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You’re being watched

The most responses to any post I ever got on FB was when I asked my friends to give me a fake/silly/clever zombie movie name. I got some pretty decent ones. Feel free to suggest something for this one.

210 thoughts on “You’re being watched

  1. Application for first. Hurrah for new comics. Looks like I was right that he wasn’t taking her to see a movie in theaters. Instead to an active set.

      1. Man, used to be that any B-monster movie worthy of the genre would lure you in with some busty blonde in the artwork only to have her get nommed within the first few minutes. Ellie or Pumpkin could be the next Rhonda Shear…

        1. She can easily become an extra with her assets. I could even see her getting a regular gig, especially if she’s willing to don slightly revealing clothing. She’d be a ‘natural’ for beach scene backgrounds, for instance, even in a fairly modest one-piece.

        2. Resume? Here’s my Facebook page.

          Course, she was getting tired of the idea of being employed because she was hot even as far back as Danny’s marketing spree.

      2. A better scream queen than Shawnee Smith, that’s for sure. She’s in the Saw series for like 40 minutes total but she thinks she’s a big deal. Her biggest role before that was a sitcom with Ted Danson.

        tl:dr Shawnee Smith is no scream queen reqardless of what VH1 thinks about the matter.

        1. Hey, don’t be dissing the Shawnee Smith. I may not have watched the saw movies at all, but she’s a well rounded actress. However, she seems to have been unfortunately typecasted in “Anger Management.”

        2. That’s the worst of it. She was good in Becker. In Saw, she was easily one of the worst parts about it. She was absolute crap in The Stand, and that role basically required her to show up, look pretty and act like a largely ineffectual monster for maybe five minutes of an eight-hour epic. As an actress, she’s not half bad. As a scream queen, she doesn’t deserve to polish a scepter, let alone hold one.

    1. “Hello miss, would you like to be an extra in the movie? Basically a zombie’s head blows up in your face and you get covered in blood but it’s actually raspberry syrup.”

        1. Now I wonder if Skullcrusher Mountain is more appropriate for Tarra, David, or Tired Guy.

          I’m going to guess Tarra.

        2. boog: Naw, it was directed at Banena. She doesn’t look like she got bitten scouting outside of the mall…

          TOG: I can’t imagine Tarra needing a henchman and wolf-surrounded mountain stronghold to get dates. I’d chalk Skullcrusher Mountain up to how Anise will finally land herself a Saint Nick.

        3. Did Anise ask Derek for advice? Someone dating Cinn is the only person I can think of who might validly think a half-monkey, half-pony monster would please his girlfriend.

  2. Dead Weight. Zombie movie set 10 years in the future in an obese America it will star only overweight actors. Probably a comedy though.

  3. Last of the Living Dead.

    Zombie movie that portrays the zombies as the ragtag geoup of protagonists that are following some instinct leading to a safe place. They are slowly picked off by the antagonist humans that seek to make their race go extinct.

    Review ideas:
    “I was moved to tears by the plight of those poor zombies.”
    “Homeward Bound for zombies”

    1. Since “sleeping beauty and zombies” and “pride and prejudice and zombies” exist, how about something a little more modern: 50 first dates and zombies. Or the good the bad the ugly and the zombie.

      I’d definitely watch both of those.

        1. If it had Adam Sandler in having his face chewed off by a horde of 50 of his undead dates I would so watch it just for that!

  4. OK, this is great. 12:05, 35 votes and 51st TWC ranking.

    We need to keep up this level of voting. This looks to be at least 60 votes a day. Let’s keep Chris climbing these ranks people. TWC ranking is step one to capturing the 2016 webcomics March Madness title for a second time.

    1. Just shy of 42 hours into the month, SHOTGUN SHUFFLE sits in the 48th slot of the top 50 with 127 votes on TWC. This is a vote average of 3.02, or three solid votes an hour. Yesterday we finished out with a daily total of 70 votes, can we get 140 votes for a two day run?

      I look forward to it.

    2. Hey hey, fellow North American Round Squirrel backers. It’s time for the update on our TWC status.

      SHOTGUN SHUFFLE is currently 47th on the list with 211 votes. Allowing for three full days of votes (page accessed around 12:05 a.m. 2/4/2016): 211 total votes / 72 hours = 2.90355555 votes per hour. 211 votes / 3 days = 70 votes per day. Okay.

      So far, we’re averaging 3 votes per hour, 70 votes per day. For February and a leap year, we should get at this rate 2,030 votes easy.

  5. Corpse-Con. The unthinkable happens when a zombie cosplayer actually figures out that a zombie, believed to be a cosplayer, begins to wreck havoc in the comic convention. Desperate, but in disguise as one of the fallen undead he must evade discovery not only amongst his unlikely and decaying look-alikes, but also the fleeing survivors.

  6. Movie title ideas that come to mind quickly:

    * Poke It With A Stick: or How Not To Survive The Zombie Apocolypse
    * Zombies Gone Wild XVII
    * Herbert the Recently Dead Carpet Salesman
    * Shambletown
    * Undeath Is The New Leprosy
    * Dude, Where’s My Left Hand?
    * Deep Throat…For Brains
    * Boy Toy Cemetary
    * Chewing On the Shoulders of Giants
    * Stories To Go With A Hot Buttered Formaldehyde
    * What’s That Smell? Undead Edition

      1. How about these real zombie movies?
        Bikini Bloodbath
        Year: 2008
        Lamer Alternate Title: Bikini Bloodbath 2
        Plot: Taking Bikini Bloodbath to the next level — a carwash — this slasher sequel pits sudsy college coeds against the zombie chef killed in the first film. Oops, belated spoiler alert.
        Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things
        Lamer Alternate Title: Revenge of the Living Dead
        Plot: Dirty hippie thespians sail to a deserted island and perform a seance that raises the dead in a nearby graveyard. They won’t be missed.
        Year: 1984
        Lamer Alternate Title: Panic in Manhattan
        Plot: Toxic waste transforms homeless people into sewer-dwelling cannibalistic humanoid under — well, you know the rest. Essentially a rip-off of C.H.U.D.

    1. Crazy, Stupid, Zombies
      That Was Then… This Is Now the Zombie Apocalypse
      Pokemon: Zombie Edition
      Cowboys & Zombies
      You Don’t Mess with the Zombie (another Adam Sandler movie)
      Herbie: Fully Zombified
      Die Hard – then Come Back as a Zombie (staring Bruce Willis)
      High School Musical Zombies (somebody point out that this might have been the original title considering the actors/actresses)
      Indiana Jones and the Undead
      Riding in Cars with Zombies
      The Hottie and the Zombie (staring Paris Hilton and Kristin Stewart in the eponymous roles – although it’s quite a stretch to think of Paris as a “Hottie”)
      Don’t tell Mom the Babysitter is a Zombie (sequal to “Don’t tell Mom the Babysitter is dead”)
      Stop! Or My Mom Will Eat Your Brain
      Deuce Bigalow: Male Zombie
      Zombies in the Outfield
      My Left Foot Fell Off
      Miss Congeniality 4: Armed and Undead
      8 Heads in a Duffle Bag and 2 in a Doggie-Bag
      Freddy Got Fingers and a Half-Pound of Brains

      1. Honey, I Shrunk the Zombies!

        The wife says, “Dear, that’s a good thing. Zombies are terrible, and shrinking them makes it easier to kill them.”
        And he goes, “Yeah, I know that, I was just saying.”

        1. That’s a good one. And when enough zombies enter an individual’s blood stream, they turn into a zombie Bob McKenzie.

          Aaaaaarrrrhhhh, it’s a jelly, eh.
          Arrr, he hooked up our stereo, eh?
          Aaarrr, he saw “Jedi” seventeen times, eh?

      2. With the Hottie and the Zombie, my question would be now which of the two brain dead waste of spaces should I use my last round on?

    2. … and some actual names of some (bad) zombie movies (look ’em up if you don’t believe it):
      Wiseguys vs. Zombies
      Mark Of The Astro Zombies
      Dead and Too Stupid to Know It
      Juan of the Dead (Cuba)
      Holy Virgin Vs. the Evil Dead
      Stag Night of the Dead
      Jesus H. Zombie
      The Legend of Zombie Road
      Zombie Commando
      Zombie Cheerleader Camp
      Brunch of the Living Dead
      Die You Zombie Bastards!
      Zombies on Broadway
      Dorm of the Dead
      Swamp Zombies
      The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies
      The Quick and the Undead
      Zombie Dearest
      The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made
      Vampires Vs. Zombies
      Zombie Farm
      ZA: Zombies Anonymous
      Zombie Brigade
      Zombie Honeymoon
      Zombie Island Massacre
      Zombie Women of Satan
      I Was a Zombie for the F.B.I.
      Invasion of the Not Quite Dead
      Dead and Deader
      Zombie Campout
      Big Tits Zombie
      Ninjas vs. Zombies
      Redneck Zombies (Tag line from the poster: A back-woods bloodbath that’ll tickle your funny bone, then rip it out!!!)
      Zombies Gone Wild (somebody already suggested this one – possibly not realizing somebody actually made it)
      Zombie Strippers
      Boy Eats Girl
      Zombie Roadkill
      Zombies, Zombies, Zombies
      A Virgin Among the Living Dead
      Dr. Terror’s Gallery of Horrors
      Kung Fu Zombie
      Enter the Zombies
      Violent Shit III: Infantry of Doom
      Zombie Vegetarians (must be sort of like Twilight vampires…)
      Zombies Vs. Mardi Gras
      Vengeance of the Zombies
      Zombie Ninja Gangbangers
      Wrath of the Zombies
      Silent Night, Zombie Night
      Trailer Park of Terror
      Ghouls Gone Wild
      Giant of Evil Island
      Tombs of the Blind Dead
      Schoolgirl Apocalypse
      Summer Among the Zombies
      Space Zombie Bingo
      Romeo & Juliet vs. The Living Dead
      Punk Rock Zombie Kung Fu Catfight
      O.C. Babes and the Slasher of Zombietown
      Mutant Vampire Zombies from the ‘Hood
      Oh! My Zombie Mermaid
      Rising Up: The Story of the Zombie Rights Movement
      Motocross Zombies from Hell
      Flesh Eating Mothers
      Night of the Living Babes
      Nudist Colony of the Dead
      Night of the Living Heads
      Eat the Parents
      Entrails of a Beautiful Girl
      Zombies of the Stratosphere
      Confederate Zombie Massacre!
      Onechanbara: Zombie Bikini Squad
      Hood of the Living Dead
      Z: A Zombie Musical
      ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction
      The Naked and the Living Dead
      Nudist Camp Zombie Massacre (this is just WRONG on so many levels!)
      Nympho Zombie Coeds
      Oasis of the Zombies
      Female Mercenaries on Zombie Island
      Hamilton Carver – Zombie P.I.
      I Eat Your Skin
      Urban Scumbags vs. Countryside Zombies
      Living Dead in Denmark
      Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
      Platoon of the Dead
      Gay of the Dead
      Attack Girls Swim Team vs the Undead (AKA Inglorious Zombie Hunters)
      Knight of the Living Dead
      Teenage Zombie House Massacre
      I Spit on Your Rave
      Hard Rock Zombies
      Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer
      Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels
      The Harvard Zombie Massacre
      Erotic Nights of the Living Dead
      Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane (Think they asked Samuel Jackson to do this one?)
      Graveyard Alive: A Zombie Nurse in Love
      Fast Zombies with Guns
      The Corporate Zombie Killers
      Biker Zombies from Detroit
      Devil Fetus
      Gangs of the Dead
      The Drunken Dead Guy
      Mad Doctor of Blood Island
      The Horror of Party Beach
      Dead Clowns
      Beverly Hills Bodysnatchers
      Die and Let Live
      Night of the Living Schlong
      Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town
      Night of the Living Dorks
      The Curse of the Screaming Dead
      Gory, Gory Hallelujah
      Dong of the Dead
      The Bloodfest Club
      Paris By Night of the Living Dead
      Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies
      The Book of Zombie
      Gore-Met, Zombie Chef from Hell
      Bong of the Dead
      Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned
      Attack of the Flesh Devouring Space Worms from Outer Space
      BFF Zombie
      The Aliens and Kong Kong Zombie
      …. what’s really disturbing is that someone actually financed the production of these movies – and expected to make their money back!

      1. I looked up ‘Big Tits Zombie” (I was disappointed, the cover girls were in fact NOT CG decomposing) and was recommended another film that belongs on that list:

        Zombie Ass: The Toilet of the Dead ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2061869 )

        On the topic of not knowing someone made a Zombies Gone Wild movie, I actually considered following up one of my comments with, “Permission to use any of these ideas for this comic and general satire is granted. Permission for people to use these as inspiration for horrible movies is explicitly revoked to the greatest degree I legally can.” I sometimes shudder to think what would happen if a director for SyFy stumbled upon the previous page with ideas for bad movie names we all contributed for Rusche. So I don’t feel bad about not knowing that was a real movie, though I do feel a little bad that it actually exists.

  7. My actual contribution to the idea pool
    The life and times of Fred the Hipster Zombie
    “He was eating brains before it was cool”

  8. Between not fawning all over Ellie and presenting the possibility of being in a film, this guy is seriously closing the deal…

      1. If you mean in respect to the false premise of the date and her assumed identity we talked about that at length last comic.

        If you mean issues that could arise in an actual relationship between a 19 year old and a 37 year old the prinary ones are social stigma and that they would likely be looking for vastly different things in a relationship do to the disparate life stages. For example, jaded guy could very likely want kids and Ellie would likely not be ready for that level of commitment in her life.

        1. Yeah, I think we covered the topic pretty well last week. Now we’re just watching it play out.

      2. Dunno about falling for him, but Ellie being on a ‘date’ where the male isn’t panting over her, or trying to impress her in expectations of ‘more’ later, is probably a fairly novel experience for her.

        ‘He’s treating my like I have.. flaws! And like a.. person, instead of a prize! Great, the first person in this dumba$$ dating gig that I wouldn’t mind a second ‘date’ with isn’t interested in the idea’

        1. I figure if I meet a girl I really like I’ll just give her all my money; that way I skip the dating, the marriage, and the divorce…

        2. Pro Tip: Whenever you do finally meet a girl you really like, don’t refer to her as “a female.”

        3. For some reason these comments remind me of a bit of wit I once heard.

          This guy was being picky – looking for the perfect girl. He finally found her.

          Unfortunately she was looking for the perfect man…

          Badum – tish (rimshot)

        4. I just really like those lines from a certain song:

          “I’m a man who’s got very specific taste.
          Girl! You’re just my type!
          Ooh, you’ve got pulse and you are breathing.”

  9. A couple more came to mind (and I couldn’t pass up the first one)

    * The Little Boy Who Cried BRRRAAAIIINNSS!!!
    * My Little Zombie: Being Pals is Voodoo
    * Undeath Of A Salesman
    * Death: Not as Final as We’d Hoped
    * Headshot McGinty’s Wonderful Day
    * The Necronomicomicon Gets Real
    * Decomposition And You
    * Grave Expectations
    * The Little Zombie That Could
    * Welcome Back Grandma!
    * Zombies Ate My Dingo!
    * Forbidden Love
    * Zombie Slumber Party
    * An American Zombie In Copenhagen
    * Brains I Have Eaten
    * The Good, The Bad, And The Putrid
    * True Nerds Never Die
    * Graveyard Throwdown

    1. Ooooooh, I like “Grave Expectations”.

      Me, I’m feeling inspiration to past TV shows, as if they’re trying to reboot the series through a bad B movie zombie flick- preferably if at least one of the original cast was dead:

      *Welcome Back to the Living, Kotter
      *Zombie in the Family
      *That 70’s Zombie
      *Zombie Happy Days
      *Undead Smart
      *I Love Zombie
      *Star Walkers (Star Trek, *not* Star Wars, just to be clear)
      *Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Zombie Eve

        1. One of the other zombies is his dad, who is divorced and has no spine (literally or figuratively) and the other zombie is his uncle who drinks and has sex all the time – it’s a morbid show with a mature rating for a reason.

        2. I like the idea of the half a zombie for that one. It really takes advantage of the source material.

          For TV takeoffs, I think my favorite that I’ve come up with is “The Six Dollar and Fifty-Three Cent Zombie” (taking off the $6M man). In this one, all the ch-ch-ch-ch-ch scenes are just the zombie moving normally for itself and occasionally cut to other people moving at a normal speed at the same time looking either confused or impatient.

        3. Yeah I was thinking the Six-Million Dollar Zombie. It’s like… why did they spend so much money to rebuild him? He’s a zombie now. All that money could have went toward stockpiling weapons, or or food, like, to actually survive the zombie uprising. Or even research into a possible vaccine for the zombie virus. So instead they just put a bunch of expensive cybernetics inside of a zombie and let him go? To make him stronger? Faster? I mean, really they just made the zombie more awful for the rest of us. That’s just… that’s irresponsible – a bunch of smart scientist dudes, they just ought to know better.

          At least with the $6.53 Zombie, I wouldn’t have to buy into such an unrealistic premise.

        4. I was thinking using the $6.52 like energy in the HBO series Spawn, in that they buy duct tape & bubble gum at Odd Lots and each time they have to use some to repair him, his lifespan counter counts down by the rough value of the materials.

    2. “Decomposition and You” sounds like a class that should be taught in High School…

      Now kids, when you start to decompose, be sure you have plenty of bags to put the parts that fall off in. After all, you don’t want to leave a trail of parts for someone to follow. Also, make sure you have some real good deodorant. Can’t have you stinking up the place as the gasses in your belly start getting expelled thru the holes in your skin. And finally, keep some bug spray around to keep the flies at bay. Maggots can get pretty disgusting…as well as your rotting flesh.

      1. My first take on that one was “Decomposition For Dummies” but I decided to go the after school special route instead of the instructional book route.

        1. Reminds me of the handbook for the recently deceased in Beetle juice …hey it reads just like a vcr manual!

      1. “A Tale Of Two Graveyards” was in my head, but I wasn’t really satisfied with it, but I liked the Dickens angle and came up with something else for that.

      1. For bad movie titles, I’m a bit of a sucker for either things that sound like kids books/shows gone horribly, horribly wrong or screwing with classics.

        Regarding screwing with the classics, I remember my reaction to some of the titles for bad Shakespeare adaptations from the movie The Producers and aim to produce the same, but I like to switch up source material somewhat to maximize ability that one of my ideas might spark a potentially better idea from someone else. It’s the conundrum where you have a joke that you think the premise is funny but can’t quite come up with decent wording and you debate if you want to just leave it unsaid or put it out there with subpar wording. For these I take the second choice with the thought that Rusche or another commenter can make mods.

  10. Electric Zombie: Undead Boogaloo.
    Alien Zombies (“In space, no one can hear you moan, ‘Braaaainnns!'”)
    But I’m Too Cute To Be a Zombie!
    Tea-Time of the Dead
    Kung-Fu Zombies (Very. Slow. Fight. Scenes.)
    Not Another Zombie Movie (It would not surprise me to find out this already exists, honestly.)
    Showa Zombies (because Nazi zombies are played out)

      1. Plot summary for that movie:
        Franklin and Mike find themselves trapped in the undead-infested Cyrene City, where they must attempt to lead a group of unconventional survivors to safety. As they join forces with the likes of a pregnant woman, a moronic arms dealer, and a mentally challenged man, they will have to determine which is worse: relying on each other or succumbing to the zombie mayhem. While this uprising of zombies has overwhelmed the city, Mr. Roberts, the CEO of R2 Pharmaceuticals, has sent in a team of mercenaries known as the S.I.E.G.E into Cyrene City to recover the only known antidote for his own financial gain. Not Another Zombie Movie… About the Living Dead is a hilarious twisted tale about survival versus morality during a zombie apocalypse. Watch as these survivors discover there is no such thing as a hero when zombies are trying to eat your face off.

  11. *Pride and Putricide.
    *Always remember to double tap.
    *The Walking Bread – Pillsbury dough boy diaries.
    *Its raining brains….hallelujah!
    *The Walker Years
    *My Step mom is a Zombie
    *Shakespears Mcdeath.
    *Braaaaaains before Brawn.
    *Undeath becomes her.
    *The Good, the bad and the undead.
    *Its a wonderful afterlife.
    *Deadites do Dallas.
    *50 shades of Graves.
    *Peggy Sue Got Eaten.
    *Shotgun Shamblers

  12. ‘Whack A Mole: Bonus Round’
    ‘If I only had a Brain’
    ‘Stand Still. Stay Screaming.’
    ‘Beware the Cellar’
    ‘Zombinado: now with 100% more chainsaws!’
    ‘Resident Zombie. The untold story’

  13. Ellie: Keep your top on! Also, your bottom on! Keep all things on!

    Rusche: Am I right to think this is the kind of thing anise would be jealous of?

    Movie ideas:
    * It Came From the Recycling Bin – Both a zombie movie about an eco-friendly outbreak when a flask of reanimating fluid winds up erroneously mixed in with the colored glass bin and a way to Poke fun at people endlessly rehashing zombie ideas.
    * Z Surfing: The Undead Wipeout – An attempt to cash in on the lack of zombie surfing movies, based on the premise there’s huge demand for something slightly new in an already overfilled genre.
    * The Chalking Dead – A movie about zombie crime scene investigators in an inexplicable setting where nearly all crime has been metaphorically replaced with zombie activity.
    * Rotting Things and T&A: A Syfy Original Movie – Pretty much like a lot of their other movies. It’s a half-of-a-half-of-a-half-assed attempt to make a genre film with a pointless softcore porn scene shoehorned in within the first 5 minutes in the hopes of keeping 2 or 3 additional viewers. Also zombie sharks, probably.

    1. If you want to make Anise jealous:
      Santa Claus vs. the Living Dead (This Christmas only St. Nick can save the world from the zombie outbreak!)
      Zombie Claus (This year the naughty children aren’t getting coal, they’re fleeing from ZOMBIE CLAUS!)

      And Ellie gets a pic of herself on Santa’s lap.

      1. Actual Santa/Zombie movie:

        Santa Claus Versus the Zombies (2010)
        “Santa Claus Versus the Zombies” tells the story of a suburban family that finds themselves barricaded in their house following the outbreak of the Zombie plague. Along for the ride are a couple of elves and an actor that just might be the real Santa Claus. In the meantime, the President and his military advisers are holed up in a bunker feverishly trying to hatch a plan to rescue Santa and the desperate family.

      2. I follow another webcomic where that was basically done. Santa was susceptible to “Nerf”.
        It’s how the Easter Bunny put him down.

  14. So … this train wreck continues, only now several cars have jump the track, flew over the railing and slamming into a barge full of TNT which is on a collision course with a supertanker full of liquefied natural gas.
    An extra in a horror movie, dude as a guy I would be totally stoke if some girl I was on a first date got me in one of those. I hate horror movies but I would still be like, this girl is a keeper!
    Oh look, the barge is getting closer …

    1. A plane’s going down and an earthquake broke open a fault line heading right for Farmer Jones’ house, who is about to light his gas stove. He doesn’t notice the hissing sound of a gas leak.

      It’s beginning to look a lot like a Calvin and Hobbes strip.

  15. Graves! – musical teenage romance comedy at a high school next to a cemetary. Female lead recently moved into the district after her funeral.

  16. Maul of America. A zombie outbreak occurs during Black Friday sales. Surprisingly, store owners consider it one of their quieter years.

      1. Though, upon consideration, I think I would amend my title to ‘Maul of Zomerica’. As it seems to be a trope that a zombie movie either has to have ‘zombie’ or ‘dead’ at least tangentally referenced in its title. And it distances us a bit more from any cease and desist order from the MoA people.

        1. I don’t think zombies would make good mall cops, but a movie about it should be able to pull off an amusing trailer.

  17. If it’s a ScyFy B movie then it needs to combine zombies with a natural phenomena- like Blizzard of the Undead or Zombie Rogue Wave.

  18. We should make a disclaimer type of statement.

    We the undersigned, have submitted bad zombie movie titles, and have also submitted other titles for use by the Author of this website, furthermore known as Chris Rusche, to have the only authorization for the titles submitted. If said titles were utilized by the author of this website, then the title would then be transferred in ownership to the author of this website, listed above. Any submissions not used by the author shall have their ownership retained by the submitter of said material, to be granted in perpetuity as signified by the date and time of the submission, unless said title has been rendered published at a time prior to the time published by the submitter respectfully.

    T. Fluffy, Esq.

    1. I’d be honored if he used mine. I wouldn’t even ask for a nonspeaking cameo!

      If only because its a zombie movie, and my cameo would be ‘that guy with most of his face missing in panel 4’

    2. I think think it probable that all (or if not all, NEARLY all) of those who submitted suggested titles would consider it sufficient reward if Chris used one of our titles in his comic. I submitted a few, but some of the others were much better than anything I came up with. I especially liked:
      * Poke It With A Stick: or How Not To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse
      * The Little Boy Who Cried BRRRAAAIIINNSS!!!
      * My Little Zombie: Being Pals is Voodoo
      * Death: Not as Final as We’d Hoped
      * The Necronomicomicon Gets Real
      * Decomposition And You
      * Grave Expectations
      * The Little Zombie That Could
      * Zombies Ate My Dingo!
      * The Good, The Bad, And The Putrid
      *But I’m Too Cute To Be a Zombie!
      *Pride and Putricide.
      *Always remember to double tap
      *The Good, the bad and the undead.
      *Maul of America
      *The Shambling
      *Some Like it Dead

    3. I’m pretty sure you can’t copyright a title idea any more than you can copyright an idea. Only the execution of said idea.

      1. Then what about Blimp’s Burgers, and a few other proprietary items that are meant to represent products without product placement permission in a publication, play, screenplay?

    4. I think you meant this in reply to my above comment about shuddering to think of what would happen if a SyFy producer came upon a list like this, right?

      @SeanR – I also suspect that the maximum degree I could legally stop a SyFy producer from making a title on this page into an awful movie is demanding my name either be in the “special thanks” part of the credits or to not appear in association with it in any way, shape, or form (I’d choose the second). I was just mouthing off, and I think this was intended in the same vein.

  19. Zombies Take Miami: Spring Brains
    Castro’s Zombie Invaders: The Bay of Brains
    Cuban Zombie Crisis
    Breakin’ 3: Zomibe Boogaloo
    Midafternoon of the Undead
    Weekend at Bernie’s III: Bernie’s Brain Feeding Frenzy
    Independence Zombie Park Wars
    The Damned Dead!
    The Shambling
    Hoodoo-ne it? A Zombie Mystery
    Dead Reckoning
    Dead Wreackening
    Days of Our Unlives

    1. Actually there already is a movie named “Dead Reckoning” – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0039305/.
      It’s a 1947 film staring Humphrey Bogart.
      A soldier (Drake) runs away rather than receive the Medal of Honor, so his buddy Murdock (Humphrey Bogart) goes AWOL to investigate. It turns out that the missing soldier joined the Army under an assumed name to avoid a murder charge. He was accused of killing a rich old man named Chandler because he was in love with his beautiful young wife Coral. Drake turns up dead. After further plot twists and turns it is revealed that Coral murdered her husband and went to a club owner for help. The club owner framed Drake and then blackmailed Coral. She was manipulating Murdock into recovering the evidence against her. She tries to shoot Murdock to tie up loose ends but has a fatal car crash.

      Not exactly a Zombie movie…

    1. Yeah, I had the same thought. Surfing is pretty much the final frontier for zombie movies; the only reason it probably hasn’t happened yet is because it’s so blatantly awful. The kind of person who could make that kind of movie without realizing they’d become a parody of themselves would be someone with an IQ too low to communicate the idea.

      1. So in other words: If your goal is to make a movie that is “So bad it’s good!” or at least “So bad it’s just really, really bad!”, it’s pretty much the perfect premise to go for.

        And certainly could be pulled off in Florida.

        1. Exactly. It’s a combination so obviously bad that it’s not a matter of wondering if it’ll crash and burn or be a wild ride. That plane has jagged edges where the wings used to be, on a runway that ends with a cliff, in an airport on Jagged Rock Island. There’s only going to be one outcome if it gets rolling.

  20. The Remains of the Dead
    Some Like it Dead
    Corpse Run: The Gaming Dead
    Uncomfortably Close Zombies
    They Ate Dave!
    The Mild Inconvenience of the Elderly Dead
    Encino Man 2: Ice Zombies Chill Out

    1. I’ve gotta say, a move poster of a zombie in the classic Marilyn Monroe holding her skirt against the wind seems like an epic idea.

  21. Black Friday:A True Story*

    *revised because no one would believe a story involving Tarrantula/Cockroach/Rat hybrids, a family of rampaging sisters, timeclones trying to kill their past selves’ sisters, and someone flashing Santa Claus… Okay, some people might believe the bit about the Tarrantula/Cockroach/Rat hybrid infestation.

    1. I think you’re allowed to market ‘The Day Gravity Pulled Everyone Into The Sky” as a true story for SyFy, so revision wouldn’t necessarily be required.

      1. Well, I haven’t watched SciFi since it changed its’ name and target audience. That said, you Might be confusing them with The History Channel. Where Conspiracy and Ancient Astronaut theories go to get a shot in the arm.
        That said, I was referencing an earlier storyline. Imagine a true story getting passed up for a more, if only barely so, believable fiction.

        I KNOW I loaded all the scripts THIS time, so I don’t know why my reply landed as its own header. Frustrating.

  22. Well, I haven’t watched SciFi since it changed its’ name and target audience. That said, you Might be confusing them with The History Channel. Where Conspiracy and Ancient Astronaut theories go to get a shot in the arm.
    That said, I was referencing an earlier storyline. Imagine a true story getting passed up for a more, if only barely so, believable fiction.

  23. In the second to last panel, is that Kat blurred in the background between Ellie and her date? Or am I just seeing things?

    1. Not sure.. but also, isn’t that Mr ‘I’m not a vampire’ at the top left of the second panel, who is seemingly more interested in Ellie and her date than whats going on in front of him?

      1. The one slightly forward of Ellie looks like the one in the previous panel. The one behind her somewhat might be a blurry Kat. I’m not seeing anyone quite match that from previous panel.

        @Tarne – Yup, Banena noticed him first (comment at February 1, 2016, 11:46 am). His job is to watch Ellie and make sure she isn’t in danger, so good that he’s taking that seriously.

    2. Is your insomnia is so bad you’re seeing things? Try chewing some valarian root and get some exercise. Don’t get extra jobs or stay up making soap.

      1. Extreme fatigue absolutely causes visual hallucinations. It starts with the grid and goes downhill from there. Been there, done that unfortunately.

  24. Fright Club: A zombie insomniac winds up creating underground boxing clubs for the undead.

    “Ow! You hit me in the brain!”

  25. Zombi Thing!

    Trial of the Ded.

    So I Married my Zombi Neighbor

    Zombi High: Physical Execution

    …okay that should be good

  26. Ahh, syfy…. which at the behest of a pointy haired boss, changed it’s name to disassociate itself with the whole icky “science fiction” thing (otherwise known as its fanbase and whole reason for existence.) Ironically its new name is actually a word in some eastern european language for syphilis….

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