK, in as much as she has not written her off. That, outside of giving away flashlights, may be the most personable thing that she’s said. Ever.

          I’m thinking that KK is going to be the sage for the girls in this story. She’s life and job coach to Ellie, and possible friend to Quinn. (Ellie’s friend too.)

        1. Eagles, “There’s a hole in the world tonight.”

          (There’s a hole in the world tonight)
          They say that anger is just love disappointed
          (There’s a cloud of fear and sorrow)
          They say that love is just a state of mind
          (There’s a hole in the world tonight)
          But all this fighting over who will be anointed
          (Don’t let there be a hole in the world tomorrow)
          Oh, how can people be so blind?

  4. Aw, poor ole Quinn. Mommy was negligent and mean, and now she’s become mean too.

    I love her teen appearance, by the way. Is she supposed to be 14 there? I can actually sympathize, because I’ve actually had to take care of my siblings before, as well. And, funnily enough, I was only really ever good at making breakfast as well. Though, I quickly taught myself how to make proper meals.

    As interesting as this revelation is, I’m actually more interested in Quinn’s brother. Who is he? Does she still have a good relationship with him anymore?

    1. Good guess. I did entend for her to be about 14. Her brother is probably about 7 or 8.

      Quinn’s brother will have his own chapter coming up. I’m planning on doing a poll on two different upcoming stories the readers want to see done first. Each with a diff new character. That is, if GoDaddy allows me to continue. =P

      1. Ah, well that’ll certainly be interesting. I like all the characters introduced thus far, even the more ancillary ones, like Richard and James. If it comes down to it, though, I think I’d prefer to see a story about a character with little or no ties to the main characters.

        Sure hope that they do. By the way, have they sent you any replies to your last mail? The one where you chewed them out for being self serving and inconsiderate?

        1. I have a few coming up. One option is closely related. One is not.

          I’ll also cut away to one that is it’s own separate story, but it’ll take some time to get to it.

          GoDaddy said the CPU usage has increased actually. Which is strange to me, since the captcha has eliminated all my spam (the math problems.) So they’re reviewing it again on Monday. We’ll see if this site is still up and kickin after that. If not, I’ll figure out something.

        2. Could the increased usage be due to new viewers? If not, then where is it coming from?
          Well, I wish you all the best. I hope they do continue supporting you. And if not, well… there are other hosts out there. Hopefully some that don’t tell you that it’s your fault things are going south. I still get a chuckle out of that mail they sent you- it’s your fault for not clearing out comments? Haha…

  5. What KK says in the last panel, I was thinking. It is quite funny how many people with either unknowingly be just like their parents, or actively try to be the exact opposite. Time for a big helping of reality Quinn, and a dose of “Get your head outta your ass!”

  6. Perhaps I’m reading too much into things but this isn’t quite the coincidence it seems. IF the restaurant is close to the work, it makes sense that someone would look for a nearby apartment. The fact that it would likely be cheap and ONLY for single females ups the probabilities significantly.

  7. Things that can transform a woman into a furious tempest of insuppressible rage from which the most menacing of demons known to man will retreat in fear:
    – Telling her that she and her mother are basically the same person.

    Tread lightly, KK; one wrong step and you may not be around for much longer.

  8. Wow…so her unspecified hate for Ellie actually has reason. Reminds her of her mother in a way. (occasionally using her body and men to skate through life etc.)

    Also, Quinn’s brother need to Shush, Brinner is best Dinner ever! hahaha

  9. Huh. First time commenting. Um, wow, not sure how to say this. Quinn does NOT seem exactly like her mother. I mean, just going from how she describes her mother, and looking at her own behavior, some does not match up.

    Well, I can’t say for certain that she has a job, so I don’t know if she has any income? So in that way she is living off her father maybe? But she is going to school to make something of herself, so right there is better then her mother. She does not have a ‘revolving’ door of men like her mother, two men do not count. She is not actively neglecting anyone, not like she should be taking care of her roommates like they are children….and I have not seen her out at all hours, she is usually trying to study yes?

    So I can see that she is a narcissist like she claims her mother is, so that first line made me think ‘irony’, but all the rest? She has a lot of psychological issues that stem from her mother’s treatment, but she is not exactly like her. As far as this page goes.

    But am I the only one who sees that? Just me?

    1. Nah, I think most people agree with you that Quinn isn’t like her mother in most aspects(at least I do), the irony part KK says was I think directed to the fact that Quinn said that nothing she did was good enough for her mother, when in fact nothing anyone does is up to Quinn’s standards it seems.

      1. THAT I agree with. She has astronomical standards. Not that Ellie or Stoner Chick really live up to even moderate standards, well, Ellie actually got a job, and was working double shifts. Which….is so much more than her mother (Quinn’s) did that she (Quinn) shouldn’t even be pissy. Hypocrite. And then calling her a whore who was gonna live off men (projecting much?).

        1. I think there is big time projection going on. Chris hasn’t pictured Quinn’s mom yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if she bore some resemblance to Ellie which may have sparked this entire deep seated disdain Quinn has for Ellie.

          If there is no other resemblance I would at least put money on Quinn’s mom being similarly busty to Ellie.

    2. Thank you for commenting, Ikaru. Hope you make a habit of it.

      I’ll point out what’s semi-hidden in what she’s saying. Some, like you’ve stated, are fairly obvious.

      1) Quinn hasn’t been show with a job. So it’s implied she’s unemployed, like her mother. Granted, for different reasons. But both jobless to pursue their own interests.

      2) Quinn’s father helps with rent just as her father shells out tons of money to his ex-wife. One payment is forced, and one is given. Both living off Mr. Nicks.

      3) While Quinn is only meddling with two different men, it is a slow rev-up to full blown narc like her mother. 2 now… 30 by age 30?

      4) While she’s gotten nothing but an ultimatum from Eagan, she has used Alex to some degree. He fixed her car. That’s all the implication I need to save me drawing 30 more strips that there is more reason for her to date him, than him her.

      5) The whole “mom left us at home by ourselves to see men” thing is a parallel of her treatment of Ellie. When she asked to go to the movies. Quinn had the power of allowance to go. She denied it. “I’m going to do my own thing, and the only reason you’d end up there is if I let you go.”

      6 and 7) More obvious ones. KK/Ellie constantly treated as if they’re not good enough. Assumed to be, and called, ugly names. KK’s is implied at least.

      8) “Not taking care of her children” is suggesting Quinn was stuck being the surrogate mother to her own brother. She’s had one dependant for a long time. It’s not easy for her to feel others will fall into that same category. Any inclination she’s going to support someone to any degree is met with disdain.

      Not all the examples in the dialogue were intended to be clear-cut or straight forward. Hope that helps shed some light on my current narrative. =)

      1. So what you’re saying with #8 is that Quinn really needs to get this all worked out if she ever plans to have kids?

        1. I would suggest that Quinn should before she may have to have kids before planning such. Not that I’m reading anything dark into Alex’s potential, just everyone else we don’t know about.

          You know, for being so pig headed, Archie Bunker was the first show to discuss the topic of rape on tv. Heh, I would wonder if he would be Quinn’s opposite number in terms of gender. I would think that he’d have Tired Guy beat.

  10. I have been following this for a while now and finally decided to comment.
    I do like the art style and i generally like character driven narrative things like this.

    That said, I really cannot stand Quinn.

    I was hoping/waiting to see what at the very least was the justification for the behavior that she has been exhibiting is and if this is it, it’s wholly unsatisfying.

    I can see that the result of her personality seems to be that she is continually left alone and with no one to depend on, but It’s a continuous thing which means that she doesn’t learn from it and its not new. I thought maybe being left instead of throwing out might be new, but that isn’t new either apparently.
    In short: I don’t like Quinn and nothing new is happening to her that has not made her the bitch she already is. I am not sure I can continue to check back in here if it is just going to be the “Quinn is a bitch and nothing terrible happens to her show”

    1. I don’t know that I can think of something I’d consider “justification” for Quinn’s behavior. Explanation is findable, but justification is a lot rarer in my experience.

      As for growth and this being nothing new, that could go either way. I see people ignore new things, but I also see people who didn’t see something the first 23 times finally see on the 24th due to a tiny little difference no one else would see. I see the same from myself upon occasion, too. If you’ve got a lot of patience and want to see someone who had a large write-up that culminated with “and this tiny little thing was the catalyst and I still have no idea why” then I suggest http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.ca/2013/05/depression-part-two.html (very nice write-up on depression too).

      I’ve seen people have breakdowns from less than the expected fallout from just the already introduced items. At this point, the concept of Quinn not having some relatively negative consequences would be more unrealistic than this comic appears to shoot for (only way I could see it is a “one year later…” sort of thing).

    2. Thank you for expressing your concerns. Through Quinn’s explanation of her upbringing, we’re seeing signs she’s following in her mother’s footsteps on the path to narcissism. If you’ve never had run ins with your own narcissists irl, this can seem overblown and continuously annoying. Just like they are.

      I’ve had alot of experience (and still do) with narcs in my own life. And this personality trait is incredibly hard to break. Dealing with them is in itself, horribly grueling and exhausting. The best COA to escape is to leave and ignore them.

      To me, what is wholly unsatisfying, is a by the book, item by item 100% identical comparison of her actions versus her mother’s. You’re saying this is nothing new, yet wanting a typical sitcomy explanation that is overly convenient.

      You said she’s an awful person, and nothing bad ever happens to her. I’m not sure I follow. Bad things have certainly happened to her with her alienating actions and attitude. I’m assuming you mean she’s ever-unchanging. You’re insinuating she’s only gotten worse, and it’s getting old. Well, not every character gets better. Just like in real life. Tbh, I know more people who get worse, than better. But Quinn will get better. She’s just not as impressionable, as say, Ellie. Like real narcissists. Narcissism is a drug. You only escape the addiction by hitting rock bottom.

      We’re also in the middle of a conversation which hasn’t ended. Give it about 10 more strips. As glad as I am to have you as a reader, it may just not be for you in the end. I certainly want a story that appeals to a wide audience, but sometimes when you write (especially since 90% of this is from my own observations and experience) your in-story outcomes can’t end with the wants, assumptions, and expectations of everyone who reads.

      Anyway, thanks again for letting me know. =)

  11. Okay,

    We can see where the genetic lottery guilt trip came from. Quinn’s mom is slutty and acts like one.

    Also, that could be why Quinn was so quick to be receptive of Janice as a quick substitute for when KK moved out before her father came for an inspection. I’m guessing what with Quinn out of her mother’s house, that much in alimony/child support was deducted from his monthly ex-wife’s pay. Okay, that sounds convoluted, but it was the best that I came up with for saying that he didn’t have to pay as much alimony now that Quinn’s in school. The second one sounds better.

    And we seem to get some appreciation for Quinn’s pissy attitude 24/7 about things. While we do not know if she did sleep with Alex, I just can’t call him dirty hippie right now. This is too much of a human problem to be cutting to the quick for humor’s sake. But at least she only used one guy, if that much, while attempting to have some sort of a relationship with him in order to spite her mother, as much as she ended up acting like her to a point. Maybe more of a lower quantuum level of immoral living than her mother, but still better than her mother’s attitude towards all perhaps? I was going to say qualitative, but that didn’t seem proper. And quantitative would apply either. Nor would gestaltic. But I digress.

    And we can see where Quinn’s abandonment issues come from. I can only wonder if Tired Guy is downstairs listening to this conversation. Doubt if it would break through the ice wall that these two have for each other.

    The irony is a good thing here, but Quinn is way too high on her horse to be able to be knocked off by KK, yet. Eagan did make an offer of friendship and relationship as well, but the latter if and only if Quinn can stop being in the perpetual girlfriend stage.

    Personally, I think that we’re going to be lucky if Quinn doesn’t have a breakdown and can hold things together well enough to grow, persevere and win.

    Heh, I just thought of “Heartbreak Ridge.” “We’re Marines, we overcome, adapt and move on.”

  12. Pardon me, but I just thought of something.

    10 points to who gets the reference and names the band.

    “Sympathy for the Devil”

    Now I suppose we could see why some people may have had some leanings towards supporting Quinn rather than Ellie. However, if I had to make a qualitative measurement of the growth that these two girls have done, I would give the award to Ellie.

    1. The Stones, man! Loves me some Sympathy for the Devil!!!

      That said, I was on the fast track to hating Quinn for being such an insufferable bytch, but given just a glimpse of her history, I totally get it. Not sayin’ she’s right, not sayin’ she’ll be able to go through life like that, just sayin’ I understand where it’s coming from.

  13. Regardless who does it, i get the feeling that quinn will get knocked down of her high horse very soon if she keeps her current behavior up, wich will be a blast to behold i’m sure :)

    Also, welcome to the new guys to the comment section!
    Blow us away with your views of it all :)

    1. There are some other factors to consider. Genetic predisposition, like a flawed diamond and environmental factors, like Three Mile Island, the Love Canal, Times Beach, Fukushima, Chernobyl and knowing just how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop.

  14. Well you’ve got one reader who while still disapproves (not that I think that means anything-it’s really only my opinion of a given story) of the bashing going on, at least Quinn is *finally* beginning to be fleshed out as an actual human being rather than an icon of smug acid-tongued bitch. Which was more or less her role in the comic up until this point. Oh, and also ‘huge liar’.

    It still baffles me, though. For example, ‘You ARE your mother’s daughter’. Quinn listed…eight bad traits ranging from ‘seriously obnoxious’ to ‘pretty frigging awful’. Quinn seems to have absorded 1/4 of those traits into herself, living them in her daily life: nothing being good enough for her, and saying awful things about people. Though truthfully since she doesn’t have kids, I should say she embodies 2/7 of those traits. She’s not ‘slutty’, she has a job (full-time student, which she would appear to be, is often considered a job in middle-class American families). She’s trying to make something of herself (again, college). She is living off her father’s dime, but again that’s not uncommon in these circumstances. We don’t know how well she’s doing in school-if she’s doing very badly or not trying, then obviously her superiority becomes much less valid but if she’s working really hard and doing really well, then doesn’t she have a right to pride in that accomplishment, and to consider it a fair deal?

    But instead of responding to a surprising glimpse of humanity, to this opening up, instead KK takes some pleasure in pointing out Quinn’s flaws (in, *ironically*, a smug and superior way). Well, that’s not so surprising. I can easily imagine Quinn having been seriously nasty to KK, so it’s hardly objectionable for the latter not to take some pleasure in zings.

    What is less likable is her hypocrisy. I thought, again, she wasn’t there for any drama. She was just there for the cat. If that were true, she would’ve been gone many sentences ago. And yet as so often happens in the game of ‘I’m a better person than you’, anytime a second person decides to start playing they’ve often lost. You don’t win that game by words, you can only win it by action.

    The other no-longer-surprising thing is how quickly people are willing to believe the worst of Quinn-not just believe badly, but believe really nasty things of her. She doesn’t care at all about her brother? Ellie has like a half dozen siblings if I remember correctly, has gotten much more screen time, and the only time we’ve seen her thinking or interacting with any of them was when she was screwing her sister over to spend more time on Facebook. But no one says ‘hey, Ellie despises and mistreats her siblings’.

    Quinn, on the other hand, with less screen time and with (apparently) fewer siblings, has been shown attempting to be a stand-in mother as a teenager for her brother and not getting much thanks for it. But the response is ‘boy, I’ll bet she’s awful to him too, I can see that’. On the basis of nothing.

    A proper example of irony: “Quinn is such a mean-spirited person, nasty to so many people, and god she thinks she’s better than everyone she meets! I don’t understand why she thinks she’s so much better than everyone else when clearly she’s not’.

    1. Well, my intention for Quinn was never to be a character for never-ending bashery. Quinn is actually my favorite character to write, until we meet another sometime soon. Quinn is the weakest of all the characters. She’s the most vulnerable, but more importantly, she has the most to gain.

      I will say, concerning KK “not being there for the drama”… she IS a female. This is also a ‘relatively speaking” moment. She’s certainly heard the full story from Ellie.. so she’s simply stating, “Hey, I’m here for the cat, not to start punching you, K?”

      Girl’s tend to create drama without even intending to. If you were in the same situation, would you not feel inclined to express your own aggravation, with civility?

      I will agree I was surprised at how much everyone assumed Quinn was horrible to her own brother, but it IS just speculation. She could be..
      She’s certainly not running with a good track record on personal relationships. Perhaps his attitude is even less appreciating than hers. Who knows. We’re not there yet. But I do see what you mean.

      Ah! And the proper example of irony… exactly why KK said she was looking to see if she was using it correctly. Notice how I covered my own ass on that. lol. That didn’t have to be exactly right on her part. Just her getting across that Quinn needs to be a bit more introspective on how she’s acting vs, how she’s been treated. =)

    2. Quinn isn’t 100% like her mother, but you have to agree, she says horrible things to people and nothing ever seems good enough for her. And as far as men in her life, she’s small-time compared to her mother but her feet seem to be on the same path (she’s dangling one guy on a string while trying to make time with another).

      Most alarming, to me, is that Quinn has exactly no self-reflection about this. She just can’t see this stuff in herself.

      I think KK is right: Quinn saying that she doesn’t want to be around her mother because her mother says horrible things, and nothing Quinn ever does is good enough… that’s prime irony right there. These two traits are the reason Ellie is bailing on being Quinn’s housemate, and I’ll bet they were at least partially why KK bailed.

      And I never assumed that Quinn treated her brother badly. That wasn’t abuse, that was just a teenager who hadn’t learned to cook much.

      1. There is one thing that was mentioned before, the number of boyfriends that Quinn has right now, or is contemplating on having.

        We know from what she said that her mom was, well, what was said. I’m not exactly wanting to bring that up.

        However, we see Quinn in bed with Alex. I know that Chris said earlier that this is a more family oriented PG 13 to NC17 (?) rated, is that right? I’d say no younger than high school teen to adult mature.

        But, we have no idea how far on the baseball scale Quinn’s gotten to. Or is that how far the Dirty Hippie has gotten to. I’ll I know about second base is from the t shirts that the girls at the gas station drive thru wear for breast cancer. Help save second base and stuff. Anyway. I’m not one to ponder Alex’s ERA, batting average, etc and whatnot.

        I am wondering just how different Quinn is going to be from where she is now with the starting point that we infer from what we just saw.

  15. She even has some purple when she was yonger. A more innocent time before her descent into supervillany.

    KK is in a unique spot here. Everyone else has a stake in this and might need Quinn to be nice to them in some capacity later on, but not KK so she can be up front.

  16. I hate to be the English correcting guy but, if you follow up on KK’s search on the word irony it’s not a funny coincidence like we have. Irony is a difference between what is expected and what actually happens. So the only real irony in this case is that you would expect that since Quinn saw how bad her mother acted that she wouldn’t act like her however, what actually happened was that she started acting like her with some pretty good parallels. Love the comic and hope to see more soon. Keep it up Chris.

    1. SO…basically it’s not what it is, but it is what it’s not…Way to english. I don’t mean to be rude, however you basically said that the description is not what is shown, but what is shown is the description…Sorry for the circular logic….used twice…but it’s only slightly worse than your circular logic used once…

  17. Aside from what is covered above:
    -I wonder if Quinn dyes her hair not (purely) because of an aesthetic inferiority complex, but to distance herself from her mum, who may have the same hair colour. (I’m guessing not, given that Rusch mentioned not having thought about having Quinn grow out her roots.)
    -I wonder if Quinn’s babysitting her full brother or if he’s her half-brother. (Given the resemblance, I doubt he’s a stepson, especially given… see next point…)
    -I wonder if Quinn’s mum did the “I’m not marrying you, but I will cohabitate and share your bank account and have lots of physical relations of the spousal sort, because if I married you I’d stop getting alimony” thing.

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