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You’re Full of Ship Pt. 2

"Let's be honest with each other about what our intentions are... NO WAIT NOT LIKE THAT" Quinn is taking this mentor-y approach, but treating it like it's surface level. Feelings run deep, and as she will see Pumpkin puts a lot of thought into what she does. So for the comic, I really need to focus on finishing up Patreons I have almost completed, so I need to do that for the rest of the week. After all, that is what pays the bills. About two hours after I posted Friday's comic, the school called and released Jackson. Turns out the Covid-positive girl on the bus had a brother who sat next to my son. So he's out for 10 days. This morning, in the middle of me finishing these background, the elementary school called and released our 1st grader. Some child there tested positive.  Wise county schools successfully got all 4 of our 4 kids stationed back at home. Eventually, after dismissing dozens of kids per day to be quarantined, the schools here are just going to flat run out of kids. It's very frustrating to say the least. Next main site post will be Tuesday, and Patreons as soon as I get them finished up. Now for Claire with the weather..

Hey guys! Just another check-in with some news and thank you's regarding the Baby Registry. I've been having contractions on and off for several days now, so who knows if I will actually make it to January 8th, lol. In the meantime, here's another picture of some of the awesome things that have shown up recently:   (Bathtub affectionately modeled by "Derpy." He loves bath time.) A huge thank you to those who have contributed since my last update: Ernst S., Randall B., Andrew D., Greg E., and Michael B. Y'ALL ARE AMAZING! -Claire

UPDATE: Sorry guys, I am running behind on comics. It's kinda chaos here right now. All the kids are home, all the kids need help with school, and Claire has been very miserable and tired on baby-watch for the past 5 days. I will have something up by Thursday or Friday. Thank you for your patience.

49 thoughts on “You’re Full of Ship Pt. 2

  1. Oh wow you’re due sooner than I thought for some reason! My sister is due with my latest niece on 1/2. Congrats again!

  2. Hmm, I’m too groggy to think up something quippy. I’ll just reserve this space, and edit it later.

    What? You can’t edit?… so, what’s the point in getting here early, if you can’t… Fine, Jerry. But, this was your idea. If it sucks as a joke, it’s your fault. Ahem…

    Looks like Quinn may have to admit that she’s just might be a little, teeny tiny bit, every so slightly bi-says-you-all for #girlsthatlooklikeellebutnotelle, maybe. Especially after a wrasl’n session with such, could be. Or, she could lie.

    See, Jerry, that was just kinda so-so. I mean, it’s just so off script… Well, yeah I complain about the script sometimes, I want to get it right. It’s like an art… Hey, are we going to be able to clean this all up in post? Jerry?

  3. I don’t know. Kind of feels like someone let loose a tactical nuclear weapon. Could we assume that Pumpkin may have a filter that doesn’t seem to function if she’s around her crushes?

    Or is this a part of the “Go big or go home” type of thinking in order to cross the line of hesitation.

    1. You might be more correct with the last statement, mR. Blue. I think maybe it sunk into Pumpkin’s head, with Quinn’s question about harboring secret feelings or intentions, that honesty, while it hurts sometimes, is ALWAYS the best policy, especially in the long term. FAR better than living a lie, that’s for damn sure.
      I’ll post what I would say to Pumpkin if I were Quinn below. Remains to be seen, however, which way Quinn will take this and how mature/hypocritical she will be about it.
      (Weird how we get so involved in a stupid comic that we treat the characters like actual people. To me, it means the writing’s good.)

    1. I fully expect Rosemary to be listening in, fully prepared to drag another adult out of the house by her hair for creeping on her underaged daughter if necessary. But it definitely won’t be necessary. Even IF Quinn is attracted to Pumpkin, she’s probably both still trying to figure out the whole sexuality thing and very aware that Pumpkin is jailbait.

      The fact that Quinn hasn’t already been dragged out means that if Rosemary is listening in she probably came after they were discussed the smut fic Quinn wrote for Pumpkin.

      1. I would like to think Rosemary would give Quinn a bigger amount of leeway than anyone else in this situation. I mean, she has spent a lovely morning helping the sisters shop for Christmas presents … and survived. Quinn is practically a member of the family now.

    1. “Everyone is so untrue…
      Honesty is hardly ever heard,
      And mostly what I need from you.”

      That song of Billy Joel’s speaks volumes. And it might as well be playing in the background in this situation.

  4. Yeah; changed my Gravatar up again… You’ll see that with me; vintage logos, emblems and signs are kind of a thing I’m into.

    Now being a middle-aged, cisgender, heterosexual male, it would be relatively hard to picture myself in Quinn’s situation. But I AM an adult with a decent level of maturity (at least I think so), so I would (hopefully) at least have that much in common with her, and that’s not nothing. So if I were in Quinn’s shoes, I would probably say something like the following to Pumpkin:

    “Well, kiddo; if you’re meaning a romantic or sexual relationship with me, I told you before that I’m not attracted to girls or women. I don’t know that I ever would be. Never really gave it much thought. But what I DO want you to think about is that you have your whole life ahead of you right now. I know that sounds cliché, but you are only sixteen. You have a LOT of time to find someone who’s a better fit for you as time goes by, okay? Don’t worry about it so much.
    “But if you want a true, genuine friend with whom you can be besties, in whom you can confide your deepest thoughts and feelings without being judged, with whom you can share your hobbies and interests…I’ll be there for you as long as you’re honest with me; and more importantly, as long as you’re honest with yourself. That matters more to me than any potential romantic relationship.”

    Or something along those lines. Hopefully, Quinn will have the maturity to say something like that in the next comic. Time will tell.
    Of course, we ARE talking about someone who, until recently, had her own schoolgirl crush on yet another “meatless assclown” in Ian Eagan… :-P

  5. Claire,
    My daughter woke up yesterday morning (at 1:30) and by late last night, I was a grandfather. She wasn’t due until 1/11/21. 4 weeks early but a nice healthy baby boy. I’m stoked. Won’t get to see him until mid Jan due to work and having to travel but I’m so happy. I do hope you (and Chris) have a happy healthy baby whenever the time comes.

    1. Congratulations! I’m hoping to hold out a little longer to let baby “bake” a bit more, but if she does come early it won’t be a huge deal as I’m technically “full term” as of tomorrow. Thanks so much for the kind words!

  6. I meant honest in a limited, controlled fashion that doesn’t reveal a whole lot, not honest that ends with me explaining my sexual preferences to my roommate / unexpected friend’s little sister who also turned into an unexpected friend!

  7. spoiler of a question: “if i were into other girls, oh hell yes. your so….lovable. BUT, im not into that.” looks all concerned “you ok with that?”
    pumpkins response: “yes, i guess. its just, i like hanging out with you so much.” theres a big hug in there somewhere.
    honestly, wish we could knock off all the gay positive stuff.

    1. Honestly, I wasn’t – and am not – sure how to interpret your 12:41-am post, Anonymous.
      Honestly, I’ll interpret it as you’re not anti-gay, and you’re just saying: let’s stop figuring Quinn or Pumpkin — or ANYONE — is or should be gay (or bi, or demi, or whatEVer), just because we want them to be, and just let them be who they are, and let Chris tell his story the way he wants to.
      Honestly, it’s no doubt just me, and I’m WAY overthinking the whole thing, and honestly, forgive me.

      1. That’s how I’d interpret Anonymous’s last sentence in that comment, Jethro (and BTW, that wasn’t me). As for the rest of it, it’s basically the condensed version of my own early-morning 2:07 a.m. post above. One of those cases where I get home from 2nd shift overtired and post a novella, and read it again the next day and think “Why did I write all that?”
        Which basically means one should never overthink any of the comments on here… XD

        1. You write novellas, KF? Now I’m all curious! What about? Are there any of them you’re okay with sharing?

        2. I was referring to my 2:07 a.m. comment up above (in blue), which wound up being rather long due to my being too tired to think about how to condense it. I tend to run long when describing my thoughts, as you will see in most places where I’ve left commentary. That’s what I meant by “novella”. ^_^

        3. Gotcha!
          What do you wanna bet I’m FAR guiltier than you are of overthinking things, AND of writing overly long posts?! (Which does NOT mean that the issue[s] I have with this webcomic are necessarily non-valid.)

        4. Oh, and: it never entered my mind that Anonymous was you.
          Yo, do NOT stop writing your ‘novellas’ ( and I’m sorry you [sometimes] come home tired!)! I enjoy reading them. You’re cool, KF. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders. IMHO.

  8. Hoping your family stays healthy! And thanks for the update on the delay on the main, just want to reinforce that it’s more than appreciated!

  9. Baby pool, one hour blocks and up to four non consecutive hour blocks, for shits, giggles and gloating/bragging rights:
    mR. Blue – Sunday December 13th, 11pm – 12 am; Saturday 12/12/20, 6 pm – 7 pm;
    Monday Dec. 14th, 5 – 6 am.; Wednesday Dec. 16th, 10 – 11 am.

    1. Baby Pool: Central Standard Time – Wednesday 16 Dec 12:00-13:00, Tuesday 22 Dec 06:00-07:00, Thursday 24 Dec 23:00-24:00, and just to cover the possibility Friday 11 Dec 08:00-09:00.

      1. Sorry, premature enterlation … I’m having that checked out. The above Anonymous comment is mine. I take full responsibility for it.

        1. You brought up a valid point. If you have not posted your own time zone for conversion into UTC or ease of converting into CST for final arrangements, please post your time zone. If there are two guesses that would occupy a slot, the guise with the first mention of a time zone will take precedence with the 2nd guess taking the next open slot.

  10. Thanks for the update, Chris. Prayers that everything goes well with everyone, especially with Claire and the new baby. God bless.

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